Celebrating the Spring Holidays

International Spring Break Party – Miami Beach

International Spring Break Party – Miami Beach

[Applause] you guys are awesome we have this much fun in Canada this much fun in Canada can you try keyboard sit down Mac and wave [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Hey dads, see what happens when you are not involved in raising your daughters???


  2. I quite like watching people shuffle in their videos when they are alone or just a few peeps. But shuffling on party like this makes them look a little peculiar.

  3. are all Americans sluts.. bitches.. love to have fun…with a big land of bittcheesssssssssssss all over

  4. Damn the chick in the purple bikini has a nice body! And that chick with the tattoos who was twerking! Okay I see ya! I wish I knew who she was

  5. how many sluts full of amphetamin  and herpes,Gosh!!!! But after all , if such  a women are existing today ,ts because the quality of   the are  living nowdays.. This is what  left  between man and women in 2016 !! Watching this garbage  i feel the apocalypse is near. Long live rock n roll!!!!!!

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