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fuck days your holy shit hey guys welcome back to my channel oh my god I cannot even believe that this day is here I cannot lose out finally doing the lunar Beauty holiday collection reveal I'm so excited oh my god I live II don't even know what to say like I literally am just like at a loss for words I don't working on this since January so it's been about a full year now so it's been a minute it's been a fucking minute and honestly you guys I just wanna say before you even start this I just wanna say thank you so much to everyone who supported and bought life's a drag because without the support of life's a drag this collection would not have been possible literally at all just wants the thing you did everyone that did support less you drachten making it a success because honestly if it wasn't for life's a drag I would not be able to have five SKUs in this holiday collection I have five items here that I'm like holy shit like I started off at one and now we have five well six including life's of drag so thank you guys so so so much you guys made this happen so I want to say thank you so much again for all the love and support on life's a drag but yeah you guys telling me the review I'm gonna stop rambling because I don't you guys are excited about it one more thing before I start the surprise I had out kind of sneaking on social media for the week prior to this fuck you don't understand I'm nervous already as it is the phone honestly surprised you guys the collection is actually live right now I haven't shown it of course yet but if you guys are curious or interested and you guys want to buy it it is available right now with the link down below it's live my collection is live I'm kind of launching my holiday collection a little bit later down the years I'm like you know what I wanna make sure everyone can get it before Christmas and before the holidays so that's what I decided to do it is launched right now everyone keep watching this video of course I say keep watching it and I'll show all the collection and everything like that but just so you guys do know if after the video is done you guys are able to purchase the collection if you guys want to okay so let's go and get right into this video cuz I know you guys just thinking man you shut that fuckin let's go ahead and in a reveal and that's exactly what I'm thinking – that's always if you guys like this video if you like me please don't fucking watching on the grill with that but if you guys do like the feel please go in and give it a thumbs up ass like subscribe let me know we think of the collection down below I'm very very excited for guys to see it yeah let's go get right into this video I guess I'm gonna start off with the palette first yes there's the palette in this collection oh my god Oh ciao so this is the unit carton and this is the inner part this is the outer packaging of it and it is called Greek goddess that's what my entire collection is based off of this Greek goddess holy okay i'm something you know what i'm just gonna show it like this just like it's more fun so he pulled her out and we have a Greek goddess are you fucking kidding she's gorgeous okay guys okay there we sat any size up so this is the outer packaging of Greek goddess right here this is a 15 color palette and just like last jack you guys this is a color palette I do not use carmine in my ingredient because I am a cruelty free so that is why I use different kind of dyes like red 14 things like that and my ingredients so the other potential to stain eyelids a little bit pink so just letting you guys know right now that is a very big possibility but I don't care about it very much anyway so let's just shut the fuck up Manuel and like let's open up miss Greek goddess ah oh my god oh oh okay guys okay okay sorry I'm really excited I'm really freaking right now let's just open her the fuck because honestly t we do you ever get like that with makeup we just wanna like that's her anyways guys a little bit more information about the Greek goddess color palette I wanted to get a bigger mirror because I had a lot of good feedback from you guys about having a bigger mirror from mice to dragon I'm like you don't okay cool let's go and make that happen to have a bigger a huge mirror now I have 15 shades in here and I actually have more shimmers in here than I did it with life's to drag so the price point for this bad boy I know you guys are probably thinking man you shut the fuck up and tell us the price price point for this guy is $48 for 15 shades life's to drag was $45 for 14 shades and the reason it went up in a little bit of prices because I have an extra shadow in this one and I have more shimmers in this in life so dragon hat – this one has five metallic shimmers and two statins and that makes a price to go up a little bit because reflex is kinda expensive but you guys don't worry I'm not trying to gouge you guys at all in any way shape or form the packaging of this was a lot more