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Live: Labor Day brings crowds to Beijing Expo 2019“五一”小长假去哪里?世园会等你

Live: Labor Day brings crowds to Beijing Expo 2019“五一”小长假去哪里?世园会等你

hey what's up everybody this is a lijing Jim from City teen digital and today we are at an international haunted cultural experts exhibition exhibition today's the May the first actually the labor state and I'll show also the first day of four days national holidays so this is packed with all visitors from all around the road absolutely my name is Omar Khan I'm sure some of you have seen me doing a few more live streams and earlier here yeah it is a Labor Day holiday it's meant to be a day off but clearly we're not getting that we're not having a day off I've been here this is my third day at the International Expo and I saw day one there wasn't so many obviously a large crowd it's an opening of this International Expo yesterday picked up it was a lot more people as blue skies clear skies absolutely gorgeous but today I can really feel it trying to get around it's been kind of tough it is tough you know like this morning I was trying to get here because normally this is like in the north of Beijing really far away from near the Great Wall right normally you just take like a two-hour drive from the city centre so here but today I took like four hours to get here it's crazy and I know that the distance is a bit of a bit of a pain it's a bit of a cold but it's you think 70 kilometres from the city centre of Beijing to yenching it's not that far but it is taking time it just proves that so many people are coming but I know the the local government entering in Beijing they came together they built several new highways to connect the city there's a train you can even get up to here so transportation I don't think the networks of transportation of getting here are bad but I just think there's a lot of people who are using them so at this kind of influx time it's extremely busy to get here but like you said you just got here this morning what what have you seen so far what's it been like for you it's well expect much more to be honest entertaining day but actually it's not because on the way here our car was barely moving that's very frustrating I know that can that can definitely spoil a sort of an event like this you've been waiting all day to get here but if you can spend more time I've like I said I told you is that I've been here for three days I got to check out some of the now those I feel a good opportunity for if there's a local people here in the end saying if or anywhere from across China if they haven't had the chance perhaps to go abroad or to visit Europe or to visit Africa coming to this horticultural event it's not just about flowers and green technology in the environment you could actually go to one of the pavilions to try their food try their beer I had plenty of beer so far experience different cultures absolutely yeah last night I was at the Ghana Pavillion I walked in they had things on sale dad so perfumes alcohol drugs I had a variety of things you can buy I then asked for a performance they gave me music dancers fantastic so it's definitely intercultural events not more than just the green tech I'm kind of curious because for me normally and leaving a signal like a Beijing the concrete jungle so a better chance to see like any plants flowers or forests so for me this is like of course interesting experience to actually have experience of being the nature being the wild but like you are from very green country yeah experience for you oh it's still I still find this song I'm from Canada and of course it's a lot of green space but half of the year it's covered in snow it's hard it's kind of hard to compare because we're here at an event which is meant to attract people it wants people to be here that's an objective to showcase flowers to showcase certain technology in the green space sector but for me to say oh the nature or the outdoors lifestyle in Canada it's not truly comparable but again I can see in terms of what certain countries are showcasing I can use certain flowers for example certain colors just the grid the bright green sort of feeling you get when you walk through certain pavilions yeah I can kind of relate to that but again it's meant to be an event especially during this holiday this main holiday right now is get your family get your kids come out here walk around there's plenty of restaurants and enjoy but probably you need to be prepared for this crowded environment you can see like a week you can see you from our background they were kind of lot of visitors plenty of people yeah you know for me I was like I mentioned I was going through the international pavilions and at first I thought okay they'll be mostly Chinese people here a lot of locals but no the international turnout as we pass some jazz this is jazz something that's happening here excuse the sound but I think there's a huge turnout of internationals of people from around the world so that kind of gives kind of proof that this event is truly a global event so sorry – our view is we are absolutely stuck in a sea of people we do have a 360 camera I don't know if our technicians can cut to it right now as well because you probably already hear that sounds that loud noise music it's actually there was some performance going on in this wild nature so and performers singers from around the world of performing their fast arms and and there's there's actually a really cool feature about this it's a six-month event over 160 days for example let's say it's French France national music day or an Independence Day in another country those countries here at their horticultural pavilions can also kind of synchronize those celebrations so let's say you wanted to go to France for their national music festival you can't get to France you can't come to Europe you could come here and see what the French Pavilion is going to be doing like I said if there's another country celebrating their their independence day or their national day you can come here and kind of experience that now as for the the – I know you just got here so trying to give you some suggestions the Chinese pavilions including the provinces the SAR s that air the autonomous regions and they all throughout this this six-month stretch they will have about four or five days each and it's a sort of special week so let's say you're I don't know Guangdong province and you're here in Beijing you're here in the entering and you want to say oh how is my home province of Guangdong celebrating whatever event they're specifically you can go check that out and and it's a full focus on Guangdong so they've really kind of prepared that that people can really plan coming here it's not you arrive here and what do I do I was just doing a live live hit with the TV side talking about the volunteers here it's it's really well organized and so far it's been a good experience but I'm getting to that point of it would be nice to go get have my dinner lay down for a bit I got a lot more to do over the next few days mean the TV the CG TNT and we just to give you a bit of it we I don't think we even explain this we're in a mobile studio we've set up two sort of mini golf carts to give you guys at home the closest experience you could get if you were here at the horticultural Expo we like I mentioned the 360 camera you can see what's going on around us and of course cameras are on the side of our vehicle but to get you a question I got here two days ago this is days way for me and I have about three more days left so we're looking at five to six days of time here and then for me it's no more flowers no more although it smells fantastic yes it is you can really kind of smell that flower scent in the air but now as the evening gets arrives that's something you should definitely check out