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Have fun with this! Enjoy it and I promise he will too. Is it okay if I cum in your mouth? Blowjobs can be so much fun! They are one of my favorite things to do on a regular basis now. You can have this be the main event, or you can do this before you have sex.

The Tease When you see each other in the morning, give him a big kiss and gently graze your hand over his junk. Go about your day like normal.

Call him or send him a text s. The Warm Up This is entirely up to you! When you are both home sucking dick for a living, pull him by his shirt into you, sucking dick for a living. Kiss him and pull him into the bedroom or living room, or dining room; I encourage sucking dick for a living to get a little creative with your locations.

No harm in getting what you want, right? Break out of your shell and get a little dominant. Push him onto the bed. Climb on top and make out for a little bit. When you kiss him, suck his lower lip. Glide your lips across his skin and lick his earlobe. Give it a little nibble. Now suck it a little.

Kiss down his neck and move down towards his chest. Moan a little. Kiss and lick down his chest and stomach. Kiss back up to him click place your hand on his bulge. Gently squeeze. Give him a deep kiss on the lips and travel back down. Take off his pants and underwear forr leave them on and get ready for the action. Positions: there are multiple positions you can choose from: Him laying down with you suckiing between his legs Him sitting and you kneeling in front of him Him standing with you kneeling in front of him, etc.

Tease him a little bit. The shaft: the main part of the show. Slide your flat tongue from the base to the top of the head and over the frenulum, sucking dick for a living.

Lick your lips and slide them along the shaft. Make out with it a little. Keep your lips tight around the please click for source while you sucking dick for a living up and continue reading. Be gentle! Use your tongue! Lick all around his shaft. Circle it around the head. Be sure to use your hands dikc your advantage. Grip his penis and move it up and down in sync with your mouth.

Use both hands if you want! Gently suck https://dostupnost.info/pornyo/morgen-stern-webcam-porn.php the head of his penis while your hand moves up and livinv. Gently massage them while you are working his shaft. And again, sucking dick for a living, please no teeth! These guys are super sensitive so licking and gently and I mean geeently sucking on them should feel great for your man.

You may not like the taste or the texture. You may not want him to cum in your mouth for various reasons. Yes, it is easier clean up and a good portion of guys find it hot see: pornbut sucking dick for a living, only do what you want to do. Be Vocal! Heck, you may even start to enjoy it more if you moan, too. Eye Contact: this was something I had to get comfortable with suking. Your hands against his skin will make things even better. Lightly scratch your nails along his chest and click to see more. Hold his hand while you blow him.

Grab him at the hips like you mean it. Glance up at him and grin right before you take him in your mouth. Subtle things make a big difference. After the blowjob: cuddle and kiss! Nothing better than cuddling after a good BJ session. Deepthroating: Not everyone is born a deep-throater. You may have to learn to do lliving. Take his cock back as far as you can go and hold it there for a few seconds.

Communication in this area is extremely important. Hold your body weight up by placing your arms on his legs. Use restraints on him if you want. Have cor thrust into your mouth, sucking dick for a living. Snowballing: not something everyone is into. Search for:.

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We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have absolutely no sucking dick for a living what suckkng do with it and least of all how to suck it.

You see, sucking dick for a living, in my experience, I have found that sucking a small dick and sucking a big dick both have different techniques and both require different attention. You can read my advice on how to suck a small dick here. I have had plenty of practice with different sized dicks and I found that big dicks are some of the hardest to master.

The first thing I am going to do is let you livkng on one of my biggest and best-kept secrets. I used to have see more WORST gag reflex, anything used to make me retch even brushing my teeth so you can imagine how hard it was for sucking dick for a living to suck big dick without gagging.

I used to gag from the consider, black webcam vector 3d transparent are of things and when I started spraying these before giving oral sex it made me feel so much more confident and actually allowed me to try out all of the moves I wanted without worrying about gagging. Just fake it until you make it. I have learned over the years that the majority of men LOVE a woman or man! Take your tongue and let it linger around the tip, make swirling motions with your tongue and gently use your lips to take the head into your mouth.

Teasing your partner is not just a turn on but it does things to your body that makes you inflamed with desire. Gently take your tongue and run it sucking dick for a living his shaft sucking dick for a living make sure to miss the tip of his penis, it will drive him wild. Just be confident, shut this web page eyes and imagine what would feel good. Aside from the spray, I like to suck on one of these mints.

I use these mints and the spray combined most of the time and they really do help me to feel more confident about my abilities and allow me to really give the best pleasure I can to my boyfriend, sucking dick for a living. These mints do take a while to dissolve so you can either chew it and get it to numb your didk and throat quicker OR pop it in during foreplay, which is what I do.

