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MY emotional, LIFE THREATENING Labor & Delivery story.. 💔

MY emotional, LIFE THREATENING Labor & Delivery story.. 💔

hey y'all it is Musa really and I am back with another fucking video huh fuck you channel so today I'm gonna be telling you guys my labor and delivery story sorry if I'm not looking directly at the camera I can't see myself so I'm just gonna look at myself top so I'm gonna be telling y'all my crazy life-threatening labor and delivery story so sorry if y'all hear my baby in the background snore he sleep currently on his puppy stuff excused it okay so we're just gonna start from the beginning very very beginning when I went to the my last doctor's appointment so I went to my last doctor's appointment on the 29th of May which was the website and we checked to see if I was dilating anymore and when they checked to see if I was having any type of contractions so I was still only at 2 centimeters dilated and I've been 2 centimeters for a couple weeks before this I was a dilating anymore and my baby just wanted to stay inside my stomach um I did lose some mucus plug and all that stuff and I was contracting a little bit but I didn't even notice so let me turn that off sorry I'm using my twitch but yeah so um so yeah I didn't die late anymore so my doctor was like you want to go ahead and schedule to get induced and we had talked about that that last Wednesday before that that if I didn't have him by the next week then we will go ahead and induce and I was like yes please can we do it ASAP because I was already 40 weeks on that exact day so I was like please because I do not want to go past 40 weeks I've just heard some stuff about people going past and I was just scared I don't so and she didn't want to go past 40 weeks either because my baby was already 8 pounds 14 ounces that's what the sonogram said that same day the sonogram said 8 pounds 14 ounces keep that in mind okay so and then I was like please please please and she was like okay so we're gonna go ahead and schedule you to get induced we're gonna see if we could do it as soon as possible like tomorrow so Thursday and so they tried to see if they can get it for Thursday but they couldn't but they got it for Friday at 6 p.m. so come Friday I had all my stuff ready I had all my babies my baby bag ready everything was ready we were ready to go we went to where I was delivery and every the whole stuff there was the best and it was just the mist I loved them so much but anyways so Friday we got there 6 p.m. I was so so so excited ok so that day that I went to get induced they gave me something that was going to softer my cervix I'm sorry I don't remember the names of them but they in 30 something in me to stuff to myself and that took 12 hours and I could have been dilating game but I believed that I did not dilate any more with in after that 12 hours I believe our probable as well 3 centimeters or something and so that didn't really do anything but I've heard stories are I watched videos of people just getting all the way to 10 centimeters with just that what they gave them that softens the cervix and it took takes 12 hours so I was hoping that I would be one of those people where within those 12 hours I was just hit 10 is 10 centimeters I'll push him and we be out of there like the next it within the next day but now so after that's what those 12 hours I probably was only three centimeters like I said they gave me something that would start my contractions and something that would make my contraction stronger so they started me on that I don't remember what it's caught and for a couple hours my contractions was nothing like I was just taking it like it was a little just a little bit of cramping I was just like okay so I could do these contractions no worries I got this I'm gonna go all natural yeah my plan was to go natural no epidural nothing just natural I'm just push it out I'm just gonna push through it I'm just gonna push him out and like these contractions say shit like I my sis can handle the pain but not make hip born as time went by they kept on increasing the amount that they gave me some my contractions that can become stronger so after my contractions started to get stronger Ravis like hold a beach hold up hold up this is starting to hurt I don't think I could keep going through this sorry my baby yeah hey Pepe okay so I was like I don't think that's it keep going through this just too much this is too much so I was like I'm gonna go ahead and get this epidural cuz I'm so then they came in to give me my epidural and it is not as bad as people be saying they do wait until your contractions stopped and then he goes they go ahead and give you the epidural it is my heart they've known you back it's a little needle it's not a big old needle well I didn't really see it that much but it wasn't beat and it didn't hurt that's all I gotta say so I was scared to get the epidural because I thought from my contractions I will like jump or something cuz you know if you get ever do any moves you can possibly become paralyzed so no no sis that's not how it goes they will wait for your contraction to start and then they will put and it will be numb and you won't feel that much higher like a little just pinch but what's that that stuff start going through your spine I don't know where you go but I could just feel like coldness coming through it just