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NFL Thanksgiving Picks MEGAPODCAST – Sports Gambling Podcast (Ep. 758)

NFL Thanksgiving Picks MEGAPODCAST – Sports Gambling Podcast (Ep. 758)

This NFL Thanksgiving mega pot edition of
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Real money. Kramer what’s happening Kramer. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving show.
Happy Thanksgiving. He’s one of those guys who will get penetration.
You’re awful thankful over there. I am. I am full of thanks I’m full of the holiday
spirit. And are you thankful for the Eagles defensive celebrations last week.
I know that was a that was a nightmare. I’m not a fan of celebrating when you’re down
14 points. I don’t know what you want to make that a Kodak moment. I’m probably dating myself
but oh hey we’re going to pose for a picture we’re down 14 points. Our offense can figure
it out. That is what’s really frustrating about the Eagles is their defense is playing
so well week after week. Everyone says well we got in the DFS we got to give an just single
secondary and I’ve tried to tell people the Eagles defense is playing really well. They’re
getting turnovers there. They’re limiting points. Everyone thought it was just because
the Patriots suck. The Bears suck the bills suck but Seattle comes in with a very good
offense and can’t do shit. The offense of course is a nightmare. We’ll get to that later
Ryan. But yeah I’m thankful I’m here I’m thankful for all the great listeners I’m thankful for
our sponsors and I hit man. He’s one of those guys who will get penetration.
I’m always thankful for Madden. Maybe they can dig him up out of the bloomin onion or
mobile or wherever he’s stationed right now. Bring back the eight legged turducken. Yes.
No one was mad about the turducken. No. Maybe a couple of people that are in like animal
rights and stuff like that but it’s you know the turducken. It’s so it’s just epitomizes
Americans like yeah the turkey is pretty awesome but what if we put a turkey and a duck inside
of it and gave it a couple extra legs of bad and could give it out. He always like the
mover he gave it. Don’t forget the chicken inside of the duck. Sean idea Russia now a
nesting doll of sweet sweet delicious. Ryan. This must be torture for you. Soy boy over
here reminiscing about your meat eating well is before you turn your thinks into bullying.
Yes. Which I’ve been known to do. I am thankful for the reviews that the fine listeners leave
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Hashtag go and get your kale chips. Hashtag no information here. Hashtag plant life.
I get the sense this is a fellow what do we call it a year you for graduating in the first
game in five years. Well I mean I would just call you a plus aside
toy story toys. Oh my God. Right. I can just hear the people unplugging and
canceling unsubscribe but we can’t have that. This is Thanksgiving. It is a celebration
for me. I will be eating double the meat for both of us this thing.
Oh no don’t worry I’ve had a conversation with your wife. You guys are going. For.
Full soy this Thanksgiving. Now that’s not happening. We already got the turkey purchased
over at Whole Foods. I’m gonna be heading to Las Vegas hang out with her dad and his
wife and my nephews slash brother in laws. So long story. Well they’re they’re younger
they’re they’re triplets younger so they feel like nephews but they are technically brother
in law. So you just gotta be careful with that kind of stuff. I’m going to be hanging
out with them we got. No I mean there. It’s gonna be fun Thanksgiving. Going to watch
some football I’ve got some my bookie dad e.g. footballs to give to them make their
Thanksgiving dreams come true. Yeah. So you spread the word. You pass it out printed on
a kid’s toy. It’s like big tobacco. You gotta get him hooked
early. Hey you like strawberry mango mango. You kids love mango. Well look it’s like a
U.S. beeper song. I don’t know if you’ve heard vaping is not good for you.
No I haven’t heard that Ryan. That’s what the CDC says it’s probably from the same guys
to tell you that meat’s not good for you. They don’t know what it’s like to be a real
man and enjoy a delicious vape and enjoy a nice chew. And it’s by the same people I tell
you Skoal is bad for you again. I’m not. I want no part of that. I want some red meat
and some Skoal and some Jamison whiskey and all of them. Can I get. Can earn some credit
back. I did purchase my pack of Turkish hand roll
tobacco for the camping trips which I’m about to go on so that it does not meet.
So Ryan is cool because it smokes. It’s the hand roll.
Come on real tobacco. I’m a real man. It gets your teeth a little bit.
There you go old school. And Ryan since it is Thanksgiving giving thanks giving thanks
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Hold on. Enhance. Well Sean we have not been doing well in the
past couple of weeks. Horrific week. Horrific weeks but these guys certainly have been.
As they sit atop the free road football contest. Let’s do the top five tied for fourth place
iron chef Brad and Chris Buck forty with ninety six correct picks tied for second big Ben
W and pick M. like pick master has been around for a bit now. And in first place with ninety
eight correct picks Dorfman fifty five gods fifteen it was holding it down for a while
he’s dropped back Oh no I for sixth place with niggles Bengals whoo yeah he gets us
up on Twitter by an NFL pickles I feel like both those.
Yeah. How about that. How about that. Everyone’s doing well. There you go. Congratulations
to the weekly winners and best of luck to those of you climbing the leaderboard.
OK. KRAMER This is a Thanksgiving mega podcast. We were going back and forth on the format
we’ve decided here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to give you a DFS lineup for the
Thanksgiving Day games. We’re gonna give you a separate DFS lineup
for the Sunday game. Oh my God. Then we’re gonna recap last week in the NFL and then
give you out our NFL picks. Hence the name. Mega podcasts and of course right.
How many people are going to complain that what. Why would they complain. I don’t know.
I feel like they don’t like content. They don’t like free shit. They don’t like us busting
our ass. They don’t like us in a community that we’re creating. That’s what’s awesome
about the sports gambling podcast and again big thanks to listeners. Is it worth sticking
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We’ve been doing it when it was undergrad where it was still legal before it was cool.
We’ve been doing it we’ve been locking it down. We’ve created a world for other fellow
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That’s a good one Oh I think I might hit where you don’t have to worry about that.
We know you love gambling. We also love gambling. We’re here to create content and celebrate
losing our fucking minds betting on games and it’s then much like I was thinking about
this right. Much like the Revolutionary War. Oh my goodness the Revolutionary War. Word
it was America bigger. Did they have more weapons. Did they have more money. No. What
did they have. We’re male hybrid. They had determination. They had craftiness all of
which we had and they had a they had a spirit. They had a group of people that came together
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the troops felt felt great. No just we’re just murdering a bunch of redcoats.
For murdering a bunch of redcoats. I mean get murdered against spread but that’s not
going to stop me from gambling. You know why. Because my bookie that they knew that guys
like me who get their ass kicked the past couple of weeks we need a risk free bet something
that we can’t ruin our Thanksgiving on at least before one o’clock West Coast time and
that is the Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears a complete risk free bet. That’s right.
Up to two point fifty dollars if you lose it. They will give you the tune of fifty dollars
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up get back in the get back into my book he died Grace is the my bookie. The props the
prop the custom prop thing. Totally awesome. I hit on a bunch of filled in for soy boy
over here. Props on Monday night and had a nice slow
run went all in on Lamar Jackson over Rush yards under attempts under three and a half
field goals. My bookie that ages where you play win and most importantly get paid.
Let’s do it right. Let’s give out. What are we doing shown. Let’s we’re gonna give out
our DFS lineup for the Thanksgiving Day games lottery games to choose from and you know
check out the draft kings. They have a bunch of free stuff going as well so kick your kick
your lineup into those free contests as well. If you’re gonna be doing these which you should
because it’s gambling you need your juice. Why wouldn’t you taking advantage of a free
opportunity any more action. I love this guy. He’s been great. He’s been helping me win
some fantasy football games. He’s scrap he’s fun. He runs around he doesn’t pass the key
metric but he does pass the rock give me Josh Allen sixty two hundred dollars bills against
the Cowboys. Not surprising going right for that matchup
I wanted to stay away from that one because I did feel like it was going to be a little
bit lower scoring I mean I don’t think that’s the way the bills know how they have to win
here and I think the Cowboys are gonna bounce back.
I had to go to the night game I had is a disgusting act I had to go to the game that will certainly
have points and whether you like the revenge angle you or you like the fact that maybe
this offense is cured itself either way either game script Matt Ryan’s the guy here six wow
sixty four hundred going into Matty Ice here okay.
Yeah I mean I could see them getting blown ahead or or if it’s a community run the ball
they just can’t run the ball Yeah they’re paying.
So any way you slice it they’re throwing the rock Matt. Matty Ice is the one doing it.
Give me Alvin Kamara in that game. They’re 80 100 hours. This guy is a PPR beast and
again something doesn’t seem quite right with Drew Brees. I don’t know what it is. He’s
having trouble with the downfield ball a little bit.
That’s I mean why are people afraid to say he’s having noodle arm. He’s. We’re back.
We’d spend a couple of years since we’ve had noodle arm.
