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Hospital Workers Demand $15 and a Union on Labor Day

Hundreds of people marched from
McDonald’s in Pilsen. workers celebrate Labor Day with a downtown rally. The
fight for an increase in the minimum wage brought hundreds of protestors out
in Chicago today. “We work, we sweat, put $15 on our check.” Labor Day is meant to honor working people the best way these
workers say they can be honored is by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour
that’s why Chanel Nobel a hospital environmental tech came out to march.
“I’ve been here 20 years working for low wages and it just is just not gonna make
the cut it.” Noble isn’t alone she stood shoulder to shoulder with
hospital workers, fast-food workers, and childcare teachers, just to name a few
who came to marches and rallies. just I have three kids who live home with me right now. It’s a, it’s a battle just trying make ends meet. trying to make ends meet, and like
I’m not making ends meet. We’re constantly behind on paying bills. Say it with me: union! [Crowd: union!] union! [Crowd: union!]

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