Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Labor Day protests take place in Europe to mark May Day

Labor Day protests take place in Europe  to mark May Day

labor demonstrations have been taking
place across the world including Europe marking the May first Labor Day song
Young has the details they came out in their tens of thousands
in many countries demanding mostly two things higher salaries and better
working conditions in Europe Frank so 15 thousand demonstrators take to the
street for May Day rallies in some 200,000 cities including Paris more than
seven thousand police were deployed to counter them responding with tear gas
and water cannons in Germany tens of thousands gather in major cities
including Berlin demanding an increase of the minimum wage and the right for
collective bargaining meanwhile Pope Francis suffered a made a prayer for
people experiencing the global tragedy of unemployment he put emphasis on the
importance of fair job distributions saying that having a job is a
precondition of human dignity Sango Arirang news

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