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How To Make The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing | Delish Insanely Easy

How To Make The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing | Delish Insanely Easy

– We're making stuffing! Today we are making our
favorite stuffing recipe. It's super simple, lots
of butter, lots of herbs. It's perfect for your
friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, or maybe you just wanna eat
stuffing, and that's okay. We've got cubed bread that we've dried. You can also use stale bread. But since we didn't have any, we just popped this bread on
a couple of baking sheets, and we popped it in a 200
degree oven for like 20 minutes, and it dried them right out. You can use pretty much
any type of bread you like. I chose sourdough because I think it adds a really interesting
dimension to stuffing. Since you've got a lot
of heavy ingredients, you've got a whole stick of butter, I feel like the sourness
from the sourdough kind of breaks that up. It almost gives it a
little bit of brightness. We've got celery and onions as the base. We have parsley, sage,
rosemary, and thyme, just like the Simon and Garfunkel song. ♪ Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme ♪ – And we've got some garlic. The last couple of ingredients are sort of our binders for the stuffing, and that's chicken broth, low sodium. The advantage of using
low sodium chicken broth is that you can control
the amount of salt. So remember, you can always add more salt, but taking it away is a lot harder. And then we've got eggs. Not unlike many great recipes, our stuffing recipe starts
with a whole stick of butter. I know that sounds crazy, but that is truly what
makes this stuffing so good. Butter is more than just
fat, it's also flavor. And that's why we're going
with one whole stick. Mmm, butter. Our onions and our celery. We're gonna cook this
down until these veggies start to lose some of their moisture, become a little more tender, and the onions will get
a little translucent, and then we can add our herbs. But if you wanted to
take it a step further and make a sausage stuffing, before you add your veggies, you would add roughly a pound of sausage. And just get that browned before adding the veggies and the aromatics. I'm adding two chopped garlic cloves, the sage, rosemary, and thyme. And we're just gonna cook
these a minute or two until they start getting fragrant. And I'm gonna season with
some salt and pepper. It smells like Thanksgiving. We can just turn off the heat, and I'm gonna stir in my parsley. It smells so good. So we've got two eggs. If you wanna make this
stuffing vegetarian, you could use veggie broth instead. It would be delicious. So we're just gonna combine
our three elements together, our stale bread, our
buttery, delicious veg, and our broth. So now, I'm just gonna
give this a good stir so the bread gets totally coated in this super, yummy veggie mixture. The bread is already starting to soak up a lot of that broth and egg mixture which is what we want. That'll give us that nice
custard-y, fluffy center. We're just gonna butter the
inside of the baking dish. More butter, always better, obviously. Just totally flatten it out. You want everything to be
sort of be tight and touching, or else you'll get some, oops, some really dry bits on top. I'm gonna add a little more salt on top, give it a last hit of
seasoning before it goes in. So this stuffing is going in the oven for an entire hour. And we don't want the top to
get too dried out and burnt, so we're gonna cover it with
foil for the first 45 minutes just to protect the top layer. And then we'll remove it 15 minutes before we take it out of the oven, so that we can get a
nice little color on top. This is going in the oven
for one hour at 350 degrees. So I'm gonna take our stuffing out and just remove the foil. Ooh, steamy. It's definitely looking good, but we want that crispy
top, so poppin' her back in. 15 minutes on the clock, and we'll have a delicious stuffing. (slow mellow music) All right, the moment
I've been waiting for. Let's try it. Mmm, tasting all the herbs. It's crunchy, it's soft. It's everything you want
in a stuffing, and more. It's so good. Let me know in the comments if you have any special
tricks for your stuffing. I'd love to hear 'em. (mid-tempo lighthearted music)

Reader Comments

  1. Next can you do a sweet potato soufflé with the marshmallows.

    I'm South African, Thanksgiving is foreign to me and I've always wondered about that particular dish. Marshmallows and sweet potato??? Together?!

  2. O – And why do so many people think cornbread stuffing is the best??? I like the bread cubes better…….YAY FOR A STICK OF BUTTER!!!!!

  3. Hi – you're sweet. I rarely add my two cents – but you asked….my mom's stuffing, she started with a big pot ( like a soup pot) and cooked the Italian sausage first, then sautéed the vegetables like you did, then added the bread cubes right into the pan….stir, stir, stir…..add the stock and cooked it all on the stove adding more stock as she stirred till the bread was all partially soggy and even distributed. It all soaked up. I really don't remember her ever adding eggs and baking it. I'd die to have a dish of that stuffing right now……Thank you so much for showing your way. You seem very friendly ♡

  4. I find that in the US they consume too much salt, grease and sugar in their recipes. I made your chocolate chip cookies with only 1 cup of sugar and omitted the other half cup, they came out good but they were still too sweet for me.

  5. Just made this Christmas morning. I noticed you like ice cream cones:). Thanks for the video. We’ll see how I did later today. In fridge now till I bake later. Hope that’s ok.

  6. good looking stuffing.i never called it dressing growing up.dont know what other reviewer talking about.im going to try this

  7. This stuffing was such a disappointment on Thanksgiving. It was flavorless and needed more cooking time. I would add sausage or cheese to this. I really wanted to like this bc the cook and video is so cute..

  8. This stuffing looks really delicious, might try to recreate it when I visit my family in el paso

  9. Looks delicious, but leave the celery out and add shredded cheese to the top after browning and bake 7 more minutes.

  10. Fantastic dressing looks absolutely delicious and if I do add sausage I do like to add some apple to it goes really nice with the celery and the onions

  11. Im not fan off this stuffing recipe sorry im from the uk for xmas my aunty get shredded chicken turkey bacon frm chicken n beef n turkey white bread (boule french bread) sundries tomatos cornbread rosemary thyme nutmeg in a flour water thing called sjue (sounds like jew) oh and carrots thats what will be in Yorkshire puddinds n in the turkey

  12. It's a cultural and regional thing, but outside the bird it's called dressing. I'm sure some at Delish call it that. Excellent recipe. 👍 Keep it simple. My friend always adds dried fruit or nuts or both…not bad but unnecessary. 😂

  13. This is close to my recipe. I add julienned carrots, sausage and dried cranberries. Try it! You'll like it.

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