felt good and yo legs get so friggin I'm like I cannot feel my legs I couldn't feel my butt I can't feel my legs I can't feel shit there's bullshit I could just sit there and just I don't know but I felt good okay so um I like the effort to her leg once I started feeling a little pain I will push that button for some more epidural juice to come in my body so it helped me stop really any type of pain cuz I don't wanna feel shit I didn't wanna feel shit so after I got my epidural time passed so that was Saturday when I was getting when I got my epidural so time passed and then that whole day I never reached two centimeters until the second June 2nd I definitely reached 10 centimeters I had my baby at 8:07 so I probably reached 10 centimeters probably like or she probably noticed that I reach 2 centimeters probably like 30 minutes before 807 no not 30 minutes actually what I was talking about because I was pushing for hour and thirty minutes so she realized that I was 10 centimeters I were in 30 minutes before a dose say okay so Lord so after that they started the whole process they brought my driver came well actually my doctor didn't come my nurses was actually having me push and push to get it started to get everything started they brought out the mirror so I could see him coming out I was so excited I was like have him um I wanted my mom to record the whole process and so she was gonna do that my sister my mom and my boyfriend was there and they were just the best support ever but anyway so my gosh is was having me push my doctor finally came and then I started my real pushing pushing is crazy all you got a push every time my contractions start see I like the word so when the contraction starts they'll have you push for 10 seconds but that wasn't like 10 seconds it'll be like 20 seconds cuz they count real slow no but they be like 2 3 and I just I'm just a minute I just push you mean like you get this come on come on Lucy man you got this mind you I was pushing for an hour 30 minutes but so yeah I was pushing and they brought out the mirror and I could see his little hair so they gave me some motivation it's just keep on going girl you got this no matter how hard push it was it was so hard like like every time after I push I like fall asleep for a little bit then when I feel a contraction I'll let them know and I start fishing again sometimes I wouldn't let the remote no suckers asleep for a little bit longer because I yeah I didn't want to keep pushing like it was just too much and one point I was like can you just take a break but my baby's head was already coming out so so then after that y'all I thought I was pushing him probably for like 30 minutes I blacked out so I blacked out and I guess I was still pushing cuz yeah I I was still pushing but when I other my eyes there was a nurse when I opened my eyes there was a nurse pushing on my stomach um and I started screaming like confession hurt like she was a place you know on something like deep into my stomach and I'm find out she was trying to get my baby out then I started noticing that there was like at least 10 nurses in the there was a head doctor for babies in there and there was just it was crazy so I found out that they had to hit the little emergency button so that's why 10 doctors came into the room I did not see their doctors coming to the room remember I blacked out I did not see them coming to the room so when I seen them I was shocked I didn't know what was going on so my sister was crying she was Fanning me because I was so hot she was fighting me the whole time I was officially she's the rest my mom was crying my blood friend was looking worried like I didn't know what was going on but I thought that after the lady had pushed and she was pushing so hard I felt my baby come out and I thought that my sister was crying because I finally got her mouth and she was like happy but so after they pushed my baby out like literally push was pushing my stomach nervous other doctors holding my legs up like this just holding my legs up each side I didn't even remember them doing that like it was just crazy but after they got my baby out they laid a blanket on me and they they put him on me and I was like I didn't know what was going on stop I was thinking that they were giving him to me you know how people do you know how regularly briscoe or deliveries go where they put the baby on you and then you get to see your baby and just be happy and stuff so they put him on me for like two seconds and they took him over to the little thing where they can measure his weight and all that stuff so when they took him I noticed that he wasn't crying like at all so I was like he's not crying he's not crying is he okay like I was freaking the fuck out like I was just freaking the fuck out meanwhile why they were doing that my doctor my mom y'all okay I'm gonna tell y'all what I spaced and then I'm gonna tell y'all what happened okay because I blacked out so I didn't know but my mom they told me so anyways after they took him I was freaking out freaking out because he wasn't crying I was so freakin scared my sister's crying everybody was kind I was looking to him and they were I was saying they're doing everything they can to doing everything I can't they can like I was asked in a nurse like what's going on is he gonna be okay is he gonna be okay is he okay cuz they were giving him CPR like the the head I don't know doctor