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Hometown Holiday | Official Trailer | Harlequin

Hometown Holiday | Official Trailer | Harlequin

the biggest internet sensation ever just so happens to live in the same town as my pregnant sister and if I just so happen to run into mr. smash-hit and I just so happened to have a contract on me that seems like fate who is that Ryan Roarke had the legal team at all start talented well you guys don't give up do you I'm not interested hi Krista Dalton right mark would you like to dance right I'm starting to like this place he was completely charming and he's headed back to everything from are you ready to discuss the terms of the contract why don't you stop by the rich text time here in town are you still talking about that Ryan guy is it bad that I thought he'd come back I just thought we had this great connection you know Ryan so I guess he left you around to help us on him sure yeah of course why else would I be here so you know Ryan he's only my brother he's lead counsel at the biggest talent agency in the country you mean he's not a rancher so why haven't you talked to Kristen my last three relationships have gone the exact same way hey I like you guess what I'm an actress make me famous you liked her when she was just a country girl and she liked to you when you were just a rancher Ryan I love you first time you

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  1. Not gonna lie, thought this was a romance with Ryan and the male singer lol. Also, no need to watch this movie since they just shown the entire plot, starts of cliche, then the lies come, then the truth comes out, then the hurt, betrayal…then Ryan realisation, his in love, then the ending where Ryan as Santa Klaus confesses his love….lovers Reunited and they live Happily ever after.

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