Celebrating the Spring Holidays

How To Get DJ Gigs When On Holiday ☀️#TuesdayTipsLive Summer School

How To Get DJ Gigs When On Holiday ☀️#TuesdayTipsLive Summer School

– DJ Tips, the Summer School Edition. What does that mean? It means that we are in my backyard. We are facing to the mountain
behind my summer house here, and I'm not in the HQ, and I won't be until the 1st of September when it's back to school. So I'm really looking forward to being able to bring you all this stuff live over the next… Over the next… I'm just looking at what that is. That's completely new. Interesting. My software was just giving me a completely new little box there. Anyway, I'm looking forward
to bringing you stuff with a slightly different
feel from my backyard for the next eight or nine weeks or so. So, welcome, good to have you here. All our locals, all our regulars, and also our new crew who are
tuning in for the first time. If you are new, this is Digital DJ Tips, going live once a week to bring you tips and tricks and advice to
help you in your DJ'ing. Our whole mission is to
help you become great DJ's and great DJ producers, so that
is the whole point of this, and that is why I am here today. We've got people already
piling in to say hello. Feel free to do so on
Facebook, over on YouTube, but especially if you are tuning in on our Global DJ Network page, because Global DJ Network
is where it happens. That is the group that you
really want to be part of, and if you aren't in
the Global DJ Network, I'll tell you exactly how to get into that a little bit later on. So that's us, we are here to help you, and today it's all about holidays. It's about how to get gigs
when you're on holiday. So quite a good topic, right? I will move on to… I've got five points I
want to cover on this. I'll move on to that. If you're watching this on the replay, you missed the live broadcast,
subscribe, hit notify, hit show posts first, do all that stuff. That means that we'll let
you know when these go live. They're more fun live. If you're watching the replay on YouTube, thinking "Get to it," this is
a recording of a live show, therefore I will not get to it. I will spend a lot of time with everyone who's on the live broadcast, so it's not a five minute YouTube video. That's what I'm letting you know. All right then, lots of early hellos before we get started here. So, I've got them all on
my screen in front of me. Quite clever this. So hello to Dave in Yellow Knife. Hi to Matthew. Hi to Cressen or Crecken. Hi to Daniel, Michael, Damien, and DeCaptcha B2K, all on YouTube. So Ravi says, "Morning from Toronto." Erickson says hello. Michael and Victor saying
hello over on YouTube. Michael, hello to you. Victor, you're in Switzerland. Hello to Meeko, Stephan,
Marcus, Michael, Maximus, John, and Kevin, all on Facebook. Hi to Garav, Fragrance, Darren, Borus, on YouTube. So a few questions coming
in already, which is good. I'll try and get to your
questions as soon as I can. Tom says, "Hello and
hello to everyone else." He's from Magaluf. Well, there you go. There's someone in a
holiday resort right there, so maybe you'll have some tips for us. Hi to R.D. in Los Vegas,
24/7 holiday place there, right, R.D.? And hi to DJ Nemesis in Philadelphia. Loads and loads of you,
too many to read out. I'll stop reading these out. I want to get to the meat
of what we're about today, but thank you very much, everyone. If you find this useful, by the way, you'll be helping us if you hit subscribe, if you hit share, if you hit like, if you do anything to help us
get the word out about this. All right then, how to
get gigs on holiday. Getting gigs on holiday is an absolutely awesome thing to do. I've done it; some of
you will have done it. I want you to share in those comments and tell us how you've
got gigs on holiday. Tell us what you've done,
what's worked for you. Share your stories. I will read them out, so please
take the time to do that. But I'm going to share five
tips that have worked for me and that have worked for people I know. So number one is research. Number one is to do your
research ahead of time. Get on Google Maps. Type clubs, type bars, type venues. Look at the ones that come up. Click on them, see what they look like. See if they've decks
on the little pictures. Ask your friends. Get on the Global DJ Network which is our global
networking place for DJ's. There will be someone on there who lives in the place where
you're going on holiday. So do what you can do to
research ahead of time, the place that you're going on holiday. And this is really good because it means that you're