for babies he was giving my baby CPR and it was just the worst scariest the scariest thing and it was too serious the scariest thing that I wouldn't do it like this is this is like I'm out the worst fear of like being pregnant and then seeing a baby over there just to get his CPR and not knowing if he's gonna make it or not and not knowing what had been and why would this happen so they were just carry him here just finished my chest giving him CPR and my camera I asked you the doctors or the nurses it's gonna be okay is he gonna be okay and all that to tell me is I doing everything I can't they've done everything like they can and they were like don't worry don't look don't look like my sister and I don't look no look but I had to look like that's my baby over there I had to look so I was looking I was watching the whole time they were giving him CPR and like pumping air into his lungs or whatever yeah only to his mouth and they had lifted his arm and his arm was unresponsive like his arm just fell back like he lift his arm and let go his arm just flopped to the grafts told us when I started screaming like oh my gosh my baby okay this is my baby okay so I give him CPR and I was just admitted hi baby everybody was crying like my mom wants to stay and my boyfriend so after that they did the doctor told me that they were going to take him back to the NICU and that he did open his eyes and they're gonna do everything they can so I was like is he gonna be okay and they just would tell me that they're gonna do everything they can so they took my baby mind you I did not get to see what he looked like I just seen him from the side and like that was like the worst like I didn't see his face I just yesterday take him to the NICU and then after that they started to push my listen to out and that was the worst pain like I felt all of that like she was a circle doing circle mushrooms on my stomach and they were pushing myself listen to out she had to give me stitches because I I believe she cut me twice to be able to get him out so now that's what I experienced I'm gonna tell you what actually happy so so while I was pushing I guess he got stuck for five minutes like his head was stuck for five minutes so if something called shoulder dystocia I'm gonna go ahead and reach it ask the definition of that so it says shoulder dystocia is when after delivery of the head the baby's interior anterior shoulder gets caught above them of mothers pubic bone so my baby's shoulder got caught and got stuck and he was stuck for five whole minutes and so that's when they started to push him out of me and that's when I guess they did the emergency thing and they started to pushing around me to get him out because they were worried that he couldn't get out my mom said I lost so much blood blood was all over the fleurs blood was just everywhere like i also had a black um so yes so I guess the arm that was a responsible I didn't response to that I have seen just flopped down that was actually the shoulder in the arm to head got stuck so now that he has he has brachial but brachial plexus something like that where he can't lift his arm but he can move it like this and he has a tight grip on his hand and he's just going to meet therapy for that so that aren't they had fell down and I thought that some I thought that my baby was scoring that arm was the one that had got stuck so he was still okay I'm sorry Lori so after they got my placenta out they did my stitches they just kept burned they told me that I was a mEEMIC now because I had lost so much blood so they had to give me some medicine for that and they just gave me some medicine and I took a nap because I was so tired like I would fall asleep after every contect after every time I pushed I would fall asleep and then so after all of that I just went ahead everyone's just sleep I pray I prayed that my baby was okay my whole family prayed friends pray I'm telling y'all I waited that my baby was in the NICU you guys pray my cousin's my cousins like family pray my cousins grandma play pray it like it's just scary so like everybody was praying and we just got so much prayers so much love from everybody in y'all's prayers worked I just want to thank everybody who prayed for me and my baby because you right away so um so we was waiting for a couple of hours before we could go see my baby they came back and they told us then we're gonna go ahead and switch rooms in with you and the father and I said go see our baby so she took us down to the NICU and to me my boyfriend was like is he okay like she's still couldn't answer if he was okay or not so we didn't know what we were about to walk into so when we got down here the nurse she had told us that he was alright and that he that he was okay and that he dodged a bullet she told us that he dodged a bullet and he said that babies that go through this you she's seen babies that got that went through this and they didn't make it so she told us that he died so Polly basically he's a soldier and he's just oh my gosh y'all space right so we went and we saw him and he had like a tube down his throat but he didn't like it all and then he has oxygen and his nose and he had help bunch of stuff put like whole bunch of things hooked up to him so they can see all his stuff I guess harpy and how fast he's breathing this stuff all on this screen so yeah so when we went down there he just told us that he was doing fine