Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Mushroom Gravy & Mashed Potatoes // vegan holiday recipes

Mushroom Gravy & Mashed Potatoes // vegan holiday recipes

it’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time we’re doing like a
bit of a holiday special I’m gonna show you some tricks we’ll be making the
gravy… welcome back to another freestyle friday every single week
we’re gonna cook it my own way the recipes are free and you know we keep
it hot so grab that pen and paper let me show you what I got what do you think bec? good… excellent!
what’s up friends welcome back to the show this week I’m gonna show you a
delicious mushroom gravy a delicious the holidays are here and when I think
holidays I think gravy I think gravy and potatoes that’s basically where my mind
goes every single time so I wanted to make a very very simple one Beck and I
whip this up last night for dinner because we’re like it’s that easy I’m
also gonna do a quick mash and we’re gonna throw it together and you’re gonna
be all set ready to go for the holidays okay just start I’m going to start with
a large pot and must fill it up with some water today we are shooting with
the doors closed so it means that this LED light is making it a little bit
blown up my apologies we’re gonna work on a
better lighting situation for you in the new year while we got that going I’m
just gonna grab a cutting board and start with the shallots dice up nice and
small a really quick way to dice is to start by chopping your little shallot or
onion in half and then just go in like with the diagonal cuts but don’t cut all
the way to the end if you leave a little bit right at the tail just to hold it
together then you can flip it everything stays in line
it just goes to little cubes nice and easy
soon as the tears start to hit your face you know you’re done for this one you
don’t usually see me crank this out but this is butter if you want to make a
holiday meal bring butter for all to hear
and you’ll spread cheer vegan butter is basically just whipped oil but it does
have a little bit extra saltiness and flavor so I’m going to cook with butter
especially because we’re starting the gravy
I’m also gonna add a little bit of potatoes just stuff I would throw in
like honestly Becca’s never seen me make this she’s gonna be shocked but I would
throw in like two tablespoons at least Wow yeah I’m sorry back but that’s the
truth while that’s melting down I’m gonna crack into my garlic fresh garlic
you could cheat you want to use some pretty shredded garlic but I like to use
fresh three good-sized clothes now I’m gonna add the shallots nothing fancy
here just go to town get that shredded down I
really don’t like the taste of burnt garlic so I’ll hold off on throwing that
in all right getting smoky in here smoky oh your lenses probably fog honey
come here next I’m just going to bust down my cremini mushrooms now you can
kind of use whatever mushroom you want if you want to get really fancy you
could use two different types of mushroom they’ll just get a little bit
nicer flavor I just went with cremini today stay with the guys Remini
mushrooms my favorite thing to cut they cut so damn easily a nice just want to
go a little pieces up to me mushrooms all right so I’m just through a little
bit of time in there just dried time that’s about a teaspoon I also picked up
fresh thyme so if you don’t want to do fresh you can just add some more dried
maybe a full tablespoon I’m gonna add a little bit of fresh while I’m cooking
with it of course black pepper another teaspoon maybe 1/2 teaspoon of
salt now I did a full pack of cremini mushroom 454 grands that might look like
a lot that don’t forget guys mushrooms will shrink down tremendously Oh baby Caroline it’s a mushroom gravy okay so
next I’m gonna get started on my both fats I’m gonna use 3 large potatoes
should I make more no I want these to cook quickly so what I’m going to do is
cut these in three pieces and then maybe in for us and then I’m gonna go eat this
sizes pretty small because like I said I want them to cook quickly into the
boiling water I’m gonna add about a tablespoon of salt she’s gonna help the
potatoes from sticking so I’ve got two potatoes here
bring up my cutting board I’m just a frozen and quickly shot these guys
notice I left the skins on I gave them a quick wash no it didn’t but you could
give them a quick wash the skin is actually where most of the nutrients is
although we’re gonna boil this to a glitter and you’ll still get a little
bit more fiber and I like to skin on me so so it’s an organic brown rice age
three years miso paste it just has a much wider range of at me so rich salty
flavor of course soy sauce will work tamari will work
I have miso so I’m using miso start with maybe a tablespoon of this miso here
sort right into the middle on my pan add a little bit of water
miso will also help start to get that Brown rich flavor into the mushrooms
basically invites them over to the to the flavortown party without being too
aggressive it just says hey guys come on in I am gonna add in my garlic and start
getting that flavor ball logging out again yeah come here come on
moisture while we’re waiting for those potatoes to start boiling up softening
down a little bit maybe 10-15 minutes the mushrooms are looking delectable now
what we’re gonna start to do here is build up some liquid we don’t want to
use water we only use Brock today I’m using better than bullion this is like
just a flavored paste it’s kind of like broth it’s amazing for van lifers or
people who live in a tiny place because you don’t actually need to inventory
those big things of broth flavor town I’m gonna go in and grab maybe one
tablespoon and the two tablespoons and then start hitting it with the water
just slowly try and break it down a little bit just like I did with the miso
so I’ve used about a cup and a half of just regular water but you can also use
your potato water it’s got a little bit extra starch and it’s gonna help thicken
up so not mandatory but I’m gonna throw just like a ladle or two of that in
there but before we do the corn starch we’re gonna just let that develop let it
boil again make sure everything’s mixed in and start tasting the flavor
we had the time so we had maybe three or four little bunches right in there fresh
thyme nothing like fresh thyme you don’t want to have snail time you like that job yeah when you’re
making mass but that I like to make them a little bit just above tender above
what you would normally put them if you’re just cooking them just makes it a
lot easier to mash them back close your eyes 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoon 3
tablespoon back open their eyes again there is a fine line between like I said
like you want to boil them just a little bit above what you would normally make
the tip of that but there’s a fine line of overdoing it and then it just becomes
like almost grainy so don’t do that that close right more oil yeah tablespoon and
a half of olive oil salt tablespoon now we got a taste yeah this is totally gluten-free
cornstarch is really quite a fun product because it quite literally thickens shit
up instantly I’m just gonna grab like see that let’s start with that don’t
overdo it overdo your cornstarch you can have a
bad time so that’s what tablespoon of cornstarch maybe a little bit less with
a tablespoon or half of water with a fork watch this it’s gonna like thicken
almost instantly before your form starts in there might need a little more
nothin’s happenin quick gaming make another little cornstarch concoction
no problem Frank want to get really fancy you could throw some hot liquid in
there I’ve seen people do that on YouTube mushroom want a look
instantaneous thickness yay I’m adding a little bit of milk into my
mashed potatoes just get them a little bit look at creme fraiche for maybe a
quarter cup they probably like ‘man why don’t you throw any garlic in that well
to be honest I didn’t think of it until right now
but you could have if you wanted to make garlic mash what I would do is butter
the same amount of butter I put in there on a pan fresh garlic saute that down
done mmm party time is about to begin now what I would recommend serving this
with is well you could just be like back and just get a full plate of mashed
potatoes and gravy on top or I know a lot of you freestyle Friday fans tops
have got yourself a cookbook now in the cookbook we have a delicious beet loaf
so super easy to make and the recipes right here so I actually went ahead and
made one of those already I’m gonna serve with that it’s gonna be
amazing invented in 1935 by Arnold
Schwarzenegger you’re just gonna create a light crevice for you in your plate to
enjoy and that is where my friends your gravy is gonna live so you’re giving him
a nice little home nice little presentation vibes and I expect all of
you to tag me in your pics over here little mushroom baby cool so as you can
see we have got a beautiful holiday feast sitting in front of us the beet
loaf in the e-book the mushroom potato and I just steamed up a little bit of
green beans let’s go ahead and try for ourselves
see this way you can actually just dip I hope you enjoyed this one if you did
smash the thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our channel we’ll see you every
single Friday also one more thing oh yeah
tag me in your pics I would love to see your little mushroom gravy balls with
the beat low another option for the mushroom gravy I’ll quickly just say is
you could throw it in your blender and absolutely pulse it up if you want to
make it smooth Beck and I tried that last night just with a little bit left
over personally I found it a little bit too much of a similarity to cement so we
didn’t like that look vibe the flavor was obviously delicious but
that’s just a option for you coke is linked below we J whip up scrub your
coffee good my friends

