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[Kevin Park] Thanksgiving Day먹방 사건, 추천훈련#1 실전 한팔 버피 single arm Burpee [한/EN/日]

[Kevin Park] Thanksgiving Day먹방 사건, 추천훈련#1 실전 한팔 버피 single arm Burpee [한/EN/日]

one chicken and the second one chips bread from convenience store it’s really delicious Endure Kevin’s choke! Make Kevin Tapout I got a chin massage You are quite strong 500kgs for Bench,squat,dead huh I think tomorrow my chin will hurt it was fun comin home [EP. 3 Thanks Giving day] at Ember Bar (Ember bar’s owner Josh) (the owner’s wife) [EP. 04 Stir fried turkey Mukbang] I made it to go it was so loud and a lot of people, taking forever so I got home let’s see if I feel better when I taste it for Thanks Giving day we eat turkey in u.s I also have turkey socks [sauce] I didn’t take any sauce but is delicious Danny are you watching? from my heart we have pumpkin here too Danny hates pumpkin my anger level went down like this what I was talking about finally my favorite food is here let’s try the ham too [please subscribe and like my video] ~[Ep 05 ] Practical Burpee – (*that was the sound of the mattress not a fart) I need to go to toilet (bragging) It was diarrhea but why? chili garlic chicken? (Kevin can’t eat spicy food) it was really delicious but .. digestion stretch first. [The real Home training with natural outfit] roughly who the.. I always stretch like this, very fast but even more roughly today why? cuz I have no time because I’m not gonna do a violent workout today some parts of my vastus medialis have ruptured if you were a normal human being You wouldn’t be able to do even this but I am Mutant I can do it mutant in japanese mutant in korean let’s try if I can sit Korean army jacket a.k.a GGar GGary I was a sergeant in division 55 they call it wheelchair division the logo of 55 looks like wheelchairs what was my duty assignment? MMA soldier did I get red? (NO) oh ok today’s workout for you the name came from his name Royal H. Burpee the human being in World War 2 he wanted to make bunch of captain Americas Burpee in korean wikipedia nowadays crossfit do like this Burpee time! and they usually do like you do the push-ups like this and clap like this but it wasn’t like that at the beginning if you study the history, first time they were like this, most of women doin this thesedays from push-up position stand and jump with hands in the air that’s it But it’s too easy for people who enjoy powerful wokrout like me so today we do it with Tabata Izumi Tabata professor Name again they use their name a lot I have Kevin training as well I already finished writing volume 1 It will be published later it’s mostly difficult to try That’s it lol Today, modified burpee Tabata is usually 20 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds 20,10,20,10…..times 8 that is 4 minutes, 240 seconds repeat all that for 3 sets so 4m, 4m, 4m 12 minutes first, single leg burpee those who have injuries with legs like me this is the best you keep one leg in the air like this push-up this 4reps each 4reps with this leg and wait, can I do with my injured leg? I can! lol yeah so 1round for this and the second, single arm burpee single arm you should do push up with one arm so it’s quite difficult those who do cross fit may know when you wave a bit goes easier, for example keep the balance like this last one one leg one arm buffy again balance [one arm one leg burpee] it’s not because i’m tired I mean I’m tired a little the muscle doctors and my father(orthopedics dr) the experts said my leg condition I should get rest for 1~2 months Need that much recovery time so I told them my recovery level is 3 times faster than mundanes now it’s 2020 soon and I’m in international age everybody uses international age but Korea as I am in my 30s in Korean age 32 age is just a number for me I never thought about my age, not even in my high school time my recovery system is even faster now it got even faster, can you see this scar? from my experiment, comparing with my 20s , I heal faster definitely probably mostly because of hormones why? cuz I believe that I’m a mutant so 1,2 months? ha 1~2 weeks for me and will be fully recovered in 1~2weeks after 3 nights and 4 days sun, mon, tue, wed after days, I have my 10K subscriber’s event I have to walk can you see me sweating? I will come it’s my bare face so no close-up I have a lot of scars eye scratch as well fighter’s face – lot of scars Those are really scars Can you see the sweat from my calf? Can’t you see? It looks smooth [smooth] [entire workout video in fast forward] *100% full video*

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  1. 케반박선수 처럼 멋진 몸과 운동능력을 가질수 있는 지옥훈련 루틴좀 올려주세요~~~ㅜㅜ

  2. Thanksgiving dinner 진짜 맛있었어~~🦃
    Thank you for spending it with me! 🥰
    And I think I'm gonna stop telling you to be careful with your body.. 🤣
    잘했다 Kevin! ❤️

  3. 와우 ~ kevin선수!
    버피 운동의 반복은 넘 힘들겠는데요…😂
    티셔츠 ~군복야상 ~
    그위에 깔깔이까지 입고
    운동하는 모습도 역시 뮤턴트 🧛
    정신력 ~~~> 👍👍👍
    멋진 선수 기대합니다 🥰😘❤️

  4. 케빈박님 머리색깔이 베스킨라빈스31 슈퍼버스데이같아요. 열심히 하셔서 베스킨라빈스 전속모델 함  합시다 !!

  5. 와 형 저 구독자 만명 이벤트 참가했던 마스크맨인데요,, 광교에서 강남까지 다리 다친상태로 날밤새고 간거였어요?? 진짜 돌연변이 맞네요 😂🤣

  6. 케빈 안다치게 이제 격투기하지말고 오늘 보여준 운동 전파해~ 그..봉춤추던 누님하고ㅡ,.ㅡ;;

  7. 정말 신체적 능력이 부럽군요. 저는 무리해서 그런지 파열되고는 운동을 못하는데 정말 부럽습니다.
    그리고 매운건 조금씩 늘리셔야 합니다. 저도 한국 가면 넘 맛있다고 막 먹고는 하는데 … 표가 나더라구요… 첨엔 이해가 안되고 했지만 글터라구요. ^^;

  8. 스스로를 뮤턴트라 믿기에 젊은 시절보다 회복력이 더 좋아졌다는 말을 들으니 괜히 저도 삶의 열정이 솟아나네요
    나이를 핑계로 점점 나태해지고 해보기도전에 이걸 내가할수있나라는 생각부터했었는데 지금부터라도 좀더 자신을 믿고 할수있다는 믿음을 가져야겠어요

  9. 여느 파이터들보다 자신의 직업에 집중하는게…굉장히 다양한곳에서 추구하고 있어…그만큼 열정이 남다르다는거지…다른 파이터들은 방법을 몰라서 맨날 스파링하고 쥐어터지는 훈련을 하고있는 실정에,,.빈박씨는 굉장히 스마트한거 같은느낌…나만 느끼는고임?

  10. 선수님 인스타에만 댓글달다가 첨으로 유튭에 댓글답니다. 항상 응원하고 있습니다! Oss!

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