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I WANT TO GO INTO LABOR! – Thanksgiving Day!

I WANT TO GO INTO LABOR! – Thanksgiving Day!

♪ Welcome to Vlogmas
where I vlog everyday ♪ ♪ It'll probably be boring
but I hope you'll stay ♪ ♪ Merry Christmas or
whatever you celebrate ♪ Hello everyone, happy Vlogmas. I'm gonna try to do Vlogmas this year, probably gonna fail
because I'm super preg. And I'll probably give
birth during Volgmas, so if you want to watch me everyday and see if I go into labor, then subscribe. But also, I wanted to say
that it's Black Friday and my lipsticks are on sale
today for just today only. So if you wanna get a good deal on my lipsticks for Christmas,
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they're great products. Go to my website mirandasingslipstick.com and get those beautiful lipsticks. And then tomorrow and Sunday
there's still discounts but they're not as good as today, today's gonna be the best discount you're ever gonna get on my lipsticks. So go grab those, and Merry Christmas
and happy thanksgiving, and here's my thanksgiving vlog. Happy thanksgiving everybody. Happy Vlogmas. I am gonna try to do Vlogmas but this is my current situation, so the thought of filming every single day and editing every single day might be a little bit unrealistic
with what I've got going on. But I'm hosting thanksgiving
this year, Parker's here. Oh, baby's kicking. Whoa! Whoa! Did you see that? – [Male] That was nuts. – What happened? – He fully kicked, that was so crazy, I wonder if I caught that on camera. The baby's kicking. Whoa! – He just did a flip. – That was so wild. – He full on went like whoa. – Because of things like that I might not be able to film and edit
every single day, we'll see. But I'm gonna try. So welcome to Vlogmas, Parker is itching to do a final reveal. We're gonna have that happen
right now, right Parker? Parker does final reveals
every time I see him, and what a final reveal is,
it's inspired by my show, it's an honor, but in the
Miranda show, the live show, I would rip off my Miranda costume and underneath was a
sparkly Miranda costume. And so Parker likes to do
that every time we see him. Alright, is it happening now? Okay here we go. (upbeat music) He just took off all his clothes with no like ta-da and then ran away. – Today, he yelled to me, he's like, "Daddy, come here, help me!" Because he had to go to the bathroom, and he couldn't get out
of the mess of clothes that he had put on. Oh my gosh. – Oh does it all go back on? Whoa. (laughter) Quite a reveal, but also I just heard my mother say something about stickers. Stickers are not allowed in my house. Oh those are like my worst nightmare. They're really really tiny. I am not a fan of stickers, if you've watched my channel
for a long time you know, I don't like like fruit stickers, like if it's on a banana or an
apple or anything like that, I don't like stickers. I don't know why or why
this started, but I just … Stickers gross me out, and this
is a sticker free zone, huh? Look at this, Eric made some appetizers. Crab stuffed mushrooms and something. – It's a bread bowl dip. – A bread bowl dip. These are things that
he always at his family for his thanksgiving. So I'm gonna try this. That's pretty good. I'm working on candied yams, is a popular dish on thanksgiving here. A lot of people think that
yams are sweet potatoes, they're not. Yams and sweet potatoes are different. Yams are the red orangey things, sweet potatoes are actually white. When you say, "Hey I need
some sweet potatoes," my brain always thinks
people just would assume the red things, but we accidentally
got actual sweet potato. So I'm gonna make candied sweet potatoes. I don't know how this is
gonna be, but I'm gonna try. – [Eric] Whoa. So Duncan's doing gymnastics. Show me your split. Oh summersault, nice. So what's happening guys? – We're gonna go see the glow stuff. – [Eric] So we're gonna do … What are we doing to
surprise auntie panties for her birthday? – Doing a glow show. – [Eric] Glow show, glow show! – Oh don't worry, I just
was looking at your shoes, don't worry, while I was upstairs. – I have no idea what's going on, but Eric disappeared with the kids and when they came back in
that's what Parker had to say, so … – Literally, me. – Okay so I just made a nice summer salad, and a sweet potato casserole. – [Jon] Straight marshmallow. – I know, well you know how
normally like candied yams, we actually had sweet potatoes instead. – I think that'll be nice. – It's pretty good, I
