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Liechtenstein (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Liechtenstein (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Oh in the middle of the triangular border of Germany Austria and Switzerland lies a treasure of the European ups the Principality of Liechtenstein hardly anywhere else in central Europe's experience such a rapid transformation from a dreamy agrarian state into one of the wealthiest countries in the world the village of Charlotte is located in the Northeast direct beyond the Austrian border in what is known as the Underland characterized by busy transport traffic 2,000 years ago an old Roman Road crossed the territory of today's parish of modern this a village of seven hills with Roman estates and bathing facilities was built on the elevations of the last ice age and in the 17th century were the first Christian Church later a women's monastery since 1305 modern has been a church community the modern church of the more elevated community of schellenberg rises above the town scape it was here that the history of today's principality began the ruins of a castle indicated past noble times in 1699 prince Johann Adam Andreas of Liechtenstein purchased the Dominion of schellenberg and the county of arduous was taken over thirteen years later the women's monastery in the Office of the Archbishop of the mostly Catholic principality symbolized the community from schellenberg of the roofs leads down to Rubin an ancient settlement the parish church consecrated in 1911 contains sections of older churches such as a winged altar that dates back to the end of the 15th century [Applause] the village boasts residences with fine gardens as well as the nearby arugula eat Nature Reserve the listed 18th century Korea from artists is now a museum Brenden part of the village of gamblin is one of eleven municipalities and lies in the southwest side of the ashlar mountain from the Churchill the view glides across the foothills of the romantic Rhine Valley and up to the massive mountain Massif of the Swiss schwag ugh both a parsonage and parish church the date back to 1539 indicate the forward importance of this place for it was here that the men from the Underland first swore allegiance to their prince on the western slopes of churchill is a lord grata that commemorates the mother of god after nature below modern industry you the main card of the Underland is ashen on the southern slopes of Ashna mountain with prehistoric settlement areas the parish church of Sint Maarten is located in the central square the character of the village has been well preserved and local quality of life has mostly been unaffected by contemporary times this is a strategic central area with excellent transport connections which leads the municipality of nando in which several important foreign companies that are involved in the global marketplace are located Rosenburg chapel is a historical landmark of Asia until 1808 the court of the former lordship of schellenberg sat in front of the chapel and was where executions took place you the Scheidler ceramics workshop in nen Dell is one of the oldest commercial enterprises in Liechtenstein with handmade works of art since 1836 earthenware exclusive ceramic art and tilted stoves have been produced here Shawn forms the border to the Overland a charming municipality with an attractive town center you the widely visible Sandler enters parish church dominates the slopes of the FS alley with an 81 meter high church town you Prince Johan ii finance the major part of its cost and the church was consecrated in 1893 [Applause] only the medieval tower of the original church has survived there are still traditional houses were romantic Gardens however the ancient settlement is no longer visible but there is a fourth century roman fort which was used as border security for the roman empire and was located on the Military Road from Brigance to Milan [Applause] and also the late gothic sent Peter Chapel that was built using the remains of the fort in around 1500 Fresco's depict the crucifixion and the schnitz or carving altar protects the mother of God a parish hall and provision of good restaurants reflect the success of the global companies that are located here with both train and bus station situated centrally Lichtenstein castle looms majestically above Vaduz the capital sunflora is located on the edge of the old tub built in 1868 in neo-gothic style and in 1997 officially dedicated as a cathedral master builder Friedrich von Schmidt planned this pillared Hall Church with its high altar and four evangelists a [Applause] small train travels to the outskirts in the Rhine Valley the Principality is a constitutional monarchy with a Prince's head of state a government and Parliament that administrates it together with the prince the modern Parliament building has contemporary accents along with the government district runs for a multi-faceted and glamorous smile here we're through traffic once rolled the main buildings of the old town flank a rocky hillside the Liechtenstein State Museum is housed within two historical buildings an impressive collection whose exhibits are divided into the history culture and traditions of the Principality traditional clothing plays an important role for the cultural identity of the region's people there's also an exhibition that focuses on the religious art of the Alpine region and a very old Lenten cloth with illustrated scenes of faith is a true treasure of the collection portraits of the forefathers of the Principality lead to photographs of today's governing royal family Lichtenstein is famous for its stamps so in its own post-office museum there are important documents and Lichtenstein's for Latin Akande postal history as well as many different additions of recent years world-famous banks play a huge part here and shine out in all the magnificence on each corner we continue our journey in vadas and visit the royal center of the prince exquisite wines are produced here and presented in a splendid rustic ambience for both tasting and purchase everywhere there are vineyards below the castle and between various buildings they highlight the city as a quite unique wine growing region situated within a vineyard the red house and its tower overlook a local village and in the Statler or dammed up historical houses alternate with a modern pedestrian area the Guildhall contains some splendid frescoes and the train doesn't seem to be afraid of any angle on the hillside above Teresa is the largest municipality in the country where the homonymous village of three sandberg in 880 metres