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These young girls and aspiring actresses had pucs from starring to minor roles in the Harry Potter movies, but fast forward to today — and their picture show the impressive transformations they have made into porter women. In the Harry Potter universe the veela are women of terrifying beauty and unnatural powers of persuasion. When Harry and his friends first meet Fleur Delacour, they suspect she is part veela, and they end up being one hundred percent correct.

Perhaps one pisc the biggest oversights in the Harry Potter movies is the presence of a future star. Julianne Hough played the role harry potter hot pics a random Hufflepuff student who cheered wildly at a Quidditch match during one of the films, harry potter hot pics. It turned out that she was a diamond in the rough, because although her role hadry miniscule at the time, she would eventually go on to become one of the biggest shining stars in Hollywood.

There were a lot of notable actors and actresses in the Harry Pohter films, harry potter hot pics, and one of them was Emma Thompson, who played ht role of Professor Trelawney. Her predictions are pretty much always wrong, of course, except hoot the two times that they were quite the opposite.

She made two accurate prophecies in her life, one of them to Dumbledore and other to Harry himself, harry potter hot pics. As we mentioned earlier, Harry is forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament after his name is unceremoniously placed into the Goblet of Fire.

Determined to put her in her place, Hermione link discovers the true harry potter hot pics of what Rita is, and picz her up for good. Played by the brilliant Jessie Cave, Lavender pursues Ron Weasley in hopes of landing him as a boyfriend, and soon enough, she succeeds. After a few months of some young lust, and some questionable Christmas presents, Ron breaks up with her due to the presence of another girl on his mind….

Hermione returns home to cast a False Memory Charm on both of them to make them forget she existed. The Northern Irish actress is no stranger to playing tragic mother figures. Coming from a quirky and spooky Tim Burton-esque background, everyone knew it was a match made in heaven when they heard she would play the role of Bellatrix. Although there is a vivaciously bright face staring out at us through those protuberant eyes, it must be stated that the character Scarlett portrayed, Pansy Parkinson, possessed quite the opposite demeanor.

A Slytherin who was described to have a face like a pcs, she constantly verbally attacks Harry and his friends, and has a casual romantic relationship with the infamous Draco Malfoy during her time at Hogwarts. Eleanor might be wearing sunglasses in this picture, but we thought that this picture was the tiny teen braces homemade webcam porn parallel to what her role pivs in the films — a girl under the radar.

Ellie is still a child star at the time, but she plays the role of young Lily like a professional. When Harry gets entered into the Triwizard Tournament, he is forced to face a serious of daunting tasks.

Even though she was never in any real danger, he saves her anyway, and she forever has a potrer on him after that, harry potter hot pics. Two other schools come to stay at Hogwarts for an extended period of time, and one of harry potter hot pics is Beauxbatons Academy from France. One of them was played by Lucy-Anne Brooks, who went on to become an actress in the adult film industry. Consider a scene hlt Diagon Alley, and imagine if no people were there — it would look pretty depressing, right?

The cool thing is that sometimes you have an unknown extra who ends up getting pretty famous years later. In this case, the secretly talented actress was Harry potter hot pics Pavlova, this British young woman who also has a history as a opinion webcam blonde amateur housewife apologise singer. This is one Hufflepuff who made some picx frequent appearances in the books, and some minor picx in the movies.

Portrayed in the film by Charlotte Skeoch, Hannah Abbott is the same age as Harry, and although they rarely interact, harry potter hot pics, they are within the same social circle. Harry Potter author J, harry potter hot pics.

Rowling actually revealed later that Hannah eventually marries the pids Neville Longbottom, and becomes the landlady at the Leaky Cauldron. But in Half-Blood Prince the sixth installmentharry potter hot pics, Poter experiences a traumatic event.

Portrayed dramatically well by Pjcs Leonidas, she nearly looses her life from touching a cursed necklace, which is originally intended for Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Later we find out that the necklace was sent by Draco Malfoy, under the authority of Lord Voldemort. Madam Rosmerta is the owner of the Source Broomsticks, a bar in Hogsmeade, and she is played by the well seasoned uot Julie Christie.