going to hit the ground running. You're not going to be like,
"Well, what's what here?" You're going to know. You're going to know
where they've got decks. You're going to know where they
have warmup bars for the clubs. You're going to know what the clubs are. Be realistic. You're not going to get gigs
in the biggest clubs in town just by turning up. You know, you might do,
but it's very unlikely. But you will get gigs in the warmup bars. You will get gigs in the sunset bars. You will be able to get gigs on the strip and stuff like that, but
you've got to be there. You've got to know the
places to go and hang out in. So do your research ahead of time. The Internet is a great thing. But also the Global DJ Network. Now I said I'd tell you if you don't know what I'm talking about,
how to get on this network. It really is worth doing. You head over to our Facebook page. So Digital DJ Tips Facebook page. Facebook.com/digitaldjtips. You click Message, and you send
the single word JOIN to us. So that's it. You go to our Facebook
page, click Message, send the word JOIN. We'll join you up. Global DJ Network is a private group with thousands of our best
community members in it, and it's awesome, so this is a place that
you can research venues in to start with, so there's a tip there. So do your research ahead of time before you actually turn up. So. Take as many kinds of
music as you possibly can. Everything that you've ever played or everything that you'd
be happy playing, take. Take a pop set. Take a rock set. Take an underground house set. Take a clapalong singalong house set. Take some dubstep. Take some trap. Take some hiphop. Take some Latin. Take everything you possibly can with you that you would be comfortable
playing because you never know what gigs are going to
present themselves, right? So it's always a good idea to take a lot. Take it, but not only take it,
but assemble it, into, like, rough sets based around your research because that means you're
ready at the drop of a hat to play a gig at any place
that might offer it to you. So doing your research, but
also doing your preparation before you go on a holiday
is a really, really good idea because it means you're going
to be ready when you get there to do the things that we're
going to talk about next. So tip number one, do your research. Use the Global DJ Network. It's the best place
that we know to research by networking with DJ's all over the world including where you're
going on holiday this year. Number two, do your music
preparation so you've got sets to cover all bases possible
when you get there. I'm going to go back to
the live comments now and read out some bits and pieces. So Armando says, "Hi Phil,
I'm going to New York "in September to play at a
wedding of my best friend. "I want to score some additional gigs. "What best advice do you have?" Well, look, Armando, your
best friend is inviting loads and load of people to
their wedding in New York. Loads of people are
probably from New York, so can you get in touch with them? Can you talk to them? Is there a wedding group? There's always a wedding
WhatsApp group, right? Get in there. Say, "Look, while I'm here,
I want to play some gigs. "Can you help?" you know, use that group. Use that network of people. There's 100 people going to that wedding. I'll bet one of them could get you a gig. There's my advice for
you there to Armando. So The World of Rasmus says,
"I just got a Numark Party Mix, "and you helped me a lot! "Thanks!" Well, look, we're really
pleased about that, but that does bring me
on to point number three, and point number three is, take a tiny DJ controller with you. Take a Party Mix. Take a DJ2GO2. Take a Hercules Starlight. These are all tiny DJ controllers. Take one of those with you, and then you've got a place to start. You know, even if it's only
the pool bar in your hotel, take a nice little DJ speaker
like a mini rig or something or a small little Beats
2 Go speaker or whatever. Take a tiny DJ controller. At the very least, you can bring all your new
friends back to your hotel room and really get on their nerves
by playing into the night from your controller and your speaker. But you know, take a tiny kit with you. There are micro DJ setups. Just get a DJ up on your
iPad or even on your phone, but just get yourself set
up with these little things because they're a lot of fun. Joey at Digital DJ Tips
has played a whole gig, and not just, like, pressing play, literally DJ'ing a proper
rave at the drop of a hat. He was recognised on a beach on holiday, and he had his iPad with him just to kind of check up on the news. Someone said, "Will you DJ for us?" And he's like, "Yeah, why not?" They recognised him. And he ended up playing,
