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Mystery Hacker Girl Picnic Ruined By Project Zorgo

Mystery Hacker Girl Picnic Ruined By Project Zorgo

oh this looks like a nice what's up my beautiful mom are monsters today I'm making a picnic for hacker girl I sent her my coordinates that she's gonna meet me for a romantic picnic on beautiful Hill right here I really miss her so I hope she really likes picnic help me set this up guys I'm not really a picnic expert but oh gosh almost fell and died here we go I got a blanket right here every oh and some flowers every picnic needs a blanket and flowers mmm freshly laundered it smells good okay let me open this up right here red is her favorite color and it's almost Valentine's Day so that's why I have this little baby picnic right here I'm gonna set this up right looking so nice don't fall stay stay ok guys I'm so excited to see that girl our journey has been so far because haven't seen our journey check it out right here in the playlist above me and a girl have been through so much I don't know I'm just really excited about today because I might ask you to be my girlfriend I've never had a real girlfriend before but this is gonna be I don't know guys if you think I should ask you to piss it off 100,000 likes hit that like button right now maybe I should answer on it gonna be my girlfriend maybe we make it official because it's almost Valentine's they'd be perfect up this is not alcoholic this is apple cider it say apple juice my favorite I love this one I think I hope you'll like it too see I got some plates here I got some sushi check this out sushi uh-huh-huh but they're right here I also have some strawberries laughs let's drop it down strawberry down I got strawberries right there oh gosh I got some chicken right here she loves chicken trust me I know my Packer girl so I'm gonna put a nice rotisserie chicken right here yeah oh so juicy so excited I have some cherries put those right here put it right here whoa this should be so romantic cool oh yea hacker girl is going to love this guys give this video a big thumbs up right now [Applause] okay so now we wait Pacquiao should be here at any moment [Applause] [Applause] alright guys I don't know where hack girl is if you can't see my hands I kind of shaky right now I'm pretty nervous cuz I don't know where she is I hope she's okay I'm just really worried maybe something happened in there I'm like really shaking I just don't know if anything did happen her I told her the coordinates and the time to come evil hacker go what are you doing here together I thought that maybe there are some feelings between us then you see Veronica and it's like the whole thing didn't even happen you tried to steal my DNA how could I trust you and then I followed you around I saw you collecting all those different balls and we found was in that ball we saw what's on that film I worse hacker girl yeah and then you wasn't messed up that too I wasn't even involved in that operation yet somehow you still managed to make it was my fault the plan didn't work out you gave me no choice you could've came with me I could have helped you but you can help me now why would I help you I don't trust you oh you don't have to cry no no not this again no no it's okay right I really don't know stop stop look at look at look at this grass here this is nice guys like grass I wasn't even going to do anything against you pageants or go rocks but I was going to ask for a change in assignment because of my mind your feelings towards you feelings no whoa figure something out you know Veronica go code Chiz you think came after her bitch Oh big curly hair dog came and took her before they could oh that's my friend six six seven he'd never hurt her they seemed pretty upset ah I don't think he's one of them yeah I just won picnic wouldn't hurt would you like to enjoy this picnic with me as friends because I still like Veronica this is just strictly platonic picnic fun I thought you would never ask backers [Applause] Tigers come on we gotta go we gotta go you go hard learning I'll stay I'll sacrifice myself for you no Veronica is business and they always just end up taking her come with me come on come on I think we lost them I like hacker girl I'm sorry I mean Angelita oh I guess I couldn't call you evil hacker girl forever oh-ho yeah it's from 6×7

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