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Last Minute Labor Day Party ๐ŸŽ‰ with Cricut Maker + FELT!

Last Minute Labor Day Party ๐ŸŽ‰ with Cricut Maker + FELT!

okay oh my gosh hello everyone we are live and I hope we're connected to Wi-Fi and getting a really awesome connection because tonight me and Kendall are super excited to share with you another awesome DIY project it is almost going to be Labor Day it's coming up very very soon and I thought and Kendall thought what would be the best way to make an awesome little DIY project that you can make with your new Cricut maker for your Labor Day festivities summer is coming to an end and we're like we still want to pretend like it's summer because who doesn't want to stay in those summer vibes even though we know follow us coming I mean heck I'm already being some fall crafts but Before we jump in today's project I want you to share with us where you're visiting from be sure to let us know in the comments I want to see the comments popping up Kendall will read some off to us as they come in as you all know we're based in Knoxville Tennessee and over in the east side of Tennessee enjoying the amazing like transition from summer to fall in the obvious first of September weather so Kendall is we have anyone yes hot from Utah hi Angela says hello Angela from Maryland Dallas Boston yes so excited to have you guys so if you all didn't know we're crafting with felt tonight we're using the fabric grip mat we're using the rotary blade but a lot of you all have been saying tanner I signed up for the e course I'm transitioning from a silhouette user to do a Cricut user and I thought this would be the perfect video getting you excited for the course showing you some things about design space making a project start to finish so if you all haven't registered for the course it kicks off the first group kicks off Tuesday September 5th it is going to be a blast and if you want more information and to claim your seat right now at our exclusive price the first link in the description box I promise you guys it's going to be a lot of fun and we're going to make awesome projects like this and walk you through the exact steps of cutting all of these materials because with the cricut maker and kind of be intimidating so yeah so yes Joanne says that you're so fun to watch and she is 66 oh you're here with us we're doing the love a little bit later because we we made smoothies and before we went live we went to Walmart to get the colored felt we want but I guess you guys are wondering what are we making for a Labor Day last-minute project so I was on design space we've been looking all over for an awesome idea and then we stumbled upon where was it it was under the take a sip section and it's a citrus coaster that is a make it now project that is free I'm pretty sure and it is super cool I'm super excited because these are really awesome I cannot wait to make them with you so what you need to do is seriously like they take care of everything for you so they give you instructions they give you materials we're making the last-minute version so we're not going to do the embroidery thread but if you want to have this make look like seeds I highly recommend you going in and doing that it's totally cool but yeah all you have to do is click make it and it's going to prepare your sewing projects and now what it's going to do is prepare your cuts so right here it shows your mats it shows that we need four different colors and we have that so we have white green blue and pink and you've already picked out our felt colors we took that and went to Walmart these pieces of felt guys 23 cents a sheet you cannot get any cheaper like this is perfect really inexpensive felt people's been saying I don't know how to cut like an expensive belt can it could be an expensive belt tonight we're making this project to show you that yes you can cut the more inexpensive felt just as well as some thicker felt so hopefully it works out we're doing this live and that's one of the things I love about doing live videos so guys here we go we're going to use I don't want to walk over to the studio so we're just going to use a new fabric trip map that's going about 24 obviously we don't need the 12 X 24 length right with right now but you know it's in here so it's ready to go so all you want to do is lay your fabric out onto your mat we're using the felt with the fabric right now and we're going to load it into a machine just like you would any other craft project so press load Maria says hello hello Maria I am so excited for everyone that has registered for the course if you haven't claimed your seat I would love for you to let me know any questions you have oh we have a question about the course how do you change the email that it will be sent to so all you have to do is send me an email I think there's been a few of you that have reached out and said hey I use my other email that goes to spam and I use my husband's email so if you just let me know I'll add you to a special list that we can get that fixed for you so it should be good to go just be sure to reach out and what we're done as we've loaded or felt now what it's go tell us if we go ahead and press go right now is it's gonna be like um you didn't have the right blade in so before the software even tries to tell