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we know what the heck is this dude no you can't be leaving this sauce stuff on the counter here I mean everyone can walk through and see this are you kidding me yeah dude well all I'm asking is for you to be a little bit more professional I care I mean after all we do have a brand new boss here this is job bot jr. and over the past week I've been trying to you know relay it to this guy get on same terms while yes do dirt you remember in the previous adventure even though his name card that says job but this is not the real job Bob that's job Bom this is job ba and temples son job jr. that's right dude we found out that that guy over there that is actually job bot jr. the original job BOTS sir now I don't know what happens to the original job bot okay Oh Dee fancy a hot dog I'm having a hot dog but something happened to him that meant that this guy job bot jr. took over the business and oh my gosh we just burn all these hot dogs okay let me get rid of these for now there we go yeah dude I'm just making a jumbo one here here we go just like this and then we put this one here and then we can jumbo fi this again I believe look at that is one weird-looking hot dog I think then we can take it off put in that owner that puts it back down okay let's oh wait what it like resized it back down what the heck No ah this is a disaster I guess now we just got a slightly bigger hot dog boom hmm you wanna bet ah screw you then man anywhere yeah you can't be leaving this sort of thing here in front of my new boss look we though I didn't want to have to break it to you like this but you've been unprofessional for quite some time now yeah dude like I said didn't want to break it to you like this but the only way my cell phone job wok can get through to you is by talking to you in the manager's office okay and I got a sir dude I have no idea what will happen from there but as long as you're making a mess you're probably gonna get out of her fired told off get a stand slap on the rest something's gonna happen you just you just can't be making a mess okay you can't be making I can't even eat this it's useless it can't be just throwing stuff onto the floor or pouring random liquids everywhere you know that's just not how we do things around here okay so step up your game and let's go talk to you to job bye Junior okay come on no stopping to get come on let's go honestly dude everything is gonna be fine don't worry about it I mean I can't really properly predict that just just the one come on in just stay calm Buddha I know we've got a new boss's stuff but you never know they might be really nice or they might fight you on the spot oh I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen look to calm me down why don't you look at some means or something on on this here computer this internet thingy majiggy that all the kids are using nowadays come on take a seat here we go now Guido I'm not gonna be looking at memes and random internet images on my account cuz let me be honest with you I'm not gonna be the one that's getting fired you are so why don't we just use your account okay yeah yeah do you remember the password and how do I even type it in on this thing hello how does this work maybe I just kind of punch it until it starts working let me oh oh what did I do hi how are you doing what the heck is going on here Guido I don't know what we did do but there's some kind of weird message on the computer now I hope it's not a virus I have no idea what I did do but maybe by punching the computer a couple of times I actually made this secret command and it's now sent this command to the computer and activated this weird message Oh oh hi mmm-hmm hi nice to meet you my name is Steve this is Guido my my friend Guido Guido say hi is there any way we can forgive her oh that's my son jobbot jr. he must he must be killed what he has you trapped within the simulation you must break out okay Guido this is starting to get weird you know what Guido I thought the most exciting part of the day would be eating that hotdog at the start there selling some moldy food to the customers or something like that but this this is so strange we've got a computer a message from I guess job bot senior the previous job bar who I personally thought was dead but let's just forget about that for now telling us that we need to kill job bot junior to break out of the simulation here I mean like I guess yeah I mean I guess we have to do what he says this guy is obviously very powerful sending messages from beyond the grave so we kind of have to do what he says okay well let's just figure out how we're gonna do this we don't when we head out there I want you to grab this potted plant smash it over his head I'll throw them into the oven okay and we'll boil him into a stew and then we'll serve him to a customer and you're right we know that what might not work I honestly can't believe we're doing this I can't believe we're about to oh gosh she's looking this way I can't believe we're about to take out our new boss already I mean it's only been a couple of days normally we measure our bosses brutally after like a month or so this is just sir out of the ordinary for us oh okay let's just breathe and let's just let's just get on with our job build up a trust and try to I don't know fit in a bit of murder somewhere amongst there come on just follow me act natural hi how are you doing I was just checking the stock mm-hmm yeah the the stock was looking at looking real good today whatever that means okay look I'm just gonna crack on with this and nail this shot oh I actually did that was amazing okay a kid robot junior whatever you say um oh hi hey give you stuff do you just want anything what we do have new issues of these magazines here you can learn about job simulation why it's the why supposed to change the world there's that and mm-hmm it's got jobbot jr. on the front he's making all those deals taking up his father's business making a lot of money I'll tell you what I'll scan this for you here we go scan a couple of times press this button and you are gonna be paying the lower price of almost $2,000 for this I'll put that right there it's not all you want okay yeah I can make you a giant hot dog here hopefully if I nail this so I think what we do is we take this ice cube here we take this we put this right here to melt it down we only need one hot dog you're not a fat boy you don't need more than one there we go so I'll get rid of this one male that shot there watch that okay never mind nail this shot oh we actually did that time tick this make sure it doesn't get burnt jumper this up there we go and then I think we put it straight into here and then do we jumper the whole thing is that how we do it and then maybe we take the hold on maybe we take the hotdog out again and then can we jump out wait further no that just shrinks it back down no that's not what I wanted okay let me try this again maybe like know who we've ruined there I did the same thing as before I'm sorry I'm so embarrassed here just take this and I'll tell you what I'll give you a discount here I'll uh yeah I'll put two below with two thousand pounds this time okay just to make just to make it square between us that's a nice hat there can I can I please can i yep thank you and what about this Pike oh my gosh I can actually take this Oh oh no I caught okay