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(orchestral music) – [Cody Voiceover] Norway
is a very tall country with so much to see, so is it possible to travel the entire country of Norway in just a three day weekend? My name is Cody Buffinton. I’m an adventure-seeking world traveler and in this video we
travel twenty-three hours by car from the northern city of Tromsø to the capital city of Oslo. We spent the last few weeks traveling all over Norway, making our way up north and now’s time to head back down. We start our adventure in
the largest northern city in Norway, Tromsø, where we set out to try a local northern
food, The Reindeer Dog. So we came down here and one of the things we’re trying to do today was try one of the infamous Reindeer Dogs that you can pretty much only get in the north of Norway and we were looking for the building, the
restaurant, and it turns out it’s this little booth right behind us. It’s fitting, kinda
like the one in Sweden. I don’t why I didn’t
expect it, but here we are. – How do you say the name of this place? – Raketten.
– Raketten. (laughs) (birds squawking) – Jesus Christ, I didn’t
even get to eat that one. – I put mine down to take his picture and the seagulls came and overly attacked the dog and causing a
whole scene right now. – These seagulls are aggressive. – Yeah, they’re being evil, really evil. – Get out of here. Dude, well this is your
hotdog anyway, that was mine. – Ah okay, okay, okay.
– That was mine. Ten of them swoop in
and they’re mean here. Circling. (laughs) – We gotta get out of here, dude! – Yo, they’re literally following you. That’s insane. – Alright. I know, number two. (birds squawking) So after that whole fiasco, I literally, I messaged Josh and I was like, “Yo, where are you?” and he’s like, “I’m inside the room where
they were attacking me.” As I’m being attacked I’m like, “Okay, that’s a good idea,” I ran in. As I’m running, in the birds are circling outside the door here so
we might have to go out another exit ’cause I think they know what we look like, we got these clothes on and they’re circling
around for this thing. Reindeer Dog, part one. So it tastes like a hot
dog, but a little more, I wanna say arctic. (laughs) Yeah, it’s pretty much
exactly like a hot dog. I can taste a slight difference, but if you were to give me this and then a regular hot dog, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. (electronic music) After escaping the seagulls,
we explore the rest of the town, the fallen
bookshelf-looking aquarium and The Polar Museum
before heading down south. – Josh, don’t look above you. (upbeat music) – This trip was broken up into three days where we would do a
large amount of driving, but also stop for a major
attraction each day. 9:39 in the morning and we are about to start a fifteen hour drive. The next day I wanted to bring
Josh to visit Trollstigen. We’re here at the Troll’s Road again and we’ve come in the midday so we can kinda see it
at a different light. The last time I was here with my mom probably a couple of weeks ago. We came around 9 PM, the clouds were super low, it’s kinda rainy, and I kinda wanted to see it in a different light, so today we’re here and it looks like we’re in some giant national park in the US, check this out. It is beautiful today. It is so much different than
the last time I was here. There’s so many more
cars, everyone’s trying to pack in here to get a view. The main reason was to bring Josh here so that he would be able to see this and because he came right after we finished this last
time and this is a view I think you have to see
if you’re in Norway. – Yeah. – It’s something you don’t have to hike, you can just come and drive through and you see an amazing
view, so if you’re coming to Norway, highly recommend Trollstigen. – The Troll’s Road. (river flowing) – Heading a little further south, we took a slight detour to
the Viking Valley village for the complete Viking
lifestyle experience. Say that three times fast. This right here, this is the
actual version of the thing I wear everyday , so
this is a viking armband. So we wanted to get the
better understanding of what these arm rings for and why some of them are silver and some of them are bronze and what did
you say the reason was? – Well basically it’s about value and they were used as payment, so they were payment rings.
– Okay. – Often what the chieftain would do is he would give them to his warrior’s men as a way to show his appreciation of their legions.
– Right. – And for them it was a a point to wear them too ’cause they more they were appreciated, the more they show their profits in war. – Right, so they had multiple. – Well, yeah, if they could.
– If they were good, yeah. – But it was also a form of payment so they would actually chop them straight off their arms in order to pay for things, so it was currency as well. So it was their wallets as well. – Oh wow. – Yeah, so they kept their riches on their arms, but it was both a sign of honor and pride and
it was their wallet. – So I wonder if anyone was ever sleeping and someone slipping
one of their rings off. – Well if you had ten rings on your arm, I would stay away from a
guy like that sleeping. – Yeah, yeah, exactly. (laughs) Josh, it’s like we have gone back in time. We are literally in Norway in these tents and Viking villages and this is like we are buying stuff at a marketplace here. Although, I mean, it probably wouldn’t look as nice as it does right now. There might be a lot more
diseases going around and coughing, plagues,
but it looKs really cool and I’m hoping that this is similar to how it used to look back in the day. (Nordic Viking music) Oh wow, is that a? – You can drink straight from it. – You can drink from
this leather mug, huh. – It’s totally natural leather, linen thread, and
impregnated with beeswax. – Oh wow, very cool. – It doesn’t matter how drunk you get, they don’t break when you drop them. (laughs) – That’s the best part. What are these symbols right here? – So these are different Viking symbols and also from the late Viking age. This is a compass, it’s
called a Norse compass or Vegvisi is the Norse name for it. It is the symbol they would use when they would travel to get safely home. – Oh, okay. – This Viking village, valley market is a lot more than the
other one, the museum. It’s actually like the whole thing. They have craftsmen, they have bone craftsmen, they have metal, they have blacksmiths, they have leather craftsmen. They have everyone here
in the town, they’re all paid people to be here doing
this, that’s their job. So it’s really cool that you can still be a bone craftsman in 2018. I like how you have the
Japanese symbol on you. (laughs) Like you’re a very confused Viking. – I’m the Japanese Viking. – You don’t know where
you’re supposed to be. (laughs) Right out of Skyrim. On the last place we saw, we actually saw this sleeping place but that was for the chieftain, so this is what actual people like the blacksmith here would be sleeping in, something like this. Is this your bedroom? – This is my bedroom. – I like this, this is amazing. Do you actually sleep here? – Yeah.
– So you live here full-time? – Every second week.
– Every second week. Let’s do this. – We did this yesterday. – What did you do to this? It looks wet, did you paint it? – It’s tar.
– It’s tar, okay. – And linseed oil.
– For what? Is that just to weather seal it? – Yeah, make it more tight
and then they run out of tar. – Yeah, I was gonna say. (laughs) It looks like they
haven’t quite finished it. So her job today instead of blacksmithing was to fix the roof which was leaking and the water was dripping through the roof, right on to her face on the bed. Which is pretty funny and
comical but she did it. – Extremely impressing.
– Yeah. (laughs) (Nordic folk music) Just chilling now, eating
some lunch and watching some Vikings fight and practice over here. Josh and I have pretty much
walked the whole place. It doesn’t take very
long, it’s not super big, but what it is, is really
authentic and really cool and you can go to every single shop and see something different
and see them making things, and the waterfalls, not too bad either. (inspiring music) Leaving this incredible place, we make our final drive
back to the main city of Oslo to end our
perfect weekend in Norway. If you’re coming to Norway and wanna see the stunning landscapes and experience all the best Norway has to offer, I have a complete Norway travel guide to help you plan your trip and right now I have a free video preview of that guide in the description below, where
I give you the five things that you need to know
before coming to Norway. So check that out on
the end screen or below and until next time
Roguenation, explore the world.