us we made a boo-boo we're going to be proactive and check it out so you want to grab your rotary blade right here this awesome awesome blade that is perfect for any fabric material we're going to open our beat clamp just like so we're gonna get our regular blade everyone's familiar with this one am i right I love this one we're just gonna sit it right here because Cricut design under this perfect little pouch where it has rubber for your blades to sit right in here perfect so you can just let that chill down there when you're wanting to do another project with Final or something like that then you want to line up your gears and if you all watch my fabric impressions video or first impressions with fabric I made a error and said that you want to take this off believe me or believe it or not you need to leave that on so do not take that off it'll save you Tom it makes your life easier and you can see here that it's all good to go we closed it Cricut makes it so easy for us so now that's all ready to go let's look right here what we're going to do to get started with our coasters is we're gonna cut out these three circles so are you all excited to see how the felt cuts I always get nervous cutting on live but um it's already connected to another browser or tab would you like to reset the devices connection yes please so when you have to reset the devices connection I use multiple browsers because I'm working on multiple projects Assad's days it will double times sometimes you want to reconnect it's totally fun what we're gonna do is relive a map and now we're going to pick out what material were using so if you're not used to using the maker now you're using and setting your material right here in design space rather than on the actual machine so all we have to do is select fill and it's gonna say hey use the rotary blade on step two and now it's go say when we're ready to go we go over to the machine and just like before it's going to give us everything we just want to be able to press the flashing Cricut and that says hey tanner it's good to go you can cut so let's go ahead and press that and let's let's get close-up and watch this cut because I'm super excited watch it's making sure that we're using the right blade right here guys super awesome because if you were using the wrong blade it would ruin the material so it's go say yay we're good to go and now it's cutting yeah awesome super cool guys what are you thinking are you all excited have you cut felt with your maker yet are you excited to get your maker like what is the reactions I'm super excited to hear so okay we've cut our three first circles for this project we're going unload this and pill up on Matt look at these perfect circles oh my god we didn't have to do anything Kindle could you ever use scissors no way I could never cut these perfect felt circles or out of any material I am in love with this so they did amazing but now you're like Tanner okay like it's awesome in cut circles now we're going to go in and cut something a little bit more intricate ease up and now we're going to lay down our first color so to follow the order of Cricut it says to pull out your green right here and we're gonna lay it down just like so and we're going to continue the cutting process because this is a make it now project guys I didn't have to assign the colors I didn't have to place anything I didn't have to size anything they take care of everything for you so if you're never used cricket before Cricut has hundreds of making out projects that you're able to get inspired with customize as much as you want or as little as you want and go with it so I thought this was a perfect project to showcase how you're able to spell in the new Cricut maker which I am just crazy over Andrea just ordered the eight cores and she's on here with us I'm so happy you ordered it I'm so happy you're here live I think it's awesome that you're able to tune in and watch with us live and see what happens next okay so we've loaded it in just like before rotary blades still in pressure cut wonderful so we're not going to change it if you're using a thicker fill or may they never felt after you clicked on the material it says pressure I'm set to default you can click more pressure or less pressure so this is kind of how they've changed up the pressure settings for your new setting the pressure in design space so now once we're ready to go we're just gonna press that cricket button that flashing cricket one more time or we're actually go cut it a few times so we have now pressed that and it's going to still check the blade make sure that we have the right blade in we're not going to mess up our material or anything like that so once it knows we're good to go here it goes cutting yay I love watching this cut supercool aching it a second trip in super awesome I love it Robin says this is really mates I think so too Robin it is a lot of games major and all of your crafting being able to use fabrics and fell and leather with the rubbery blade like awesome guys so no you're not getting bored watching it cut I wanted to be able to show you a full project start to finish with the Cricut maker tonight because everyone's been requesting more in-depth videos showing you what we can do what the options are so today's a lot of inspiration Jennifer wants to know how