expensive the bigger mirror was more expensive the shimmers were more expensive but I don't want you guys to like think holy fuck I have to pay $60 for this hell no it's $48 and that is what this Greek artist color palette looks like and all the shade names are named after Greek goddesses so you guys okay another thing about me is like I don't know how everyone else formulates their cosmetics but for me I like to come up with a concept first and then I go off of my concept so for example my concept for holiday was Greek goddess so I thought okay cool let's go ahead and wrap everything around Greek goddess what would I think a Greek goddess would wear on her eyes and this is the color story that I came up with I thought I'd be really really warm tones really beautiful really nice intense shimmers beautiful gorgeous everyday wearable colors and since life's a drag was so bold and it had such a pop I wanted to kind of do something a little bit more neutral for holiday and that is what Greek goddess looks like for the color palette next we have the Greek goddess highlight palette you guys have been asking for a highlighter from the new Beauty I'm like you know what let me not make one highlighter let's make you know like six and we have a white version of the Greek goddess honey Medusa honestly why are you that bitch that's why I just wanted to be very very clean and just beautiful and I just wanted the aesthetic to be just wow so this is Mira esta pelea da Vinci way so these guys are named after different creatures in the Greek mythological realm I loved Greek mythology growing ups actually took Greek mythology in in college but anyway I thought would be really fun so I have like harpy muse siren Phoenix Medusa and Sphinx and this Holly palette you guys I want to create a highlight palette that was good for literally every single person's skin tone literally anyone can wear this like 1000% from the lightest of complexions to the deepest of complexions so I really really wanted that to happen and I'm just so excited about these colors because they're just so blinding so you guys the price for the Greek goddess highlight palette for the 6 shades is going to be 40 US dollars oh my god also my brand now offers free shipping over $75 so I'm so excited because now we have more than one SKU we can offer this I'm like oh my god we actually get to do I freaking free shipping on $75 or more and we have bundles we have a bundle going on you guys have no idea how excited I am to show you guys this because it's the three lip products I have going on yep I came out with lip stuff they're like mini babies of the you know carton so we have two liquid lipsticks and a gloss – liquid lipsticks and a glass she's really coming out here in fucking filling up her oats so we have to the calypso so we have the shades zaiah because she's my own little goddess you know cuz he has a little goddess and we have Aphrodite and we have Selene gloss so I'm gonna show you guys this gloss first you guys I've never seen anything like this and any cosmetics brand ever and that's literally what I want with my Brent I want to show you guys things I haven't seen before and I've been wanting to see in the community and this is my component before my lip gloss do you guys see that gem do you see that gem is also the same component that look lips you guys by the way so this is her we have a gold gradient and we have a gloss I would describe Celine as a beautiful nude with gold reflect gloss I'm actually wearing a bit of it today i'ma show you guys it looks like honey oh there's a little info about the glass of this glass I just want to see my favorite last I've ever wine and it's honestly my favorite formula I've ever worn – that's the cool thing about getting to create your own brand is that you get to come up with things that you truly fuckin love my perfect style of glass is the type that literally doesn't feel like you're wearing anything I doesn't stick to you at all what so everyone has such a high shine ah and it literally feels like musical lip treatment it's gorgeous and so luxurious this bad boy is going to retail for seventeen US dollars and honestly I know you guys will understand the price point because of the component this girl wasn't cheap to make with the floating diamond in the center I wanted to create stuff that I was truly like blown away by and like if I saw it in real life I'd be like what the fuck that's stunning that's exactly what I want like with my brand so the fact that this is my lip gloss and lipstick component is just like it blows me away it's so beautiful like it literally looks like a little wand it's less the gloss and we have a two liquid lipsticks I'm sure you guys have shades a real quick it is a beautiful terracotta nude good for literally any skin tone and you guys my formula when I say it's the best and what I like about my formula a lot is because it's a comfort mat it's not something that will dry down completely matte like if you kissed someone it will transfer a little