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Meghalaya travel log – Dawki

Meghalaya travel log – Dawki

daki is a small town on the India Bangladesh border in Mohali it is around 80 kilometers from the state capital Shillong and lies in the West chant here here there's a river passing through it called um God and has become famous off late because of its crystal clear waters nature here as you would expect this totally unspoiled and the water is so clear that on a sunny day you can easily see right down to the riverbed from chillon we take the NH 40 it passes through the lush green East castles for almost the entire distance road conditions are mostly good this is the makan viewpoint around 30 kilometers from Shillong it is a good option to take a break look at that you after finish love the scenery flattens out and you get to see these vast expanses although it appears brownish right now I can only imagine how clean and beautiful this place must become during the monsoons after Ponton the road crosses to a forest and it becomes quite bad finally we have reached Toki that the own god-given main town is a little further ahead that is the international border the hills on both sides are India while the plains that you see lie in Bangladesh we'll get closer later on a boat but first we have got to get some lunch a nice little rustic place serving the local staple we have taken the vegetarian option just to be safe all right foot out of the way time to find a boat then the boat ride here can cost you anywhere between 400 to 600 the usual routine is to take you to this island some distance away and then circle around the border to come back to the boarding point all robots here no power boat can see plenty of local folks fishing around in the river taking a bath I mean just doing the usual stuff that's our captain the guy in the blue jacket with his Oasis of the Seas might not be that big but it will do light seems to exceeding quick and it's going to be dark soon so let's get on with it shall we and we are off I can't believe this water it's just unbelievably clear I mean here so I have seen water this clear but never in an area which is populated this much I mean there is no dearth of people around and get to see this photo is solutely Christie's here I must appreciate the people here who have treasured the nature in such a way and kept it so pristine that's the suspension bridge we were all earlier till beers the traffic slowed today as it did in 1930 nice it gets a little interesting here the depth is suddenly increased quite a bit and you can clearly see the effect of illusion over the years on these clips oh and don't miss out those small session beautiful sunset glow on the cliffs on the other side so we are on this island now a brief pitstop those silver flashes that you see often in the water those are actually the fishes for a place to unwind wish I could just lie here all day all the twinkling lights that you see in the distance those are in Bangladesh this shrub or the tree that's jutting out of the water it is a visual indication of the actual border the Sun has completely set now and we're going to drive back to Shin Hong in complete darkness there's not much to show you guys so that all from me this time subscribe to the channel if you want to see more such videos to let me know what you like what you gained in the comments below and thanks for watching

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  2. Please wherever you go to a clean place don't dump waste anywhere you like, keep it in your pockets and later when you see a dustbin use it to throw all those rubbish. The feeling of seeing my motherland getting hurt by making it dirty and littering hurts me and many more who keeps the place clean, that's it

  3. I had visited this place, in fact, the bamboo gate on the no-man's land separating then East Pakistan and India, just the afternoon before the war between India and Pakistan broke out! So many years! That war created Bangladesh.

  4. You should've visited Shnongpdeng(a must plave to vist) too…it only takes about 30mins from Dawki

  5. Bro why u havent visit sikkim ??? I'm asking because I'm going their and came to see some video on your channel but their are ,……none

  6. Its take only four hours from guwahti to dawki, i have visit this place more than 20 times with our bike rider team

  7. Roaming hawks ..can u tell me during which did u go there to shot the vdo as during my visit in july month was not a good one as the whole scenery was covered with thick fog … plz can u say me

  8. vegetarian option just to be safe 😂😂😂
    next time you visit meghalaya il show u around bro…

  9. What do you mean when you said, you ordered veg food just to be safe? Do you mean non veg that locals serve could kill you. Get out of your narrow mind and chill if you will else better for you to stay in ur own comfort place.

  10. I could neber forget the trip nor I could forget that storm which tried to blow us away.. Oh my BIEBER!
    That was horrible

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