Yeah I like that. They’re scared to diagnose it well because they’re still putting up a
shit load of points they’re still scoring a bunch. But Alvin Kamara regardless nine
catches on nine targets. You just have to have this guy in a PPR light
on if you go back the last three weeks he has twenty nine targets. It’s insane. So yeah
give me Alvin Kamara 81. Ditto. You got to take him. Got to fade this Falcons team against
the run against the running back especially one that’s going to catch the ball. We watched
it. We saw it last week. Ronald Jones looked pretty good catching the ball out of the backfield.
I think Kamara is a great matchup 80 100 for my second running back. He’s forty seven hundred
dollars. He’s the only guy I’ve picked on the Detroit Lions. Give me both Scarborough.
First off really cool name. He’s a physical running back from Alabama and that’s kind
of been one weakness for the Chicago Bears for whatever reason. Second Barkley he’s not
right. He wasn’t able to run the ball against the Bears. But you saw the Eagles with Jordan
Howard. The bears since they lost Hicks. They haven’t been able to stop the run very effectively.
I figured I needed one player from the Lions and Scarborough at forty several hundred.
He was the guy Matt Patricia. You know he’s gonna want to pound the Rock and he’s coming
off a pretty solid game ninety eight yards on 18 carries. Didn’t score a touchdown. I
think maybe he’s do. Oh yeah. Yeah. You mean Scarborough. Forty
seven hundred. Great name. If you close your eyes you’ve got a picture a guy chewing on
a piece of weed or something like that. Yeah. Sure I like white fullback. Yeah. Instead
it’s dude with dreads. But he is fun to watch. He seems to be running hard. So yeah. Jimmy
Scarborough. He’s the exact kind of guy they’ve been searching.
Or is it Scarborough. Scarborough ga ga bro. Scarborough sounds like GA bro.
C It sounds like a sweet name for a guy in a frat. I’m scarred bro.
Sean I we didn’t do it for the first escalate that I backed into my garage but we have to
do it for this one. His size is really becoming a problem I think. He’s the.
Escalates don’t have that nice but I wonder oh well well into his eighth month of pregnancy
Zeke Elliott we I’ve been targeting this buffalo defense throughout the year against the run
and I just have to imagine Garrett has to hear the voices.
Maybe he wants to get fired maybe he wants to go to the New York Giants but this that
I’ve been a. And here’s the thing. As an Eagles fan I don’t
think I want that to happen because the Giants have figured out how to suck just by themselves.
They don’t need the help of Jason Garrett Jason Garrett feels like the anchor that’s
been stopping this Cowboys team from actually doing anything. So I’m kind of worried about
a I would love to see Garrett stay in the division if he gets fired. Maybe the Redskins
can pick him up or really the Cowboys have so much talent hence a profound lack of coaching
ability. Yeah until they paid taxes they can’t have that. Yeah. Zeke seventy four hundred
his price is depressed a bit this week I think they load up. I think they give him a lot
of volume. Well I’ll save it for when we break down this game on the on the picks portion.
But I think the Bills defense the rushing defense has gotten a little bit better over
the past couple of weeks and I think they’re they’re the auto auto fade as far as that’s
concerned. For my first receiver QB Michael Thomas 90 100 hours you have to pay up. But
this Atlanta defense can’t stop anyone. He’s averaging twenty five point eight fantasy
points per game it doesn’t matter who is the quarterback. He’s already got 104 catches
on 124 targets. The dude is insane. Yeah. Give me your Michael Thomas. Even though Drew
Brees can’t throw the football it doesn’t seem to slow this guy down.
It’s weird because I do have some level of hesitation and he just keeps producing. But
Drew Brees is armed. There’s there he is when your arm is not as strong as Eli Manning.
That’s a problem. Drew Brees is in that range but he still has
10 targets on the line or 11 targets. I agree. But I keep not wanting to take him not wanting
to pay up. Well I had to stack Coolio.
There’s a lot of question. He’s not practice we’re recording this Tuesday night. He has
not practice this week. Sean I know you have sources down there in the ACL is really going
to play. I think Julia will play but he won’t be limited
run that is that is that is what the the informers in the Magic City have told.
Well I uh I think this could be one of these Julio decoy games if he does play and I’m
going to go Calvin Ridley for sixty six hundred. Oh there you go. Coming off a game where Julio
was in and out of the game. What did he have. Only six catches but 14 targets. Someone’s
got to catch the ball. I expect New Orleans to be murdering this Atlanta team. There’s
gonna be a lot of passing opportunity. Calvin Ridley for 66 under New Orleans defense.
Not know not kind of what it was. They had a nice little run there but seemingly fallen
apart. Maybe they just got lazy they like Drew Brees is back. Yeah you got Sean Payton
with a sweet Lipper in they got the listening devices into the coach’s boxes. We don’t have
to bust her ass anymore. No. The Saints defense has fallen apart post Teddy Bridgewater. My
stack. Give it to me Cole Beasley. This dude just. He’s been having a pretty
good season fantasy wise. I think it’s a great revenge spot for Cole. He’s. I feel like historically
he’s had good Thanksgiving Day games against you know were when he was on the Cowboys and
now going up against the Cowboys he’s know nowhere those empty spots are Josh Allen’s
gonna be running around again. I just think Cole Beasley forty seven hundred dollars give
me another shot. Oh my point. He knows how to play on Thanksgiving
shot. He was a slam dunk for Paul as he is familiar to how to play on a random Thursday
and thinks there is something there. Also yeah. You pointed out he played with
cowboys revenge angle forty seven hundred. I got to I had to get a bill in my lineup
called Beasley was the obvious one for my third receiver.
This guy is a cheap option. He’s only thirty nine hundred dollars he’s going up against
this Detroit defense which seemingly is kind of falling apart. Give me Anthony Miller nine
targets seventy seven yards. I think the Detroit secondary is gonna struggle and Travis is
not awesome but he’s he’s shown the ability to kind of move the ball against suspect defenses
Ryan you know that firsthand. And he looks pretty bad against the really bad giants but
you can look bad and still get six catches for 90 yards and I think that’s kind of that’s
what Anthony Miller did or know yet six catches for seventy seven that’s what he did against
the Giants and I think he could have a similar output here against the Lions.
I kind of wanted to try and figure out how to get some of the Bears running backs in
here I couldn’t but I went with Anthony Miller So if Julio does not play Yes I endorse taking
a stab on Russell gauge. Mm mm mm hmm. He had 10 targets last week in Leo’s absence.
If for whatever reason Julio is out there or if you just want to pivot Ted again. Is
the play for 39. Thirty eight hundred. I just it just feels like one of those games where
Ted again is going to have a couple of long ass touchdowns as part of a blowout. He really
hasn’t done much this year other than that first game where he had seven catches for
one hundred one yards a bit of a contest play here. Like I said if Julio is out now I’m
I’m gonna be off the grid Sean so yeah. So what you going to do.
I’m most likely just gonna roll with Russell gauge. I feel like it’s a little bit more
constrained but I do like to get in these lineups because I feel like for this slate
you gotta load up on the running backs. There’s so much value in these running backs you got
to load up and into your point if you really want to get Michael Thomas paired with them
you’ve got to save other other places so Ted gives a good option for that but I’m gonna
go the Russell gauge too Falcons stacked with Matty Ice I got a third saint in my lineup.
OK. Is that legal. It’s allowed it is allowed. Give me Jared Cook. Forty eight hundred dollars
against Atlanta. I just don’t think you can. We saw James carve him up and I don’t see
why Brees and the Saints offense even though Brees can’t throw the football and that seems
to be an issue. There are going to be highly motivated in this. You have Elkins.
Do you have his numbers from last week. Who juries cook.
Oh Jerry Cook a pretty good a eight targets six catches ninety nine yards and a touchdown.
I mean I don’t see why he couldn’t put up similar numbers this week against the Falcons.
Well yeah I also got to run my lineup. This is kind of my alternative to playing. Paying
up for Michael Thomas. He’s become he’s clearly a guy that Brees has been looking to last
week especially two of the last three games he’s had more eight or more targets. I like
the matchup especially so yeah I’m going to go Jared Cook as well for my flex spot.
Coming off a zero point game it is bad is a disgusting act.
Give me a Mari Cooper at home against the Buffalo Bills. I think. I mean his home and
what does he have in his home and road splits Amari Cooper are pretty crazy. I think he’s
I think he’s going to be able to catch the ball. I mean zero catches that’s just insane
for a Murray could he hurt. No I don’t think he was hurt. I just think that the Cowboys
too good. Yeah. Gilmore was on him and you know you had Dak thrown a wet ball. There
was just not a lot happening. And if you look at what he does at home I mean his last game
at home eleven catches hundred forty seven yards and a touchdown game before that five
catches 1 0 6 game before that 11 catches to twenty six and the touchdown. The dude
is a beast at home and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a solid game against the bill second
year. Yeah well I mean we all know that Zeke never drops a wet ball.
My flex spot Shawn you said you wanted to get a Bears running back into the equation.