like, a four hour set straight off his iPad. Take that kind of gear with you. You never know. It might be the difference between you getting a gig and not. I'm going to move on to more
points after I've had a chance to read out a few more of your comments. So Matthew says, "I've
not gigged abroad yet. "It's definitely something I
would consider in the future." You know, there's a difference
between going abroad to gig and just getting gigs
opportunistically on your holiday. I live, as you can tell, I
live in a very nice place. This is actually my summer home. It's over the border from
where we are all year long, which is in Gibraltar. This is actually in Spain. When I first moved to Spain
from the United Kingdom, I got a gig in a local beach bar which I played at for years. If you're a member of
our complete DJ course, it's in the Playing Out section. There's actually a video of
me down at that beach bar to show you about setting
up in bars and stuff. And I got my first gig there
by hiring the place out, by saying, "Look, we'll
fill it on a Sunday night." They didn't charge me for it. I said, "We'll fill it on a Sunday night. "I want to play some music. "It's going to be a fancy dress party." It was a Halloween party or something. I went dressed as Scooby-Doo. They called me DJ Scooby
for years after that, but that's how I got in with them, and now I get to play there
whenever I want, right? So you know, that's
another way of doing it if you're moving somewhere. We were moving to a different area there. So this is a great question. This is coming from Nucleosynthesis. "Hi Phil, what if you need
to play on different gear "compared to yours, for instance, "I play on a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, "but the gig will require
you to use their DCJ 2000s?" Great question, so a couple of things. Actually, there's a video going. This is so opportune. There's a video going live
on our channel from Mark, who you will know as one
of our content creators, in the next week or two,
which is about how to play on CDJs for the first time
and what to look out for. So first, look out for that video. But look, the point is, if
you've prepared your music ahead of time, so you get Rekordbox, which is a software you
use to prepare music for the pioneer CDJs that
you see in Pro DJ booths. You get Rekordbox, you get USB drive, and you prepare your music. You get cue points, you
get loops and stuff, and you put a set on a USB
drive that's prepared for CDJs. Well now, when you walk up to
a CDJ setup and plug that in and press load, the whole
thing will populate, and you'll be able to DJ from it as if it was a big DJ controller. Now obviously, it's not
going to be the same, and obviously it would be good
to get practise on this gear, but honestly, you turn up
an hour or two ahead of time when the place is empty. If it's a bar, you know,
turn up in the morning before they're open, and say, "Look, can I just recce your gear "because I just want to make sure "my Rekordbox stick works all right "before I play the gig I said
I was going to play tonight." You'll be able to work
it out in an hour or two. Don't try anything fancy. Just play the tracks to the
end and start the next one, and you'll soon get the hang of it. Sometimes you've got to throw
yourself in at the deep end. Dev says, "Is that a
pool in the background? "Nice," yes, this is a pool. I've locked myself out the back because the kids are just come
back from their summer school and they are locked in the room there waiting to come and get
in the pool, but hey, I'm going to be finishing this
before they get a chance to. Steve Silas says, "I get a gig or two "from every event or wedding I do. "Let the music and your
professionalism do the talking." I think that's a really
good piece of advice, that. So more of your live comments. So DJ Patrick Grace says, "I
guess it's easier these days. "Bringing a USB stick on a
Ryanair flight's a lot handier "than trying to lug records." Yeah, that feeling when
you put your records on the conveyor belt and let
them go off into the hold, and you never know if you're
going to see them again. It's lucky that we don't
have to do that anymore, isn't it, us DJ's? So Gareth says, "I'm trying
to introduce house music "to the small dance scene in Bahrain. "It's mostly unfamiliar to the crowd. "Any advice?" Yep, start very, very, very, very small. Start in a bar that holds 20
people and get 10 people there. When you can sell that out,
move up to one that holds 50. Get 20 in there, and then