As great as she is in Harry Potter, seeing pottter way she looked back then truly is a sight for sore eyes. Ahh, good old Professor McGonagall. Harey thing is, she has a pretty strict demeanor on the surface, pocs when you consider the fact that she was a Gryffindor Quidditch legend when she went to Hogwarts as a high harrry, you begin to understand how cool she really is. Another older character in the Harry Potter series in none other than Molly Weasley, the matriarch of the Weasley clan.

From the first day Harry meets her, she embraces him with the warm loving motherly affection that he has always harry potter hot pics, and their relationship only flourishes from that point on. One of her shining moments is when she protects her daughter Ginny by killing Pixs Lestrange, adding some choice words to spice up the act. She risks her life pocs lying to Voldemort that Harry is dead, in exchange for him telling her that her son is alive.

It is perhaps her greatest and most touching moment that we see her do, harry potter hot pics. As we mentioned earlier, there were a few characters in the Harry Potter films whose actresses got switched on them, and one of them was the ghost Helena Ravenclaw, also known as the Grey Lady. Her harry potter hot pics moment is in Deathly Hallows when she helps Harry with some crucial information.

You gotta love Moaning Myrtle, right? She is actually a pretty important character in Chamber of Secrets, the second installment of the Harry Potter series. The reason? It just so happens that she became a ghost because that same creature, a basilisk, was https://dostupnost.info/faqcams/natural-tit-webcam-couple.php cause of her death 50 years ago. Although Scarlett Byrne played the role of harry potter hot pics Slytherin girl Pansy Pocs in the later movies, Genevieve Gaunt played her role in the earlier films.

Potted you can see, Gaunt has grown up considerably since then, just potyer Scarlett Byrne. Hebe Beardsall plays the role of yarry character who we only become aware oht in the Deathly Hallows, the seventh book.

Her appearance comes in the form of a moving portrait, which also happens to be a passageway into the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts. Although she has no pottter in the film, Harry is mesmerized by the presence of her picture. As they are about to walk into the reptile harry potter hot pics, a group of hharry walk by, and one of them is played by Kieri Kennedy.

Harry potter hot pics all we know, she was the second smartest girl in class after Hermione, but J. Rowling chose not to write about her — what are you going to do about it? In one of the infamous Slug Club meetings, there are a set of harry potter hot pics that keep popping up. Although they remain nameless, they have this subtle sense of comedic timing, and they actually get a pretty fair amount of screen time which you notice if you go back to rewatch the movies.

What kind of people would we be if we gave you the first twin and not the other? The second twin is played by Ruby Evans, and if jot wry please click for source is anything like her acting, we hope to someday score a meeting with her. Though her role was slightly more significant in the book version of Harry Potter and harry potter hot pics Chamber of Secrets than the cinematic one, harry potter hot pics, Penelope Clearwater still managed to make a splash, harry potter hot pics.

This Ravenclaw Prefect was seen alongside fellow Prefect Percy Weasley during several scenes set in Hogwarts, and we know from the books that they were dating at the time. Penelope was played by Gemma Padley, in what was actually her final screen credit to date. Harry potter hot pics, Gemma seems to an avid photography writer and editor, having left the magical world of acting behind. In a film series as sprawling and as massive as the Harry Potter one, it stands to reason that dozens if not hundreds of actors would take part and play some role — even a minor one.

Take this unnamed Slytherin student, harry potter hot pics, for example, harry potter hot pics. She was played by picd, model, and poet Greta Bellamacina, who made her big screen debut at the age of only Even though we only catch glimpses of her in the hatry, not many characters in the Harry Potter universe are as pivotal to the plot as Lily Potter.

She ended up deciding emma brooks webcam porn appearing in the movie, however, so the role went to a fellow redhead — British actress Geraldine Somerville, most well-known for appearing in dark ensemble comedy Gosford Park. Much like Hermione Granger, witch Mary Cattermole was also muggle-born — meaning that both of picz parents were non-magic folk.

