Celebrating the Spring Holidays

London – A favorite holiday destination – LUXE.TV

London – A favorite holiday destination – LUXE.TV

Sale: a word that you cannot escape in London starting the day after Christmas Sales are everywhere with reductions even on food that can reach up to 80% off These sales favored by the fall of the pound following the Brexit vote have contributed to London being the favorite destination for Europeans for the year-end and January celebrations The observation is general here at Windsor Castle They’ve welcomed as many visitors as in August in the sky an aerial ballet at Heathrow Airport nearby confirms the dynamism of London at this time of year This medieval fortress is one of 5 Greater London destinations preferred by tourists, outside of commercial streets. You’ll need up to two hours of queuing to enter one of the biggest lived in castles in the world. This residence preferred by Queen Elisabeth II benefits from a micro climate on the banks of the river Thames. Its refined style serves as the context of many official visits. As a general rule, the Queen stays many weekends here and a month during the Easter celebrations. Windsor Castle is owned by the British Crown and counts 500 employees including half that live on site. The most famous residents are the Horses Gards, The regiment of cavalry assigned to the protection of the royal family. Windsor Castle is the favorite destination of 1 million tourists per year. In the top five tourist destinations during the holidays we also find on the banks of the Thames in London, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the tower gave its name to the bridge. When it was inaugurated in 1894, Tower Bridge was the biggest opening bridge in the world. It is managed by the Lord Mayor of London. Tower Bridge with its facade made of 70,000 tons of granite and its 11,000 ton steel structure crosses the River Thames. The bridge is no less than 244 metres long or 801 feet. During the 2016 holiday season, The Tower of London received the same amount of record visitors as Windsor Castle. Since 1066, the castle is the symbol of the strength of the country. In this regard it is home to the jewels of the British crown. The 3rd destination loved by tourists during the holidays was the Shard. Facing the Tower of London on the other side of the River Thames, it offers every year a luminous show that is visible within a 50 km radius. Since February 2013, this high-tech building made of composite materials and glass facades culminates at 309.6 meters, or 1004 feet. This is a European record. 6 of the 44 elevators go to floors 68, 69, and 72, which are all open to the public. Owned by four banks and investment funds from Qatar, its building costs totalled 1.5 billion pounds or 1.8 billion euros. The fourth most popular tourist attraction in London for this holiday season is new: The Design Museum founded in 1989 in a converted warehouse by Sir Terence Conran moved in late November 2016 to the former Commonwealth Institute of Kensington. In its first year in the new space, the Design Museum hopes to welcome more than half a million visitors. It is the only Museum in London dedicated to contemporary design. The Design Museum is located alongside Holland Park. The opening of this museum has attracted the attention of tourists to this sought after setting by Londoners but until now was little known to foreigners. And that’s how Holland Park became the fifth destination of the holiday season. Note that the light of the sunny winter days in the park blends perfectly with the new television image transmission technology of Ultra High Definition 4K. This report was produced with this technology which offers four times the definition of HD. If you do not yet receive LUXE.TV programs in Ultra HD 4K, you can check with your cable, fibre or IPTV operator to see if our Ultra HD 4K version is available on your network.

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