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Naik ke LOTTE WORLD TOWER lantai 123 dalam 1 menit | Korea + Indonesia Family Vlog

Naik ke LOTTE WORLD TOWER lantai 123 dalam 1 menit | Korea + Indonesia Family Vlog

Hi~ How are you doing? Today we’re at
LOTTE WORLD TOWER!! This is Shopping Complex,
right? This is one of the
biggest mall in Korea And this is LOTTE WORLD TOWER,
landmark of Seoul You can see it from anywhere
you are in Seoul When I comeback from out of city
I see this and I feel home Let’s go in now~ to Avenuel building Daddy, why are we going in? Follow mom This Avenuel building is a department store
which has luxury brands there are many luxury brands Also there is Duty Free Shop
upstairs, right? This looks like Elsa’s stairs Right! There is a watch over there, price is about
USD 40,000 We can buy a house
if it was in Indonesia Jio, why do you come in here?
You should go with your daddy You should go to men’s room,
Jio~ I’ll do it alone Now I’m at toilet. Since it is a
luxury brand department store even the wall is made of marble trashbin also all automatic Is there something good? There Be careful There is big circle There Wanna go there? Let’s take a look
down there How’s it going? – Good Snack tastes good? Why don’t you give
it to your daddy? – Give You’re gonna give it to me? Where is the trash bin? – Trash bin? Let’s find it There is trash bin downstairs,
isn’t it? – It is here too Let’s throw away with daddy,
okay? Where is the trash bin? Here? There it is! Is it? Jio will change diapers first~ Jio will change diapers first~ This is family lounge, but in fact this is nursery room this nursery rooom is comfy,
right Suji? There is a baby crib Can I wash my hands? If you want to come to Seoul
for shopping This is the right place to come Who wants shopping~ You wanna shop here now? Here? Not at here~ ㅎㅎ Let’s go~ If you want to shop here,
we should save money first This looks cool There are many
something like this From building Avenuel before there is a bridge to
Lotte World Mall Here it is That is entrance Now we’re going to
Lotte World Mall Are we going there? -Yes, we’re going there~ Are we going there? -Yes, we are going~! Here? Yes, we going there~! It must be good! Must be fun! Seems kids need to eat something We brought some from home,
but already ate them all Let’s go eat sometihng There is waterfall Are we gonna be pretty?
If we go through this way? Seems there are cosmetics shops Let’s take a look~ Brands are also different
from Avenuel building Have you tried it before? I’ve never tried before Big cake!! Look at that! Yeah, so big Let’s go eat that big cake Don’t eat it!
That is…. That is just toy It is fake That is fake cake If it is real cake,
you wanna eat it? The rainbow cake is famous here Let’s go x2 (Only one?) Yunji, want a big one? She wants a big one~! she wants a whole cake which one, Yunji? I want this cake! I’m gonna eat this one
and this one! I will eat both of them Seems the portion is for 5 person Kids wanted 2 pieces Later when they grew up, they’ll
come to cafe by themselves Let’s just follow them Yeah, let’s just follw them Follow them Let’s dance! What’s the song, Yunji? Our family~ Our family~ Fighting!! Let’s go there! After eat this! Over there That looks fun! What’s this? You’ll leave it here? Let’s go Why do they leave it there? Seat belt? Pinkfong is your friend? I’m here~ There are so many stuff for kids 4th floor is for kids, I think Toys, clothes, Everything is for kids There is also kids cafe Look at this There is a cat Look at this! Mom is here too~ Why don’t we rent stroller for kids? We really gotta give her
dance class There is party behind you Now, let’s go to SEOUL SKY! We can take a photo and send it to email,
You want to try? We can send it directly to email Let’s do this Send it to email Send it to whom? To daddy Where is it? So we take a photo here and input your email address then it comes to
email right away ♪ Dance never finish! Should we register Yunji to a
Dance School? Look like she really likes to dance When they (kids, 3 of them) hear music, they right away will dance But.. The one who intense the most is.. Yunji Observation.. Let’s go! Oh.. here it is. We arrived at Seoul Sky Here is the place! Finally~ So, now we’re at B1 floor We’re going up to 117th until 123rd floor Let’s go up! You’ll take pictures first there and then will go inside, please wait Oh we’ll take pics there It’s done, please come forward You can make sure about the pics at 120th fl Is it recording now? Happy! A bit strict Like in the airport If I’m not mistaken Seoul Sky is just opened for 2 (two) years In 2017 O really? Mom, it feels like we’re taking a flight I feel like we’re going to take spaceship Spaceship which will go to outer space Right~ 1, 2, 3, Launch! Where we are now? Feels like we’re goint to outer space Outer space~ Spaceship We’re going to 118th floor in 1 minute It reminds me to Shanghai Tower and also Macau Tower The concept is might be the same You’ve been in Macau Tower? Yes~ Mom, let’s go hurry~ Please go inside~ Sky shuttle to 117th fl in 1 minute Arrived at 117th fl~ Please come inside~ Mom, look at that! Airplane~ It’s awesome~ If I look from up here… Seoul city looks densely populated It is! Seoul is densely populated~ We were there for Cherry Blossom festival Down there Today, we’re up here at LOTTE WORLD TOWER It’s reaaally high It is really high~ Wow~ the pic is awesome That is Jamsil Bridge Jamsil Iron Bridge Olimpic Bridge Cheonho Bridge We’re now in 117th fl We’re going up to 118th fl Here is even more awesome There’s a lot of foreigner here~ Since it’s a tourism place Yeah, there are many foreigner too downstairs (mall buildings) Since it’s getting darker, there is lights Yeah~ Here it comes, kids favorites Let’s buy them a little bit Ok We’re now at 120th fl It’s 486 meters high from ground And up there is just net, without roof I saw this building for a long time and finally we’re here The highest building in Seoul It’s worth to visit I’ve always want to come If you’re visit Seoul, you can visit here~ The view is pretty~ Scary~ 2x Scary~ Look at down there~ Are you scare? You can buy if you like it Nice~ Seems it has light Sky Shop The other one~ It’s fun Kids don’t wanna go home Difficult to take them home It’s getting tired to ask them The time is flying Here is 3 buildings We planned to show you everything But now they are closing Let’s come again next time What do you like most? SEOUL SKY was awesome Me too What you like the most from today? This! What about you? This! Also this?! What about you, Jio? Hmm.. That one! Train~ O I see~ Thank you for accompany us today here~ Thank you~ See you on next videos~ Bye~~

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    Kalau belajar nya anak2 di rumah gimana niih omma? Kasih reward punishment apa ajaa klo di rumah? Pen di vlog doong hari2 biasa nya lagiii.. Typical day nya keluarga disana 😊😊😊

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