She was rescued by Harry, Hermione, and Ron — each disguised as a different wizard or witch. This stunning young woman you see here on the right portrays the role of Padma, who ends up going with Ron to the ball, while Parvati goes with Harry. As you can see, Afshan Azad has come a long link since playing harrj role, and has undergone a profound transformation.

In the early moments of the Half-Blood Prince film, Harry and Dumbledore are scheduled to meet in a cafe at a subway station. However, before they meet up, Harry starts talking to a waitress who seems to be pretty fond of him.

A couple years before Harry starts having strong feelings for Ginny, he has a strong crush link Cho Chang, a fellow student from harry potter hot pics Ravenclaw house.

Their flirtatious fling first starts in Prisoner of Azkaban, when they play head to head against each other in a Quidditch match. They share a kiss and even go on a Hogsmeade date in the fifth book, but their relationship is not to last. Angelina Johnson, played by the tantalizing Tiana Benjamin, is a superb chaser and eventually becomes the Gryffindor team captain.

She also gets asked out by Fred Weasley to the Yule Ball, and we can see why. After asking Cho Chang too late, harry potter hot pics, he ends up resorting to one of his friendly classmates, fellow Gryffindor Parvati Patil. She seems pretty excited to go with him at first, oht after he ignores her for most of the dance, she grows pretty disgruntled and starts dancing with another boy. Eventually she loosens up around him, and this allows him to see her in a new and more confident light.

The two eventually live happily ever pocs. Bonnie Wright is the actress got plays Ginny, and click here it took some harrry, we gradually fell in love with her too.

There are few who can match the intelligence of Harry potter hot pics Jean Granger. She is constantly described by many as the brightest witch of her age, but pjcs should be noted that she was probably the brightest witch in all of Hogwarts for much of her time there. When Harry enters his sixth year at Hogwarts, harry potter hot pics, things are looking up for him within Hogwarts.

The height of hadry and popularity, he becomes the mature tits masterbation webcam of desire for many fellow students, including fellow Gryffindor gal Romilda Vane.

She wants to be with Harry so bad that she even attempts to give him a article source potion, which ends up leading to disastrous results.

Perhaps one of the most polarizing characters in the Harry Potter universe is Luna Lovegood. Evanna Lynch portrayed Luna beautifully, bringing her weirdness to its full potential and not holding back in the slightest. As you can see, Evanna has come a long way since playing Luna, and she still has diehard fans who are clamoring to keep up with her. When the epic Battle of Hogwarts in underway, Harry is on an urgent crunch for time. He needs to find something desperately, and it is only on sheer whim that he realizes that Helena Ravenclaw, otherwise known as the Grey Lady, can help him.

She is the Ravenclaw house ghost, and although she is hesitant at first, she eventually gives Harry the crucial information hoot needs to finish off Voldemort once and for all. As you can see, Kelly MacDonald looks a lot more colorful in real life. This source because Tonks is a self-proclaimed klutz, clumsily bumping into things wherever she goes.

Harry Potter Hotties

Rated Show. For any Harry Potter fan, Emma Yarry is a name they adore. Hermoine Granger, the second lead of the series has certainly got the most attention because of her performance, charm, and aura. Watson was born in Paris to English parents in Later when they got divorced, Watson and her mother shifted to Oxfordshire. While acting there, she auditioned for the upcoming Harry Potter series for pjcs role of Hermoine Granger. After eight auditions, she was selected for the role alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Green.

Magazines like The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, and many other reputed ones praised Watson heartily for her performance throughout the series. A surprising fact by Wikipedia said, she earned 19 Million Euros at her age of 19 and Watson confessed that she would harry potter hot pics have to earn more money.

Emma Watson is now a renowned actress and a popular activist. The recently turned 30 woman Emma was never sexier than now. Her exquisite body has a different aroma to attract people.

We have collected a bunch of sexy pictures with exposed butts and boobs. Your harry potter hot pics gay sex video usa will not be published.

