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Madonna – Holiday live on American Bandstand + Interview (January 14, 1984)

Madonna – Holiday live on American Bandstand + Interview (January 14, 1984)

this lady started out as a dancer went to New York went to Paris worked with bands came back as a single and is she hot this is Madonna Oh welcome we have waited a while for you to get here this is a real treat for everybody no your goodness sake let us have a she she gets the general idea let us have it just a couple of words alright um I said I gave the impression you started in New York you didn't you started somewhere else didn't well I was born in Detroit then you went to New York yes I'm I'm a famed high school dropout so don't believe anything they tell you don't tell me why you went from Detroit to New York to Paris what did you do in Paris well when I came to New York originally I was dancing with some dance companies and I decided to go to Paris because a singer named Patrick Hernandez he had this big hit called born to be alive yeah he offered me um about a tour with him as a background singer a dancer so I jumped on that boat and got into the music industry that way and start writing songs so here I am when you went back to New York you sang with a trillion bands you quit you went out on your own were you the least bit scared to do that not really I think I've always had a lot of confidence in myself we are we are a couple of weeks into the new year what do you hope will happen not only in 1984 but for the rest of your professional life what are your dreams what's left to rule the world there you go ladies and gentlemen this is Madonna you

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  1. La última más grande época de la canción.musica ordenada,hermosa voz,todo lleno de alegría y colores.por siempre,durará.⚘✨🎈😊

  2. “I’m a famed high school drop out” I saw a documentary and in it she said she graduated high school with honors and attended a semester of college before moving to New York to become a dancer

  3. What happened to us? Things were so good back then. No bitching about politics, music mattered, there were things to look forward to. I remember watching this the day it was on originally. We’ve slipped so far. I miss the old days.

  4. Ha I clearly remember this airing. Was in the nearby bathroom when this started playing "Oh I like this new song." Didn't know what she looked like. Walked in the livingroom and my reaction was something like "wtf?". lol

  5. Yes very early young Madonna singing "Holiday " live in the early 80's looking good.Live her jewelry ,outfit and hair.

  6. And then 1000's of girls were wearing Madonna's clothing style around the world and in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)!

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