pre-tasted it, it's pretty good. – We used to make this in college. – Yes! We used to, in college. – I used to make it in
the microwave in college. – Yeah, we would live … We'd be like, "Let's have
a thanksgiving dinner." and we would like get a roast chicken, like a rotisserie chicken
at the grocery store. – From Ralphs. – And this, and boxed mashed potatoes. – Yep and then baby
corn, like canned corn. – Like a canned corn and we'd
just mix it all together, like we're the chefs. We are getting close to having dinner. Dad's carving the turkey, and we've got salad. Everything's pretty much done. We're doing gravy and some
things need to still cook in the oven for a little bit longer. Did the pies yesterday. And this is our table. Da da da da! Okay, who's gonna do the wishbone? Parker. Parker and me? – One, two, three. – [Male] One. – It's too slippery. – [Male] Okay, one, two. – It's too slippery. – [Male] One, two, three. – I can't! You try! – [Male] One, two, three. (group oohs) – The wish was that I
go into labor right now. – What? – I wanna go into labor. Dinner is done. Okay so we have to eat it but
I wanna show it to your first because it looks really good. (melodic music) We're ready for thanksgiving. Everyone is eating. Parker's making a speech. – I am thankful for the nastics. (group cheers) – To gymnastics! (group cheers) Couple hours later, and
something's going on. The kids disappeared with
Eric for like over an hour, and every time I ask them what
they're doing they're like, "We're just looking at your shoes." So … – [Female] What if they
turn those lines off? – [Colleen] Shall we turn off the tree? It's very bright. – Yeah we've been going upstairs
and looking at your shoes. – [Colleen] That's what I heard. What's going on guys? – One, two, and three. (group cheers) – Oh my god. (melodic music) (relaxed Christmas music) We're playing a weird
game where you have to just like basically just fight. So it's like a card
game where you basically just have to debate with each other, which is a good game for our family because we're all very
competitive and debate a lot. So we're playing that,
but I need to go upstairs and put on pajamas. I am struggling. What? Hi love. Do you wanna come with
me to put on pajamas? I guess he's coming with me. Do you want Eric to come too? Okay we're going upstairs. The card that was just put down is … What is it? – [Male] Brings out toot feelings. – Brings out toot feelings. We had been on cards and
Jacob's card was jello, so he's trying to argue why
jello gives you toot feelings. – It's kind of like wiggly, like … (laughter) like how you imagine a toot would be. – If it was physical and edible
and tasted like pineapple. – No it's not the smell, it's the touch. (laughter) – I feel like there's
different senses, right? – Yes, there's five different senses guys! Feeling, smelling, sniffing … – Tasting. – [Colleen] Smelling and sniffing
are two different senses. You know, the five senses. Can you say more about the subject? Tell me more about jello
and the toot feelings. – Well I mean, when you
go into a room with jello you're just like … – I like jello. – If you touch it, it doesn't really feel
as good as it tastes. Correct? – [Colleen] So are you
saying toots feel better than they … they taste
better than they feel? What are you saying? – Each to their own,
Jacob, each to their own. We're just gonna have
to agree to disagree. – I forgot to keep vlogging last night, I was just having too
much fun with my family. We were laughing so hard at
that game, it was so fun. Yeah I hope you all had
a wonderful thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for you guys. Thanks for watching my
videos and supporting me. And I'm thankful for my little baby. So leave in the comments
below what you guys are thankful for, or don't,
do whatever you want, I don't care, I love you. Bye. (melodic music)

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  1. I was born one day before thanksgiving because my mom said I was ready to come out but I told her that I wish I could’ve waited one day

  2. Erik was so cute with the kids he acts as if they were his own he is so amazing and I have watched him with Flyn and he is just really careing and kind to everyone around him. Correct me if I'm wrong. 💜💜

  3. Anyone else a little confused on whether it's Chris or Eric talking to the cam when their faces aren't there (even though Eric doesn't like being on camera)

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