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SOUNDTRACK: AZU – “LOST & FOUND” good morning everybody welcome back to our Channel while you’re here hit that subscribe
button give us a thumbs up! today we have some exciting news. I have work off
Corynne doesn’t know yet she’s still sleeping so I’m gonna write some cities
down and make her pick one and I’m a drag her but there because that’s what
we do on my days off okay I kept it very local, very simple. Arizona
San Diego San Francisco Las Vegas Oregon Big Bear, Lake Havasu what what you doing? you wanna play a
game what game? it’s called travel roulette I
have the next two days off yeah so we’re gonna play a game
it’s called travel roulette and you’re gonna pick one just pick one and tell me what it says this is real? yeah we’re going to Vegas!
when? I have to look at planes but today today okay too real yeah you just picked it
um you don’t have to work today? OR TOMORROW! where we going? I had to think about
it cuz we just did it like where are we going?
as you saw we pulled Vegas hopefully we make this flight and this is why I’m forcing Megan to get
pre-check. oh we could just skip this yeah you don’t go through any of this.
all right we made it there securities we have a little bit of time. Hold on my shoe is bothering me. I’m going to do you a favor and not get coffee before the flight. headphones in you could do what you want. no I thought we were gonna hang out? definitely not I go to sleep play my switch I’m just kidding we’ll hang out! you want to go get a beer? yeah all right beer
not coffee Cheers 48-hour vacation I haven’t seen the hotel yet all she knows is it’s not a normal room
yeah that’s all she does I’m so impatientI just wanna be there. second row we in and out uber over to the hotel in the
suite to the casino. we got a suite? NO we were on the plane for 45 minutes ago
we’re in Vegas! hello Vegas my favorite place in the whole
whole world how lucky did I get that we freaking picked Vegas give me all your
money we just got to the VDara which
apparently is where we’re staying and I’m gonna get blindfolded what is happening oh my god dear we have literally the corner room we just got to the room the view is
ridiculous Megan has not seen it she’s been pounding on the door are you
blindfolded mm-hmm all right wait stand right here don’t open your
blindfold give me a backpack ready wait nope like this black I love you I love you do you like it I
love never been in a room like this little more yes this is the best room yes once again for another Scrumdidilyumptious Win! I just took the greatest shower and now
I’m in my robe and Corynne is working like always we’re gonna get ready soon
and go gamble more yeah and then we’re gonna go to RL GRIME so it is like
6:30 p.m. I spent the entire day working now we are gonna go gamble
hopefully get food and then we’re going on our RL GRIME baby Corynne’s over here playing roulette I’m standing here being her good luck charm also trying to look
around for some food oh my god my nose looks huge (Megan spilled her drink)I’m not wet from the pool we’ll just keep it at that Megan’s peed 5 times tonight babe this is what I want our wedding to
look like oh my god dont film me i look like shit but I really do want our wedding to look like this with like the trees in life we’ve been playing Willy Wonka we always got into a play with a drink lady she
brought us f*kn cranberry juice yeah and she didn’t want to give us each a
drink even though we’re both but I just like it wasn’t like we did anything
wrong she’s just wasn’t nice come on glitter gel slides Oh let’s go make some money probably why we got no vodka in our vodka crans we’re still playing willy wonka and
we’re doing really really really cool this is my favorite song in the whole
world *Whitney Houston – Dance With Somebody* I’m going to get room service why are you mad I already told you I may
forgive me cuz I did you a Walmart do you know where we are right now we’re in
Vegas and we didn’t go to Walmart cuz we have to leave but we’re gonna go to
another see but I wear Caesars now we just took a power nap we’re gonna go
get some food what do we do decided this was my place and I have
yeah so we switched our flights we’re supposed to be on the way to the airport
but now we’re going to fly out at 6:00 a I just love Vegas
I know I love Vegas with you it’s me oh yeah we came to the Cromwell
to get my favorite nachos you may remember these from the EDC
video why but these are the most fire nachos all right
4:05 a.m. we’re finally leaving Vegas my Megan has to work an hour after we land
I have to go get our shit from the Bell Desk then jumping an uber catching the plane
Cesar says hi how do you feel sleepy girl
and you know what yeah I’m exhausted oh my god smells like cinnamon did you
have a good time in Vegas I loved our room yeah our room was the shit alright
guys we are gonna go through security and go home make it and go to work
vacation roulette round one is done done peace out Vegas that shit was fun

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  1. I didn’t think you guys were going to post, but I’m so happy you guys did!! Keep loving each other, love you both!,❤️

  2. OML! Corynne being super cute when she’s mad at Megan for ‘ditching her at Walmart’!! I’m dying, y’all are too cute!!!

  3. I love how you guys don’t try to be like everyone else with your videos. They’re awesome and unique. Great editing skills🙌🏼

  4. Seems like an awesome vacation!! If you don't mind checking out my travel vlogs, that would be great! I currently live and make videos about China! 😃😃

  5. Seriously loved this video!! In the intro with the elevator numbers in sync with the music…🤘wicked. It's those little edits that make your videos above everybody elses. It shows you put thought into your work and especially videos like this where everything in Vegas is so beautiful and unique and you're trying to convey that through your experiences. You guys live a badass life and I'm glad you're taking us along for the ride. Much love 🔥❤
    PSA: If y'all liked this video, check out the EDC video! It's definitely a scrumdiddlyumptious win!

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