bit but it's so so so comfortable and feels so lightweight it literally feels like you're not wearing anything and it's super super pigmented that's of course like what we all want we want pigmentation we are a pigmented house so we have miss sale I'm just gonna show you guys know exactly what it likes watches like perfect so that's miss Xia right there it's a beautiful terracotta new dam also the scent you guys of the gloss and the liquid lipstick is a cupcake batter scent when I tell you it smells sickening oh really hell it does and the liquid lips are gonna be going for $18 u.s. it's so important for me to be able to provide like amazing quality stuff to you guys at a really really fair price point because it's like I want you guys to be able to be proud of the package I want to be able to be proud of like the formulations and not have to spend an arm and a leg on them and I feel like 18 is such a fair fucking price I've seen the glow sticks out there for twenty-five for like a little school like that big so I'm like no the fact that I can do my own thing and create my own brand and make this stuff that's the best part about it is I get to provide you guys amazing quality stuff without having you guys to break the bank I'm just very very very proud of the price points of the entire collection I'm so proud of it anyway it's going to show you guys the shade Aphrodite fuck I love the shades so much this is Miss Aphrodite right here it is a bright blue toned true red shade bitch also when you twist the cap the diamond moves fog that's sickening awesome an applicator uh can we talk about this cute little Barbie foot real quick and it sharpens at the point at the end so you don't need a lip liner for it honey she thought of everything okay so we're gonna swatch the red bright a F blue tone red if you're gonna be wearing the she out in public watch out cuz the bottle okay so let's talk about the bun was really quickly before I continue I'm not to show you guys the demos of everything so the three lip products I'm actually gonna be doing a bundle of those only so it's gonna be the to the Caliph sticks and the gloss for forty dollars for forty dollars so when you add up everything together it is fifty three dollars when you buy all three of them separately but when you buy the bundle you're gonna be saving thirteen dollars that is literally twenty five percenter honestly the two liquid lipsticks alone equal $36 and so you basically getting the glass for four I wanted to do a really really good deal for the lip bundles and we're gonna be doing a bundle for the entire collection and that guy is gonna be 112 dollars and it's a very very very very limited edition on the bundle and the retail value of everything is gonna be 141 dollars you're saving $30 you're saving 20% and you get free shipping oh I'm really having a coming for but also one more thing I want to let you guys know so let's talk about limited edition of them the highlighter palette is extremely magician once they are gone they're fully gone I'm not reordering them it's gonna be what it is good it's for the holidays only the three lippies are also limited edition once these are gone they are not coming back because of the gold overspray my permanent collection is not gonna have a gold overspray it's gonna be a different color from next year when I come out with my fault like you know range of colors for the lips and the color palette I'm still debating on whether or not I'm gonna be making this limited edition I don't know yet to be honest I'm not gonna be the type of brand that's like oh we're sold out it's limited edition but we're bringing it back in like two weeks that's not me that's never been me so when I say it's a limited edition actually limited-edition they are not coming back that's just like what the tea is you know I just want to show you guys some of these fucking Kalitta's whoa that's fucking tape that's like isn't that holy there's like a certainly okay so now let's just go ahead and get into using some of the products I want to show you guys exactly what it looks like this videos gonna be fucking long I'm gonna you guys know right now I'm so sorry it's gonna be long but it is we're gonna use the highlighter palette on my face today I'm gonna show you guys three of the colors and what they look like on my skin type and I'm gonna describe the colors to you guys as well so we have highlight palette here we have harpy it's only dual chrome in this entire collection it's a dual chrome peach pink shift we have Muse which is a light peach gold that's gonna be really great for medium skin tones we have siren which is a super super deep Rose bronzy Shea this is gonna be great for deeper darker complexions we have a Phoenix which is basically almost like a full-on pink peach highlighter but also uses a blush topper because it does have such a strong pink undertone so you can use it as a blush topper as well and we have a medusa which is like the brightest most intense shade i've like everyone in my entire