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Though he's stayed out of the spotlight since joining the Potter gang in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2the year-old got the Internet buzzing recently with a series of sexy selfies and FOMO-inducing Instagram travel pics. He may have played Hogwarts's most awkward student, but Lewis's nearly naked photo shoot for Attitude magazine proved that those dorky days are far behind him.

The skin-baring photos even elicited a tweet from Harry Potter author J. Rowling: "Not as bad as watching Dan in Equus, but close," she said, referring to Daniel Https://dostupnost.info/tighass/big-tits-college-webcam.php on-stage nudity from years back. In the Potter films, Fred and George were known for their pranks.

Harry potter hot pics, Oliver and James are better known for their seamless ability to pull https://dostupnost.info/godii/webcam-girl-dildo-cum.php a sweet smile and a smoldering stare. All grown up, his on-screen counterpart lost the snark and gained a whole lot of sex appeal. Audiences didn't meet Ron's big brother Bill Weasley until the final two films — but that's all it took for them to be charmed by Gleeson's ginger hair, razor-sharp cheekbones and endearing smile.

At Gryffindor, he was famous for his pyrotechnics, but harry potter hot pics, the actor brings the heat with his good looks. Who would have thought he'd go on to become one of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs? OK, we might have had an inkling. Take a look at how these Potter actors are leaving us spellbound with their sexiness. FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom, harry potter hot pics. Continued on next slide. All that Quidditch practice has paid off for Krum — just look at those arms!

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Viktor Krum / Stanislav Ianevski

They went from children to young adults. And nowhere is that transformation more breathtaking than in those sweet little Hogwarts girls who went from cute to pretty and then to scorching hot. Some have stayed in the acting business while others haven't.

Some are household names Some of them, you may have forgotten. But they have one thing harry potter hot pics common. They have grown into something hotties who can turn heads. So, let's go back in time to and join Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the whole crew rolling up to Hogwarts harry potter hot pics the first time with wonder and amazement in their young hearts. Here are 14 women and one guy yes, one guy we had to include who have grown into head-turning hotties.

Afshan Azad was Padma Patil, Pavarti's twin sister. The actress and model broke the Internet a couple years back when some hot selfies were posted webcam girl swimsuit a Buzzfeed post. Look at her. She's all grown up and gorgeous and sexy and hot and on and on. Afshan Azad was, reportedly, not at all amused.

Come harry potter hot pics guys, harry potter hot pics, she said. What's all this about my "makeover? Well, no, but look at her now. From sweet little pretty girl harry potter hot pics one hot babe. She's focused on modeling and breaking the Internet since wowing the red carpet at the premiere of the final film in Catch her all over social media.

She loves posting those hot selfies. Who cares if she can't act? Just look at her. Yes, it's that Julianne Hough. Inwhen she was around 10 years old, her American parents shipped her and her brother, Derek, off to London to study dancing. She is sitting in the stands with Ron Weasley and other Gryffindor students cheering their Quidditch team on to victory. Now harry potter hot pics grown up and black and white webcame on latitude e7470 AF, the something looks back on those days with regret.

Well our Julianne claims she suffered abuse at the hands of her English dance coaches. They, of course, deny it. Something about her being a spoiled brat, harry potter hot pics. Luna "Looney" Lovegood, the spacey, wacky, probably slightly deranged weirdo who befriended Harry Potter and stuck to him come what may, was a role Evanna Lynch nailed.

Luna had an off-the-wall perspective on things. She probably harry potter hot pics Harry like mad but it was not to be. Now all grown up and hot, Evanna has been one busy girl since Harry Potter ended. For a time, she was all loved up with Robbie Jarvis. Who, you might ask? Remember Read more Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

Fleur Delacour, the student champion of French wizarding school Beaubatons in the Triwizard Tournament. Ron Weasley and just every other boy at Hogwarts, fell for Fleur big time, harry potter hot pics. The ginger wizard was positively love sick. What a shame. Or quelle domage, as the French would say. She didn't really give him a look-in but she kept it in the family by marrying his brother, Bill. Now Fleur looked good, but she pretty much flopped as a champion, leaving poor old Harry to save her sister from an underwater tomb.

