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Kipper: Pools, Parks and Picnics (2001 VHS)

Kipper: Pools, Parks and Picnics (2001 VHS)

now from lyrick studios spawned a live in a big house with my neighbor now you can come on over to Barney's house welcome to my house you'll need some new faces you'll hear some familiar songs as you've never heard or seen them before new songs that will make you and make you dance come on over to Barney's house for more surprises and more fun than ever come on over to Barney's house on VHS and DVD from lyrick studios the home of quality family now from lyrick studios dizzy and Roley to Bobby and Wendy joined that through pilchard and bird Travis and spud playing together my good friend should Hey time to get busy such a lot to do building and fixing til it's good as new Barb and the gang have so much fun working together they get the job done available from lyrick studios they call it kipper Kippur the dog dog with the slipper that skipper kipper the dog by the way that's a taupe and a frog now he can do this do you think that you could he can do that which is more than any old cat could would you like a dog like a dog like a dog like a dog like come on tiger where are you oh hello kipper sorry I'm late I think I've got everything we'll need great coat tiger good isn't it it's a special exploring coat it's totally waterproof and it's got loads of pockets for keeping things in it's even got a secret pocket in the collar with a hood in it in case it rains have you got the map tiger yes it's Sun now which pocket did I put it in just in case we get separated tiger the map Hey oh yes the map of course it's in the map pocket I found it kipper keep her wait Kippur on stock don't hang about tiger very funny kipper come on give me a hand what is it it's a monster it's ok tiger it's just an old scarecrow shoo shoo come on tiger he won't hurt you you don't look very scary to me look tiger it looks really sad oh and smelly come on kipper we'd better be going it's starting to get cloudy goodbye scarecrow cheer up we've been walking for miles wonder where we are why don't we look at the map good idea now if Big Hill is here we must be here no no tiger big hill is here so we must be here tiger I think the maps upside down so it is what are we going to do now maybe a long walk wasn't such a good idea don't worry kipper we still have the compass that'll get us back home here it is right let's see that's north so we need to go across the field come on kipper Tiger you sure we're going the right way positive kipper oh dear Tiger I think we better go back kipper this is the right way Tiger I really think we should go Tiger don't run walk back very slowly it's coming towards me [Applause] hurry tiger hurry oh it's catching me scratching me tiger no that coat the bowl is chasing your red coat take it off oh look at my coat we definitely lost Tiger totally completely lost no map no compass no whistle and my feet hurt and it's going to rain I wish we were home tiger look Wow a windmill isn't it great Tiger come on let's see if someone's in we might find out where we are hello is there anybody in hello hello it's no good kipper there's no one in no and it's starting to rain come stand under here tiger it's alright I've got my special hood stop it it's alright kipper I can see your house it's over that hill that's the last time I go exploring my feet are killing me shame about your coat oh yeah yes I really liked that coat still it was really useful in the end yeah I suppose so it's hot what do you do to keep really really cool people get someone to spray me with the garden hose I'd sit in front of a giant fan hi there do you – what – come to the fool what is it our dog O'War right it's only kipper and Tiger huh yeah let's go to the pool are you coming to Arnold he can't swim yet we've brought his fall – wings do you like the wave machine Arnold so do I let's get our things come on tiger I think I'll stay here it's too hot to walk you'll cool down at the pool yes but I haven't brought my swimming stuff that's okay I'll lend you some of mine bet I can stay underwater longer than you Pig bet you can't bitch you can't do an underwater summer so either bet I can anyway I'm gonna jump in you tiger probably it might be too crowded it usually is on a hot day you ready tiger yes oh look this pig hey you've got goggles yeah they're new couple Arnold let's do your water wings come on tiger you go on I'll just check my towel matter is greatest it yeah radio watch this peek do you like it you all right Arnold [Applause] hey tiger what's this what are you coming it's great in in a moment I am I want to drink first [Applause] / sheet starting what's wrong tiger you haven't been in yet the thing is kipper I don't much like water Oh can't swim you see have to wear water wings but I haven't