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More sisters of battle updates, pre-order for the weekend

More sisters of battle updates, pre-order for the weekend

hi guys welcome to rootstem and yes I
am recording this on my bed mainly because my knee is not good and I need
the rest but I’m just doing a quick just very quick news update on what Games
Workshop released late on Sunday now basically Games Workshop put out
after I did a video which put went out on Sunday regarding the latest news from
be new year’s open day they put out a pre-order for adapter Ceratosaurus
Sisters of battle I know we’re going to be calling a beard up the serratus so I
can actually copyright it Sisters of battle the term can be copyrighted but
the words can’t well as I think they’ll get more leeway with the Latin version
but it does mean we’re gonna be able to get everyone’s gonna be able to get a
chord actually not just gonna have to have a box anymore you’re gonna be just
be able to get it separately I’ll probably just figure in the hardback
version there’s gonna be a special edition in the epoch and of course a
dynamic version that you can get up in the column enhanced versions that you
can get online but I just refer the traditional hardback simply because if I
get the hardback version I’m not wasting money because I think some people I get
these special limited edition ones within two years you’re gonna have to
buy a new code ex-mate so what’s the point really on those and the sets that
are gonna be coming out of course you’re gonna have your standard dice those dice
will probably worth a fortune there’s probably someone slut we’re doing
anything else and then you also get the cards this is pretty standard now when
you get a codex I don’t know why I would just don’t have a bundle Pat where you
can just have the dice and cards with the codex I’ll probably be getting some
you know the up all that we’re getting some sets somewhere possible to try sell
online on eBay in about a year’s time but the miniatures that are coming out
you’re going to be able to get the retribution squad or attribute our squad
which I incorrectly stated the minion unit even though I’ve got a
Dominion unit on my old metal sisters a battle but the new plastics this is
something I’ve just read and I quite enjoy this idea the new plastic she’s
going to be able to create the new plastics as evil standards this is a
battle squad oh you’re gonna be able to set them up as Dominion squads now the
Dominion squads used to come in squads of five to ten models normally carrying
with like four special weapons so does this mean we’re gonna be able to have
one box is gonna be able to the two Dominion squads of five models they’re
quite interesting if you can have two lots of me it doesn’t mean that you’re
not going to be just wasting models but you go you are gonna be able to have the
variety without really having a lot of the cost associates to sometimes we’re
trying to get out your get your ladies and gents in what you’re wanting to get
them out with but the squad looks nice it looks decent my only concern is that
they do look like they are bigger models which are fought there was if they
create everything is bigger models then the space means being bigger models
there’s no point in space means being bidam like the models and I thought that
the idea of space means being bigger models is that they literally are
supposed to be bigger bigger in real life no but the real but in real life it
will be bigger than a normal husband so we’re trying to reflect that on the
battlefield before okay and now the mechanist this is a battle
larger with the larger bases which is a bit of a bugbear for anybody who has got
old sisters a battle armies cuz you’re gonna be on the old base I for one will
probably just be buying some MDF little tokens that slightly larger and then
just put your nose on the best to see if I can just make them bigger but it would
be nice to see when they actually do with these one of the sprues what reason
are going to come ten and that’s it there’s not seem to be any reply prices
on there I’ll try and do an update if they do come out with any particular
price in matches probably if I try and do another news report next week I’ll
try and get some updates on how much it would cost for various just as a battle
if I can get hold of some early I’ll let you guys have a look I’ll do a review
the Codex and I’ll see if I can have a possibly get hold of some of the
plastics early as well but thanks very much for watching guys please like share
subscribe have a notification button if you want to see more about reports of a
Thursday and painting videos every Saturday which has just been a mini news
update because of what’s actually been released on Sunday
I’ve been Fran and we’ll see you next time you

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