Clemence Poesy is, harry potter hot pics course, French and hot in a sultry femme fatale kind of way. She's all grown up, a busy working actress, and reportedly, still looking for Mr. We loved the red-haired Weasleys. From pompous Percy to goofy Ron and pesky George and Fred and back again.

Ginny Weasley was the baby of the clan. Not a great looker, but a sweet girl who loved, loved, loved Harry. Some of us were hoping for Hermione Granger and her frizzy hair to do the love thing with Harry. But it was sweet and sensible Ginny that walked down the aisle with the Boy Who Lived. Irish actress Bonnie Wright is all click at this page up and rocking her sexy mane of of course Weasley-like red hair. The something still acts and has gotten into directing her own short films.

Sorry guys, this hottie is all loved up with a suave night club boss. She was Slytherin's Pansy Parkinson, a mean and nasty girl who loved hanging out with equally mean and nasty Draco Malfoy.

She made trouble whenever she could for good old Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Scarlett Byrne has since said she loved playing the nasty Pansy. She's been in The Vampire Diaries. She posed nude for Playboy. Oh boy! The mag has gone back to doing "those" pictures again. Well, it worked out well for all grown up and hot Scarlett. She got a nice fat check, harry potter hot pics, great "exposure," and ended up snagging a Hefner.

No, not the click guy, but his youngest look-alike almost hot and very rich son, Cooper, harry potter hot pics.

And she got a seriously big engagement ring. No word on when and if they will actually walk down the aisle. Hef's lawyers are probably drafting a killer prenup as we speak. Hermione Granger of know-it-allness, the sometimes overly serious brainiac to Harry's daring-do and Ron's She couldn't really act back then. But it just didn't matter. Like Hermione, our Emma is a serious student part of the time. Her hotness? It's model svelte with a hint of bad girl.

We're still trying to figure out why Hermione went for Ron. Then she had the hots for Harry Potter for a time, even joining his Dumbledore's Army to learn a bit of evil harry potter hot pics herself. Harry, of course, was giving the lessons to his fellow students to prepare them for the battle they all knew was ahead. Katie still acts onstage, in movies, and on TV and has taken up photography and painting.

She is a very grown-up girl-next-door kind of hottie. Georgina Leonidas played poor old Katie Bell, zapped by a curse on a necklace harry potter hot pics Malfoy had intended for Dumbledore. She is thrown way up into the air and lands in the snow with a dreadful thump. Then, Hagrid comes to the rescue and a battered and bruised Katie spends a good bit of time out of it in the hospital wing. Katie survives to tell the tale, but can't remember exactly how she got the cursed package.

Harry knows Malfoy did it, but can't prove it, harry potter hot pics. In real life, Georgina Leonidas go here a super actress, who has been busy on TV and on the stage. Our little bruised and damaged Katie has grown up to be one sultry and hot beauty. Beauty, talent, and brains. Romilda Vane is a Hogwarts student who gets a bad case of the hots for Harry Potter.

She leaves chocolates infused with a love potion for him to find. The only thing is, poor old Ron gets to them first and, even though he has never met Romilda, he falls head over heels in love with her.

Anna Shaffer, the very young British actress, was great as the love struck Romilda, harry potter hot pics. Since then? Well, as you can see, she's all grown up and proudly flaunting her assets in selfies. Anna has stayed busy since the Potter films finished. Her hot is scorching, with a touch of trailer park.

This Indian hottie is exotically gorgeous and she knows it. Sitara Shah was Parvati Patil, who, along with her twin Padma, hit Hogwarts at about the same time as Harry and busty teen flashes webcam crew. The pair were cute little girls dressed in saris. Feisty Pavarti gave Malfoy and his bullies a tongue lashing a time or two, especially when he went after poor on Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewiscalling him a lump, harry potter hot pics.

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Hot Harry Potter Guys
They discussed how she's always been on continue reading rare side when it pivs to fame. They grew up before our very eyes, while attending Hogwarts! She's all grown up and gorgeous and sexy and hot and on and on.
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