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  1. Amazing video like always! I wanna be able to edit like this too since i just learn to use adobe premiere for class purposes. I always get confused every time i try to use it and prefer other app because I'm lazy hahaha

  2. OMG THOSE VISUALS!!!! This was so awsome Thank you so much for this adventure and who don't love them some Vikings Yeah RAGNAR

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  4. Cody, I just love this style of video you are making! You are a Wonderful travel guide, commentator, Photographer, etc. This Country is So Beautiful through the lenses if your camera and drone!! What Fantastic Views! Love It, Love It, Live It!!!

  5. Brilliant Video brought back many good Memories when I worked there with the oil and Gas Pipelines all over Norway loved working there we had a lot of time for traveling around…👀😉😎

  6. Every time I see Your video's of This beautiful Place. I Just want to go there.. One of the Most Beautiful places on Earth. 🙂

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  8. I'm rather surprised. Given Josh's aversion to spiders, bats and reptiles, I was expecting him to have kittens when attacked by birds. I would probably have to leave my wallet in the car if I were to stop at the Viking Valley Village, although I would have gone back for it after seeing the leather stein. (I inherited my father's collection of steins a few years ago.)

  9. 5:30 – That guy has a fascinating face – he should be in the next series of Vikings! 8) Another great video Cody, safe travels!!

  10. Attack of the gulls! I just watched Nemo with my granddaughter so I was hearing that "Mine! Mine! Mine!" in my mind, hilarious. The physical geography of Norway is absolutely awe inspiring and you've showcased it so well. The Viking Village looks fantastic! It's entertaining, informative and you can buy some way cool stuff, I wanna go there. The weather was definitely much better in this video, much nicer for walkin' around and seein' some sights. You have certainly put Norway in a very favorable light Cody, good job! ………………………………PEACE!!

  11. Hahaha, that was like an episode of The Birds! Seagulls can be quite aggressive, which is why they say not to feed the wildlife. Not only do they not look for their own food, but their healthy fear of humans are gone. But great video! Norway is beautiful. =)

  12. You should’ve went to Geiranger, if you’ve seen the movie “The Wave” or “Bølgen” as it’s called in Norway, it’s the same place.

  13. I've been to Norway twice, once to the Hardanger fjord, and another to Bergen. The basic thing you need to have is…lots of money!!!! its darn expensive. A seafood lunch in the Bergen market place was £40 each converted to sterling. And we couldnt go on the Flam railway because of the cost.

  14. Wao loved the vidio!! I must say that u have turned into a great videographer👍👏👌 and world explorer💚🌎

  15. Very nice images, but unless you got a license from the CAA in Norway then most of the drone filming was illegal.
    People going to Norway should read up on drone use laws as they are quite strict for private use.

    Drone have to be in visual range and not higher than 120m(~390ft) above ground.
    Not closer than 150m(~160ft) to any person, building or motor vehicle that is not under pilot control. Except for takeoff and landing.

    Drone flight withing 5km of an airport is also not allowed which means both Bodø and Tromsø are no fly zones.
    You can't even fly in your own garden there.

    Simple pdf document with basic rules:

    Breaking this can result in a fine of 7500-15000 NOK and the loss of the drone.

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