I'm he's actually trying to breathe on its own so they probably gonna take the tubes out soon out of his mouth and they was telling us that he faces the advisability he was doing great we found out that my baby was 9 pounds 7 ounces now when we went to the doctor Wednesday and got a sonogram she said that he estimate the estimate was 8 pounds 14 ounces and that she also said that estimates are not always true sometimes it can be under so I was thinking that maybe he would be under eight pounds four semesters but no my baby looks nine pounds seven ounces now he was a big baby and this is why I could not push him out on my own this is why he was stuck because he has broad shoulders he's a long family and he was a big chunky baby so but yeah it was so beautiful and I just gave him kisses and I couldn't hold her yet but yes I gave him kisses and we just talked to him and it was just the most amazing thing ever something after that after we see him we think I'll back up to the room and the visitors came and see me and then I just tell them the good news like they didn't even know like everybody who came my family stuff didn't even know that he was okay but I told them really good news everybody was so happy everybody was hugging me and it was just the best um so after that my boyfriend had went there I must see him again and he told me that they took the tubes up so I was facetiming here he was the best beautiful baby chunky looking baby ever I loved him so much oh and yeah so he had the tube Saturday's mouth and he just had the oxygen through his notes and he was doing so freaking good so that was on juice June 2nd so my baby was born on June 2nd and so he was gonna make you after that for probably like three days I want to say that we went home that first day on the 6th or the that window in the fifth but now I think he went home on Thursday at the 6 yeah so after that he was a NICU and I was in the room and they almost had me go home go home a day before he was actually discharged but the medical city staff in the NICU staff was great that they were able to get me an icky room where me and my boyfriend had our own bedroom in there and not on living room in her own bathroom it was just amazing we can have our baby in there the machines in there like it was just amazing so like we actually had our own home and we brushed it all along with our baby but nurses will always come and check up on them and stuff itself yeah so that was today before we left so that Wednesday and we just kept on getting good news like everything was good like she was pasture than every single test and everything was just going great and yes so so then after that we both got discharged on that Thursday but I think that's everything I hope I did it I hope I didn't leave anything else basically that was crazy crazy what's that mean um labor and delivery like my sister was actually crying the whole time because she thought I was gonna die because I was losing so much blood my mom I remember my mom asking a doctor like this Kaitlyn's gonna be okay and then I remember my doctor feel like Kaitlyn is gonna be fine and all that stuff that like that was after the whole process it was crazy I don't even know all that was going on I did not even know there are those those nurses was up in there I didn't even know that my leg was like wide open like they was holding my legs whoa I did not know that my baby got stuck like I didn't know none of that I woke up after a blackout whatever in are see my sister crying I was thinking that she was happy cuz I was doing so good push it in all that stuff but no she was crying because she thought something was gonna happen to me and my baby so anyways all I gotta say is God is big god is good god is good god is good and I wanna thank you guys again for doing this with me and I want to thank y'all whoever that whoever paid I want to thank you so so so so so much your praise worked praise right God is real and that's all I got to say so hopefully uh I'm not gonna say enjoy this video but it I don't know what to say yeah give this video a thumbs up because meet my baby we made it and he's doing great he is going to be getting therapy or his arm pretty soon he is now he lost some weight he went back down to eight pounds after that thing he gained on his way back today he is 10 pounds 13 ounces a strictly breast feeding like we're doing great we're doing great so I'm gonna do a face reveal for him pretty soon so look out for that it'll probably be like within the next two days maybe so yeah hopefully I don't know I don't know I'm so used to saying healthy art yeah so give it a thumbs up and let me know y'all there if you had any crazy labor and delivery let me know if you know of any crazy labor and delivery story so go ahead or let me know down in the comments below because I would like to know I like to hear about people's labor and delivery especially if they went for some crazy stuff like I did because I went there expecting to just get induced and within those twelve hours I'm talking to my cervix I thought I will be able to have him and then I would be able to go home the next day but now yeah it went it went crazy after that but we are here we are alive we are healthy everything is great just thank everybody I'm so excited and I love my baby so much and I'm so glad happy the real mom and yes stuff I love you so much and I will see in my next move like a video PE