life and this is going to be a very very bright pale silver yellow it's just like you can see in the pan it has like almost like a yellow peach enos to it but it's so so so bright and so pale doesn't look that light but when you put it on it's insane and we have Sphynx which is a deep true gold it's like a very very just gold deep dark shade so I wanna show you guys what it looks like on my face and I'm gonna be taking a more feet r-36o whenever using a creamier formula I suggest using brushes like this not fan brushes because you just want to pick up a little bit more product when it comes to creamier consistencies fan brushes are great for like drier formulas but mine's not dry formula it's a very creamy and smooth so use one of these brushes that were just ingests so we're gonna take the shade muse what I like to do it looks like the tap okay we're gonna use muse on the side bitch bitch it's just such a pretty gold peach light shade I just can't so I'm gonna take a little bit of Medusa and put that over top you guys Medusa is so bright and blinding you'll see right now like you're gonna be like what the like Medusa so this is my go-to combination when I'm using this palette because I used it so many times of course I use Musa Medusa I just put them right I just layer them right there holy shit okay go now I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys harpy on the other side of my face and the duochrome shade this was a little bit more powdery than the other shades are because the consistency is different than the other shades artists eyes creamy it's a little bit drier but I just kind of using out drill crumbs react compared to like the bright shades bitch but that is harpy they're extremely pigmented you guys so you know going with a light hand Medusa on the center of the nose down the nose it's deadly bitch hello glowing like a goddess that's the whole point because we're all goddesses inside you go girl I love these I really did that I'm sorry but I really didn't man ok cool so now let's go ahead and talk about a little bit more about the color palette itself there are eight matte shades in this palette there are seven shimmery shades that are just not matte two of those are satin two of those are pressed glitters and three of those are metallic so we actually have four formulas in this palette which is so exciting as my last palette only had three and now we have four I'm gonna go ahead and describe each color to you guys really quickly and show you guys and swatch exactly what it is by the way you guys when I'm doing swatches what I like to do is I swirl twice just so you guys are aware so we have Hestia right here which is a really light matte creamy white shade Harmonia is a beautiful muted mustard shade we have saline which is a gorgeous rusty copper and it has a really pretty intense shimmer reflected in because as reflect in it man Aphrodite which is a deep maroon shade with a lot of purple undertone we have Hera which is a bronze gold with reflect in it we have Circe which is one of the pressed glitters which I suggest to use with a glitter glue or as some type of wet base because it is gonna give it much more of an intense pop we have a Clio which is a gorgeous soft petal pink matte shade iris which is a stunning rose gold bright shimmer with a silver base to it they have a nemesis which is the other pressed glitter and it is a blue glitter suspended in black so it really gives you like this really cool effect but it is definitely more of a shade that you want to use with a stickier base we have Raya which is a gorgeous like warm chocolate brown matte shade we have Artemis which is a beautiful rusty orange light medium tone shade we have Athena which is a gorgeous shimmer it's like a really pale pale shimmer great for the inner corner or for the brow bone we have Persephone which is a stunning medium tone brown which is great for the you know crease we have Calliope which is a stunning dark dark dark brown with a plum undertone and we have Calypso which is a beautiful shimmer brown with gold undertone so those are the shades four of the mylanta and I want to do a little bit of a look with it right now like why the fuck not let's do a look I do two looks yeah just you guys and see how versatile is how it is I'm gonna do like an everyday look and I'm gonna do a more dramatic bold look I want to show you guys what they look like when you're dipping into them as well so I'm dipping into Clio right here there's a little bit of a kick up definitely you know it's a more creamy matte formula there's a little bit of kick up but not that much which is great Aphrodite has a little bit more of a kick up compared to the other shades because of the type of color it is it just kind of one of those things for taking a more PM 505 and we're taking Clio putting that into the cream honey and you guys by the way these mats this formula I have going on is the same exact iconic formula that life's a drag was I loved my formula I came out with with lifes and dry