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LEARN ENGLISH for Christmas with FRIENDS | The Holiday Armadillo

LEARN ENGLISH for Christmas with FRIENDS | The Holiday Armadillo

Ho, ho, ho. Today you will learn with an unforgettable scene from Friends: The Holiday Armadillo You’re going to have a lot of fun, learn all about American culture and holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, all while increasing your vocabulary. And remember if you’re new here every single week we help you to understand fast speaking natives Without getting lost, without missing the jokes and without subtitles. Just like Muhammad who says he has a ton of fun learning English with our lessons. And you will too All you have to do is hit that subscribe button and bell down below so you don’t miss a single one of our new lessons. Hey, do you want to master connected speech like this? Well, the most fun way to do it is with our Fluent with Friends course. Every week for 48 weeks You’ll get a lesson accompanying the first two seasons of the series Friends. Plus you get 20 plus page PDF power lessons, vocabulary memorization software, access to our Fluency Circle Global Community and so much more and you can try for free right now with our three-part master class All you have to do is click up here or down the description below and you can learn more and sign up for that now Hey if you’re enjoying this lesson Then why not learn some more about Christmas culture in the United States with this playlist after you finished this video. All right Awesome job today, and I hope you’re having a happy holiday season wherever you are in the world Now remember is very easy during the holidays to give up on our goals on the things that we’re working towards Don’t make unless one of those things because you can have fun doing it with us so be sure to watch another one of the lessons that we have for you here and remember next time go beyond the classroom and Live your English. Awwww yeah!

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  1. Ethan I just wanna thank you sooo much for helping me on my journey every single week, you can't imagine how much you've helped me since I started watching your lessons, I'm pretty sure my English would be nothing without your amazing channel and your methodology 💙💙

  2. Тут есть русскоязычные? Поставьте лайк, пусть они подумают что я написал что-то офигенное

  3. I'm EXHAUSTED from trying to be stronger than I feel

    We don't really have a REPRESENTITIVE democracy if we don't have participation of most of our people

  4. You are really a good teacher .I have the drastic change in myself I am a student of class 10 and after learning english lessons from your channel I have used it my class and it was very much impressive for my english teacher .Only because of you👍🥰

  5. Thank you so much sir for one more fantastic lesson, my English comprehension has been improving since I started learning English with entertainment.

  6. I'm Russian . I learning English. Thank you so much for this video . It was interesting , but I didn't understand half of it. (Because I recently started)
    Thanks you again))))

  7. Ethan would you mind if you publish in your channel LEARN ENGLISH WITH SUITS, it’s a beautiful tv series which speaks about lawyers… or maybe GOSSIP GIRL/ THE VAMPIRE DIARIES everyone love it ! Or PRETTY LITTLE LIARS OR MAYBE LA CASA DE PAPEL😍

  8. How dih_jew guess, that I'm dwelling for your new lesson with friends, and I'm dwelling in my dreams with your channel with dramatically enhance my English.. thanks Ethan

  9. Hi! I'm from korea I'm a big fan of your channel and it's my first time of leaving a comment. When it comes to a language learning, In my opinion, the best way of doing this is having interest in the culture in that language. Your channel is a best fit for my theory.

  10. Ethan I'm from India and you know what I've learned a lot of vocabulary and correct pronunciation from your video's and I must say your way of teaching it's out of this world.. A big thank you lots of love from India 👍

  11. Ethan merry christmass for you channel .
    I wish you the channnel to be success,amin.
    From indonesia i am student in university.I am happy watching you video on my phone notification youtube and like your videos.

  12. Hi mr master!!!
    I cant belive its me when i'm watchin your lessons or even an english movie i almost could understand up to 80%of dialogues….
    Thats what i couldnt done since 2.5 monthes ago!!!
    Thats what i owe you…🥰🥰🥰
    & it make me happy if you could do me a favor
    Would you mind releasing more lessons during a week???
    Cruz I'm starving…

  13. Great video again. If you allow me to say . I'd like to tell you that some words like excited and present didn't need to be clarified.

  14. Wha'gwarn G mans english you need to teach some newer slang bruv peeps that don't know mans slang when we role up in england anyway good work on teaching people english

  15. Can you make a English video ,about learning English with Michael Jackson music's ,please ,, great job , congratulations .

  16. Hi there
    Please help me with this I can't find a right meaning for this
    What does this means : Here's to us , charlie's Anggels ?

  17. Ethan, Thank you so much for helping me learning English. I knew it in the first place that this method will help me improve my English especially the vocabulary. And it is true, now I can watch and understand the Hollywood movie without subtitle. Once again, thanks a lot 🙂

  18. Thank you for your lesson! I have some question about the following line.
    You must be exhausted, coming all the way from Texas.

    Why does not “coming all the way from Texas“ part have a subject?

  19. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve here! This lesson just hit the spot! I really liked this way to learn American cultures! Thanks RealLife guys 🥳

  20. 22:41 – Kinda a mistake in the last sentence of yours at the part "Learn from clip". You said that it was Ross who said that universe will implode when it was Chandler 🙂

    Using a moment want to say thank you for your awesome lessons, watchin' it for a long time now!!

  21. Hello, Ethan I just to say thanks cause you are helping me to improve my vocab at all&it is possible to share some IELTS&immigration related videos..I hope you will

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