thick the fabric in it cut so Jennifer we forget if I came out with an official list of everything you can cut but I do want to say that they've been that they release this machine every seat which was over 200 seats they have all kinds of different fabrics from sequin fabric to all kind of different fabrics that it was game there's so many Sheila's also cutting felt right now really twins crafting it up with Cricut I am so excited for you I hope you're enjoying this awesome experience – she needs a new Cricut make yes Robin you were loved and awesome so now once it's ready to unload it you'll see its top and then the matte button – will flash back to unload it and now here is a little bit more better view of how awesome this matte works so check it out guys I would never be able to cut these awesome little pieces look at this so easy this is a live video showing you how awesome and how easy it is I would never be able to cut these out by hand so thank you to the whole cricket team check that out how intricate how awesome we're ghosted these over to the side here with my hand off so we can cut the next bunch Melissa I can't wait to see you in Dallas I'm so excited for Dallas I had no idea Atlanta is like not this weekend but next weekend which means I am going to be gone I was gone last weekend traveling and I was going that weekend before that kind of traveling and then I'm gonna be gone in Nashville this weekend and the next weekend is Atlanta we have a lot of stuff going we have a lot of fun I cannot complain I'm super excited so now what we're going to do is our extra fell over to the side because we saw the time left and we're going to load our Balu and just to repeat the same process and while this one cut we can start piecing together green one or we can wait until they're all kind of out we'll see we'll see we'll see so loading this in here I'm going to make sure everything's good to go just like so super awesome and in the course we talk about like what Matt to use from what materials and everything like that there's so many things that we teach about the Cricut maker in the course giving him like a full one-on-one on life what's different between the maker versus the Explorer like which ones like that's for you obviously I like the maker because it has way more possibilities and what I'm one of those people like if I can spend hundreds of dollars on the machine I'd rather spend a little bit more and get the opportunity because you never know when you're going to be able to cut film you never know when you're gonna be wanting to be cutting fabrics if you don't have it so it's kind of nice to have it when you want it and getting out of your comfort zone and they think I mean so that's just like kind of a short little recap of what my thoughts are but definitely I think a lot of people will be able to enjoy it super cool can it click offices yes you really like it comes with a map and a map and the lock grip map but you know overall you just need a light grip at least and then a fabric grip and a regular one depending on how much material you want to cut obviously some will take a stronger grip man so it depends on what you want ease it work but it comes with two so that's awesome what kind of blade do you need to cut the cereal boxes um I think right now well when the ninth leg comes out that'll be your best friend for chipboard balsa wood cereal boxes everything like that a knife blade is honestly a craft knife on steroids it's like the rotary blade but for thicker materials like your cereal boxes and that'll be coming out fingers crossed early it's the fabric mat 12 by 24 no so the one that comes in your machine is 12 by 12 I just had this one the closest one to me and I wanted to go live so pretty quick and I just wanted to use that so you can use the checker one so awesome it is awesome oh my gosh I love this so since you may be getting bored watching this cut you know we only have one more to do you don't want to see a cut again somebody tell me what you want to do is up Hilda's up tell me if you want to watch it cut one more so we can make a whole set on camera or if you just want to see these two right here come together cuz I'm down everyone wants to see the people okay we won't cut a big one we are here to serve you all so I'm just peeling these up real quick and we will cut our pink one super excited guys are you all enjoying your Thursday I cannot believe the week is flying by as quick as it is I am super excited for the weekend let me know your Labor Day plans in the comments are you going to be getting ready for more crafting with your Cricut or is your family doing any cookouts we're going to be at Nashville to be a lot of fun so super excited and again guys I didn't have to set up any of this this is a make it now project so it literally tells me okay tanner cut the pink one already at four when you're ready to go you can come over here and press the flashing cricket and it will just cut it for you so again it's going to go check the play to make sure we still have that awesome wherever you played in there which I love this new feature because there's been times that I'm cutting different materials and I forget to change the blade out maybe I needed the deep cut blade now I didn't use it so this just helps everyone Chris is having a church cookout I