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I Will Eat Them All! Summon A Season For Picnics – Fire Emblem Heroes

I Will Eat Them All! Summon A Season For Picnics – Fire Emblem Heroes

hello everyone my name is a scientist video will be something of a new fireman heroes banner a season for picnics so yeah it's basically about time of year you know when we get Cyril home bummer but it's a kind of spraying butter let's take a quick quick quick quick look at the units if we can load that okay first we have flora who's very good signature dish she is a armored unit because how much units everywhere nowadays but still she is a French Rican for some reason so she's originated when we have Theresa also armored you know you know that's the kind of father where would you have homage unit everywhere so fascia is a nice you know so green then we have Lucas only boy on this Potter but what about I'm alright then Lucas is Lance unit and now mode Lance unit like well easel whether it learns unit that means Lucas it is a signature and then we have Jeannie Jeannie is again here but this time she's not a homogeneous she's the only one who is actually smart enough to bring a horse into a bottle but thank you dearly for that so who do I want as you can see we had 50 or so anyone who who is slightly in the mood to come home his welcome here whatever is IV let's be honest it's not a lot of homes okay you want guys let's go it's do or first one we will do the whole circle here and we will do all the circles we will try to get something at the lowest cost possible Bartram my boy my man wow how great I really really should do Tim Boetsch around his point hmm I had so many battery that I think intelligence system is trying to tell me to do one titanium how are you girl you look splendid you are first job obviously I mean why not at this point why not another green hole maybe we'll be able to get Felicia I would love to get Felicia she's very cute I like him very much in a very calm I mean it's fine his Perico oh the other day I was in arena and I met the strongest Baraka ever she destroyed my whole team I'm not even kidding she killed them all oh look yes another right Lucas better Lucas nonetheless so yeah that barricade was crazy I don't remember what a weapon husband my god I love a screened her her whole skill set because she was horrible it was it was awful let's be honest Lisa okay okay okay that's fine that's fine so conclusion of how first or first summoning circle not great not great but we got Lucca and Lucas and maybe yeah movin be able to get his seasonable version okay no blue stone so no Lucas that's fine that's fine it's very beginning I mean at the beginning I mean we are almost halfway down to another beginning at a Roy I love Roy I am fine with getting him Myra well speaking of unit I love two gates I would love to get to Saleh because I'm sure I'm working really hard on a +10 Oh battery oh you big man again so yeah I'm working really hard on my plus ten sorry and I would love to get another one she's the cutest thing ever she's vacuous thing ever while being deadly as hell so what else could I want from her unit I know Cleo Pookie that's nice that's nice clang is an amazing unit I cannot complain again not as a uni in unity himself that fly is a great father unit sir if you're trying to discard some units you know to king of Iraq well you should keep him as a father unit you know just keep his his abilities his skills but he can kind out his call him maybe try to keep him also sup is also an amazing power unit I love to have some stuff around okay so this is it guys all last something circle whatever it is a parent's rights Oh for me okay okay three percent and fifty okay oh yeah two groups I think we'll just pass on the colorless one but we'll do the rest okay not even smoke you know what Sheena yeah guys maybe we'll be able to get five survived would be crazy but I think I'll only be able to get a five star in that period work playing dragon yellows you know we'll be able to get all forms bench Lord the bench master but aside from that I don't think I'll be able to get a fire and hero after you Nathan universe you can dream all day welcome home buddy welcome I like him I like him but mainly for his personality let's be honest gosh other door people be able to get anything but that's perfectly fine because the usual rush racial racial yes a fee I mean it it's a normal lens like look as soon that's great welcome Oh what is arriving ok not amazing let's be honest not amazing so young like I was telling you a very usual ratio to get to get some to get a 5-star is 80 jobs and we only use redeemed no I don't have it no no I do not have enough per usual ratio to get a five-star is 80 ohms so using 50 ohms why not getting the 5-star is not very surprising to be honest but but I'm finally that I'm perfectly fine with that and I hope all of you are also fine with that but still that you were luckier than me and if so please tell me in the comment section what kind of unit you got and Bernard guys and we leave you I shall leave you wishing you to have the best day ever a lie

Reader Comments

  1. Didn’t get anything on this banner I only did the first circle but I got a sumia on my tempest trial free summon and spent orbs on that circle and got luke (oof) and grima

  2. It took me 500 bucks basically to get Felicia : (

    Is this banner worth it? Probably not worth adequate f2p orbs

    Oh and 5 Genny's 4 Lukas's and 2 Flora's

  3. Hiya ninissa!! Its ok, i understand you were busy with so many things and thanks for replying back to me. Take your time and reply whenever you can. I hope you achieve whatever you are doing in life.^^ we support you. Btw, sorry about your picnic banner summoning. I like the modern clothes they all have on, It's so cute. I ended up getting picnic flora with neutral IVs under 40 orbs. I may try to get lukas and felicia. If you trying again on that banner, i hope you get what you looking for hun. Take care and let me know.^^

  4. Unlucky D: I didnt pull since i felt like there are already good versions of each unit type. Like LHector, Winter Tharja, Veronica seem just better older versions.

  5. Dang. So sorry you didn’t get anybody. I hope your luck improves. I do like watching your summons. I sniped for red against my better judgement, even though I want to save orbs for Charlotte, if they ever add her normal Axe infantry version, or if I can get her bride version. I couldn’t get Duma or Yune either….I should get another Mythic hero soon….er, anyway, I was able to get Flora, with about 30 or so orbs by some freak miracle, and my god, she kills everything that isn’t blue. I wish you luck in future summonings you do. You deserve a lot more 5 stars than you get.

  6. I feel like 50 orbs is never enough, the only times I’ve ever gotten the heroes I wanted in that amount have been VERY rare

  7. Friendly reminder: Picnic Flora is also the boss of the Tempest Trials that has Extra Tomatoes Leo as the free unit.
    Btw, this seasonal of Lukas is actually better than his OG counterpart.
    As for Bartre, just 5-star and +10 him. Seems legit.
    Beruka with Fortress skill(s) and +10 is actually one pretty good tank.

  8. I got some weird pity breakers then got Felicia & Flora because of my intense love for them. All of that was live streamed and I’m grinding them right now.

  9. Redeemed my free summon while watching your video… And got Genny. It felt like stealing your luck, but if it means I have best girl, so be it. Good luck on next banners French fellow ~~

  10. I had pretty good luck in getting a Genny in under 20 orbs I think so I became done with the banner. I hope if you summon off screen you get whichever unit you're looking for.

  11. Too bad you didn't get any unit
    Hope you get a better luck in the next banner
    I wish a great day

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