and so guess you guys are curious if this is gonna be similar to that formula it is it's the exact same just with different pigments used it literally blends like butter like you don't have to do anything oh fuck hello I'm trying to one eye different Clio I'm so sorry huh so Clio into the crease Oh bitch and this is gonna be really where but one just for you guys just in case you guys are like oh well you know color freaks me out I'm gonna show you guys something really easy something really wearable so I took Cleo and I'm taking Persephone which is the medium tone matte brown on a morpheme four three three and that's gonna go into the crease right here and as you can see it's just deepening it a little bit taking a little bit of effort dying just a little bit just to give us a little bit of some Sun just warming up a bit in the outer corner that same brush oh this mirror is so big I love it literally effortless what does blend when I say I'm going in with something natural on this side I mean natural for me okay I just play back in with that same brush and blending those edges okay so now I'm gonna take the shade i erase this is the shade I use all the time and I'm using with my finger you guys I suggest definitely using the shimmers with the finger because I just feel like they work so much better they can work with a brush of course whatever the shade that you use with life so drag those shimmers use that same method with this palette I'm just pressing it on dude I'm gonna take the shade Athena on a little m to ten packing brush I'm gonna go in the inner corner it's the inner corner color the inner corner color so now I'm gonna take the same shades for the thigh use on the top on the bottom persephone Cleo blend out that lower lash line just kind of marry the two you know Mary the night coming us on a Greek goddess right there tell me that look is not a Greek goddess look so it's going just do a little bit more of a bold on the you can't say I mean no so I'm going with Persephone I just love using Persephone that's transition I just feel like it works super super well this is the medium tone brown shade in the palette there's a little bit of a warm undertone I just feel like it looks so ooh you can mean so good and it's gonna be a little bit more blown out I love us more smokey taking the shade Raya which is the really reddened chocolatey Brown I just can't even describe it it's gonna go into the other corner and blend it into the crease as well and just patting motions there's gonna be a little more bold and intense taking some of Calliope which is that gorgeous deep plumbing Brown that's gonna go into the crease just pressed on Oh hunty okay so we're gonna take the shade nemesis you like me knew I wasn't going with that don't even try to play me someone's like someone glitter glue any glitter glue works just fantastic fantastic before I'm gonna be taking this NYX one taking a little bit on the finger so very light lightweight amount nothing crazy I'm just gonna put that on my lid so sticky and I'm gonna take the shade and nemesis with my finger it's a drier shade then the rest of them because it is a pressed glitter so it's gonna feel a little more dry it's a little more gritty than the rest of them just to see you guys know and are aware so that's what's gonna finger I'm just lightly pressing on to the eye over the glitter glue are you fucking kidding okay now taking that same shade Athene tough and putting on the brow bone highlight a little bit if you're doing a smokey eye I always have to highlight the inner corner cause I don't want to look too too intense you know okay wait we're gonna smoke it out obviously so we're gonna take a blue liner this one is from Marc Jacobs in the shade a wave length and I'm being super messy with it because I'm gonna be blending it out anyway I guess you have them blue right there and I'm gonna take nemesis just take it on this brush and press on top of that blue before it sets this shade because if the pressed glitter has a little bit of fallout so just be careful with that and that's why I always like to use like my finger with it kind of thing this is just a couple of the looks that you guys are able to create with Miss Great Goddess I want to be able to do something really fun and just beautiful and just soft but also things that you can do that are really bold and intense and grungy and that is what these looks kind of correlate oh they're so pretty okay I'm gonna go do my eyeliner and lashes off of camera and I'll be right okay T okay we have the natural side not so natural side okay so I'm gonna go ahead and do my lip swatches now so you guys can see exactly what the lipsticks look like on me novios so we're gonna start off with the gloss because even though I showed you guys earlier applying the gloss I want you to see exactly what it looks like when there's nothing underneath it at all because it is the most intense blinding fucking gloss you guys are going to stop Reem okay taking miss saline also we have a flat paddle