that's fine well wouldn't you want a bigger one anyway let me see here there we go perfect oh yeah you can have that back enjoy that and I'll tell you what I've got no need for this change so just take this take this money you can buy coins which cost 25 cents who'd have thought it but I can actually change the currency of this one so it actually costs over a thousand dollars what a bargain and you can have the tin as well all of this will come out at the lower price of over $1000 1676 where's this pink money is this real I don't think I've ever seen this before in job we trust five money has his job Junior been introducing new currency I mean this guy's face on the front I guess this one does as well I don't know it's strange how we've never seen this before but there we go we'll put that right there and I'll put this one right there and that should be solid right can I there we go perfect – what a perfect sale I'll just get this all closed up here and guida I actually think it's going quite well oh hi what what did you say what you need to slow it down a little bit dude okay you need to just calm down okay so we've got some new magazines here this is good because you know last time we actually had to give away a magazine to that crazy old man out there did you see him if you didn't see him you were to smell him he smelled disgusting job what tells all exclusive interview on page 13 you did tell me you're doing any interviews and what does this sound the back it was nothing personal that OS just wasn't compatible with mine jobbot Hurley did break up because of personal reasons Reid fact less opinions by a columnist inside dude this confirms that job bot and tempo were dating we actually managed to confirm it this is amazing well job or junior and temper like I don't think temp art is the junior I think she's just by yourself but still that's amazing okay let me put this right here right on the yeah perfect nailed it there we go and that one's upside down so this is fine what if we got here we've got some gum I think some big rom firewire blazing-fast gum which what ingredients does it have in this nutrition facts well it's all very blurry but whatever it is it can't be good right this goes right here and I think we have another one in there another couple actually so we've got gigabyte and we have nano yems now personally I prefer nano yums look we don't nano young surfer dude don't make me try to get you fired again okay I'm just saying I have the power to do that okay let me put this right here we're putting things in completely the wrong place but that's fine oops okay that can remain like that butterfingers that wasn't my fault and now we have whatever this is what is this whit what is this poison actually I think it might be hot sauce what's the difference and I guess this goes in this thing right here strange where am I missing something here ice cuz I knock this off I think there we go we should be done can I have the box I guess not oh thank have a good day sir see you later nice hat I've got one as well did you spot okay whatever man– all right we better move on to the next job here who have we got coming in now how are you today sir you looking great what's a free what you want me to just give you are you kidding me this guy wants stuff for free okay I'll give you one of these job bought junior popsicles which to be honest with you it doesn't look like it's kept very well it looks a little bit off so I tell you what you were probably doing me a favor by taking this off my hands I'll just scan this a couple of times do this they're bigger and badder beam over $2,000 here take that and huh tell you what let me let me just go ahead and thank you there we go I sue them much more than you wait what oh you want some changes well I tell you what son why don't you just buy my entire store you know what I mean just buy the entire stock I checked it through this looking grant that's why I think a blue glasses by thanks but you've gone the wrong he's gone the wrong way you've gone the way this way around you could possibly get what I thank you you gave me my money back which I gave you in the first place okay okay I tell you what you can have this this hot sauce that we just but that we just had there you go take that away from us we don't have it and you'll spend a lot of hours on the toilet you have it sir that fills me with fills me with glee okay okay shut up we don't need the sock you're about to die in a second I mean you're about to you um never mind all right what's next let's see what we've got going on here stare at the door again and what we got going on here whoa whoa oh yes I will open the safe okay it's already opened but it was really have to give him the money kita oh my gosh yes you're right this is what the the computer threw that was telling us to do it was telling us to you you know use whatever means necessary we can to take out jobbot over that so can i I tell you what mr. bandit bot let me wear your hat and let me wear this slime I'm totally making the you know making the right impression on this guy cut it this night car let me just grab this bandanna uh-huh disarmed oh okay well now we've got a nice little Mexican standoff here let me take that one as well I'll know how many bananas does he have okay we've got two guns here guida and we are gonna hold up birth of these characters right here now if I fire this at the right time I don't know what's gonna happen dude apparently we are gonna break the simulation if I fire this at jobbot here so uh we don't let's make sure the loaded here we go oh that sounds amazing and three two one and oh my gosh dude there's so much blood oh oh jeez he's dead yet we killed him on the cops I yeah okay let's just run let's just yep just run okay dude we made it we managed to escape out into the forest here I can't believe we actually took both of them out but the simulation is still going on here yeah dude I have no idea what to do next I mean the jobbot computer told us that if we take out both job or jr. and well it didn't mention anything about bandit ball bandit ball was just kind of unlucky there it told us that if we took out jobbot okay that this entire simulation would break down but I don't think it's done that maybe there's something else we have to do but I just can't think what what could it be what could it where no you don't think you don't think we actually have to take ourselves out dude this is a massive risk we're taking okay if we manage to you know shoot ourselves in the head with this banana of all things we could totally I mean well I could daddy oh dude come on you can't say that okay whatever man I'm gonna do it I'm not scared no dude if this is gonna do what I think it's gonna do then everything should work out okay sir three two one Guido you don't have to get emotional by the way you know you can start crying anytime you want I know well I am your best friend and I am about to shoot myself in the face with you know you would have thought you'd be more unhappy about this but it's fine girl ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch oh yeah Guido hello who's there what where the heck what where are we are we on am I on vacation what the heck what I am so confused right now well Guido I hope you brought your Sun cream because we are about to feel the he a little bit gray you

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