when you can sell that out, move up, move up, move up. Take everyone's email addresses. Let them know when you're
doing the next event. Do events regularly, and that's
the way to kind of do that. But I admire you. Well done for that. So all right, this is a great
piece of advice from Daniel. He says, "Check the local charts!" This is a brilliant piece of advice. I love these lives because
you guys make them better by giving me stuff that I
have not got in my plan. If you go on to Shazam, there is a lot. I don't mean on your phone. I mean on the website. There is a tab called Shazam Cities, and in Shazam Cities, you can actually look up
the top tracks in any city, anywhere in the world. That, my friends, is gold dust because that gives you the tracks that you want to be getting for
the place you go on holiday. So thank you very much
for sharing that, Daniel. That was a really good bit of advice from YouTube channel over there. So what you do think about
banners when you're spinning? Well, if you can afford
to fold up a banner and stuff it in your luggage,
great, but it's not something that I particularly would
find room for in my luggage, I don't think, but I don't
see any reason why not. So all right then, I want to
move on to the other points. So we've covering, if you just joined us, we're covering ways to get
gigs when you're on holiday, hustling for gigs on holiday. And if you are enjoying this,
please do hit subscribe. Do it now; it will really help us. Or share, or like, any of those things. Show your love. All right, so we've already covered do your research ahead of time. We've covered take all types of music, including taking a USB stick. We've covered take an iPad or
an iPhone with a DJ app on it. Take even a small DJ controller like one of the tiny new Numark DJ2GO2, the Hercules Starlight, or
even a Numark Party Mix, something like that in order
that you can throw parties around the pool or in your hotel room. It's all good. Take a mini speaker for
that purpose as well. So here's my next piece of advice. Number four and five. Hustle on your very first day. Make it the first thing you do. Make it like your holiday doesn't start until you've hustled for a
gig because if you don't, you're probably not going to do it. Yes, you know, as you tour around, as you nip in and out of
bars, as you eat places, as you drink places,
you're going to see decks. You're going to be able to
approach people and say, "Hey, you know, have you
got any openings this week?" But look, it's like
sending a postcard, right? You remember sending postcards? Who remembers sending postcards? They were the days, weren't they? You know, you always had
to send your postcards on the first day, didn't you? Because they wouldn't arrive there until after you'd got back home, right? You remember that? It's the same thing with gigs. You want to be asking every single venue that you had on your
list, on your hit list, and every other venue you
see on that very first day because they might have a gig a week away. Well, look, if you're only there
for a week, that's no good. If you're there for 10 days, that's great. But you leave it a couple of
days, it suddenly isn't great. They might have a gig in
two or three days' time or four days or five days. The sooner you ask,
the more likely you are that they'll be able to fit you in. So hustle on your very first day. And it's just, like, "Hey,
you know, I'm a big DJ." Big yourself up. "I'm a big DJ from Manchester in England. "I'm here on holiday. "Guess what? "I've got music with me. "Have you got any slots?" You know, you're not going to
get paid for this stuff, right? "Have you got any slots? "I'd just love to play for you. "It'd be good fun. "What do you reckon?" You will get paid 'cause
they'll give you drinks. They might be aligned to a local club. They might be able to get
you a guest list that night. You will get something in return normally because if you do a great job,
people want to reward you, but you're not doing
this for money, right? You're doing this to be able to say, "I've DJ'ed; I'm an international DJ." What better thing to
be able to say, right? I've DJ'ed in Ibiza. I've DJ'ed in Menorca. I've DJ'ed in Los Vegas. I've DJ'ed in Sydney. I've DJ'ed in Thailand. What a great thing to be
able to say, and guess what? Your socials are going to look brilliant with photos of you DJ'ing in
those places on them, right? So look, there's a lot
more here that you can get that isn't money from this. It's one of those instances where playing for free
is definitely worth it. So point number four, hustle
on your very first day. It's going to be too late
if you leave it later, and psychologically,