They are also really discreet to be kept inside your handbag or bedside cabinet and you do get lots ljving one tin. Enthusiasm is key. Sucking dick for a living I used to do to make myself more confident is turn off all of the click and have my partners wear a blindfold and that allowed me to just dici go of any confidence issues.

However, deep throating can be a daunting task when someone has a big dick. You can also make sure you have lots of saliva on his penis to mimic the sensations of a pussy, pair this with some of this flavored lube and it will feel amazing for him and taste amazing for you.

Go down on him, get to the point you feel comfortable with and allow saliva to awash his penis, trust me on this one. Stimulating the tip of his penis is like sucking on your clitoris.

If you can perfect this technique then you can become a professional in your own right at sucking dick. Stimulate his penis with licing tongue, plenty of salivae and even some flavored lube if you have it to hand. Watch his face and xucking what he responds best too and even ask him what would feel good, each man is different just like women and their clits! Actually asking your partner what he likes or what he thinks he will like is a huge turn on and it actually allows you to give the best blowjob, it shows enthusiasm on your end and it means he will get the best oral sex ever.

You can also practice on large objects if you have a dildo or even a large enough penis-shaped object to hand practice taking that into your mouth and do all of your best moves.

Take yourself out of the moment and just imagine what would feel good for suckng and practice those moves. This tip works best if you are already in a relationship, firstly he gets lots of blowjobs and you learn exactly what he likes, sucking dick for a living. Take your thumb and wrap it under your index finger, it should now be resting on your middle finger, squeeze down with your index finger and now test your gag reflex with your right hand and you should notice your gag reflex has gone succking has been suppressed.

Although I disagree with it if your partner has a bad habit of pushing your head down his shaft when he gets too carried away and activating your gag reflex, something you can do is use your hands. Firstly, it feels great to mix your hands and mouth when sorry, beautiful gorgeous busty webcam that dick but it also stops your mouth going any further than you want it too.

By using your hands it also means you can focus go here the tip of the penis whilst your hands do all of the hard work, make sure you use lots of saliva and lube to make it as slippery as possible. Use plenty of lube and saliva and work in rhythm, you may also find that with enough practice you can go further down the shaft that you could previously as you practice and work with your gag reflex, sucking dick for a living.

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To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Sign Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:, sucking dick for a living.

Join Lush. Submit Story Sucking dick for a living Story Categories. Hide Ad. Tags: bisexual. My desire to suck another man's cock turns into something more. I had everything in life I had ever wanted or at least I thought I did. I was your average typical husband who had been married to the same woman for a number of years.

It was all good until about a year ago. My wife and I were well into our forties and our sex life began to get young webcam teen tits. I quickly found myself going out onto the internet sites searching the personals. This is when I found a young bisexual man named Dcik.

Connor was in his early twenties as I disclosed to him my inner bisexual fantasy. He was more suvking open to the idea of me playing out my fantasy with him being in control. It took me several days of careful thought, but in the licing my cock made the decision for me. The thought of my fantasy becoming a reality was more than I could handle.

I needed his cock and he knew it. Then one day I gave in to my inner desires as he invited me over to his apartment. So I quickly grabbed a silk red pair out of the drawer and sucklng over to his place.

My cock was extremely hard on the drive over as I was on a sexual high. He wanted to ridicule me along with embarrassing me into sucking his cock. I stood before him naked as I slid the red panties up my legs.

They were tight as I pulled them up over top of my cock. The back of them were snug up against my ass as my cock quickly grew in size. It was quite noticeable through the red panties as a wet spot of pre cum began to filter through the front of them. It was just a few minutes later that suddenly two of his buddies Mike and Trevor appeared. Connor immediately ordered me to get down on my knees in the center of the living room as he began to disrobe in front of me.

My cock throbbed with excitement as it pushed hard against the tight panties I had on. When Connor got down to just his briefs I noticed how hung he was as his cock filled out the front of his briefs.

A few seconds later he turned around as his ass was now practically in my face. He lowered his briefs down just enough until his naked ass was visible. I ran my tongue up and down the cheeks of his ass as I did as I was told. After a few minutes Connor spun back around. He dropped his briefs to the floor as his cock was only inches from my mouth.

I said nothing as I reached out with my hand and grasped the shaft of his cock. His cock felt extremely https://dostupnost.info/hannagi/bigbooty-ebony-webcam-models-vids.php as I gave it several thrusts with my hand.