last night they had some performances the lighting of this venue of this X was absolutely gorgeous lights up it's it's fantastic thank you so much we probably you plan to visit in the next few days I was thinking was going to check out the Russian pavilion and the Turkish and the Qatari Qatar will host the Horticultural Expo in three years time in 2022 alongside the FIFA World Cup and the Turkish pavilion is also significant here because they hosted several three years ago you know and Tahlia so and of course the Russian one apparently is using some some interesting green wall display so that's definitely something I want to check out really so on my way here in this in this part I walk past the a German Pavilion I've heard a lot about this pavilion there were so many people lining up to enter German pavilion and I heard provide free beer the German Pavilion is not the only one that provides free beer I've been seeking out where I can get that the Belgian pavillion actually there's a very I found it quite unique about the Belgian civilians what you see of it now what the Belgian pavilion looks like right now will look completely different in six months I spoke to the designer he said the seeds and flowers and trees they planted over time will change so if you come now if you're here in April or May and then you show up again in let's say August that pavilion will look completely different right your cameraman is ready to go yeah I think it's time for you this is my car this car because August crew gonna drawing another group and my cameraman gonna follow me so thank you so much thanks thanks bye I'm gonna return this back to my audio guys thank you so much bye this is out to mobile cars of CGT n so the TV crews are on this car doing live streams all these days so please do stay tuned on CD team CDT and to watch Alma bring the latest news about this International haunted cultural exhibition and now I'm standing in front of the China pavilion in this exhibition and this is one of the biggest and largest and most crowded pavilions here and as you can see people are lining up this is the I think the largest number of people visitors that I see today and and earlier when I would go I heard from the guy it probably would take all these visitors about two hours two to three hours to getting scientists china pavilion and to be honest it's really crazy but and i as i mentioned earlier with oma today is their first day of labors day the first day of labor stays national holiday and this year is press special because we have four days off basically the entire country is taking a break in May and that's why you can see so many people piling up here have such a huge passion to visit this place because they have been working for several months they really do need this break and I took a short tour inside this China prevailing a few hours ago in this pavilion different provinces of China showcase their best inside this house so basically each province has their own section inside this hall for example Heilongjiang giri lingsha every provinces and it promises showcasing their original their unique plants and flowers and also the cultural elements of their premises so if you do want to know more about Chinese culture the different culture of different provinces please to visit here but well maybe I give you a little bit tips just maybe don't visit here in peak hours because apparently during this four days holiday there are gonna be long queue and but like if you go don't go here during the peak hour it'll be okay so obviously I understand why they are so passionate because it's being they have been busily working for several months and so is for me that I've been working for like five months this year straight so it's really busy and this morning I took four and a half an hour from the city center of Beijing to get here in North Beijing and because normally this drive is only about two hours if Treves well is only one hour and have one and half an hour to get here but today I took four and half an hour to get here and our car were barely moving all the way but other way we pass the the Great Wall because if you're a plan to visit China and plan to visit BG and the Great Wall it's worth waiting here because it's really close so I guess this is the same for most visitors because this is a ideal tour route visit the ritual and also visit this newly opened international horticultural exhibition do prepare for a long period during this four days national holiday it's um I can't imagine this thing and earlier or two hours ago I visit this tour so it's kind of like people are everything is like a bumper-to-bumper like I could barely move inside here and but it's definitely worth visiting so let our cab ran to to spend his camera a little bit to get a general view of this park I think last time I saw such a long queue was he met again so while you see this view of this park my editor in the studio telling me there are some there are some reviews from visitors so I will turn on my cell phone to check what's happening here also basically there's some connection issues I can't see any information from it my phone so later my editor in the studio will read you've got your comments too to me through my earphone so I will answer viewers questions later ok over there there's the one visitor just saying it's got like they're hesitating whether they shall lining up for this because it's gonna take them over two hours to get inside this china Pavillion but like even you're letting up like take a look at this architecture this beauty to be honest to be honest I like to enjoy the view no to be honest I like to see this all this architecture inside this pavilion because the architectures here the design are amazing so even if you just take a short tour inside this park it's still nice view because I've never seen such beautiful architectures to design our architectures over here let's just let's take a look at this beauty you see this golden structures and this waves of the roof actually it comes from the idea of Asians Chinese jade is called Rui so the shape is cut from the Rui and this golden lighting make this architecture really shining light under the sunshine and my editor from the studio just told me there's some some people asking where this part is and this part is too in yanqing unions in north Beijing so if you are going to visit the Great Wall just drive a little bit further north you will get here and if you don't know how to find a location just turn down any GPS turn on any map and search the name international how to cultural exhibition you will show the location if you don't have a car don't worry because there are several shuttle bus from this park to the city and from the city to the park as well so there are public transport special shuttle bus designed for this exhibition so go on the Baidu go on Google search the route it would definitely we'll find it in North Beijing yenching and actually Yan Qing the local government also cooperating with the Beijing government designs so many things and designed so many tourist routes for for for visitors from all around the world to have a perfect journey here so don't worry you'll find it and I Pro and now I'm gonna wrap up here because I'm gonna take another tour in another pavilion and they're also gonna be real long queue so I want to keep you on to see me queuing so thank you for joining us if you do want to know more about this horticultural exhibition stay tuned for CDT Adorama TV or CDT in digital we will bring you more information thank you so much for in for watching and leading team you

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  1. Such an inexperience host, she is here to promote the venue and said "i expected more". Viewers might get the wrong impression there isn't much to see.

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