you probably won't do it if you leave it later. Here's a great comment from Mark. He says, "Find the local
music-related groups "to the city you are going to. "Find out who the promoters are. "Find the names of the venues they use "and what dates their events are on. "Then get in touch, "and hopefully they'll
have a spot for you. "This is all music genre
dependent, of course." But yeah, awesome tip, that one. Mark, thank you very much for that. So let's keep looking through. What's the URL for Shazam please. I don't know. You're just going to
have to Google Shazam. Shazam.com, I'm going to guess. It says Unlimited Gamer. So John says, "Hey Phil, finally
getting to watch you live "despite it being midnight in Australia. "Keep up the good work." Well, thank you very much for that, John. "Cheers, Phil, your background
looks so awesome today," says Matthew. Yeah, for those of you joining us live, we're in my backyard in my summer villa because I'm not in the
studio, and the best bit is, I'm not in the studio until September now. Actually, I'm going
there tomorrow for a day. It's not that far away,
but I'm trying to avoid it for the next couple of months. It's summer hours at Digital DJ Tips. So Delmar says, "Don't
forget the old school way. "Have your business card." Yep, Delmar, you're
completely right there, so let's not forget that. All right then, "Real
DJ's bring their own music "and love the people to their own flow. "But hey, thanks for the
advice," says Victor. I'm not really sure what
that advice is, Victor, or what that comment is, but thank you very much for feedback. It is appreciated. Rajul says, "I'm going
to the USA in December, "which is also holiday
month and Christmas. "How should I approach for gigs there?" Exactly the same thing
that I'm telling you here. There's no difference at all. Do exactly what I'm saying, Rajul. So Bjorn says, "Whoa, seriously, what? "A tip about Shazam?" Yeah, it's a belter, and
so few people know that. Go to Shazam.com. I think it's Shazam.com,
and click the Cities tab, and you will be able to search
for any city in the world and see what people are
Shazamming in that city. So awesome, so more comments. "When I did go abroad, I
managed to talk to some "and even add a few DJ's on social media." Well, that's awesome. You know, any networking
you can do is worth it. So tip number four was
hustle on your very first day because if you don't, it will be too late. So my tip number five is a pro tip, and this one is the one
that got me the biggest gig I ever played in my life. Not the biggest number of
people; that was a festival, but the biggest gig I
ever played in my life. I got to play in Privilege in Ibiza, which is the biggest
club in the world, twice. I was never a big DJ producer. I was never a massive name in DJ'ing. I was a super resident, really. You know, I ran my own club for years. I bought my house from my DJ earnings. I played every week. I met all my heroes. I DJ'ed with all my heroes. I did everything I wanted to do, but I was a super resident, right? I was at the top of the
pile of resident DJ's, and that's as far as I got
in my particular career. However, I got to play in some of the best venues in the world. So one of the ways I did it was this, and this is the pro tip
I want to share with you at the end today. You need to do this ahead of time. You need to do this, like,
a year ahead of time. If you know that this time next year, you're going to Ibiza, start now. What you want to do is find
out who is the resident, who is the promoter DJ, who
is the person in charge of, involved in, the big nights
in all the big venues. And you want to make them your friends, and it only really works if
you already play a club night in your city, which is why it's a pro tip. If you play somewhere
in your city already, or even better, if you're
one of the promoters somewhere in your city,
this tip is solid gold. You get in touch with the resident DJ's at those venues that you
want to play at, and say, "Hey, would you like to come and play "at insert-your-venue-name-here." And you get them a gig in your venue. You don't have to be
paying them very much. Hey, they're only the resident DJ, and you promote them on
your particular fliers, online website promotion
for your club night. You promote them. So let's say you get a DJ
from Privilege in Ibiza. Let's choose that. So you put this DJ on brackets
Privilege Ibiza, right? So there's a small draw