I got a Bears running back into the equation to Rico and I couldn’t pull the trigger on
David Montgomery because he really hasn’t shown me anything. I think maybe that Eagles
game is the game you point to. I’d rather go with Terry Koning or maybe he just won.
I do think that you know you play the Detroit line.
I did not play Detroit line so I like this angle though for Terry one of the running
backs I think you got to get one of them in there it’s such a great matchup Detroit has
not been good at stopping teams in the running game for five grand to Rico on the defense
let’s do it defensively we’re out of here that’s pretty easy given the Chicago Bears
I mean Driscoll may not even be starting they could be going to him third quarterback and
again this just goes not very good. So if he’s David Blow who very early his name. Yeah
PLO Eugene H. Thirteen and twenty three as a starter at Purdue which is not a powerhouse
at all. I think the lines really could be in trouble so yeah David blow and I have a
feeling he may he may live up to his namesake and completely blow and the bears have kind
of gotten back to their scrappy defensive ways we saw Cleo Mack get a turnover.
As predicted I asked Ryan if I could get any credit for that prediction I said no so yeah
give me a give me the Bears at a very reasonable price of twenty five hundred dollars so yeah
it feels low right yeah I feel like a cup like if this was week two or three this would
be a fourth out of thirty five hundred dollar defense at least so feel good about it Shawn
before we get to our Sunday line. Sure. Can I ask you a personal question. Let it rip.
Lamar so FEC Yeah I’ve I’ve got some teams advancing playing for some serious dough this
week for K on the line. Are you starting Lamar Joe I know this is to blow your mind that
I have both these guys but Lamar Jackson I know it’s crazy you’re like you start Lamar
Jackson no matter what right. Lamar Jackson is at home against San Francisco San Francisco
decent defense for Aaron Rodgers is at the New York Giants. Wow that is for them what
more can the one we’re really it’s a fifteen hundred dollars Delta but what are you doing
there. Mm hmm mm hmm. That’s a hell of a decision isn’t it.
I mean how do they uh are passing touchdowns six or four. I think you got to go Lamar they’re
still just because of the running yards all right. How can you. It would make sense that
he drops off a little bit fantasy wise because of the short week again crazy amount of travel
for them. Six days of rest. San Francisco’s a decent defense. Oh man that is tough.
But I would just say gun to my head Lamar Jackson rushing touchdowns and rushing yards
since the bye week against New England thirty point two five points at Cincinnati thirty
five point six five Houston thirty five at L.A. thirty seven point nine five Yeah I mean
that’s a good that’s a good problem to have I think you just have to ride Lamar Jackson
certainly we always talk about Oh hey yeah you want to fade someone coming off a career
game but I think within reason right Aaron Rodgers is coming off a game he threw the
ball 30 something times and only at one hundred yards he looked like dog shit but he hasn’t
looked good all year he quietly has had a bad year and this whole floor offense and
when they’ve done well one they’ve really been on teams it’s Aaron Jones Philly he’s
he’s scored over 20 points just three times against Detroit sorry four times Detroit Philly
Kansas City in Oakland not none of those are good defenses.
Now the Giants is about anyway. Well the Eagles are a good defense now stop it.
You don’t think very good defense now they’re OK. They’re good they’re OK. They’re 6 and
DVLA right. They’re celebrating down right. That is an asshole move but doesn’t mean they’re
not playing well. They’re trying to get some mojo back for the team I get where they’re
coming from they just need a quarterback too huh. Carson Wentz has had his struggles right.
All right. Shall we do another lineup. Let’s do it. No there’s no way people want to hear
it. Two lineups they do like free content Ryan.
Well Sean I just asked you a question and I answered the question for my DFS lineup
by taking Aaron Rodgers. Wow. Sixty five hundred. OK. Come on at this point. True Biscay looked
all right at times like two Biscay made some good through. Robinson had one hundred and
something you’re right Aaron Rodgers is going to destroy this team. He just got embarrassed.
His parents might have been in the audience and he might have seen him embarrassed. Now
he needs to step up on the big stage in New York under the bright lights of the early
kick. I’m kicking myself for not having Aaron Rodgers
in my lineup. I went a little crazy here I went Kyle Allen at home against the Washington
Redskins. He’s a lot cheaper. He’s only fifty five hundred but I mean you
save it a thousand dollars to not have Aaron Rodgers. All right. Let me see if I can figure
out against the Giants dude. Have you watched this defense. They got worse out of a bye
week. All right. I’m putting Aaron Rodgers in Djibril peppers.
I got I got to do some I got to do some finagling here but I think I can.
I think I can figure it out. All right. Aaron Rodgers is in here because Joe Bell peppers
isn’t even starting. He was like the one guy that was kind of you
there there’s a couple bright spots on the bright spots on that defense. He was one of
them. This defense just generous Jenkins wants nothing to do with playing football. He’s.
He’s ready to get the fuck out of there. Are you going there. I’m Brian. Final answer
Aaron. Aaron Rodgers sixty five hundred dollars. We all. We love you Aaron. From my first running
back Christian McCaffrey Yep tend the accent it.
I mean the red the Redskins won the game the Redskins won a game. Christian McCaffrey is
just he’s been crushing it. Just the fact that he had a bad game last week and he still
scored two touchdowns and had I get what another 30 point week the guy just puts up points.
And when you when you have a guy whose floor is 30 points I think you pay whatever it takes.
I know at some point it stops being valuable but I’ll take I’ll take the 30 plus points
against this Redskins team because they clearly don’t spell him at all. He’s still out there
for 90 plus. No he gets an insane amount of targets an
insane amount of catches insane amount of rushes. Carolina I do think you can go back
and forth is Carolina going to just completely no show because they’re kind of out of it
now or are they going to rally around Ron. I think I’m leaning more rallying around Ron
can I tell you though this is a sneaky rivalry. This is a sneaky geo location right. Oh yeah
you’re right. And I think Carolina is going to want to murder the Redskins. I think just
from that perspective Carolina comes in there with the band. You know they’re frustrated
right there kick or just lost them a game. Let’s go beat up on this dopey quarterback
from. Oh my God. Haskins is he’s hilarious on so many levels. You’ve. I was gonna save
for the picks portion but you saw him posing for the selfie. Case Keenum. He last play
the game he’s instead posing in the stands. The funniest part to me a is that he’s not
out there for the final stamp of his first career. Maybe he doesn’t know how to do that
play. They didn’t. They didn’t coach him up on victory formation. They didn’t they didn’t
bother like putting case. We don’t want to overload them.
The funniest thing is the guy the person I don’t know their gender the person he’s taking
a photo with is not wearing any Redskins gear at all in fact they’re wearing a blue jacket.
So there’s a good chance this was a Lions fan. I my mind was totally blown and Berman
had a great line on the fastest three minutes in football. Is that a photo finish between
the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins Deej and they didn’t even have time to go
into the into the Haskin thing or was it all time or by Berman and it just while we’re
giving thanks you got to give thanks that Berman and T.J. are back.
It’s good to see him on the ESPN plus. Yeah give it up for those gentlemen second
running back Sean. Guess who’s playing the Kansas City Chiefs this week. Mm hmm. Josh
Jacobs in the Oakland Raiders Nono last week. What did I tell you. Shit. Go on now.
I told you that they would struggle to run the ball against the Jets and they would be
in trouble. It was my dog. It came in easy peasy. Three weeks in a row the Jets have
scored 34 points. Kind of it didn’t say hi. I almost called that too. I feel like we talked
about it at least. Derek Carr was benched. What is what does Jon Gruden going to get
back to. He’s going to give his bell cow the long Cox because that’s the way you stay in
the game against Kansas City and that’s the way we’ve seen teams beat Kansas City Tennessee.
Sixty nine hundred at the price is right. I love this matchup.
He’s gonna have a big bounceback game here. Josh Jacobs is guy.
Oh here’s a guy here’s a guy. Forty seven hundred dollars. They’re at home. It’s a great
bounceback opportunity. There was just all this hubbub blew with Myles Garrett situation.
Give me Benny Snell Junior. Coming off a 21 Kerry 98 yard game had a catch
for five yards. I think they’re to I think Pittsburgh is soon to get back to pounding
the rock a little bit here against the Browns. I love that play. I like the situation for
the Steelers at home. They’re going to want to get physical with the Browns and the Browns
quietly like a bad. I think they’re putting up like one hundred twenty four yards allowed
per game. They’ve kind of thrown you off the scent of how bad they are with this recent
low run. They beat Pittsburgh when they Mason Rudolph. I kept calling for duck Hodges they
finally put duck in it you know again against the Bengals they straighten that out.
So I really like the Steelers team at home and I think Benny Snell is gonna be a big
part of the game plan. He’s only forty seven hundred dollars again. I don’t think they’ve
adjusted the price. Who’s your first receiver. I love that play. We complement that play.
Yeah. Yes stack Aaron Rodgers with the Monta Adams
done seven thousand. This is a great matchup ginormous Jenkins. It’s just listen if the
see I’ll be back on the grid I will also be on his over Proposition. Nurse Jenkins is
playing like dog shit. He’s going to get shredded this week.
