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Labor Day With Angry Grandpa!

Labor Day With Angry Grandpa!

holy motherfucking shit you got that muhfucka road yep bye sorry I need a heartfelt man I settled on four beautiful I need to hear in words he do that I never roll all right I'm sorry I broke TV I promise you I won't break another one your key beat I'm sorry Brooke you got the F key be alright damn how much you saw you broke the chicken ain't bird I got it you can you done right now keys up testa Wester ain't you a battle family oh man that ain't right cuz your house is a museum with people come to see them they're all together real real the AL the green family he like that I'm pretty good I'll try but even valid me to break it I feel that be gentle with the meat I'm ghetto a mummy then Carolina proud leaders I've got about Carolina Weiner oh shut up hey Mark huh was it magic trick yeah how about that you know how I got here did you know that Hamburg me the frigerator look Brown I don't think it's safe suitable maybe hamburger hydrotherapy as could be me I could be hamburger could be they were just in the fridge I figure out cooking die you know what kind of meat that is you'll be joking it's maybe meat it may be hamburger looking ground up a cat maybe I'll never admit it would you go call Peter well eat up all the chicken you can tonight cuz come Tuesday you eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich where you gon keep your lip balm what will break you eight what do that I don't even know a gaseous really is actually what good not better peanut butter JD tan damn look everyone look funny she cook it nice not that one wedding George guilty chicken thighs anyone ever looks at West looks nice that one pays taxes what are you doing you dip it up that's why you do feel like I don't rock with a bottle I hope yeah ah what you don't let my chicken yes help from Dora I don't get you one way I can Jenna you don't do it right now hesitation their presentation their thing yeah watch that fucking Bobby Flay yeah I have his chicken did look like a hockey puck knew that you can't even the food like that what's wrong now let's not cremate the burgers are finished make sure that all right yeah first time you made a burger that Exton turned out okay y'all have a nice Labor Day enjoy had me for Labor Day with Grandpa

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  1. You know he was man of his words until the ps4 era that's when he broke another one because if the internet

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