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jay-j I need a look if you did it right yeah just one here Magellan let's do this over here Jay get ready hey guys Elle Mills here and today we're gonna be doing something a little different in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend so don't need a break but I usually do make everything for Thanksgiving dinner anyways don't want to get into it today I'm gonna be teaching um which is a new member of the family so how long have you been dating Molina again six years so like fairly recent today I'm just gonna be teaching him what we usually do for the Mills family dinners yeah that's a good job squeeze some lemon over the turkey and you just kind of mix it in and then it's ready so we're gonna put this into the oven no I'm okay guys so much I can't drop it I'm gonna drop it yeah that's right just to look wait maybe it a little bit just turn it a little bit yeah that's perfect okay and we're just gonna close it and put it in for three hours so the next step is we're you have the mix of stuffing so we're gonna cut some bread first and then peel some onions and celery and stuff and we're not putting this stuffing inside the turkey because they're gluten free there cuz they're gluten free so um yes it's good job so we're just gonna peel some bread and put it inside the bowl so how's your day it's good it's real yeah oh no problem did you get the shot Leah what are we doing now no I don't want you want to do it with every Thanksgiving dinner we always add that dessert so we're gonna making bills bill Thames cheesecake Mills famous cheesecake it meals classic we always have cheesecake right you like actually try with the shots cause you're kind of slacking yeah so yeah I just cut it in half and cut everything and yeah Mitch that's correct you and keep stirring the chocolate um try to help out really know what the frig so are you gonna put this on top and I mean no don't you say why would you suggest that blame it it's so stupid look at that poor lost raspberry I mean like I thought you guys said that I was like ready to be dressed when you called me over to film kind of thing okay well go back on Facebook and then we'll call your ex I just don't understand what you think you're doing like just because you're part of the family now doesn't mean you could take everyone's job okay hey like Jay can you take it close up so basically I was going for a very circular kind of motion you're so stupid like film so much you can just finish off my job so you just need to complete the circle um I think it's a little bit difficult for you but just don't need the job Ares and lastly what every Thanksgiving dinner needs is mashed potatoes so we got a we have a pot of mashed potatoes so don't worry I got it and we're gonna mash it Jay close up please close up over here keep go down down okay pause Mitch come on okay good they'll never know Jay are you serious Urkel and here we have a Mills Thanksgiving dinner thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you didn't realize this whole video was a joke well you know Mitch do you actually make all our Thanksgiving dinners and they do a wonderful job at that please be sure to check out the channel below mmm and if you do go check out their channel comment on one of the videos l mil sent you here L mean a lot to me if you did another thing is I really want to do a Q&A video soon so if you have any questions for me please comment them down below and then I'm gonna gather them over time and as soon as I have enough questions I'll make a Q&A video so please do comment them down below and if you join this video make sure to give it a like and subscribe because I'm trying to 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year if you're a Canadian Happy Thanksgiving and besides that I'll see you guys next video bye

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  1. OoF I got so worried for Elle when she was struggling with the turkey 😓 my heart ❤️ dead 💀

  2. Oomph I just stumbled into this old gem, why haven’t I seen this before?? Oh that’s right, it’s around 3 years old 😂

  3. "We're not putting the stuffing inside the Turkey because they're""Glu""Gluten Free"That part cracked me up

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