It does feel like that. Is this as a real possibility. I am going to go with this guy
for the Tampa Bay Bucs. MIKE EVANS It’s a very scientific approach of every other game.
I think Godwin’s had two in a row. No I know that. And Evans was kind of sick
during the week I think. Evans is due. They’re playing this horrific Jags defense and I think
I’m just going to roll the dice and I say it’s an Evans game. I think I’ve mentioned
on the pad before but during our league our old school fantasy football league Ryan I
got a little shot at a couple of cocktails wasn’t paying attention.
Oh and I actually drafted Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and it hasn’t been a problem at all.
I’ve just been started. Both of them and one of them always has a
monster game and they’re they’ve worked out combined to be two great receivers so it’s
got no complaints and Mike Evans against his Jags defense he just fell off a fucking cliff
who’s fallen off more. Philip Rivers or the Jags defense. I think the Jags defense was
going to kind of be scrappy this year just as Jalen Ramsey that good. But that was a
weird thing because there were moments there I feel like there were a couple of games there
where the Jags defense was doing okay without Jalen Ramsey when he was sitting out just
they got countless I mean Tennessee just took them behind the woodshed and that’s fucking
shellacked them but they really did show and they really did.
I’m going to stay stacking dudes on top of Aaron Rodgers the way he likes it and I’m
going to come back to that game give me Geronimo Allison Wow. I was high on this guy pre-season
he has completely flopped on me. This could be that breakout game. The Giants know how
to give up the big play. I really want all of the receivers now watch there’s gonna be
like 50 mile an hour wind in this game but yeah Geronimo Wallace and his price is only
thirty eight hundred which feels criminal. He I’m double stacking Aaron Rodgers dude
sandwich. I’m Aaron Rodgers man man which I’m going
a similar strategy I’m going for my stack MVS Valdez Scanlon. He was a guy that just
keeps feeling due for a breakout game. They almost had that deep ball that he threw it
in San Francisco that they almost connected on he’s a little bit pricier forty one hundred
dollars but I. Yeah it’s. I mean what’s your case over Alison over Scanlon is it just a
price thing. What do you think. I don’t have one because
I also played valve he’s gambling all three. Aaron Rodgers is against this.
This is better than your soy pad right. Yeah. I’ll be honest.
I put more time into the Thanksgiving lineup. But why not do this. Have we what we have.
You’ve watched definitely guys game Sean. You’ve watched.
Well they looked your best. They made your biscuit look decent which I think is the greatest
insult to this defense. And now you got Aaron Rodgers coming off off.
I mean we jokingly said he was gonna be in a few mode this whole season after that choking
incident this summer. Yes beer chugging guys relax. Don’t. Don’t
go there. But now he. This is a true F you. This is a moment he’s gonna have a great game.
I’m playing all three. I almost had ward in there for the Eagles Mm hmm. I liked what
I saw there. I mean that might be the smarter move.
Greg Ward is forty one hundred dollar game price. He’s kind of an interesting play here.
They are getting now Sean Jeffrey back. Possibly Nelson Aguilar. I don’t know about a snap
count but he is. He’s a guy actually catches the football. It’s a rare rarity for this
Eagles receiver Yeah. And this week I decided for my receivers I
would try to get only receivers who have good quarterbacks. So I don’t know Greg Greg Waterman
tough. Carson Wentz he’s now is a bottom 10 bottom
10 quarterback. I’m sticking to it. Who’s your third receiver Sean.
I can’t stand this criticism anymore. I’m unveiling it. I’m wearing the Carson Wentz
jersey. Oh wow. What is this.
Are we bringing the heat. I won’t be here for the pass Go. Go out of town.
Back to back wardrobe changes on the show I’ve had enough rain.
I’ve had enough of you talking shit. I’ve had enough of everyone talking shit against
Carson Wentz. Yeah the guy’s had a couple of bad games. Does that mean I’m going to
abandon Carson Wentz. I took down the fan hit. You know what I didn’t get it. Because
and I’ll tell you why. I realized I was making the guy out to be a god and Carson Wentz.
He’s a man he’s a man just like any one of us Ryan and he’s a religious man. What’s one
of the Ten Commandments thou shalt not worship false gods. We’re putting this guy up on a
pedestal it’s time to treat him like a man and this man is about to man up in a big fucking
way this week against the Miami Dolphins that their horrific defense. Everyone else can
hate on Carson Wentz. It’s time for me to support Carson Wentz. Yeah he hasn’t had good
games. Yeah. He’s look like dog shit. Yeah. He was overthrown. People had screens. Does
that mean he’s a horrible quarterback. No. You can have bad games and still be a good
quarterback. It’s time for Carson Wentz in this Philadelphia Eagles team to rally going
to Miami beat him go back at home Monday night beat the New York Giants.
I think they can do that. Next up the Washington Redskins. You don’t think we can beat the
Redskins. We may suck but we can beat the Washington Redskins then the Dallas Cowboys.
Hey those guys explain themselves. Dallas Cowboys on the road Jason Garrett in December.
We’re coming for you. And lastly the icing on the cake that will get them into the playoffs
defeating the New York Giants once again 5 0 run to re-establish Carson Wentz as the
franchise quarterback his Yeah I mean McCown owns the giants so that’ll be good I mean
Carson Wentz is not finishing the season show D.B. Westbrook only five thousand dollars
at home against his Tampa Bay Bucs defense again quietly still horrible chalk seemingly
was what kind of falls this guy but now Westbrook came in nine targets sixty nine yards I think
he could have the breakout game and he’s a lot cheaper than shark if you look at the
price point deejay shark is sixty six hundred D.D. Westbrook only five thousand dollars
I think that’s a nice value for the Jags and DFS man so QB Davey Westbrook Well tight end
let’s get back on that wagon Arizona who they got this week Sean the Los Angeles Rams a
little concerned here because Everett is banged up that’s all right Everett’s forty six hundred
if we have to we pivot down to Tyler Higby who is coming off a nice six target game I
think uh I think he did most that damage once Everett left it left the game clearly McVeigh
is focused on getting the tight end brought the ball more this year and I’m just going
to continue to play the trend of fading Arizona I think there’s still I think there are still
averaging giving up a touchdown a week that’s Yes it’s horrific and it’s really twenty one
point I that anomaly I think it’s twenty one point points a game they’re giving up to the
tight end for my tight end I went to favorite receiver of Juan Carson Wentz Zacatecas against
this Miami team the target share loan it’s just insane coming off a 14 target twelve
reception game got the garbage such at the end they should be able to move the ball against
this Miami secondary which is just completely decimated they’re not really trying out a
real team and at sixty seven hundred dollars for the amount of targets he’s gonna get I
think it’s a steal honestly so yeah give me Zach Ertz the Arizona Cardinals and 11 games
have given up 70 catches on ninety two targets for eight hundred and forty six yards and
12 touchdowns the tight end. Here averaging more than one touchdown a game
that equates to twenty one point four points per game That’s insane standard PPR scoring
draft Kings score all right so we went over it or Higby there back to me in the flex I
think you’re being an idiot not playing that trend John but good luck with Mr. Ertz I told
you it was a great play earlier Benny Snow is in my flex spot for forty seven hundred.
I love this spot. They clearly liked him a lot.
It sounds like Connor is gonna be out again and he passes the eye test.
He looks good. Yeah good down there in Kentucky in college he looks the part of a in a lot
of ways he looks better than Connor he just looks like a NFL running back. He runs with
his shoulders square and low. I like I like it. I think they’re gonna lean on him heavier
because Duck is the starter. Quack quack quack Mr. ducks.
I just watched the Mighty Ducks over the weekend I love that movie Benny Snell 47 under Benny
Snell. All right. Here’s what I did. Kramer actually
did play that trend and I put Tyler Higby in my flex spot run in some 12 personnel.
Twenty five hundred dollars everything I’m hearing is that Higby will be the guy this
week against Arizona game we’re taping this Tuesday evening but stuff might change. I
am definitely going to figure out a way to get the heirs of the Rams tight end into my
lineup if it means ever it and then you know putting never in the flex and maybe knocking
down some of the other guys. I’ll figure it out but yeah as constructed give me Higby.
Twenty five hundred dollars. This is a guy that could win you the millionaire maker glad
we got that on video. I only had nineteen hundred remaining and
that gave me two options Sean. Mm hmm. The New York Giants.
Unfortunately I didn’t have enough to play the Miami Dolphins because that’s a nice point
price of twenty one hundred against Carson Wentz and that offense right now the New York
Giants or the Oakland Raiders only one of these teams is playing in their Super Bowl
this week and that’s the Oakland Raiders coming off an embarrassing lost on the East Coast.
Now they’re heading to Kansas City for essentially this is their season. They lose this game
they go away quietly they win this game they are very much alive.
Jon Gruden gets mad. I don’t know. I’m so I’m selling the cheapest thing starship.
