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In Theaters Now: Black and Blue, Countdown | Weekend Ticket

In Theaters Now: Black and Blue, Countdown | Weekend Ticket

– New in theaters this weekend: Countdown and Black and Blue. What will you see? This is your Weekend Ticket. (driving music) – Whatever’s happening to us, I think it’s because of this app. We need a new phone. New phone, new number, new service. (sighs) – [??] Anything else I can help you with? – No. (phone chimes) (unsettling music) (screams) – The horror movie Countdown
comes out this weekend. When Quinn downloads the new
trendy app named Countdown that tells you how long
you have before you die, it reveals she has just
short of three days. Now she’s in a panic race to
find out if the app is fake or if she has only days to live. This movie’s for you if
a suspense horror film sounds good this weekend, you’re a fan of Twilight Zone- or Black Mirror-type premises, or you’re ready to have
a fun weekend in 10… Nine… Eight… Seven- you get it. – I gotta meet a CI. Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, where you going? Stay in the car. (gun fires) – Listen, you already got rid
of everyone that could talk. (gun fires) – The hell are you doing here, rookie? – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! Just relax! – [Off Screen] We’re all cops here. – This isn’t what it looks like. (gun fires rapidly) (crash) – [Off Screen] What the hell did you do? – She had a body cam on! (gasps) But we got a ghost! She’s gone! – Find her! – Black and Blue comes out this weekend. When a rookie cop catches a
shady deal that ends in murder on her police body cam, she’s shot, but escapes,
and is now on the run from the people who tried to kill her, both criminals and crooked cops. (gasps) This movie is for you
if you’re looking for an intense action this weekend, you’re a fan of movies like Training Day, or you didn’t know this
whole show is recorded on a head cam. Isn’t that right, camerawoman? Nice. You’re a little stiff. Your neck. That is your Weekend Ticket! What will you see? And check back next
week if you’ll be back, read in a Terminator impression. Oh, I was supposed to say it! You’ll be back. There we go.

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  1. “Here’s your weekend ticket to see “Black And Blue”. Rated R. And “Countdown”. Rated PG-13. Both now playing at a theater near you.”

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