love church pick out everyone brings such sure your daughter will be super excited to see you Jennifer gets are easy press September cynics partying with the easy brother easy prey do you love the dress here I don't know anyone that I've shown the easy press to that this is like this is me the best thing you'll ever have she's taking said that she crafty for her sorority oh you are the best sorority Angie is going to the baby shower for her first great grandbaby for you guys going to be working to create a bedroom we're already newest for Mike cleaning my craft room playing with my Maker yeah and if weather warms up a bit hoping to get out some boating so jealous visiting family in West Virginia awesome guys okay we are 89% through with our last panic so guys we didn't have a lot of felt cover options at Walmart at 11 o'clock at night our Hobby Lobby obviously this plug so I'm not in love with like all these colors together separately they're really cool I wish we were able to get different blue but you know what we're not complaining it's just nice to be here teach you some about the career to explore teach you some about make it now projects which are my favorite with us who doesn't love easy right it's awesome what kind of fabric is this that you're cutting we're gonna built so it's the cheap 23 cents her she felt the cricut cuts it also check check out how awesome and intricate all of these were to cut super easy I love that I really just want everyone to look at how awesome how small how perfect each of these shapes are for eat every single one of them no mistakes no errors rate awesome so now that we're going to get all of these off I'm going to sit on them to the side some workspace and then what we're going to do is look at our inspiration picture because what I love is that for make it now projects you get the inspiration on how to sort of place everything make sure everything looks so what we're going to do is take our first circle and we're gonna sit these to the Sun and what we're going to do is glued this one on to here to make our first wing and I'm using just a fabric fusion can I wanted this to be like a last minute DIY sewing project and when you're doing sewing projects you really want it to dry quick you don't want to have to pull out the sewing machine and everything like that so stopped out you know the other way awesome Deborah's gonna cut that for her kids in her Sunday School class oh my gosh I love that idea see I love that the maker is able to be used in so many like schools and church organizations like that is so awesome so here we go and I'm just applying a nice even layer of this clear fabric fusion from it Lane's highly recommend it is the Walmart felt thinner than the Cricut Phil um I would have will have to do a size comparison it's probably not that much thinner but it's just not as nice of quality I would I think it's more of a quality thing than a thickness or something like that so now what we're going to do is sort of start positioning these little little citrus slices with a little glue want to make sure it gets close to the edge I love that the fabric fusion is clear and unless these little pins like it's the perfect size it's perfect to travel we're just gonna start positioning these and sort of see how much how far apart we need it you do want to apply some pressure since it is felt to fill but I don't know if that's exactly where we want that one position so we're just go start gluing these together it's kind of so let's show them it is a fabric fusion and Alain's pin you can find these at Walmart as well they're really awesome for any no-sew projects and it's one of my favorite brands of glue anything from Elaine's is amazing so we're just go even lean distribute that I don't know how well you all can see it since it is clear clear glue what but it does work really well so you know I'm going to do two on this side then do the reverse side so it kind of winds up I don't know the perfect way to want all of these up so I'm going to apply some glue I'd rather do this a little slower than trying to get it done look right or you you know what I mean guys like sometimes I rush craft project something like oh my gosh what am i doing so Sonny puts a book on it after that's an awesome idea okay so like right now I don't know if that pieces we're positioned right or not so I'm go fill it up and just a little bit more glue and that is what we're going to do we're gonna apply something with some pressure to make sure this gets glued down it's such a great idea okay no it's over this side I think is the best way to do it kind of like you should we get everything on there and now we'll go in and put two more over here and maybe scoot one over so I've never made one of these before guys I literally just got inspired I was like you know showing the live the entire process is one of my favorite parts because I know as a consumer or someone that watches videos when you can show where you messed up and like what you would change it really helps me make mine better so maybe just get these together some more we'll see see how this goes and then want one like right here and scoot him over some loser since Belinda doesn't get to go to the Houston show she said that her husband's gonna let her bother maker yay awesome awesome super excited you will love it