Seventeen hundred give me the Raiders. They get a couple of sacks Holmes.
Yeah I mean and maybe I’ll end up having to go down there if you know figuring out that
every guy in the tight end and flex combo here. I had a little bit more cash. I went
with the Ravens defense at home against San Francisco. I don’t. I don’t love it because
I do think San Francisco will come in. Maybe be able to move the ball but the Ravens defense
averaging nine point nine fantasy points per game again. They’re at home. Jimmy G has shown
some ability to turn the ball over and he’s had moments where he hasn’t look great. He
certainly looked awesome against the 49ers defense. But you look at him against the Cardinals.
He’s had some mistakes against Seattle he’s certainly had some mistakes some turnovers.
You saw what the what the Seattle defensive line was able to do pressure wise and it does
feel like the Ravens since they got was it Peters in their backfield in that trade seemingly
has kind of figured out the defensive side as well because that was a big issue for the
Ravens their defense was fraudulent I’m like It’s not the same Ravens defensive all but
they’ve really kind of Figaro Thomas now has eleven games in the system and maybe that’s
it too like maybe Earl Thomas has a couple of big plays I think you could do worse and
Jimmy e.g. has not played well in tight games I mean now he’s by Asians and he’s shown vulnerability
in tight games for sure he hasn’t been tested a lot.
I was surprised you can go Kansas City they’re similar price point Derek Carr and this writer
I that Kansas City defense. Yeah I hear you. Can you realize bags baby.
Never forget. I would much rather take. Yeah I’m just.
I mean literally it’s still working because he beat an undefeated Patriots team twelve
years ago. It’s good uh it’s good round the heart. Let’s
go Sean. We’re on video. That we you know we’re gonna
be out of here soon. Do we uh you know we. We can’t pay for the
studio all night. All right. Rent’s not cheap. Rent’s free right.
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Rapid Fire recap my pick sucked. Nothing to see here you hit your dog and your lock.
Really regret. Now Gross to have the Jets and the hype and it was so easy. I know honestly
it was a rare weekend right didn’t I. I didn’t go crazy. I did. I did lose on the
Saints. I actually I played a bunch of teasers with the Saints and it that pissed me off.
But having the two big bets for the day just cash in the first half easy or the third downhill
in Tennessee I guess it was the third quarter there were yeah.
What are we doing here. All right. Rapid Fire recap. I wish I would have made the Colts
my lock as I always do I love locking up the Colts didn’t disappoint me they did disappoint
me as a dog 17 of 20 they covered the number four and a half three depending on when you
bet it you’re on the Texans it just felt like a classic why are they getting three point.
And that was that was the key number and that’s all that mattered Frank. Right. Kind of disappointing
with some of his play calling Brissett still seems a little banged up but they got the
running game going they had their opportunities. But Shawn Watson just hit a couple of big
ones and that was the difference. Yeah. The difference was Watson Watson in
primetime takes care of business didn’t cover them like a bitch.
Yeah for sure. All right. What else again. Rapid fire right. That’s why we call rapid
fire. Miami Dolphins had them catching the big number 10 and a half. It was too big for
this Cleveland Browns juggernaut. I really. This is one of those picks and I don’t say
this often I would have probably switched it if we would have picked it later on in
the week. Oh because all this news came out about them sitting guys and guys not traveling
with them in the defensive secondary. And that was like a bit of a red flag. I did like
Jarvis Landry in DFS. He had a huge game. So they put also they were in that mix. I
know the backdoor was coming until that last pick. Yeah I know our boy on Twitter at 40
something pod hit us up with the the Miami tees at seventeen and a half never in doubt.
No it sounds. It’s a nice little hit there if you’re nice.
What for sure. Buffalo Bills 20 Denver Broncos 3 again. We’re both right with the bills again
kicking myself. I liked this bills team secretly kind of good. Everyone keeps doubting them.
I thought Broncos would be able to keep it a little close with Lindsay I thought they’d
be a little bit do a little bit more in the rushing game but we also threw this out when
we talked about it. Classic dream crusher potential for them that game against the Vikings
had to be deflating and this bill’s team at home back to back road games.
We we thought we might see Brandon now and get exposed in Minnesota. It took one more
week until Buffalo. So I mean it makes sense in hindsight.
Yeah in hindsight that could’ve had some luck potential missed out on that. Oh what a horrible
break. Pittsburgh Steelers 68 and Cincinnati Bengals 10. You were on the Bengals Ryan correctly.
I had the Steelers. God damn it as soon as they put duck cages and I’ve been calling
for duck all past few weeks I wouldn’t put him in as soon as they do. Drives him down
the field Jameis Winston gamers you know James Washington with just the fuckin ball or ass
stiff arm. And then this is. Oh God. Probably I wouldn’t
say it was bad beat persay because Pittsburgh was behind a lot of the games so it’s tough
for me to bitch that much but I’ll make my case for bitch and you bitch pretty hard.
Oh in the moment when Pittsburgh they stripped sacked finally they get the ball in the twenty
all they need to do is kick a field goal and kicking the field goal also makes strategic
sense you kick a field goal there at the end of the game it’s to score a game you win the
game instead worst case scenario they run the ball sweep actually the first first downplay
they don’t get anything like OK this good only couple minutes left and then Snell breaks
it off. There’s a moment where it’s like oh my god
he’s giving it the touchdown tackle that the six and then they’re able to kneel it out
so you get the cover bad beat that in the Patriots game which I’ll get to in a second
but horrific. Another another one here I was on the Bears
minus six you had the Giants plus six. Now got another pick I lost by a point and the
other ones were a half a point the bears were at the right side of this though. Yeah I don’t
know. How did the bears get 19. I forget that they miss eight or their version of there
are supposed extra points. So there is something in the Miss extra point. Come on. When you’re
failing the Giants it’s always the right side Craver and you’ll you’ll assume this is a
troll but no you’re trolling. What is wrong with our boy say quads when has happened to
the alien DNA. Pass three games a combined 88 yards. Is it a high ankle sprain. We know
he. Was just coming go out there and ball. Well
maybe that means being incredibly mediocre or maybe he’s like you know we could use a
nice offensive lineman. There’s no value in trying harder and I don’t know. It’s been
weird I think I think what happens is teams just load up and that offensive lines trash.
I think when you play a left tackle a bunch of money he can’t block the fact that they
haven’t benched him yet. It’s remarkable. I’m blaming the offensive
one on still sucks still sucks. Let’s go. Move on. Meanwhile we’ve been talking three
in a row I got right here. Three in a row. You’re getting hot.
Ryan getting hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.
You of course nailed this game jets 34 Raiders three. I got cute I took the Raiders. I just
cannot figure this Raiders team out when they’ll show up when they won’t say BD is just slinging
the rock was seen making out with the chick after the game. That’s pretty interesting
when early in the season it’s quite the whirlwind for Sam Darren. You know early in the season
diagnosed with Morneau not a a mere six games later making out with checks on page. Old
habits die hard. And what Kobe. I love the darn debates.
But what has to happen for this guy to actually watch his Jets team. The guy that called me
out claiming he’s watch more NFL games than me. He doesn’t even watch his own team the
Jets. The Jets are finally getting interesting 1 3 games in a row 34 points. Sam Donald looks
like a real quarterback. Even with Adam Gase who’s not a great coach
they’ve scored one hundred and two points if my math serves me exactly 30 for each game
which is like a crazy over that same stretch. The Patriots have 50. The entire month of
November the Patriots 50 points for a.. Right. Or something like that.
So you have the Jets I mean it’s a baby fucking wheel mad right.
Real quick I know we’re trying to do this quick shot but have you looked at the Jets
schedule. Lay it out for me. Give me the Jets case for
making the playoffs. Well they play the Bangles then they play
the Dolphins then they have a tough game against the Ravens then they’re home for the Steelers
and at the Bulls these are all like none of these games with the exception of the Ravens
aren’t are not winnable games they may even be favored in three of them or they certainly
will be favorite and three of them yeah I mean Adam gave her 4 and 7 Adam was a liability.
Dempsey is weak. I don’t think they’re going to get
there but if I’m a Jets fan I’m at least excited. I mean you’re the new quarterback is scoring
points and your defense looks good. C.J. Mosley isn’t even playing. If C.J. Mosley
gets back that linebacker corps will look a lot better. Jamal Jamal Adams legit like
top 10 player. Yep and the Pats sixty seven points in the
month of November 3 and 1 I thought they lost their tough part as the Jets have four other
wins have come against the Giants Cowboys and Redskins.
So and that is comically. That could be the decider in the Eagles Cowboys game after the
NFC East because it could come down to common opponents and the Cowboys lost to the Jets
and the Eagles beat the Jets. So all right. Don’t just wrap it. You kept saying wrap your
head around me. Zachary thirty four. Panthers 31. I think we’re both off on this.
I thought this was a get right game for the Saints. It was for their offense it wasn’t
for their defense. I don’t know what happened to this crazy defense that we saw earlier
in the season. They just seem to be taking plays off.
