Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. No doubt h this is the most beauty full squarer in the world not like today building concrete and steal and 50 years of granted This building plus it is beauty it is build to last

  2. We just visited St. Petersberg and Moscow last week. Both the places are very beautiful. It's one of the best tour we have. Lot of historical places to see and beautiful architectural building that made us spellbound. People are very friendly . Must visit country.

  3. Ja cies mama rád MOSKVA rusland a povedal som preco som tam Amerika preco mi ne dobtak prés.putim fő moskwa …ano ja pisal som nekem kcem penias e dal som det.domov .nemocniciach.ARMUD ZU WORD.PRE STARY LUDIA ……A TERA KLAMU OD NE…VT…

  4. visited Moscow last May 2017.it was my dream to see saint Basils Cathedral with my own eyes. not only did i full fill that but i got to also to feast my eyes on Red Square, GUM, Historical Museum, The Kremlin, Christ the Saviour Cathedral , Arbat, Koleomenskoye, the Cosmonaut Museum, Victory Park and Moscow Metro Stations. Had the time of my life. Moscow, St Petersberg and Tokyo are my favorite cities in the World

  5. ..and I must thank you for the lovely tour in and around Moscow! I am going to use it as my personal guide! Also thanks for the people, who did some corrections to the video.

  6. sorry, but the pictures shown do not coincide with the story told. Almost everything is false. I am not going to criticize your pronunciation of Russian names. But just take into consideration GUM is pronounced [gu:m]. It is not derived from chewing gum or any other kind of gum. It's an abbreviation. G-initial letter for state, U-department, M-store. There is little room left for further comment.

  7. Moscow is amazing, especially the metro and the red square. There is unique architecture and the churches are very impressive!! I visited Moscow when the communism was ruling the country and it was very beautiful. It was so romantic and like living in other century, with very few cars, and with no homeless. Now is still very beautiful , but with the difference that there to much cars, and as the video clip says, the city of contrasts.

  8.  Moscow is a city of contrasts, but this does not mean that there are VERY POOR…. What in your understanding is VERY POOR? In my personally – those who live under a bridge and eating out of garbage cans, such at us in Russia very little! But more and more in the USA! Moscow is not for the poor, certainly. There go all to earn. Although the homeless , no doubt there are more of them than in other cities, but these antisocial elements is much less than in other countries.

  9.   A place of a skull (Lobnoye mesto) on red Square was not the place of execution, and the place where the Tsar announced to the nation his decrees!

  10. We'd encourage you to remember that here Kiev is spoken like "Keeve" (think of the word sleeve) and thus Киевская station is "Keeve-skaya" station.  Of course there is no country known was "the" Ukraine. Ukaine has only one word, it is improper to attach "the" to the word Ukraine. To add a "the" is just like saying the Texas, the Canada, the America or the Russia.

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