Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Scott Singer from Scott Singer Cruises is on the Volendam. Watch out for him when you that ship is in port. He'll still be on it next week too. I would have been one of the clappers. Good job Don.

  2. Well you grossed me out. This guy should have been told he was not Aloud at the buffet anymore. Thank you for Telling him that was disgusting!!

  3. I can't blame you Don, I would have been extremely upset too!!!..
    And the "colorful" language got your point across!!!!🤬

  4. Well, I'm glad you called the food touching guy out. It is as if these people have never been in public before. I am also stunned at some of the behavior I have seen in food lines.

  5. Good for you Don for speaking out. I don't have that courage. I would grumble to myself and a walk past the buns but i would not have the courage to make a scene.

  6. Luckily he did not punch you ;~o BUT thank you for speaking up. I too have said things to people and yes, they just look at you because they have no idea they are doing anything wrong. WHAAAT? And yet they will be the first to complain when Norovirus wipes out half the ship and they are confined to their cabin.

  7. Potentially saved lives at the most extreme, shamed a TOTAL DICKHEAD at a minimum and look… 3.2K likes and 40 dislikes. Those 40 idiots can share a norovirus cruise all by themselves. Hope their next of kin are okay with that.

  8. Something similar happened to me!! Grrr. Who knows where that person's hands have been. There are viruses going around that can kill old folks and children!!!

  9. Hi, we were on the Volendam. Our grandpa always calls out the people that fill their water bottles/thermos incorrectly. You are supposed to fill the glass cup then pour that into the thermos NOT place the thermos under the spout to fill.

  10. Your so lucky that man didn't beat your ass you so desperately want to all over YouTube. Yuck

  11. So, use the tongs instead? But guess what? The guy before that guy used the tongs with his dirty hands, then you use the same tongs with your hands, then you touch your food with your hands…
    Obviously one version of germ transmission is worse and more stupid and reckless and likely to spread germs than the other. It's the idea of watching someone paw (potentially) your food that causes the gross-out. But in reality, it's almost as bad to touch those tongs.

  12. Glad you spoke up! Looking forward to more videos as I’m counting down to my Alaskan cruise in 95 days! What ship are you on now?

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