Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. 4:23 Nowadays there is an all-female production of 12 Angry Men at one of the acting conservatories I've gone to and it's critically acclaimed. It's not that weird 27 years later. It's pretty perfunctory now.

  2. Would this fly in 2019? Whenever a douche bag racist is in office the climate changes and everything gets PC all the sudden. This had to be made when Clinton took the office after bush… lol. But this was and still is spot on in so many ways!!!! Lol.

  3. This sketch is a great time capsule, since things have changed so dramatically since 92. I'm straight, and watching this today I find it more insulting than funny. In 92 it was intended to be funny in a ridiculous, over the top way. Gay families were on the edges of society and still something to gawk at. This time period was also at the height of a cultural backlash against the changing social values of the 60s and 70s that lasted about 10 years. Mega-churches started growing in the 90s and Rush Limbaugh showed up on television.

  4. I dont know if it's more boring than sad or more sad than boring. I am sure it wasn't funny. I wonder what it was supposed to be.

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