got them here because they're at my house and we came from your house do you see you should have said hmm I tiger [Applause] hey Tiger needs water wings that's why he's not coming in Oh Cody Boros up you want Tiger to have them are you sure Arnold says you can borrow his water wings yeah you could borrow bar goggles – thanks Arnold [Applause] did you say what I was doing watch this whoa oh hello thar yeah kipper I've been thinking you know summers coming to an end well why don't we have one last picnic yeah that's a great idea I'll make the sandwiches yes and I'll get everything else I'll see you later on big hill bye now what should I put in the sandwiches eggs onions yeah No aha now I don't think so what about jam or cheese I know jam and cheese come on Tiger Tiger watch this come on tiger you have a go okay here goes I'm hungry me too let's go and have our picnic chair more cheese oh cheese all that cheese watch out pig oops sorry on fly guard oats kite coupled Arnold be careful shall we go somewhere else Tiger yes let's try the duck pond it's quieter there this order right crisps Thanks this is more like it tiger perfect can you feel something well now you mention it Wow tiger quick you pass the duck pond come on tiger let's find somewhere else to have our pick tiger look Oh clear off annuity darkness oh not keeper it's ruined come on tiger let's find somewhere else no ducks no ends sandwich tiger there's jam or jam jam it is go way no no [Applause] RunKeeper run jam sandwiches a bag of crisps and one can of drink hmm what's your fancy kipper hello kipper hello tiger enjoy your bit click did well actually all those kite got stuck in a tree we can't get it down can't we are dude here you go on so which tree is the kite stuck in pig it should be I'll get all trades would you like a drink oh thanks tiger see it won't cut down what about if kipper stands on your shoulders no we tried that didn't we are don't it's too high I bet we could shake it down come on one for you Pig and Arnold ego tiger thanks kipper it looks like we've got our picnic after all yeah I think your toys are boring what do you mean well they're all soft that's how you can cuddle them you can't cuddle hard things can't imagine this biting anything Scott no teeth well he's mine and I like him you could have a crocodile a crocodile would be more exciting or a grizzly bear or a lion that it'd be good on a good lion yeah it's a bit like your crocodile though do you want to go to the park yeah all right we can be lions in the wood I'll see if Pete wants to come hello hello P are you doing what oh that's just Tiger he's pretending to be a lion or a bear or a crocodile I'm not sure which anyway we're going to the park do you want to come yeah fight tiger he says he's made a chocolate cake it's got three bars of chocolate in it three Oh tell him to bring it with him bring it with you meet you there bye where is he I'm hungry I'd like some of that cake hmm let's look by the swings [Applause] pig-pig dick picks any good making cakes I don't know chocolate takes my favorite Pig where are you he's not here he's not anywhere you can't be not anywhere Pig can he's not anywhere here perhaps if we stay here he'll turn up Chaka Chaka Chaka late choker choker choker lady come on let's try big hill all the way up there it's better than sitting around ha tiger I've had enough that's it I'm not going any further I wonder where he went I don't know and I don't care what's that did you hear that it's like a sort of her growl what do you think it is oh no it sounds like a wild animal like a crocodile or grizzly bear shush that's pig's blade suppose it wasn't Lauren it ain't you okay we thought you'd be me ah no we heard it raw and we saw its tail it ate your cake ah actually I hate the cake what what I was waiting for you and I couldn't find you I didn't know where you were you ate the cake all of it with three big bars of chocolate in it you ate all of it I got hungry you said you'd beat me I've got another bar at home Tiger look at this it's not a lion's tail it's pink skull oh so it is you made you thought bass cough was a giant tail yeah we were petrified when we tiger yeah and you snore like a lion – no I do already what should i do today shall go to the park maybe shall I ride my bike maybe I know I wonder where that I'll blow a thing got to guess found it I hope it still works there should be some of that soapy stuff in here somewhere why do these things always get stuck aha got it yes there's a little bit left [Applause] no it's run out I wonder who that is coming hello tiger want to come to the pond and sail my boat oh yeah does it sound like a real one course it does how fast does it go depends on the wind stronger the wind faster it sails [Applause] see those branches waving kipper leads there's a good breeze today nice sailing