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Josh Gad Previews His New Thanksgiving Album

Josh Gad Previews His New Thanksgiving Album

You know, Idina Menzel
has a Christmas album. Seems like everyone these
days has a Christmas album. Right? John Legend, Kelly
Clarkson, Mariah Carey. Obvious, obvious, obvious. With the holidays
coming up, I decided to come out with my own. And it’s not a Christmas album. It’s a Thanksgiving album. And here it is. It’s called Josh Gad’s
Thanksgiving Turkey Tunes. Here are just a
few of the tracks. “If these are green beans, why
do they taste like oatmeal?” “Oh, no. Aunt Susan is here.” “What a shock, Aunt
Susan’s drunk again.” [TURKEY GOBBLE] [LAUGHTER] “Grandma, we don’t
say that anymore.” “Grandma, don’t feed the
dog under the table.” “That’s not a dog. It’s Aunt Susan.” “Someone call an
Uber for Aunt Susan. She’s out of control and tried
to kiss me on the lips again.” “Grandma, tuck
your boob back in.” “Oh, my God. Aunt Susan, she
can do it herself.” And of course, “Baby,
it’s cold outside.” [LAUGHTER] It’s available where
all Thanksgiving albums are sold, and Starbucks.

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