and honestly having a maker is going to change the way you craft in so many different ways so I think you are a winner either way Jennifer says think of a pizza when you're piecing this together ha ha ha you know what that is what I'm thinking of trying to reverse cut a pizza I'm got the slices and I'm piecing them together I just want to make sure that they're spaced properly the pizza never had to be spaced oh my gosh can you guys tell that when I get him on live at night that I've had a very long day and half the things I say probably don't make any sense thank you it's a lot of fun okay Doug just adding these on here and we've got two more and it's coming together I see a few things we'll move around but get these last two at least on here and then we'll make a few more do you all have any questions of like other things we should do with our maker to sort of help you all this side maybe if you want to purchase one maybe you know you've got yours and you're looking for inspiration ideas like let us know cuz we're looking to sort of help everyone at home you know what I just noticed no I think I'm doing it right I was trying to see if they had it like how their spacing was okay one milli have you done Ivana project oh my god yes check out after this live video head on over to not before last was live because we made an awesome what was this thing its folio or hey hello fall I made an awesome vinyl project that you're going to love and we showed how to use it with the Cricut maker and mostly how to use the easy press which I'm obsessed yes everyone's wanting to see full projects awesome good to know good to know I'm repositioning all of these to fit and be even okay so sunny with the book idea is amazing because as you can see here it's kinda wanting to pop up but guys check it out you can now go in and if you want to embroider it you're more than welcome to but since it's a last-minute project since it's for Labor Day these are going to be adorable what are you all saying what do you want cuz there's I love the idea of having a little citrus coaster especially with fail if you want to give it a little bit more support than just fell you can add one of the wooden coaster backings that are like a Hobby Lobby that our circles already cut super awesome and I can't wait until I get my knife blade and I can use balsa wood and use that to cut some coaster frames and just add that extra support so super awesome I had loved this and will be able to piece together the other ones and I'm going to put this on a book and let this dry and we'll probably add this to the website pretty soon showing how to make some other ones I think I'm going to sit down and make these look a little bit better from the lineup even but you know they take time and it's just so much fun working with Belle as you all know if felt isn't my favorite thing to touch and play with but it is a really awesome material and I love the possibilities with it the maker has kind of opened my horizon opened my eyes to all the things you can do with Belle so you all have any other questions are there any other things we can do tonight and let you all know about the science space or the Cricut maker and you know if you all want to join us we are launching our eCourse Tuesday I would love to have as many of you all that would like to join us hop in we're going to be releasing videos every week for the next couple of weeks exclusive to the members of the eCourse free SVG files those videos are not live videos they're actual videos that you're able to just read watches and consume as long as you want and as often as you want if you want questions on cutting felt that we go even deeper and testing all types of felt and of course you know you can look reference that whatever you want so it's really cool what all comes with the maker so what comes with the maker we have an unboxing video for the maker if you want to head on over to the channel but I'll try to remember everything you get you get your rig blegh you get your every blade you get an e maker you get a light grip mat you get a fabric grip mat you get one marker I believe and you get the cords obviously and I don't know if there's anything else there's obviously on the manuals and then you get a cricket sends a little awesome packet or a little envelope and it says for your first project and it's the materials to test out your husband's fabric in there and some cardstock to make your first project which i think is so adorable that cricut thought of giving you the materials to make your own project with the maker as soon as you get it I really love that um echad cutting metallic metallic yeah metallic fondant but it was hard to weed how can you get it to cut twice um you can go in and do a multi cut which you have to do don't have to get a video for that because sometimes I don't know if the metallic final is having the same issue as the glitter vinyl they're having to change a small adjustment for the pressure that the maker is giving the glitter vinyl so it comes out a little bit better so that's a thing Cricut is aware of that and they're fixing it for the glitter bottle and maybe they're having the same difficulties with the metallic vinyl so hopefully they'll get that resolved and maybe you just you're using the Explorer and you've had the same blade in it maybe