They’re not getting the same pass rush not creating those turnovers that they had so
earlier in the year maybe last week two weeks ago we discussed how that they probably wouldn’t
overturn the pass interference in the playoff game for the Saints and then this game would
have such a sweet justice they overturned. I mean honestly that was a bad call. That
was a bad call. I don’t think they should have overturned it let alone they’re not overturning
anything crazy at all. This Saints team I gotta be honest. They’re really creeping up
there in terms of teams that are very easy to hate. Very easy to hate this team.
Well it’s very easy to root against them because God I don’t want to have their fan base is
super annoying. I don’t want to have saints money line in
my pocket anymore and when they’re playing nine and a half I don’t want to be involved
in that because it’s too fun to watch Drew Brees flounder. It’s too it’s too fun to watch
Sean Payton look like a confused retard who can’t find his fucking asshole.
He is a fellow child dog Ryan so I have to respect him for that. Okay.
You can respect them for that but this Saints team I know we have not the Niners in the
let’s face them when they make the playoffs bucket. Yeah and we can probably put the Texans
in there too. So who’s the best team in the NFC right now.
But it’s wild. Who would you go with. I’m going to say something controversial here.
I want to fade this Saints team when they make the playoffs.
I don’t think they’re that good. I think they were hot early. I think Bridgewater came in
and held him down with the defense but this defense as this defense fades. I think it’s
gonna be a serious problem. Well especially if they have to go on the
road and that could be interesting. What if the saints go against the 49ers in
the playoffs in San Francisco on their I might take the Saints because of experience but
a year that. I don’t know if Jimmy Choo is making it that
far we haven’t seen him play enough competitive games rapid fire lane the Falcons twenty two
parks thirty five our box. When we finally said it was time to let them
go that’s when they come right back. They sucked us right. They bucked us. The Tampa
Bay Bucks you can’t get a handle on this team. So I didn’t have Godwin in the DFS lineup
that cash the millionaire maker button that this this Tampa team and Atlanta later their
2 game. No one believes in this or rally against Dan Quinn journey comes to a comical at the
highlight of the game was in the press conference when they asked for Syrians are you a glass
half full guy or a glass half empty guy. He said I’m a glass full guy. It’s about to be
real full. So Salud to you there being the Syrians and I hope we get a nice glass Jameson.
Yeah I was. I’ve shared this thing before. Sources close
to the situation Bruce Arians enjoys a cocktail. Oh a little paint thinner in there at all.
I get a little bit. Detroit Lions 16. Redskins. AK. Dead skins 19.
Bruce Bruce Haskins gets his first victory. The Driscoll experiment and we should have
we should have seen this coming right. Everyone their mom was on detroit minus three and a
half a staggering amount of money on Jeff Driscoll as a road favorite. We said that
was the problem and we going back and forth between him as a road favorite or Haskins
at home or just Haskins in general we almost we almost got it right. Detroit had a couple
chances there but you know and then. And the Redskins defense I guess has a couple of moments
but man there is no hope in hope for the Redskins. There. I mean would you rather be a Redskins
fan or a Giants fan right. I know you’re biased because you’re a Johnson.
I mean I think the the Giants ownership slight nod over the.
But you’ve got to say they’re very interested in Jason Garrett it’s definitely tipping the
scales. They’re making Dan Snyder look like a good owner.
You know I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m definitely taking a I’m scouting West Coast teams Philadelphia
Eagles nine Seattle Seahawks 17 horrific game for the Eagles defensive side of the ball
did what they’re supposed to do control Russell Wilson six sacks bunch of turnovers even some
on the other side of the field and just a big collapse on the offensive side of the
ball. Carson Wentz certainly deserves a ton of criticism that he’s been getting but I
mean you have to Lane Johnson didn’t play. They had the rookie try him at right tackle.
That was a disaster. He couldn’t figure out the kind of being backwards there. Then Brandon
Brooks who was part of a process possibly their best offensive player legit case happy
and all pro guard position. He had an exciting attack and couldn’t couldn’t play the game.
You think you have anxiety playing the game try being a fan Brandon all right. Try watching
this game get yourself a little or yourself a little bit of Jamison get some chips and
power through that anxiety. All right. You think you’re nervous or are anxiety filled.
Imagine being on the other side. I can’t do anything. You can go out there and push guys
around. Of course our son Jeffrey didn’t play Nelson
Aguilar didn’t play. So you’re missing Jordan Howard who has been when their offense has
looked good. A lot of it’s been because Jordan Howard’s been playing well so plenty of excuses
to go round. But just a big no show by the offense.
One thing I do know a hungry dog is not going to get fed laying down on the porch showing.
Oh wow. That is that is sad right. Well as it said in the locker room up there
in Washington state an interested person talks about things a committed person shows you.
Well you’re either coaching it or you’re allowing it to happen. And Doug Peterson is allowing
a lot of fucking bullshit to happen. Doug P. he’s got a lot. He’s he’s got a long leash
because of the Super Bowl. But dude you need to go in there and and get something out of
these guys. Some plays up better coach John McVeigh or Doug Peterson at this point. Well
I imagine the Rams are like the Eagles without the Super Bowl. True. And I mean that’s a
huge difference. Does Doug have a nice big coaching tree like Sean McVay. That’s the
thing. Like Doug he has not been getting nearly the
hype that Sean McVay has and he certainly had a disappointing year coaching wise. I
think they just promoted within for the offensive coordinator position which I think was a huge
mix mistake. I don’t think micro will be back as offensive
coordinator next year. Yeah son of the great outgrow of U.S.A. fame. So ever going to work.
Well yeah. And you know breaking news. Al Groh fired his son Mike grow. So that should
have been a red flag one day on your resume. It says fired by my dad.
Come on dude we gotta get our shit on now. Rapid Fire recap. Tennessee Titans forty two
JAGs twenty. God hates Jags again and the Tennessee Titans the revamped offense I had
a night I did a bonus lineup which had Derrick Henry in there. Because of this Jags I felt
it was just the run defense that sucked for the Jags but turns out the entire defense
Tannehill two rushing touchdowns fantasy Darlene Ryan Tannehill strange to represent unlike
Ryan Finley Ryan Tannehill representing the name Ryan much better than when he did not
know which direction the sunset was that jarred. That’s Derek one of those. Oh no he didn’t
know the teams in his own division. That’s right no. Oh yeah. Just put it. Can
you give me some love maybe a cash register maybe a three lock salute. This was never
in doubt. Never in doubt. The Titans are now above water. So we know what happens next.
Hash tag tying up Patriots 13 cowboys 9. It’s a baby fucking wheel mad. Ugly ugly game course
Jason Garrett kicks that stupid field goal towards the end of the game to cut it within
four. Even though they barely got into the red zone all game You know it’s gonna be so
hard to get down there again just fucking go for your pussy and then one score game
that isn’t a field goal. Yeah. And then the Patriots don’t kick the field goal on the
other end when they’re running it out. The spread of six and a half which wouldn’t have
mattered but actually. The line moved down like four and a half. Just the nightmare scenario
again another game where I miss it by like half a point. So kudos to me for finding all
these close losses. How how does Jerry. What is Jerry Jones going
to do next. Jerry Jones and this is what I don’t get.
You’re not going to fire. You’re not going to fire Jason Garrett this
week right. So like why take him and throw him under the bus you’re still you’re still
in first place for the NFC East. Why create all this added controversy. You know you should
know that he sucks by now. What are you doing. Right out the rest of the contract I guess.
Indeed Green Bay Packers a 49ers 37 off a bye hopeful bye and I think we we have to
factor in almost a bye and maybe this is just the new way the league is going with everyone
being high flying offenses and you know being in timing and not getting work on the bye
I think the bye quietly is working against teams we’ve seen teams even though even the
Seahawks came out pretty flat on offense and I think in a weird way the buy is possibly
hurting teams these young coaches they don’t know how to coach the bye like Andy Reid.
Well they used to. I mean I think they just give the guys off but whatever has been happening
recently. I don’t think team’s coming off a bye has been a good look. Yeah I should
be tracking that. You haven’t listened up here in the spreadsheet right. But you don’t
have any lot of the left out final game of the week. Baltimore Ravens 45 Rams 6. One
of my rare victories here hit some sweet props Ravens just came in and ran buckshot on this
very fraudulent Los Angeles Rams team as Booger said their Melrose Place had the Ravens there
the wire Oh. Which if Booger was white. I feel like there
would be a protest or something. Listen people don’t like Booger not nothing to do with skin
color I promise you that. No but I’m saying by here you’re comparing that or it quietly
him and Bill Polian both said Lamar Jackson shouldn’t be playing quarterback and should
be playing receiver there are a lot of people Bill Polian I think getting way more heat
than Booker McFarland. Well ones as the brothers saying and saying
something to another brother I’m a fun guy. I am a fun guy Brian. And you know it being
fun is all about having sex. Oh yeah. Sex is awesome confirmed confirmed Ryan. He’s
a sex advocate. Sex Machine and when you’re having sex you want to be clean down there
you want to polish those family jewels you don’t want to show off some uncut diamonds.