applicator could you like it deposits the most product that's the gloss and it's fucking glory let me put this flash on she doesn't see the glitter in it I need you guys to understand the glitter this is so glittery so with my eye the blue fuck saline gloss you guys are gonna fucking scream when you wear this like you will die oh so good so now we're gonna go in with the shade Zia liquid lipstick I honestly think I only need one dip for the whole lip I'm not kidding man the pigmentation is unreal so creamy so smooth so I love this applicator so much because has such a sharp point as I said I only needed one dip bitch let's let her dry down oh she dries down so comfortably fuck and this guy's this formula takes a little bit of time to dry down because of the fact that it is a very very comfort matte but not super matte either I would Stefan Utley subscribe it more like a velvet liquid lipstick because it doesn't even show like the wrinkles very intensely it's just a very comfortable long wear lipstick I love her imagine without this eye there see now it makes more sense this is what it kind of dries out to be which i geiser looks like on a transfer so it does transfer slightly for sure it is not a complete matte formula just so you guys are but it is fucking sickening I love it so much this formula is everything sorry just as and now let's go in with effort ID and we'll be done with the swatches is my first lip collection I wanted colors that would fit literally anyone's skin tone and it would look good on everyone's skin tone that's why I do the thread this too I caught her nude and this gloss has a gold undertone I wanted to look good on everyone so now we're going with Aphrodite you only need one dip you only need one dip for this I feel so powerful on a red lip I don't know what it is about a red lip okay let's go ahead and let her try on it down oh this color it also makes your teeth look so white look at my bottom teeth come I talked to either veneers so that's like cheating why why yeah okay let's write down okay so this is basically what it's gonna dry down to it right here it has like subtle like Sheen to it it's not completely matte but it's not a glossy formula by any means or short shape or form or a satin formula it's definitely just that bitch I'm sorry it's officially dried down now so you can see it's like looks silky if up if that makes any sense it looks like a silky silky finish it doesn't look super matte but it doesn't look wet in any way shape or form so that's Aphrodite okay guys and that is it for today's video I know it's a long one it's definitely gonna be you know longer than the average video because there's a lot more to cover but I hope you guys enjoyed it and you hope you guys had fun watching I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this collection it's been such a long time in the making and I just wanna say thank you guys again for everyone that supported life's a drag if it didn't sell as well as it did I would not have been able to create these next five SKUs so thank you so much to everyone that bought life's a drag because it honestly truly means the world to me and you are allowing me to continue to have a brand and to follow my dreams and do things that I want to do in the things that I love and that's creating makeup and quality makeup at a really really fair affordable price point and that's all I want to do I put so much time and effort into this collection like I'm sure you guys have seen at different holiday collections that have come out this year and you know from big brands to little brands I want to be able to be a brand that really focuses on coming out with high quality things that look like I took time on it not just throwing makeup out just for the sake of throwing makeup out to make money you know I really wanted to create things that I'm truly truly proud of and that's why I feel like I did with this collection and I'm so fucking proud of it I'm so proud of it I hope you guys enjoy it I hope you guys like it and hope you guys support it and of course like I said earlier the link will be down below snag it while you can there's a limited amount of bundles that we're doing and you know the highlight palette is limited that's not coming back and the liquid lip products as well so yeah I hope you guys had fun watching this video thank you guys again for everything and I will catch you guys in my next video bye guys I love you so much reset reset recess holy fuck okay hey guys hmm hmm the surprise I had out we kind of sneaking on social media for the week prior to this fuck you don't understand I'm nervous already as it is phone honestly like the phone doesn't like people don't think honestly I can't believe it's still ringing I cannot believe it's ringing honestly like a zoo Larry now don't you cut sir well y'all acting a fool what do you expect okay information it's okay okay so next what is next oh this videos gonna be long I can't tell [Applause]

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