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Leawood Labor Day 5K Gives Me The Runs – E240

Leawood Labor Day 5K Gives Me The Runs – E240

Well, here it is Monday morning, and I’m about ready to do the Leawood Labor Day 5K. And the cool part about it is I’m right here [fanfare sound] at my office so I’m really familiar with this course. I also ran out last year. And speaking of last year, I’m being joined again by Tom who’s here to support me and then afterwards, we’re gonna go to breakfast. But before we get to eat, I gotta head over this way [fanfare sound] to the start line. So, why don’t you come along with me and see how I do? Hey, everybody. There’s Clint. – Hello. [sad trumpet sound] ANNOUNCER: Get ready. [laughing] ANNOUNCER: Get set. ANNOUNCER: GO! [airhorn] [background music begins] – Hey, everybody! It’s Bailey! – Whoo! – Have a good run today. – We might for a little bit. [laughter] We’ll see. – This is how I drive home every day. – My goal is to finish. – Yeah.
[laughing] Have a good run. Here we are at the one mile. And also, the start is right there. We have to run that hill again. [volunteers cheering] Here we are how we are at the turnaround. I always find these hairpins hard for keeping up the speed. There’s Bailey! Earbud Bailey. I forgot to wear my Orange Mud headband. [volunteers cheering] Two miles. Here comes the last turn before the finish. It’s a little steep, but it’s short. Thank you. Go, Bailey! There’s my office. The finish is right there. Good job! – Hey, good job, Jason. ANNOUNCER: Hey, Jason!
Thank you for coming here today! Okay, I’m done and I did great. I finished with a time of 23:29, which is seven seconds slower than last year. So, I’m gonna blame it on bringing my GoPro. LAST YEAR: I’m not gonna be carrying YOU with me because I don’t want anything to slow me down. But, obviously, it makes for a BETTER video. Now, I’m gonna head to breakfast with Tom. And I’m gonna carb load and just really enjoy myself. If you enjoyed THIS video, please hit “SUBSCRIBE” and keep watching ’cause as you know, this is The Year I Got the Runs… with Tom. [instrumental hit]

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