It’s much like a great meal you’re gonna be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner a lot of it is
about the presentation the plating before you’re gonna have a big meal. You want to
look at it and go wow that looks delicious. You want to make it as appealing as possible.
The same can be said for presenting yourself to your partner right. You want to make it
as appeasing as has appeal and appealing. Losing my mind here as appealing as possible
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You know what like play win get paid. Just do what you want. Simple Form balls enter
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And secondly listen listen young fellas. I’m listening. You’re not. I’m not talking to
you. He’s one of those guys who will get penetration
for the men’s game. I will. I just want Madden on the telestrator
drawing up how to use the lawnmower to point I got a zig over here then. Oh yeah. You go
right here. I’m sure Kelly the 0 4 for those young fellows
who are thinking like you can win a hit Thanksgiving with the family and then really go out and
try to hit the club. I know it’s a good it’s a big lake come home bar night. Yeah. Well
Wednesday is not sure whatever. But both nights I think people go out. At least we did.
Listen there’s no point in trying to trying to hook up on things.
Enjoy the meal. Don’t enjoy the 2:00 a.m. shit. Just so just don’t don’t don’t overextend
yourself. And to that same point no one wants to be
so relaxed that things get weird demands that the lawnmower can’t fix that.
And to that point I know I haven’t been married for a long time but I think a whether you’re
married or in some sort of long term relationship when you’re getting ready for date night you’re
going to go out for a big meal and this kind of applies to thinks he might as well have
sex before you go out for dinner. I can’t stress that enough because then you
don’t have to worry about like oh I’ve got too much or oh should I get that espresso
that’s gonna be a nightmare. And again I’m a steak guy. So I want to be able to have
sex you get the get the endorphins going the testosterone my T is at all times level all
time high and they could just chew into a ribeye eat eat till my heart’s content and
not have to worry about oh I’ve got a full stomach. It’s going to impact me dinner and
me for dessert. But again if you’re new in relationship you have to wine and dine and
then try and get laid. But when it’s one date night it’s just a matter of it’s a formality.
You know if you’re in a decent relationship Hey. OK. Taking as we’re gonna get laid have
sex. I can’t stress this enough. Have sex before you go out that it feels like a celebration.
Yeah. Honestly another scene is the victor another positive side effect of the plant
based diet. No no possible chance of eating so much that
you don’t feel good later. You can only eat so much.
Kean was shown I’ve tapped out. Are we are we going forward are we ready. I’m ready.
Thursday Thanksgiving a traditional like none other than Nine thirty a.m. kickoff here on
the West Coast. Chicago the Bears they head to Detroit where
we don’t know starting we don’t know who’s finishing. We know tree Biscay will be there
and we know that true risk is a three point road favorite minus 175 plus 150 on the money
line for the Lions. Thirty eight and a half is the total. The
look ahead was lions minus one and a half. This surely has still value.
Shirley has to point to the fact that Driscoll’s probably out of you gotta get down on this
over at my bookie Don Agee Sean. Well how about how much. What’s the substitute
for free. So for my free bet I give you the favorite.
I think I’m gonna be playing favorites on Thanksgiving this year. I think I’m thankful
for favorites. I think the spread mattered a little too much last week I think five or
six times a spread mattered this week. Maybe it matters a bit less. I don’t see this. This
is just not a game that Detroit Chicago is still in the mix. Have you looked at the standings.
It’s crazy and they are somehow in the mix and if they win this game they get to six
and six. They still have to. They have to do this do some things and yes.
Mitchell true Biscay is still their quarterback but I don’t know this Packers team just got
their ass kicked. The Vikings still have Kirk Cousins. Stranger
things can happen. I think they roll here. Yeah. I mean at least
the Bears season has kind of been a disaster. They have the coaching edge too which is not
not often you say that the coach of the year last year. Right.
Yeah man it is. It has been a it’s been a bad look for a coach of the years. Right.
I mean good. I’m going to look it up but I remember it being who have been some of the
recent coach of the year will Sean McVay it’s not looking like you know I’ll pull this up
in a second. Well how about the playoff run they have no
fucking chance to make. Yeah. So Matt Nagy Sean McVay Jason Garrett and Ron Rivera.
Well although not all those go Oh my God. Well maybe not very.
But yeah. McVay they can’t hire. They can’t fire. But everyone else could get fired after
the season. Kind of insane. Yeah the Bears defense against the third string quarterback
that’s pretty easy. Again like I say have to get up for that right. They have to get
up for that. David Blow thirteen and twenty three at Purdue. Every year I read his bio.
Is that how you say his name. It’s Bill O Oh Eugene H. Is it blow blow probably blow
off like RUFF I think it should be like dough and blow dough you’re probably right It’s
like probably plow. I read his bio every year he was he was battling
it out for possibly starting that for Dale is not good. Miscues moments where he’s looked
OK. All right so here’s what we have to decide
do we want to back a guy who’s not good enough to beat out Driscoll who’s not look great
just loss of the Redskins or or this could be a big game for the Lions. All
right. This is their big national TV now. Or do we want to lay points which for this
game I really think. Yeah. And it’s an ugly thing. And maybe you
could say Well isn’t this similar to true Biscay or to Driscoll aim points in the right
I think. True Biscay is better than Driscoll. I think Matt Patricia has truly lost this
team and he just has. All right. Like how can you see this team getting motivated at
all to play for him. I just don’t see it. A lot of money on the balance. Eighty percent
it’s driven the line from I think this open around a pick to now minus three. Doesn’t
matter. I’m with the Bears. Let’s do it. I like it bears defense has potential to score
bears defense outscored the Lions. Yeah. And I did some of those tracking lineups.
They have some like free ones going as well for like the showdown. Yeah in my. I did one
of them and I did one where I threw the Bears bears D Captain. You know we’re lockstep.
We must be a super square play. Oh I’m sure it is Buffalo heads the Dallas for the 130
West Coast kick. Dallas is laying a full touchdown minus three hundred on the money line Buffalo
plus two fifty forty six is the total cost to him it this is tough for me really.
Yeah. Because I think we we’ve overreacted to Buffalo looking good at home and then they
go to the road they take to the road and they’re just not the same team at the same time Dallas
is a much better team at home they’re gonna get back to the running game and they just
played one of the best teams in the league I told you I like the favorites today I wish
this was six and a half. Can we get a ruling. What’s the current line
shown. Let’s call it seven.
Because I’m taking the bills Cole Beasley revenge game.
Stop the Bills running defense has actually been pretty decent. It’s six and a half right
now but we can leave it. Yeah. We already wrote the sheet. Bill’s running defense has
been bad overall but recently eighty five yards per game over the last three games and
they went up against decent running backs Philip Lindsey Royce Freeman Jerry Jones throwing
the coach under the bus publicly making a whole huge thing pointed out special teams
is just coaching they’re gonna be a disaster and I’ve traditionally had a very good run
picking games against the spread on Thanksgiving Oh wow. I’ve had a couple a couple of Thanksgivings
where I’ve cleared the slate Garden three and now and I’m looking back in my head I’m
like What is it about these Thanksgiving games where I can really see the games well. Well
you fed the Cowboys and I failed the Cowboys and the Cowboys since 2011 the Cowboys have
gone 1 7 against the spread in Thanksgiving games. I look for that tradition to continue.
And again the Cowboys also won at six against the spread in their past seven games against
a team with a winning record which the bill’s getting no respect certainly ah yeah.
I’ll just point out I think I think to me this is a dangerous spot because I think a
lot of people will. I think we’re seeing right now 70 percent of the tickets on the bills.
They’re strange right because a public dog against the Cowboys like that. I think that’s
probably why we’ve seen the number come down to six and a half we’re picking it at seven.
Give me the Dallas Cowboys. I would just caution people like this bill’s team I think this
is that classic spot they look dominant home against a shit quarterback now they’re going
on the road. Let’s see how they deal with this running attack of the Dallas Cowboys
night game Sean. For some reason we get to see new Orleans and Atlanta again on Thanksgiving.
Now if we were thankful for that last year but Saints head to Atlanta where the Saints
are seven point favorites minus three hundred on the money line in Atlanta plus two fifty.
Forty nine is the total. This numbers come up a point a half from the look ahead after
Atlanta went back into the crawl space. There like the possum you had to deal with.
You thought it was gone and it’s right back in the tricky bastard.
It does feel a bit like New Orleans will have revenge on their minds and we’ve seen tons
of running backs have a lot of success against this Falcons team. I am going back to the
stupid Saints favorite. Well just because this Atlanta team is trash.
I do think that oh jeez. Yeah I mean confirmed Atlanta true.
This needs to be seven and a half for me to take the Falcons. It’s right on the edge.
