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Johnny Rockets 8lb “Jumbo Rocket” Double Burgers Challenge in Miami!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited tonight, because I am back in Miami,
Florida. I haven’t been here since 2014 and we have so many people here to watch this challenge, so thank you guys all for coming! I am very very excited especially because I have known about Johnny Rockets forever! Johnny Rockets Burger Shakes and Fries. They’ve got locations all over the world. I am here at Johnny Rockets Burger
Shakes and Fries at their Dolphin Mall location in Miami, Florida of course
inside Dolphin Mall. I’m about to take on their 8 pound Jumbo Rocket Challenge. This all looks amazing! I’m about to try to eat 6 of their double classic burgers. You can pretty much find these 6 at almost all their locations all
around the United States. I’ve got a little cheat sheet here. There is a
Rocket Double. There’s a Houston. There’s a Bacon Cheddar Double. There’s an
Original Double. There’s a Route 66 Double, and then there’s a Smokehouse
Double, and along with all these burgers, I’ve already got some of the onion rings
up here, but there are onion rings. There’s a side of tater tots, and then
there’s some of their bacon cheese fries. Along with all this, I’ve got to finish
it’s about a 16-ounce Oreo milkshake! I’ve got one hour to finish. If I fail
it’s gonna be $85 (price can vary depending on location), but if I win, I’ll get the meal free, I’ll get a sweet
t-shirt, and I’ll be the first person to beat this challenge. Let’s get this
challenge started! (cheering) Alright, had a great calzone win up in
the Orlando area last night, but great to be back in Miami. It’s beautiful today
but I’m the first person to ever try this challenge, so big thanks to Johnny
Rockets for having me down. I’ve got one hour, time to dominate! 1, 2, 3… BOOM!! Alright, gonna take some of these out. I hope it all stands together, but we’ll
just break it down and go from top to bottom, but this is gonna be yummy! (cheering) Oh yeah! Oh! That was the bacon cheeseburger on top. That was amazing, extra juicy! This is the spicy one, it’s got the
jalapenos on it! (Chris) The fans (via live-stream) are asking for more noise! [Crowd cheers] Done with burger number 3! (cheering) Those were so good! Big thanks to Kyle the franchisee that owns this one and then another one.
Really happy, he’s been watching the videos for years, so great to work with
him and get down here to try all these burgers. They are amazing! (crowd cheering) Yeah Kyle!! Number four! That was the original, it was
great! (staff member) Route 66 Randy! Now I’m working on the Route 66 Double! It’s got grilled onions. It’s got
mushrooms. We’ve got mayonnaise, and Swiss cheese? Yes delicious!! 11 minutes and 40 seconds in. I’m done
with five of the burgers. Now I’m about to work on the “Smokehouse Double,” right? Yes! It’s got obviously bacon and more onions rings, so yay!! Gonna get number 6 down and then we’ll
move on to the 3 sides! [Crowd chanting] Randy! Randy! Last bite of number 6, done with the burgers! Alright, 16 minutes and 13 seconds in. I’ve got there bacon cheese fries, onion rings, and tots. I’ve got ketchup and ranch to finish, I don’t have to finish these, but I’ll use
them to dip some of these sides. Then we’ll end with the milkshake, the Oreo Shake! (cheering) Probably should start with the shake,
but it’s got my logo in it that they used a printer for, and it’s just so
beautiful that I’ll do that last. Quick digestion break before we move on to these. Going to use time wisely. Making sure I don’t have any of this extra paper. It’s not required to finish! In case you were wondering, that was a lot of food! (someone in crowd) You ain’t full Randy! I’ve got room for the shake! Leaving no doubt! This I think comes with the shake, but it’s empty. All the shake is in right here! Gonna have some of these Oreo’s on
the side. What’s on here? Is this icing that cakes it all on? Okay, then we’ve got the whipped cream on top. This looks beautiful, but let’s finish strong and get it down! Oh yeah! It is melted so it’s gonna go down just fine! There’s a couple pieces in here of the
Oreo too, so it’s going to be yummy! [Crowd] Chug! Chug! Chug! I didn’t know we wanted that to happen. Alright, now we will chug! I was shooting for around half the time limit. I had an hour. 31 minutes and 47 seconds. Big thanks especially to our friend Kyle, this franchisee here. It was overall
win number 812, so Thank you guys all for coming to watch, and then thank you guys for watching too!!

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