it's time to change the blade but if you're only experiencing it with your metallic maybe you want to run it through twice or maybe it's you know pressure issues so should you get a scoring tool or does paper projects have score lines already there they have a special stylus that is able to score that you can buy that is sold separately but you could also do the lines if you wanted to it's kind of up to you but I highly recommend having the scoring stylist is really cool and I love that cricket thought of everyone making the cards and everything like that specially with all of the 3d projects that are able to make myth your cricket which I am a big fan of and we're talking about that actually in the course so we're talking at all about like making the 3d projects and how honestly the cricket does like all the hard work and you are able to just make it go piece it together no wow it's a 3d project and it's super like you're not having to worry about anything like that so how do you create your own sewing patterns in the maker so there's a few ways and cricket has really gotta figure out the best way that you're able to upload your own patterns as this is such a new idea of cutting the sewing patterns they want to be able to figure out the best way for you as an individual to design and upload your own for example what is a line for cutting the seam allowance or drawing the seam allowance and then what does it cut line so they're working on that there'll be things coming out very soon to teach you all about that um but for now Cricut is designing their own sewing patterns Nick partnered with simplicity which is an amazing brand that talks all about sewing and whatnot to give you a ton of sewing patterns simplicity is really excited within this partnership and a partner with Riley Blake for fabric which is amazing I cannot wait for you all to learn more about it and if you haven't checked out Riley Blake they have a lot of awesome patterns so yeah is there anything else we can do for you all thank you so much for joining us and being patient as we cut all of the sale pieces I am so glad it turned out well and just again if you all are just joining us we were able to go through and cut these awesome shapes this is the excess but the Cricut maker was wonderful as always with cutting of felt I love it and it is super cool I know I've done a ton of testing the project so I'm glad we're able to make a full little little coaster for you as a last minute idea for your later would you do a video on things to decorate your table for Christmas I work on a restaurant and we love to decorate yeah I think that would be really awesome I cannot wait I'm just now getting into fall so give me a few weeks and we get through all my fall all the fall ideas I have but then Christmas we will hit it really hard because the maker honestly just using your Cricut maker to do a lot of your like personalized and customized like gifts for Christmas is going to save you a ton of money that could probably replace the cost of the machine and just what you would save instead of trying to pay all of these services to customize things for you so hey Tanner how can I start getting the mystery box so are you talking about the mystery box as we offer once a year or are you talking about Cricut mystery boxes I think you can sign up on Cricut calm somewhere to get a monthly subscription to their mystery box and if you for some reason saw our mystery boxes they are only available for like two weeks out of the year and I post a video so those are the two mystery boxes I know about I don't know about any other ones so a lot of fun any other question any idea what the HSN deal will be so I don't know the price for the HSN deal but I know that Cricut is partnering of HSN on their Atlanta and they may may be showing some more insight on what's in the bundle and talking about it there at the Oviatt so if you're attending the Atlanta event there may be some like spoilers and teaching you all about it and if there is I may be able to do a live video sharing with you all more inside scoop because you know I just said that cool I'm kidding because I love you guys hmm but all right guys as always thank you so much for watching and being part of our channel if you haven't subscribed and you just stumbled to this video thank you so much for watching the all the way through and hit that subscribe button give us a thumbs up and leave us a comment letting us know what you'd like to see her next and thank you so much for supporting me signing up for the course and I hope you all have a fantastic night thanks for watching guys

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  1. Hi Tanner, I'm considering buying a maker. I'm a newbie to crafting but very familiar with designing on Illustrator/Photoshop. I have a question about this project. what would I need to do if I wanted to only print the green and blue? Should I "cancel" before the pink is cut or somehow delete the pink layer?

  2. I have cut felt on my Cricut explore and it did fine ..I had a few hiccups but I'm excited with the new blade for the maker so it will make it a easier. I bought the Cricut Air and it's still in the box since seeing the Maker..I'm so buying this one for sure. I really enjoy your enthusiasm.

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