above sea level forms the center the settlement was founded in the 13th and 14th centuries by the vulture shemin's cattle breeders and mountain farmers who left their homes of VAS at first they settled on the higher slopes and only later did they extend to lower areas where they founded today's village the valsa museum documents the history of this ethnic group and features a collection of modern wood sculptures and religious peasant art from cowbells to peasant life all is represented here with atmospheric living rooms and a fully functioning old loom a reliable and efficient bus network is also assured and reaches to the most remote areas of the Principality [Applause] [Applause] from tree sandberg a bus ascends the narrow and curvy mountain road to LP a fly an alpine area high above reduce the fine view into the rhine valley and the east swiss alps the road becomes steeper narrower and more winding as we entrust our lives to the driving skills of the bus driver [Applause] finally we arrived at our destination the end of our journey and where the bus can turn and from where hikers can experience further heights liechtenstein is a paradisaical untouched and beautiful mountain world that offers picturesque and often monumental views at the end of the 19th century the gaff lay-up was purchased by Karl schüttler to promote Lichtenstein's economy Shatner had a sparse Inter constructed here gah fly thus became the first health resort in Liechtenstein and has continued to be a popular holiday area right up to the present day at around 1,500 metres above sea level develop the scattered settlement of balsa again we travel into another mountain world two-thirds of which is pure Alpine country it was not until the reunion of the sovereignty of schellenberg and the county of vadas that the principality of liechtenstein was established while driving along the tunnel through the Starbuck it's worth noting that Napoleon granted Liechtenstein its autonomy and small mountain villages such as stick became municipalities of the Principality which were ruled from Vienna until the time of the Third Reich Baldwin is located at the end of the valley and is where the road ends 30 people live here at a height of approximately 1600 meters above sea level numerous tiny mountain huts service holiday homes and a stylistically when adapted to the rural environment although the valley beneath the psoriasis are quite populated the area has retained its relative solitude the Solomons draw many to the falconry galena that features some amazing birds of prey year of Falconer presents a variety of endemic birds of prey with golden eagles falcons gloss hooks and buzzards showing their in flight and homing skills the falconer allows the birds to fly freely for actual hunting as well as entertainment now even higher the Cerises yok was made accessible usual chair lifts it travels 400 meters in just a few minutes almost silently the chairs hover above a ridge and treetops as the huts on the valley floor grows smaller and smaller all around new mountain peaks emerge as we approach the station the view expands constantly a magnificent panorama awaits visitors with a view far beyond the country's borders from here can be seen the neighboring Swiss and Austrian Alps with Mal boon looking like a toy village below from the salasi off there are several trails along the ridge such as the princess Gina route that traverses various mountains of the border triangle you [Applause] more than 400 well-marked hiking trails are offered throughout lift in stein plus 160 kilometers in the Alps a place in which to gather one's thoughts a place of spiritual energy returning to the valley we visit Teresa the third largest area of the Principality which at the same time is also the northern neighboring village of the capital of Vargas on an elevated plateau in the upper village or a bird off the scent Mamata Chappell and in the sub village or hunted off is the parish church of some galas that dates back to 1843 in 1994 this sacred building was converted into a square whole church with a winged altar the wooden ceiling of your Hollis hoobin chopper shines out in all of its glory the prominent Guttenberg castle is freestanding on all sides and is situated on a 70 meter high rock it's the main landmark of Balsas the most southerly municipality the parish church of San Nicholas is located directly below the castle donated by prince johannes ii to commemorate his 50th year of government office Viennese architect gustav von neumann designed the church which was inaugurated in 1912 a land that is so peaceful today was in fact hard fought for since the Middle Ages with the zurich war swedish war coalition War and Second World War this border town with Switzerland has frequently been affected by conflict the Maria hilf chapel originates from the 16th and 17th centuries according to legend was constructed in thanks to the Virgin Mary who expelled a wingless dragon or Linda verb principality is a treasure trove of both landscape and culture with mountains pastures castles fortresses and museums but leaked inside has also become a small modern state with a vital and indelible focus on Finance of Industry a tiny paradise that is also an important economic power you [Applause]

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  1. I was just in Lichtenstein last Saturday with my kids. I loved it but my kids were so bored because the weather was gloomy and cold for them. I am back in USA now and it was just like a dream. I love Europe and the culture of all those different countries in such a small area compared to US. I am already looking forward to visiting again soon.

  2. Beautiful country .. among all european microstates Andorra and Liechtenstein are my faves 😉 although i wish they were closer to the sea … well , Monaco is but i dont like it lolol

  3. Got to visit Liechtenstein way back in 1986 while stationed in Germany. Took a 4-countries-in-3-days tour just to visit Liechtenstein. Beautiful country. Hope to visit again someday.

  4. Huzur 🧘🏻‍♀️🇹🇷 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Lovely, what a peacful place! Beautiful country, I want to be there soon!

  5. Good video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to come across such a contents. We produce Travel & Food shows as well, around the the world, and so we are constantly hoping to find inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

  6. Man, I really wish to visit Liechtenstein one day.
    greetings from another small country; Montenegro.
    Liechtenstein ist aber wunderschön ^_^

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