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Hugh Grant’s Family Situation Is Confusing To Everyone But Him | Rumour Juice

Hugh Grant views steamy and intimate parts
in the script as a mix between “sentimentality and yuck”. At the same time, they can be quite a turn-on
for him, too. Because… Quote, “I like the experience of being in
a sexual position when you’re not supposed to be in one.” Oh wow. Of course, here, Hugh Grant is talking about
working on sex scenes while on set, and not about his personal experience. But we must admit that Grant, apart from being
our favourite rom-com leading man, has had a very, very varied and sometimes confusing
love life. Which includes, but is probably not limited
to, secret babies, overlapping pregnancies of his lady friends, and that one world-shattering
sex scandal that was literally a position Grant wasn’t supposed to be in. That said, this self-described grumpy Londoner
is also a famous charmer who manages to stay great friends with his exes. The 59-year-old is a doting dad-of-five who,
to his own surprise, has found out he is capable of loving someone more than himself. Which, as Grant himself puts it, is unheard
of. Here, take a moment to press the subscribe
button to always be in-the-know about all the things showbiz. And now, let’s try and crack Hugh Grant’s
complicated love and family timeline! Fun fact: Grant got his first acting job while
he was still a student. But he wasn’t interested in seeing his name
in the credits. He agreed to participate in the project because
he hoped to sleep with one of his co-stars! The actor did not give any further details,
but this little story proves that Grant has always been a ladies’ man. And, quite often, a heart-breaker. It was with Hugh Grant that actress, model
and businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley learnt that great love can bring great pain. “I felt like I’d been shot,” Hurley said in
a 1995 interview, when the hurt from Grant’s betrayal was still oh so fresh. By that time, the couple had been together
for eight years, and their relationship seemed picture-perfect. So why was Grant caught in a compromising
position with a sex worker in his car while in the Hollywood neighbourhood? The actor apologized profusely to the public,
and, no doubt, to Hurley herself, for embarrassing his loved ones and colleagues. He received a misdemeanour charge, paid a
fine, and… did not get booted out by Hurley. Their relationship would continue for another
five years. Eventually, Grant’s less than sunny disposition
was the reason behind his split from Hurley – according to Elizabeth Hurley, that is. After all, it’s a well-known fact that Grant
is quite notorious for his intense mood swings. From Grant’s perspective, however, they broke
up because, quote, “the sex part probably fizzled out”. But Hurley wouldn’t say so. Years after their split, she claimed that
Grant had always been a “10 in the sack”. Maybe the two will discuss the matter in person,
since they managed to turn their romance into friendship. In 2018, Grant mused that their bond is unbreakable,
since they went from zero to somewhere together, got through times when they were jobless and
lived together in a tiny flat. Grant is the godfather of Hurley’s son Damian,
so that’s quite telling. Despite his shortcomings, it is easy to see
why Grant is so loveable. Take the recently-held BAFTA Awards ceremony. For, you see, it’s the law: When you meet
your Bridget Jones’s Diary co-star, you give her a Bridget Jones-themed shout-out. So, of course, after Renee Zellweger accepted
her BAFTA award for Best Actress, Grant did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her. He added some extra sweetness by slipping
into the character of Daniel Cleaver, Zellweger’s love interest in the beloved romantic comedy. As he took the stage to present an award in
a different category, Grant made a quick but memorable comment on Zellweger’s win: “Well
done, Jones. That was a very, very silly little dress,
I thought.” Zellweger later said she appreciated Grant’s
gesture, saying it was really, really cool. Hugh Grant has transformed into several villains
throughout his acting career. In the latest Guy Ritchie movie, The Gentlemen,
Grant is having a ball portraying a greedy, blackmailing private eye. Don’t forget about Grant’s selfish narcissist
characters in About a Boy and A Very English Scandal. In Paddington 2, he plays an actor-turned-master-thief
who goes against our favourite teddy bear. Grant even embodied a serial killer rapist
and a cannibal in the epic sci-fi movie Cloud Atlas. To most, the versatile actor is that loveable,
charming, witty and vulnerable main character in some of the most iconic romantic movies. To his five kids, however, Grant is just a
Dad. Fatherhood is also a period in Grant’s life
where things start to get a little more complicated. He has two baby mamas, which is, of course,
totally fine. His eldest daughter, Tabitha, was born in
September 2011. Her Mom is Ms Hong, who reportedly worked
as a receptionist at a London Chinese restaurant. Grant chose not to be present at the birth
of his first child since he wanted to protect the mother’s privacy. By the way, Tabitha also has a Chinese name
which means “happy surprise” when translated into English. Grant’s publicist called the actor’s relationship
with Ms Hong a, quote, “fleeting affair”. However, Grant went on to have a second child
with her. Their son was born in December 2012. A few months earlier, in September 2012, Grant
welcomed a son with Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. That’s right, babies number two and three
are of the same age but were born to different mothers. Grant chose to keep the birth of his and Anna’s
son a secret from the media, only revealing the truth about a year later. From here, the timeline becomes a more straightforward
one. Hugh and Anna have had two more kids together,
three in total, and married in May 2018. A very modern family situation, but it looks
like Hugh has it all figured out. And, judging by his interviews, fatherhood
has been quite an eye-opening self-discovery journey for the actor. In his pre-Dad interviews, Grant did say it
would do him and his public image good if he became a family man. “I definitely keep my thoughts open to the
idea of settling down and breeding,” he said. It still didn’t hit him when his first daughter
was born. “I like my daughter very much. Has she changed my life? I’m not sure. Not massively, no,” he told the Daily Telegraph
at the time. Shortly, his views on being a parent started
to change. Grant realized that having kids is indeed
a life-changing experience. There he was, talking in interviews about
wearing his baby girl’s nappied on his head for her amusement. “Suddenly you love someone more than yourself. It’s unheard of in my case and they love you
and it’s all enchanting,” Grant said in an interview with People TV. His five kids are his priority now, since
the actor admitted he doesn’t always have the time for new projects because he is so
busy caring about his family.

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