there for your audience. You could put Ibiza night on, right? In your venue, and you get this resident. Now, they might be in your country. They might even live in your country, especially if it's the UK or something. A lot of the people who play in the summer in these big resorts, they come home. They're like bird coming home to roost. They come home in winter, and then they go back in summer, right? So you contact everyone,
and you find someone who can potentially play your
venue on the cheap, right? And they come and play, but guess what? As soon as you've given
something to someone, they want to give something back. So then you can say, "Well,
any chance I can come "and play in your venue?" Kind of as a throwaway comment. Guys, I did that, and
I got to play in Ibiza. I got to play not only in
Ibiza in the best sunset bars in Ibiza, but then I
upped it and got to play in the biggest club in the
world in Privilege in Ibiza. And the way I did that was
a simple resident swap. I got in touch with a guy called Alex Gold who ran a record label
called Xtravaganza Records, had acts like Chicane and a few other big names
at the time on this label, and Alex was… He was up for it. He was up for coming
and playing at my venue. We paid him a little bit. He came and played. A few people came out to hear him. We had a lot of fun. But when Alex was doing his rosters for the DJ's in his night at
Privilege in Ibiza that summer, the phone rang, and Alex was like, "Phil, do you want to
come and play in Ibiza?" He knew I would be on a club. He knew I'd bring a few people. I'm like, "Yeah, okay," and we did that a couple of times for him. And what an experience for me
to play in front of a crowd at the biggest club in the world, right? In the main room. That's not something
resident DJ's normally get, so that's how I did it. If you run your own club night, you might be able to do that as well. Think about it, but you have
to plan this kind of stuff ahead of time. So Lisa says, "What is a good site to
research opportunities?" Lisa, you obviously joined us late, because I was talking about
using the Global DJ Network. The Global DJ Network is
a site by DJ's for DJ's that we run, but we're not,
you know, it's not our agenda. We leave it alone; we let it work. It's awesome. It's an awesome, awesome DJ group. There's a couple of
thousand DJ's in there. What we do is handpick who's allowed in, but we want you to join as well. So you're watching this broadcast. You're a serious DJ. You're serious about DJ'ing. You're the kind of people
we want to join this. We make it a little
bit harder to join this than just going somewhere and clicking. You have to go to our Facebook page. If you're watching this on YouTube, you have to go after this broadcast on Facebook.com/digitaldjtips. Easy, go to our Facebook page. When you get there, click
Message to send us a message, and then type the word JOIN, okay? So go to our Facebook page, click Message, type the word JOIN. My team, Scott, Lauren, and
Ben, will check you out, and they will admit you
to the group manually, and once you're in there,
you are in a brilliant place to network, Lisa, because
we've got people in there from all over the world, so you can say, "Hey, I'm travelling to this place. "Anyone there? "Any advice? "Any advice on venues?" And that kind of thing. So that is a very good place to do that. So. I'm just checking out your tips. And your tip says if
you've got any tips for us, a lot of you are asking questions. "The same approach when
you come to the USA." This is someone answering
that question for our reader. "The same approach when
you come to the USA "as well as abroad. "Network to the right
contacts, and you'll do well. "Have your music, business
card leading to your site, "EPK," which means electronic press kit, just a posh version of a place
where people can get info from you, from your website. And that's the way to go forward. Says Delmar, "Thank you for sharing that." Matt says, "Can I deduct
a holiday or vacation gig "as a business expense?" I think you ought to talk to
your accountant about that. If you can, you have got
a very good accountant, I would say. So Matt says, "I am doing an
all-inclusive in three weeks. "How do I go about doing
an hour or two by the pool? "I can't lug speakers or controllers." No, but you don't have to. All the all-inclusive
hotels have got DJ gear. They've already got yoga by the pool. They've already got pool aerobics. They've already got a
night club for the kids. They've got gear so they've got stuff to
entertain the kids club. They've got the gear. All you've got to do is walk in and be very, very nice to them and say, "Hey, I'm a big DJ back home. "Let me do something for you." And see what they say. You've got absolutely nothing to lose. All-inclusives are a great