Reader Comments

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  2. Oooooh yes!! We have been big meat eaters all our lives but right now we’re transitioning to be vege, who knows maybe vegan one day! We’ll get this potato volcano made, thanks! 😀 MERRY CHRISTMAS you two, we love your videos year round and take so much inspiration from you for our own travel channel 😊 Saying this from Queenstown, NZ and loving life! Xxx

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  5. I’ve been watching you guys for a while and I absolutely love you and your relationship. I’m currently in high school and just trying to figure out a good time in my life plan to fit in van life. I know that sounds ridiculous and you always preach on just doing it. But if you could’ve planned the perfect time, would it be where you are now or a different place in your life?

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    Food looks great!
    Merry Christmas! 😊🎄 Traveling through Ontario, and on my way to Alberta! Woohoo!

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  10. If you prefer an oil free gravy the Esselstyn one is delicious. You can also blend it up with some cashew cream for a stroganoff sort of action.

  11. Eamon man, that looks fantastic. I don’t think I’d be able to try it myself because I’m not big on mushrooms, but if you have a suggestion for a substitute please let me know man.

  12. For the mashed potatoes you can just add unsweetened soy milk till you get the consistency, tastes great that way! (If you’re avoiding oil)

  13. I’m not totally vegan so to see mashed potatoes made with anything but real butter seems sinful, lol! Having said that, I loved the video and both the taters and the gravy looked amazing. I love mushroom gravy and make it often so now I’m really craving it. I seriously don’t know what’s funnier; Eamon’s sound effects, faces and made up words OR Bec’s amusement at both 🤣😂🤣😂. Good job, guys!

  14. Can't go wrong with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Have you ever tried Morel mushrooms? They can be a little pricey but worth it. I like my plate just like Bec, big old crater of potatoes filled with a lake of gravy. Uber comfort food! Love you guys! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  19. Thanks for the fun and informative videos. Looks good! What percentage of your cookbook recipes are Tofu or other soy base? We have a soy allergy in the house so don’t want to waste my money but would be interested. We can substitute soy sauce so not concerned with that…

  20. I use any kind of veg water, and then at the end, I often add some nooch. ( Red Star Nutritional Yeast, stirring in and tasting to suit)

  21. just made this recipe, you killed it Eamon (and bec!!). So so tasty, glad to have taken a ride to flavour town. Love these vids, cook book is great but something about Eamons cheeky jokes and Becs lil giggles make the videos the BEST way to indulge in your recipies! Maybe a patreon that sends out recipie vids?? I know tons of work go into these and that would be a great way to monetize. Xx -Logan

  22. I wonder, how 15 people disliked this video.. I mean come on…They made mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.. Unless its because you hate Mushrooms..What is not to like? Not enough Bec? LOL

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    Thank you for sharing your talent y'all truly have a special gift. Kudos 🙂

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    'So I hope you enjoy this freestyle Friday,
    Please excuse me while I have a sip of chai, bae.'
    sips chai
    'Mmm, Chaiwalla chai is the perfect brew,
    Hand packed and shipped, with love, to you.'

    Silly little thing I know ^^ Thanks for another vid, keep it up guys ^^

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