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Holiday Quickie to Cebu with AirAsia

Holiday Quickie to Cebu with AirAsia

is it bad shoo-shoo I son straight day this moment my liquor sakaram we are going to see you guys now we are going to see and we heard it as many things to do that as seen adventure sky Avenger yes Brent I'm so excited so many things to see so many to fly from Singapore to see who is got an issue a be applied with Asia with just arrived in Cebu and office activity we are bringing you guys to the beautiful beads happy Beach the first book Union carnival in inflatable water park in people featuring turbos instagram-worthy spaces and kernels our challenge today is to race to the top and attend the big stride [Applause] Wow there was a lot of fun yes and we must be all bad oh we are at the right place we okay bye vengo mama is the happy peaches in-house restaurant which features an Asian fusion menu the restaurants interior are almost 90 percent pink with 10 percent spacious of green and teal alright our foot is here with the mingle mama pop soup we have a Swedish seafood Supra here and the 3 cup chicken with a shoe oh so look at this is the salt and pepper Sperry and all right we finished our lunch it was in a zoo hand the toy this one the cashew chicken Sanpei Asian swaha Susan Allah then she had a digger Pia the Tdap he has a tweet tweet is it okay and how for me I love the spirits because it's for flavor and very savory I really like these mango Mama's pot soup because go son cocaine can come home and not forgetting the mango she shall not live in English our mom Oh monk walking I should sit down alright so overall we really enjoy the food here this time for some sightseeing look we can see the horse evil here hey there's fresh up Betsy Cosby are overlooking see Lucy T is tops lookout offering a beautiful panoramic view of Cebu City and the surrounding islands at a height of 610 metres it's a great place to visit at sunset and watch Serie C tealights come alive today has become my day haha we have to rest because we get more activity so tomorrow morning guys read scott these action spots arrow doing helmet diving school high school suit up for this wonderful experience underwater helmet diving gives you the chance to walk underwater without getting your hair wet dive into shangri-la's marine sanctuary and walk in the middle of fishes shoaling around you to be honest I was so nervous at the beginning but when I get down there I'm starting to get very comfortable and for those of you out there who's scared of the sea or can swim didn't say nothing to do swimming and I actually enjoyed myself a lot there's a lot of fissures and I had such a good time I even jump under the water well guys i had a lot of fun under the water just ah I wish I had more time yes to be honest guys see walking is a must thing to do if we visit cebu mas – but now we have to meet back video yes right yep yeah let's go it's really cozy like it goes since we're the best I think we should keep the best we need a better to Cebu has long been considered the Letran capital of the Philippines and when it comes to Cebu /on only one name truly rings a bell the home of Sabu's best Letran which is Rico's latch-on guys our food is here but of all we have here this is called lucid nap peanut butta this is grilled squid stuff with tomatoes onions and jeans and mine this is the teeny now not honey it's roughage David vinegar and we have the sizzling hot sisig is pop with red and green bell peppers and onions and this is garlic squid balls is sweet balls in colleague and this is your stuff spicy lechon Wow we just have a satisfying meal and we tried the squid ball and I have to say it's really chewy you need to taste it butter and garlic I like the grill screen kind of room where you tell me you can see it's you I know and of course the star of the show ended up your hood switch you guys let's hit on Sonic Adventure get me out of here man today we're gonna overcome our fear of heights we're gonna do the sky walk he's feeling she might ooh actually and we are doing this at Sky experience adventure the country's first-ever skywalk extreme will give you that natural high by walking around translucent glass flooring on the edge of the crown Regency Hotel and towers the Skywalk extreme gives you enough racking feeling as if you are floating on cloud 9 book your holiday quickies at AirAsia calm

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