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My Weekend as a Cross Country Skier | Vlog #28

My Weekend as a Cross Country Skier | Vlog #28

Good morning. It’s 7:50am on Saturday and I’m going skiing There are not too many people here yet But let’s see how it is in an hour when I’m doing my last interval I will do 4×3,4km threshold today With these Workout is done It went well because I was here early enough that the track was not full of people even in the last interval I did a similar training on Thursday But I did one less interval because there were too many people on the track But now it was good I went running yesterday and my achilles is not hurt because of it now so it looks promising I will live like Johannes Klæbo for a weekend and run again on Monday Now as I have done already two skiing workouts if regional relay team pickers are watching, I am ready I prefer a skating leg because I have not done classic in many years A skier can’t just ski so I went aquajogging I did it for an hour Now it’s Sunday and time for a long training My ski of choice is this Fischer RCS Skating Plus Poles Oneway Premio SLG 10 Boots are Alpina These are the equipment I will use today Other people seem to have problems with their legs too as so many people have came here to ski It’s difficult to have so good skis because I have to overtake people all the time The training is almost done I can recommend these skis to anyone They work in every weather A little bit of brushing and the glide is just insane This weeks trainings are done so next I will eat and watch the European XC championships I would have liked to see Kasper Fosser destroying all the runners there but injuries are bad and it won’t happen this year It will be an exciting competition anyways And the Finnish team is quite big compared to some years in the past Jyväskylä is represented as well by Antti Ihamäki Yeah let’s continue living with a good spirit And follow tuukkamakinenn on Instagram

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