Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Heard guys joking there were «great rape scenes» in the movie, and after she is raped, she still stays with the man who raped her. A rapists wet dream, but oh, the movie was written and directed by a woman. What is the director trying to tell us?

  2. It's an awful film. Awful acting, script, cinematography and directing. Also extremely boring. The only good thing about this film is Victoria Carmen Sonne is sucking a stranger's cock and shows her flesh. Strangely enough, she's sucking cocks for real in almost every film she's in. She's an extremely untalented actress though.

  3. A very interesting movie, no doubt. But if you're not used to foreign films, you won't like it. Look for the RAPIDCOWS torrent for the uncensored version.

  4. Ok I've now watched it and here's my review.

    The acting from some of the small parts wasn't bad, the cinematography was either well done or expensive. Or maybe both.

    Overall… It's actually terrible. It didn't go anywhere, no story, no catch. Nothing to keep your attention. I watched the full film (almost an hour and a half) just t write this. To save YOU the effort. Go rearrange your sock drawer 😉

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