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Labor Day Luxury Coach (1285). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.131

Labor Day Luxury Coach (1285). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.131

Hey there, good morning and happy Labor
Day to all of you out there! Welcome to Marathon Mondays with Mal. Whether you’re
watching on Facebook or YouTube, thank you for joining us on this Labor Day
weekend. It’s Labor Day Monday 2019 and I am inside a beautiful pre-owned coach: 1285. X3 double-slide. And I’m gonna show you real quick how beautiful coach 1285
is. It’s pre-owned. This bedroom here, the bed is all the way pushed up, which
creates more space here in the aisleway. Five TVs throughout, of course all
Samsungs. I’m actually standing in the back closet right now. Let me jump out of
here, turn around so you can see just how large that closet is. It’s got the
audio-visual on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side you’ve got the
stacking Askos right there. Nice, large hanger bar in the rear and then looking
at the bedroom, you’ve got a lot of road, a lot of storage, in coach 1285. If you’re
looking to get into what’s virtually a new Marathon coach, 1285 is it! It’s
pre-owned. It was purchased not long ago. It only
has 6,000 miles on it. And the owner decided to do something
else, and so he has let us consign it for him. Lots of storage in 1285. Look at the size
of this closet here. All right,
more storage down here, shirt closet right there. Looking back into the bedroom look at all that storage over there. When
you talk about needing storage, I think coach 1285 really shows you what you can
achieve. I like the backsplash lighting on there. Right? And then looking back in the coach,
look at that: beautiful heated floors. I love the fireplace being on in the salon. I’ve got the accent lighting on the ceiling, accent lighting on, the stile lights on, and the fireplace,
with all of the blinds closed, for a reason: I wanted to show off all that
lighting. Speaking about lighting, let’s look at the shower. Beautiful tile work all throughout this
shower, very large shower and another thing I like about it is: not only does
it have a ledge right there for you to put a leg up, but it’s got excellent
seating inside here. Now if I hit shower accent, I’m going to step back in here into the water
closet so you can see a little bit larger what’s going on in there. Shower accent is really nice and of
course, you do have shower lights right there. You can turn that shower accent
off and just see the beautiful tile work in there. All right. Fisher & Paykel
refrigerator/freezer right there in the galley. Lots of storage in the galley as
you can see from top to bottom Pull out… …pantry. Isn’t that nice? Good colors throughout. I like the two-tone couch.
It’s got the leather into the fabric Isn’t that pretty? Hope everyone had a really good Labor
Day. I was down in Pacific Shores in Newport, Oregon, one of the best west
coast parks. Take a look at that: embossed leather in the cockpit. Pacific Shores is such a nice park and
it’s just so close to Marathon’s corporate office here in Coburg, Oregon. There’s a really good shot all the way
back of coach 1285 and if I hit “master lights” here and brighten it up a little
bit, so you can see a little bit more detail as I walk through one more time. So hope everyone’s having a good Labor
Day. I know we are. As part of the Marathon family, thank you so much for
participating and hanging out with Marathon Mondays every Monday. Really
enjoy bringing you this content showing you what Marathon is up to every single
week, and if you’re thinking about getting into a coach, whether it be a new
one or a pre-owned, feel free to contact me. You know how to do it:
[email protected] That’s [email protected]
E-mail me! Let’s talk about it. Let’s see what we can do. If you’ve got a trade-in, if you need to
get financed, if you’re ready to go on a pre-owned or a new coach, we can do so. Gotta love a large closet, man. Look at that. All the way back into the rear of the
coach one more time. All right, everybody.
Happy Labor Day! Be safe. Don’t forget to be yourself and do good things. Reach out to me if you are
interested in getting to a coach or if you have comments or questions about the show.
Thank you so much to all of our YouTubers out there, all of our Facebookers.
Let us know what’s really going on. Talk to you later.
Take care and be safe!

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  1. Sorry ?

    What a clash of boring colors!

    Nature has no straight lines why do you have so many in the bathroom ?

    This isn't up to class.

    Please do yourselves a favor and invest in a great designer.

  2. Great coach! So many favorite features, like the perfect shower, pull-out pantry drawers, fireplace, lots of storage drawers and closets, fireplace, beautiful sofa and dinette uphostery and handsome flooring. Just need a half-bath added! Truly a nice coach.

  3. I like but one question we're can I put my Hot Wheels collection?🚍
    I'm being funny I love all the Marathon coaches are the best..A good friend of mine love his!"

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