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  1. I forgot to mention that
    – His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck
    – My water did not break on its own! My doctor broke it (felt like I was peeing lol)
    – I was in Labor for 24hrs

  2. prayers for you and your baby boy. I been following the 100 baby challenge with you, Kelsey from BuzzFeed, and Deja Renee, and I like how your Sims house looks awesome. I enjoy watching all of ya.

  3. Reila have you seen how beautiful ur baby is he is like the cutest baby ever im only 11 and i'm just like ermm im jealous as hell why can't that be my baby he's so beautiful just like u if someone thinks ur ugly i think they need to go see a doctor love u and ur vids xx i've been watching ur vids since like november or december in 2018 and i love your intro and vids so much i hope when i'm an adult my baby ends up as cuteeee as him i looked at ur snapchat story and when i saw him i was like OMG how just how he is like god made or angel made oh wait he is ur like an angel and ur as pretty as one xx BEST YOUTUBER EVER XXXXX

  4. Omg. Xureila you and Your Baby went through a really tough time. I can't imagine that, but mom the World and I really PRAYED! You and He are a Strong Family for getting through this. We all LOVE You and Please tell He We Love him.

  5. You are VERY strong!!! My cousin has went through a similar thing before, my baby cousin was born at 5 months and she was admitted into NICU and she is still growing strong at 1 years old now! I am so glad of the outcome of your situation ❤️ and I wish you well with the rest of your journey.

  6. How could y’all dislike Gorgeous xureila and her handsome son ! They so cute Together 💖! Congratulations! ! Sorry you had to go though that!! Love you xureila!

  7. When did u get pregnant ? Bitch I come from watching sim videos and this video pop up. I almost had a heart attack ! Lol. Glad everything turned out good tho. Yasss

  8. I am glad that you are okay. It is unfortunate how many times I have heard a similar story. I'd really like to know what is going wrong with our midwives and the pre-delivery process. I also had like 10 docs in the room when I could no longer push and mu bubba was not moving on his own, so I know the panic that you felt. My boy is turning 3 next month and I hope your little boy brings you as much happiness as mine has. X

  9. Was breastfeeding a struggle at the beginning because of him having to be separated from you and you couldn't even hold him for a while? I'm impressed you stuck it out through all that and stayed with BFing. Proud of you, girlie. I breastfed both my kids…my son until he was 2.5 and my daughter is 2 months over 3 and we just stopped a week ago, roughly. My babies were small when born (my son having lost A LOT of weight while in the hospital) and breastfeeding was definitely a struggle, especially at the beginning…but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life and what I am most proud of as a mother.

  10. Reila I can feel your pain. I was tearing up while listening. My just had a still born in a little over 1 month ago. The horror that goes through your heart when you don’t know if the baby is going to make it or not . There is nothing that no one can say or do to make you and your baby drift apart.

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