Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Omg the same exact thing happened with us my kids grandma drove for 3 hours just to see him sing the happy song and he cried like a mother GOSH! I went to the stage ,picked him up and 2 minutes he was singing and playing in the corner with his little brother and singing the same damn song perfectly #sameshit #differentcites #abudhabi#UAE after 1 year from that i think i still mad !😅

  2. I am obsessed with all of the baby Jane stories! They make me laugh out loud every time! Little miss independent knows what she wants! She is adorable! And your son is such a sweet boy sending love and light to your family!

  3. Well, not everyone likes being on stage.
    Must be really great to be forced to go on a stage and then have your father make fun of you in public.

  4. Why does Kimmel think this stuff is amusing? It's not. And telling children you ate their candy and geuinely letting them believe that you did so as to cause pain is ABUSIVE!!! And I am a Kimmel fan by the way.

  5. ترى ازعجتنا ببنتك وش رايك تعرضها لينا حياه واقع وتراوينا مذكراتها تالي

  6. The cutie reminded me of myself when i was of her age. I used to have stage fright. I always performed well in the rehearsals but in the main event i used to cry on stage. I remember my mom beating me all the way to home for crying on the stage.. now 25 years later i do what i feared the most at childhood. i host shows, i moderate discussion ,i conduct workshop now i love talking in front of hundreds of people.😂😂😂

  7. I remember crying when I was asked to sing in front of people as a kid. I still cry when I'm asked to sing in front of people 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  8. Imagine your parents has some tv shows and tells people all around the world about your embarrassing moments 🙂 wow Jim, you're such a good dad 👏

  9. My little boy did this at his nursery nativity play! Was super excited to be a king, but burst into tears as soon as they were led out and saw all the parents!
    He sat on the nursery manageresses’ lap thru the play!
    Then when we got home he was sad he had not sung to us, so stood in the lounge and sang them all to us!!
    (He’s not an audience kinda guy!!)

  10. Pimping the kids again for ratings. Save some money for lots of therapy and rehab Jimmy….you're going to need it.

  11. That's the curse of being born as Cancer in July, a minute is needed for us to make up our minds 🙁 but we are pretty funny and sweet, that's what saves us <3

  12. Is she exhibiting signs of parental sadism by parents who want other sadistic parents to send them pictures of their children crying because of parental sadism?

  13. Awe…she's not comfortable being in the spotlight Papa. You may find that she's happier working behind the scenes in the future, so don't be upset if she doesn't follow your footsteps.

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