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I Got Sick on Vacation

I Got Sick on Vacation

this is dumb this is so dumb today is going to be I was gonna say flea market madness but that's not accurate I don't know why I made that face mmm I'm tired and it shows anyway mom and I are hitting up Sugar Creek today because they have a yearly two-day town wide garage slash yard sale event it like it's an actual event welcome to the country people this is what happens oh my god so we're heading Sugar Creek today to check out the yard sales and see we can find also I'm gonna go see my grandma grandpa's old house they're gone but the house is there in the care of my mom's brother which would be my uncle and he took over the house and he has been fixing it up and mom doesn't want to see it but I I kind of want to see it so I want to see that we're gonna go see him anyway and say hi and then Dennis and I are going to a flea market and then having supper at his house so it's gonna be a busy day I didn't get ell enough sleep and I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection because I just got over that cold and my cough was lingering and then running around agra falls in the cold night air just kicked it into gear again so it's wonderful the coughing like crazy so let's go see what we can find look at all this traffic everyone wants their garage sales this is a serious business this is town-wide garage sale it's the house here we are looks like he's got some stuff set up down here too so there is a lot of traffic here today and people parked everywhere we passed a whole bunch oh my god what's a whole bunch of traffic so in case anybody was wondering that's the uncle that I always talked about who wrote the books the taro in ten minutes books that's him so you know him as Artie Kaiser oh it's nice to see you again though oh and to divest the table oh sure mm like it was meant ahead of the age [Laughter] goodness yeah there she said listen it's layers and layers and yeah very funky at the moment but there's a beveled mirror waiting oh gosh yeah it does look really nice with the shutters in the color yeah yeah oh was my grandpa's would be a great Grandpa's workbench oh my gosh Wow the basement oh that's amazing oh I like that and those others are all the grade I was sure notations over oh my gosh Wow see out of the house yeah means good way to describe it we've been able to oh my god convoys yeah not much just different upstairs you go okay thank you Oh in the carpet okay I remember I used to have that black robbery yeah gosh specifically because of this bathroom growing up I want a clawfoot tub eventually oh sure this guy is my electrician right we replaced all of them oh the curtains everything sure I'm still seeing familiar things but not as many as I used to be yeah Dorian oh that's that's good yeah this thing it's weird sing the bed here is it was always all the big bears oh wow it's so work in progress but we're getting there yeah I like it I like that it's not like super super in my face different like I kind of affected so it's like the memories are still here but look what you're still seeing a lot of stuff employers yeah I have everybody do something I think it's last month and more meeting yeah yeah after mine the baby's been competitive the world elect I don't know if you remember this window really used to be there had his plastic Church voiceover I do yeah real glass oh my god okay they rewired it's not the push buttons anymore not to use yo oh my oh my it's smells bad I remember it wow I always thought this cellar would be a huge job to tackle oh my god well that's that's an impressive ceiling fan huh gosh huh as little this cellar just went on forever and ever and I'm like which now has a light I've worked in there lovely for two weeks in the dark polo court over there Wow I don't think I ever even knew about this room yet Wow yeah and this was the coal cellar oh that's so crazy yeah I'm supposed to be selling oh nice today is Friday oh that's right in my front porch it works right wow this is so good this is the basement concept is man gave oh sure of course what else man good of course Wow are there still like mounds and mounds of boardgames you're saying some of it on sale of it or are say oh my gosh thank you for showing me around this is less saw it before yes yes exactly and I look forward to seeing pictures like when it's done and everything and yeah hey that was a good time Dennis and I decided to bag on a flea market idea because we're both really tired and of course I'm sick on top of everything else which is just lovely excuse me but I'm headed over there right now we're gonna hang out and he either made food or he's going to make food and we're basically just gonna sit and chill and hang out and have a gay old time I met Dennis is now feeling like death not even death warmed up just death uh-uh this place is really really really really really nice he's got it really super organized and it's very very nice I'm pleased very pleased whoo I don't even see this that is so cool and of course we have my candles you know because stuff you're gonna creepily creep on you while you're eating chicken and rice and vegetables is that it's good oh my god I remember when you live downstairs and the ceiling was just food dude dude yeah I understand oh yeah it's like yeah holy crab key yeah it is it's just like I'm in the presence of true hospitality oh I have a little tray for my food that he made and it is so delicious and I was saying we're so old cuz he's wearing old man we ever a little TV trays and we're sitting in front of a TV I forget how old are you you're 30-something right 33 you're little I'll be 33 in uh August oh my god I'm gonna be 35 in June oh really yeah isn't that weird I knew we were close in age and I fir I'd just forgot how close this window oh well thank you all right 100% blame you for me getting fat off of this pie because you know coconut cream pie is my favorite and you brought it into the house had one tiny little piece and just stand idly by why eat the rest of it you're an enabler damn it mom no you can relax once the wheel with me you can't oh yeah yeah it's what in about an hour and 15 yeah technical difficulties get in my mouth pie I'm ashamed because I'm eating this pie dude it's it's literally butter and milk that's what this is I know what goes into this yeah sure yeah I done butter milk and sugar is like the worst thing I could be putting into my body besides it doughnut save a little piece and I'll eat it damn it that's about all that's left is a small piece and I'm not I wasn't prepared to stop oh just a couple more go boom pie my favorite guys guys guys that is about the 4th thousandth time I have done that today I'm so sick out of this cough I swear to God I got sick super sick terribly sick and then the coughing GERD and then I come here when I'm around all willy-nilly and Agra falls without freaking proper covering of the of this of the throat and chest area on the cold air I am stupid cough come back with a vengeance and now I got like a sinus infection to go along with it so I'm basically miserable from here to here just in that vicinity which is the hardest to ignore cuz that's where like my face isn't like that's where all thinking and the sensory input is washing machine so I'm coughing up and blowing out all kinds of interesting goo so that's nice hopefully I'll be over this one faster than I was the other one lord almighty god save the queen I'm gonna go pee yeah we're making history people going upstairs to watch the 7000 episode Alfreda fortune I'm so lucky to be here to be part of this event to go take my position on the couch upstairs with the mother mummy here are the stars of hearthstone [Applause] it's our 7004 show [Applause] how exciting and for the first time ever I'm actually watching lesbians standing as it's airing it's a season finale and I'm actually watching it as odd as it's on TV that's I'm always like super behind on Hulu or whatever and I usually get to watch it while it's on it's amazing okay people I'm pooped I feel like crap I'm not doing crap tomorrow no crap she'll be done the only crap is to be to be the crap that I will be feeling because I'm sure I will still feel like crap tomorrow this is dumb this is so dumb thanks for hanging out okay bye

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  1. Oh boy itโ€™s house is very nice and look different. What year of old house? Itโ€™s your uncle. Who is the man with beard? Itโ€™s your family? ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ“ฑ

  2. I like the house! And beautiful table too. And your uncle reminded me of one of my uncles, always full of ideas and projects lol.

  3. Your uncle seems awesome and the house is beautiful. It's always interesting to see a part of your history and especially if you have fond memories of it. I sometimes wish I could visit my childhood home, but I think it wouldn't be the same.
    Don't feel bad about the pie, I'm literally the same way when it comes to Hershey's pie, I can't stop, lol! Your mom is freaking adorable and hilarious, "Awe shit, it's not that bad." ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I hope you're feeling much better now. โค๏ธ

  4. every time i see your mom i want to hug her <3 and your uncle's house is really cool I love all the wood!

  5. Gulp – I'm 42 in November, lol!! I don't know why exactly, but I found this quite an emotional video – especially when you were looking around the house at the beginning. Ahh, the hidden depths of Leah Mouse! ;o) x

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