weather come on that'll catch the wind now let's set the rudder it should steer it back to us there you are just what we wanted let me have a go shall I sail it right across all right then I'll just set the rudder that right yep should make it there's a good breeze no it's stuck I don't think the wind will blow it off better try a stick it's the longest I could find you try kipper now what I'll never get it back keep an eye on the boat tiger I'm just gonna fetch something won't be long go on go on duck be real what's that for I'll show you where's the stick tiger you hold it steady while I tie this on watch this ray well done kipper come on come on don't get stuck again careful tiger got it ready tiger you are reduce its Arnold it's a horrible day to have to go out I just hope keepers in that's all oh hello Pig hello Arnold it's not a very nice day is it do you want to come in yes well no I was really wondered if you'd barred coming to the wood with us couldn't we do something indoors thing is kipper adult Scott had lost his trader bug dropsy did the wood yesterday kiss who's got to find the stupid thing will you cover help please you've lost your mug Arnold haven't you got another one we'd better find it then hadn't we where did Arnold last have the Mac Pig under a tree right in the middle of the wood it was somewhere around here which tree was it there are hundreds those are squirrely date are you sure it was here not exactly here somewhere around you know shall we split up then all right you stay here Arnold I can't see anything what color is it red nothing here nothing here oh this is gonna take all day no hope this isn't the place bother you our Lord kipper pink where are you there's Kippur are don't hard old oh now where's are told are Dold keeper old old where are you ouch get off stupid bird well I'm completely lost so rod olds fault it's not fair whoo now what I wonder where Pig and Arnold are actually I wonder where on him they've probably gone home oh well I better keep looking for a bit longer oh okay pig pig is that you yes is that you kipper yes where are you yeah hey you are kipper odd was lost have you said our dog I thought he was with you oh dear Oh ah there you are our dog where have you been hey you found your mug and what have you got here acorns ow oh look a squirrel look Arnold a squirrel I can't see it is that it where there look no that's just a bit of branch it's gone never mind let's go hope did come on Arnold oh I'll push you [Applause] Wow look at that goodbye beetle a magnifying glass what a clever thing there you are gently does he now there oh no nevermind Wow I've made a tunnel this is cozy come on don't be shy let's see how many spots have you killed one two three four five six and one at the top makes seven oh do you have to go alright then that looks interesting hmm let's take a closer look where's my magnifying glass then what if I'd done with it I must have dropped it hurry up Arnold I want to go to the swings I wonder where our daughters got to he's always getting itself lost I suppose I'd better go and look for him Oh Lord where are you now where did I last have it oh no carboard hard old I want to go on the swings I'm sure I left it here oh well better go home oh hello Pig have you seen my magnifying glass no have you seen our dog no please not around here oh dear Arthur God lost him don't worry let's think of all the places he likes and go to them one by one we'll soon find him come on there is pig on swingers there you are Arnold hello Arnold have you got a lolly is it nice oh dear what's wrong with it Arnold that's not a lolly that's my stay there a minute Arnold I won't be long I'll be back in a minute Arnold try this what do you think called do you like it shall I take that one for you get ready to wiggle hi Henry hi Dorothy hi Greg hi everybody I'm on my way to Dorothy's dance party see I have my invitations Greg you're invited to my dance party – great well everyone's invited to my dinosaur dance party I'm going to the dance party well I'm going to the dance party – we're all going to the dance party even wags is going to the dance party well we'll see you at the dance party everybody it's a dance party it's star at these dance party everyone's invited so come on to Dorothy's dance party we're gonna shake down the shells you we're jumping in and out and turning around everyone's invited to this dinosaur party everybody the dog and captain bear the song they gonna be Oh it's Dorothy's dance party won't you buy tail so come on – Dorothy Stan's party we're gonna shake we're gonna shout out we're jumping in and turning around everyone's invited to this dinosaur party at the door rajen captain Feathersword they're gonna be there [Applause] [Applause] now available on home video [Applause] you

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