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How to Make Savory Waffles Out of Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing | Food Hacks with Claire

How to Make Savory Waffles Out of Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing | Food Hacks with Claire

– Thanksgiving leftovers are a holiday tradition unto themselves. They usually end up in
lot of boring sandwiches. We’re gonna take our leftover stuffing, along with some herbs and
anything else we can find and transform it into a
savory stuffing waffle. The Black Friday breakfast of champions. No one wants to make anything from scratch the day after Thanksgiving. Particularly when your fridge
is already full of food. To make this savory breakfast, we’re just gonna combine
a little bit of stuffing, some bacon and some cheese, form them into little balls and then cook them up in the waffle maker. We’re gonna take our waffle maker, heated to your highest setting preferably, and then let it cook according to your manufacturer’s instructions. After a few minutes you can take a peek and see how things are going. Once it’s nice and golden brown we’re gonna get it out
with a heat safe spatula, wooden or silicone works. While these are cooling down a bit, we’re gonna go ahead and
make a whipped topping. As you know, most waffles are topped with a sweet whipped cream, but we’re gonna stick to
our Thanksgiving theme and make a savory herb infused topping. I’ve had some leftover herbs sitting in a cup of cream overnight. So, the first thing we
need to do is remove those. And you just want about
five or six sprigs of herbs. And then we’re gonna add a
big pinch of fine sea salt. And now we’re ready to whip. Just take our immersion blender. (blender whirring) Oh, good. Now, we’re gonna top our waffles with our savory whipped cream. And we’re just gonna finish
it with some fresh chives. Now I feel fueled to get
those Black Friday deals. Holy shit that’s good.

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