place to do this stuff, by the way. Really great place to do this stuff. So okay, more questions coming in live. This is some advice from Kevin,
who says over on YouTube, says, "I do loads of Volkswagen shows "and always take my DDJ400 "hooked up to our group's campervan "to do little parties around the campsite. "I also always take a prepped USB with me "in case the main act doesn't show." I was talking to DJ Rachel. Some of you know her, Rachel Lynch, brilliant DJ from the States. She's an event DJ on
the podcast, actually, and she was saying that
she's really into cars. She's got five cars. She goes to car shows, and
she's always getting asked to DJ at car shows just by being there. So look, you can do this
kind of stuff for sure, so thank you for that, Kevin. I think we have done just
about enough here today. I've given half an hour's
worth of stuff here. That was a lot of fun. Thank you, everyone who's joined in. I don't have anything else
I want to ask you to do at the end of today. Normally we've got, like,
"Hey, now go and do this." But seriously, people, if
you're going on holiday, try and hustle for gigs. The five points I've shared
with you are research, do your research. If you want to find a place where you can chat to
DJ's all over the world who might be where
you're going on holiday, the Global DJ Network is
a very, very good place. Go to our Facebook page,
Facebook.com/digitaldjtips, click Message, type the word JOIN. We'll let you into the Global DJ Network. You're in for life then as
long as you don't misbehave, and that is a great
place to ask this stuff. So that is our secret weapon for you. Take all types of music. Our second secret weapon,
brought about by wonderful input from you guys and girls
is use Shazam Cities. Go to Shazam.com and then
click on the Cities tab and type in any city in the
world where you go on holiday. It will show you the top tunes there so you know what music to take. Take your iPad or your
iPhone with a DJ app on it. Take a little DJ controller. Take a small speaker. At least you can play pool parties, right? Take a USB drive with music on it. Take as much music as you can. You never know what you're
going to be asked to do. Hustle on the very first night, just like sending your postcards for those of you who remember doing that. The sooner, the better,
because gigs might be three, four, five, six, seven days in advance. So the sooner you can go
and talk to these venues, the better, and also psychologically. And the pro tip, if you
play in your current city, you already have gigs, try and
resident swap with residents in the place where you
are going on a holiday. You might land really cool gigs that way. I landed a gig in the
best club in the world, the biggest club in the
world by doing just that, playing in Privilege in Ibiza. That's how I did it. So that is our tips today
for playing on holiday. Thank you very, very much,
everyone who's joined in. A few of you are asking what an EPK is. It's an electronic press kit. It's basically a downloadable
package, a zip file maybe, with a few photos in, a
PDF about who you are, maybe a little DJ mix, something
you can share with people ahead of time. Awesome, it's been really good today. I've enjoyed it. I hope you've enjoyed being
in my backyard for once, not in the Digital Tips Studio. I'm going to be here for
the next couple of months, and they're all going
to be live from here. I might just move around the
house or even around the resort and bring you these from different places. I'm not sure yet, but
we'll see what we can do over the next couple of months. You guys have been brilliant. Get good, get out there,
and make the moments even if you're on holiday. Get good, get out there, and
make the moments, people. I'll see you again next time. Thank you very, very much on YouTube, on the Global DJ Network,
and on our Facebook page, everyone who has joined in. As usual, we've had hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of people in here today, so I haven't been able to
read out all your hellos, but thank you very much. Thanks to all those of you who are just giving some thanks
down there in the comments at the end. So thank you, people. It's been great to talk to you this week, and I'll see you again very soon. 'Till then, bye bye.

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  1. This its a great tip for me phil. Great listen to you I'm getting ready to catch up with some few podcast on soundcloud and youtube and few other stuff to catch up since I am on break for now :D. Keep up the work Phil and the rest of the Digital DJ Tips Family

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