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How I Take My Bangkok Shots | Bangkok Weekend Getaway | JAMIE CHUA

How I Take My Bangkok Shots | Bangkok Weekend Getaway | JAMIE CHUA

Hey guys, guess where I’m going for the weekend? Hint: It’s gonna be a place where I’ll be eating a lot Now let’s just look at what I’m wearing today This is my usual plane outfit When I travel I like to be very comfortable So I always wear sneakers when I travel And with my latest travel companion, Dior Book Tote Today I decided to hang a little ornament on it With my glove rings, double of it because we don’t want to lose this precious baby And of course my camera, finally got it repaired And, let’s go Ok honey, I think we should let everyone know where we are going Please be careful, you don’t want to fall down the escalator Well, we are going to London! Wow, I wish, how I wish! For one month and we are not coming back! Maybe? Let’s see, let’s see where are we going It’s gonna be good I just like to be away from home, like run away from home Now let’s see what Terrance is wearing today for the plane ride He has a new handbag Not my preferred color They didn’t have the yellow anymore, I said I wanted the yellow one I don’t know what you think of this color bag for Terrance Yellow, yes! No! So now the yellow is sold out, and I’m left with this! That’s fine. It’s a nice bag and I’m gonna use it! Ok, let’s look at our matching shoes Matchy-matchy This is the one you should be showing What is that? It looks like a roller coaster buckle It is! Look, it’s really cool And we are on our way! See you soon Bangkok! We’ve arrived at the Hotel, it’s almost 10pm and I’m hungry so let’s go for dinner! Sawadeekap! And this is my first course, it is a Sea Urchin with Yuzu Vinaigrette So pretty like a pond And I’m having this with champagne Let’s start! Oh super yummy! I love Sea Urchins Guess what I’m drinking, I’m having celery juice To detox! I’m having a wine pairing with my 10 course dinner and look what my little bro is having, juice pairing! Hi little girl! Refreshing and good! Healthy! No alcohol for me He doesn’t take alcohol, I drink alone all the time No, that’s not true, only at dinners How is it? It’s pretty good, a little bit strange but it’s ok Very filling dinner! Ten courses with his juice and me with my wine But I’m never too full for my sweets, ya watch me! Caramel! It’s midnight and I’m finally in my room to get rested In this beautiful suite at the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok! Look at this space! And my favorite bouquet of flowers Not from you honey! Damn! They beat you today! I expect to have this beautiful view picture tomorrow And let’s look at the bathroom But first the bedroom Oh wow! I love a hotel with a vanity And I can do my makeup in It’s nice I wish I could just crash right now But now I’m gonna show you my favorite part of every hotel room I would want a really really luxurious bathtub with a view I got a sealed window and a huge egg shaped bathtub Good morning! I just had my breakfast and my morning coffee and now I’m going to do a breakfast shot! First I’m going to get this comforter off the bed and go to the place in this suite that has the best view So for this shot with a lot of stuff in the picture We have to adjust the position and make sure that the newspaper is not covering my face We are just waiting for the train to come by It’s every 7 minutes right? Oh Jesus long, ok so only one shot ok, after that I am done! Noooooo, I have to get the correct angle and I want see my eggs in there I shouldn’t have mention it I’m pretty lucky that I actually got a shot, come let’s look at the shot honey! We waited for the train And we have several shots with the train going by but I really really liked the last one I dressed like a lantern and ready to shoot! If you guys are wondering what’s in here, it feels like wires Ok now I’m gonna struggle downstairs This is how I’m gonna walk See ya! Maintaining my posture, balancing on my heels Try not to fall, it would be funny Will be like Humpty Dumpty Now let’s see how am I gonna sit in this Can you even sit? Oh it’s pretty good! So hot! But this kind man is sheltering me from the sun! We’re going to lunch at Ma Maison I need this umbrella in Singapore Thank you so much! Hi! Meet my new friend! His name is Dupont So tiny! Cutie! Gonna have a picture with him Ok this is my scene! This little baby, please don’t pee on me ok Don’t pee on me Hey little chihuahua, is this your good friend?

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  1. Lol everybody has watched them and heard them but nobody has heard what she told about the guy… she said my little bro means he is her brother lol .. people dont listening her

  2. Im thai fan club thx for visiting Thailand I hope you like all everything in Thailand. ❤️❤️

  3. You’re boyfriend so awesome 😎 he just be patient with you and doing anything for you , how lucky you are miss Jamie Chua .

  4. The reslest couple I have ever seen it's better to watch this more than these fake Kardashians

  5. i love how you show yourself, how you behave, looks low profile, not a glimpse of vanity with all you have. i love your video jamie ❤️

  6. It's difficult to hate Jamie Chua. She's really funny and come across as really genuine for all the wealth that she has.

  7. Nooo, when I saw him standing there wearing the white LV fanny pack, I was like "Where's the neon?" "Where's the yellow?" Must be a guy thing lol

  8. Jamie, I love the way you put your super effort for your vlog, result is everything look flawlessly flowing, and that’s make your vlog super fun to watch, well I’m not into fashion just love your vlog, more fun video please

  9. Hello Terrence 🤗🤗🤗 good job always supportive to your lady very admiring .🤗🤗🤗 Jamie is so nice to you to.😍😍😍😘😘😘😉😉😉😉

  10. Hahah!!!How i wish my korean husband is same like sir terrence too supportive esp.photoshoot time.😍💙💜♥️💛

  11. You always give me awesome outfit ideas!! I love to see you and and your boyfriend together. You are such a lovely couple 💕

  12. You both are so cute and seem so happy and content for life. I watch your videos and feel so at peace ,comfortable and motivated.

  13. I wonder why you are spending your time filming these useless vanities and material things…..which do not add in any way value to humankind

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