Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Jeff’s Labor Day forecast

I love this right here live look from Mount land and courtesy of simply bits how about that scene if you’re heading up to the mountain today there is a chance of scattered storms there in the upper 50s right now and you can tell we’ve turned a corner into September and that fall-like feel is gradually going to settle in we’re in the upper 60s for Metro Tucson at the top half of the hour 68 at the airport degree cooler in Doral Valley and our KOAT studios we have a lingering trough over the Colorado River Valley and remnant monsoon moisture in place Lee added all up could be a few thunderstorms again this afternoon probably not as active as what we saw out there yesterday prime time for Metro thunder noon until about the dinner hour favorite areas for scattered storm development today including Mount Lemmon and areas south and east of Tucson these storms are going to thrive off of afternoon sunshine and look what happens once the Sun Goes Down activity few and far between so once we get beyond about 7:00 o’clock tonight area wide showers and thunderstorms begin to shut down – 1 to 10 for your monsoon prediction index for this Labor Day Tuesday and Wednesday down to one out of ten for the monsoon prediction index on Thursday as dry air starts to win the Battle of the monsoon high-pressure parked off of the west coast and that’s gonna pull in that dry air from the northwest that monsoon moisture will linger over the next couple of days but it is long gone by the weekend as a result storm chances fade temperatures start to heat up this afternoon the coolest day out of the next seven temperatures for your Labor Day running four to six degrees below average for this time of year savor it back to the mid 90s tomorrow and back to another 20% chance a metro Thunder decreasing to 10% on Thursday mostly sunny & toasty for the upcoming weekend a shade under hot for your outdoor plans Saturday and Sunday

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