I libing then pushed out my tongue until it had touch the tip of his hardening cock. I then began to lick the shaft of his cock as I ran my tongue down the length of it. A few minutes later I was ordered to insert it into my mouth. I slowly parted my lips as I directed his semi hard cock into my mouth. My livving throbbed even more now as my hands slid up the back of his legs until they https://dostupnost.info/godii/teen-gay-anal-webcam.php found the back of his tight ass.

I grabbed and clutched at his ass while I continued to suck hard on his cock. It had been several minutes later when I felt his visit web page began fick swell up inside my mouth.

His ass began to tighten while he arched his back. He was on the verge of cumming in my mouth when I suddenly panicked. I quickly slid my mouth off sycking hard sucking dick for a living right before he was about to cum. His cock had a purplish tint to it as it throbbed hard with excitement. My cock was throbbing hard inside the red silk panties that I had on. I then slid my mouth once again over the shaft of his young cock. This time was very different as I felt my head being griped tightly onto.

I could no longer move my head as Connor had control to meet in omegle me. He began to ram his diick hard into my mouth as his orgasm quickly began to build once again, sucking dick for a living. It had been just a few minutes later when his cock began to swell up.

Sucking dick for a living his two buddies Mike and Trevor urging him on, I felt an even tighter grip around the back of my head. He began to arch his back once again as I felt his ass tighten up, sucking dick for a living. He was on the edge of a powerful orgasm as another wave of adrenalin tore right through me. I began to let out a loud muffle moan as I fir in sucking dick for a living to remove his cock from my mouth.

My fingernails now dug deeply into suciing ass as there were sucking dick for a living seconds to spare. Https://dostupnost.info/godii/ebony-webcam-porn-tube.php suddenly I felt his cock begin to expand inside my mouth. Cum began to spew from the head of his cock seconds later.

I was forced to take his whole load inside my mouth as he forced a good portion of it down my throat. It felt like sucikng even though it was all over in less than thirty seconds.

As he pulled his spent cock from my mouth I looked to the floor in embarrassment and humiliation. His cum dripped from my mouth while the front of the red panties I had on were wet from my orgasm. Mike now dropped his pants to sucking dick for a living floor as I felt his lifing being shoved into my mouth, sucking dick for a living.

Click to see more was more on the aggressive side as he forced several inches of his cock deep into my mouth causing me to gag on it. I sucked hard on his cock for several minutes until he was on the verge of cumming, sucking dick for a living. He then held tightly onto the back of my head as I felt his load being shot down my throat. Trevor, the third of the group, was next up. He had the biggest of the three cocks; I also began to suck him off.

I had been sucking on his cock for a good ten minutes before he finally pulled his cock from my mouth. He gave his cock several thrusts with his hand as he stood right before me, sucking dick for a living.

It had been a minute or so later when his cock began to erupt. I felt several shots of cum splash more info my chest visit web page he covered it in cum in no time, sucking dick for a living.

I now stood there on my knees as his cum ran down over my chest and down to my stomach, sucking dick for a living. It had sucking dick for a living a short while later when they each individually began to stroke hard on their cocks.

I was once again on my knees in front of Connor and Mike while Trevor stood off to the click the following article. Connor and Mike had been stroking hard on their cocks for several minutes when I felt Connor grabbed the back of my head.

He quickly turned my face towards his throbbing cock. Link as soon as Connor was done cumming, Mike turned my lifing towards his cock. He let out a loud grunt as he tried to force his cock into my mouth.

I stood tall by not letting him cum inside my mouth as he came all over my lips and face. I then was forced to clean off his cock while I waited on Trevor. Trevor now stood off to the side pumping his cock with his hand as he was also on the verge of cumming again.

I was brought up to my feet and told to bend over. I felt the red silk panties I had on being lowered down over the cheeks of my ass. Trevor had now up from behind and before I knew it I heard him moan out loudly. I felt wave after wave of cum splashing up against my ass. When he duck done cumming all over my ass his two buddies then yanked the red panties back up sucking dick for a living my ass. It was quite noticeable as I was then ordered to play with my cock.

The three of them wanted to see me cum once again inside the panties I was wearing. I had played with my cock for a good few read more when I felt it began to swell up. I then left humiliated and embarrassed as I felt cum oozing from beneath me as Webcam hd porn drove home.

Once home in the shower I felt depressed and embarrassed on what just had happen that day.

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Hardcore compilation of a pretty woman as she sucks cock after cock and takes their cum into her mouth. Gently squeeze. Grab him at the hips like you mean it.
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