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Honda HRX217HYA VS HRR216VYA Family fun

Honda HRX217HYA VS HRR216VYA Family fun

all right everyone so we got down here you know as y'all know it's my nephew here it's my father lady Jeremy today you know I've made a lot of videos this year but I wanted to bring the difference between the Honda three and one and down to HR x now the HR X is you know $300 more but is it really necessary and is it really better so we're gonna have in you Jeremy cut the front yard we want to see what's more if there's really you know that big of a difference in look we can't at this time find a difference in why you would buy this over this more for the extra $300 for just typically cutting reps so are you ready yeah my stripes are gonna be better [Applause] his stripes are gonna be better he says all right so let's get started and we'll look at this one we're done guys [Applause] [Applause] what's what took you so long I like take it slow beat isn't everything to learn jr. okay guys so guys we had a little fun with the video you know making jokes this is you know my kid and my nephew so the difference you know this one was going a little slower besides the line they left in the middle look at the grass through the camera I thought that the cheaper mower did a better job until you set it next to it I do see a difference between this [Applause] this now this was the cheaper $500 more and this was the even $1 more there is a difference it does have a cooler cut what's really shocked me because if you look at my side of the grass from this line here when we put the sprinkler system in its thicker over here than it is over here so I really thought the other Moore was gonna win with that being said is it worth the extra $300 well let me show you a couple of things that and reasons I don't think it's worth it bring the camera over here when you look in here with this flap it's completely closed so leaves don't come out now you can open it but now come over here and look at my mo you see all this right here we just mowed the lawn and mulch there's a gap over here so this here comes out onto the grass and it just looks really bad now you can open it but for mulching like all this grass is here it shoots the leaves out the back and it looks really poor so that's one of the things that I want to bring up in this video yes we did the kids against each other also the other thing I want to bring up is when you're adjusting the wheels on this more it's a lot of force to go up and down or this one you know anybody can do it Jeremy and Blake or not they can't get the will to adjust on the hrx and here on the other mower they had no change in a better deck better Drive but I don't feel it's worth the extra $300 I did give a better cut quality but not $300 worth of cut quality I don't mean any typical person walking by wouldn't be able to tell I just use two different mowers other than that little stripe the kids are gonna have to go over so anyways who's Jeremy in my father come over we just had a little bit of family fun today in the front yard we're gonna do a little bit more videos and enjoy the family time that I got to spend with my father and my nephew here so thanks for watching downs along here and you have a marvelous day [Applause]

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  1. Even if the cuts were equal and he admitted they were not, the hydrostatic Drive makes the HRX 217HYA a MUCH better option. Average $300 difference out over the expected years of usage and its minimal. Besides that the HYA can be found for $729 and most small engine dealers and $749 at Home Depot.

  2. I have the hrx and leave the bag on when mulching. Very few clippings to remove after finishing my yard. I like to mulch and bag so the versa cut is a nice feature

  3. Good test. I’d like to see the same comparison on early morning wet grass. I think the larger engine would really make the difference in that test.

  4. I had the hrr for 4 years problem free but sold it to my sister cheap because I just had to have the hrx. I actually kind of regret doing so because for a person that doesn't let his yard overgrow, the hrr engine is plenty strong although the hrx is definitely more powerful. also the hrr is lighter and more maneuverable.

  5. Mower was received in good condition…>>>t.co/308znbEVKp   Assembly was difficult due to its weight…During use in mowing yard, I found that the brake/clutch pedal was extremely touchy…Once the clutch was engaged the mower ran smoothly…Knowing this condition, I probably would not purchase this model mower again…

  6. I personally had the HRX217 and I really liked it because it is lighter and has more adjustable speeds. Also the clutch bar is more comfortable. Other difference is the HRX is premium residential whereas the HRR is residential so the HRX is better suited to commercial work.

  7. Been running the $500 one for nearly 5 years now with no issues but will be upgrading to the commercial Honda in the spring!

  8. Nice video and I have to say you were right I don't think there was 300 dollars difference in the cut and that mulch plate not closing all the way on the one seems like an issue Honda should be taking care of since the other one doesn't have that issue

  9. Nice work ! I like the snapper commercial walk behind , old school , mainly because that's what I mowed with growing up.

  10. I owned one the thumb paddle ones. JUST to get rid of the paddle is worth it. Man the gave my thumbs a workout.

  11. Right on. Pulled a little Tom Sawyer action and the boys to cut the grass 😀😉

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