I don’t know if I’m Yeah. I mean there’s not amazing value. I keep going
back and forth because this new Orleans team the the their defense just isn’t quite the
same. But I do think this is a great revenge spot right. They got worked at home against
them. They got to take. They’re gonna get up for this game. There’s a what else I like
about it. Alvin Kamara. He wasn’t hundred percent. Last time they played I think that
was a huge factor. You’ve seen all the points you brought up in the DFS portion of the podcast
Austin Hooper divide to Freeman. Those guys are out. I just think Atlanta and Julio Jones
is really banged up. I think this could be a great game for the New Orleans defense even
though they’ve struggled as of late. Like what is Atlanta going to do skill position
wise and again Sean Payton 10 and four against the spread in season and same season revenge
games last week only. Like that last but not least Atlanta offensive line not as strong
as they were these past couple games. I mean the Tampa Bay Bucs not a great defensive line.
Shaq Barrett’s had some moments but especially earlier in the season they really got some
pressure on Matty Ice. I think you know again not having Hooper or not having for him and
not having Julio it’s just tough for them to find balance with their offense 38 28 score.
So I’m predicting a high scoring game like that like the over here. I just told you I
wasn’t gonna get stuck with any saints MONEYLINE action right and get that charger off that
we can do that. I just told you I wasn’t gonna put myself in a position to take the Saints
as a money line but now I’m looking at this Dallas New Orleans teaser and I’m really liking
it. So we’ll sustain it. Right. That is a disgusting act.
Again I already know this will not be officially a tease. What are you doing. More than I do
to actually put it in. Hold on. I’m looking up I may have already put in my
Thanksgiving Day teas which I parlay which I did using some free play over my bookie
that bears MONEYLINE bills seven and a half in New Orleans minus seven hundred dollars
pays four hundred and one dollars and so should I should I do the same thing. Should we get
it in. Well it seemed like you like the Cowboys right. Not at all. Are you pick bills. No.
I’m going to do my version. OK. Yeah. Let’s throw out a Thanksgiving give him back to
the fans. I’m just gonna go Chuck.
OK. Straight Chuck what are we putting on. What’s the dollar’s Hunter. Yeah so mind pays
a five hundred plus 568 for the Bears cowboys and Saints that’s fun right.
Bears cowboys and Saints. All right. And what are you doing. What do you do in action wise
on that. Or maybe I do. Or do I do the teaser. Well again. Get us get us. Whatever you do
get us to four to one once he can match my hundred dollars someone four hundred one.
I have one hundred to win five sixty eight. Okay yeah. I’m way ahead of you.
So you’re taking pairs minus three. Yeah. All right. Let it rip. Let it rip. Fuck it.
All right. What’s next what’s next. Ryan Yeah you’re you’re the one giving this
all night. I’m sorry I got I got shut down. I got it. I got to replace my butt. I’m actually
I’ve gotten distracted placing a lot of this action over. I was fired off the Blackjack
window. Oh well place your bets please. All right.
Heading this Sunday I will be back on the grid for the Shawn and we will be doing a
pregame Periscope without Shawn stack and the money green. We pay Justin Decker we’ll
be in the House 10 a.m. kick the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers head to New York
to take on the New York football Giants or the Packers or seven point favorites minus
three. Every one of these money lions minus 300 on the money line for the favorite plus
250 for the Giants forty five and a half is the total.
Boy I think I think we’re going to see some numbers. I think the Giants are gonna put
some numbers up in this game. But but on the offensive side of the ball.
Yeah yeah I think I think it’s going to be like forty two to twenty four. Do we have
weather before I sound like a complete idiot. I have not looked at the weather forecast
for this game. Aaron Rodgers twenty nine and 15 against the
spread after a loss eleven and seven against the spread as a favorite of seven and a half
or more. The peppers ending just in injury I think really hurts them all right.
Thirty eight degrees with a chance of rain not much wind.
Golden Tate. He’s out with a concussion. Yeah yeah he’s tough. I like that guy. I just don’t
see how the Giants are able to move the ball even though the Green Bay doesn’t have much
of a defense. You know hard. My instincts are like not to
take the Giants too. This is great. Everyone’s betting the Packers. Why is the line not moving
past seven. What’s going on. Ninety seven percent of that 90 percent of the tickets
are the Packers lay the points. Can’t trust this defense right now. Monty
Adams take the over props George Jenkins will have nothing to do with him as you heard previously
on this episode I took all three receivers in my draft Kings lineup.
So you’re locking up green bay minus 7 Kramer give me Green Bay minus 7 Washington heads
the Carolina where the Panthers and I’m I’m feeling awful Shockey awful chalky today Washington
heads Caroline or Caroline is a 10 point favorite minus for seventy on the MONEYLINE Washington
plus three seventy five forty is the total Sean.
This is ridiculous. You’re telling me we get Dwayne Haskins coming off a win in Carolina
just just got they got they got a kicker fucked it for him I don’t love laying this many points
with Kyle and like I said there is a geo location rivalry non divisional rivalry Yeah I think
the Panthers are not going to want to do anything but beat the shit out of the Washington Redskins
and oh by the way Josh Norman Josh Norman remember when he used to play for the Panthers
we are healthy now that he is a punk ass bitch just playing special teams so congratulations
you Josh Norman lay the points Carolina well we are extra chalky right now I didn’t take
Buffalo plus seven right you have you’ve taken off and I am extra choc it’s gonna be hard
to find a dog in this in this mess San Francisco coming off that thumping of the Packers they
head to Baltimore where this has gone from four and a half on the look ahead Sean up
to six even after San Francisco that’s crazy. Packers. Yeah I understand why you’d move
it maybe for the Ravens and and Lamar but my god that is it insane. That’s an insane
swing. And just to point out I’m also on the Panthers
minus 10 there I am slightly worried about the Redskins ability to run the ball in the
Panthers like maybe their guy says this come out game I almost put on my DFS line lineup
a Panthers their defense has kind of been all over the place I that would be my concern
that they run the ball just enough to keep him in the game but again I think Haskins
turnovers are the difference in the spread and the game back to the Ravens 49ers way
too much movement in the fact that the 49ers no respect for that game and in a weird way
no what no respect. Oh yeah and in a weird way the 49ers kind of need this game more
than the Ravens do. I I just kind of think the 49ers they have to worry about Seattle
nipping at their heels in that super competitive NFC West game interesting injury didn’t get
a lot of talk about it because he’s a center and who cares Lamar Jackson is fun but the
Baltimore center Matt Scarra out for the season got carted off in that game I think that could
be a difference you talk about how awesome San Francisco’s defensive line is the interior
pressure they create I know I took Ravens defense in DFS I think there’s a chance this
could be an ugly game Kittel and Emmanuel Sanders are healthy for the 49ers that seems
to be a huge difference six points is just too much I’m going to take the 49ers here
is it too much though I use every Cisco is on the road.
San Francisco isn’t a non conference spot. San Francisco has the Saints the Rams and
the Seahawks coming up. Yeah but I think we’re in game. But I think
Baltimore again is there a bigger letdown spot for Baltimore short week. They were just
out on the West Coast. You couldn’t have a bigger let down spot and they showed up in
the tough spot that they showed up in the non conference.
Yes they have. I mean they showed up in division games or you think they should have.
What’s the stat on Harbaugh at home recently. I feel like that that’s the part we need to
hone in on because they have not been that good at home covering spreads. And while I
watch this Baltimore team and I don’t really want to get in the way and I do worry about
this San Francisco’s elite defense shown what have what have they done. Well let’s just
pull up their schedule real quick. I don’t wanna spend too much time on this game but
this is probably the game with a weak pull up that schedule and tell me if you see something.
Tell me if you notice something when they play quarterbacks that can use their legs
they give up points. The Cardinals scored twenty five twenty six.
The Seahawks scored twenty seven. That’s the difference. You see the way they
shut down every other team non mobile quarterbacks. They shut them down. I agree with you. That’s
an elite defense but when these mobile quarterbacks come out I mean I would have to imagine. So
they’ve given up 26 points per game. You got you got Nick Posey. You have this
defense is just plain out of their minds I think. I think they’re going to be able to
scheme up something that really is gonna be tough for the Ravens. All right. Six points
is too much for a team this good. I hear you but it’s Jimmy G we haven’t seen
him in competitive games as I just pointed out seventy eight of their one hundred and
sixty three points given up this year. Almost half of their points given up were in three
games against quarterbacks that had a little wiggle. I’m rolling with that. I think Baltimore
is just on a run right now and they may come to an end in the playoffs because they play
the wrong team. They play Belichick for a second time but right now I’m not good.
I felt like a complete idiot being the contrarian last week with the Rams. I’m not going to
do it this week. I’m going to stay Chalky. Give me the Baltimore Ravens laying the six
points wrong side of a touchdown showing wrong side of a touchdown.
Tennessee has the Indy where the sorry the 6 and 5 Tennessee Titans they had the hash
tag tighten up and they have coming off Thursday night where the look ahead was four and a
half it’s now two and a half minus 140 on the money line in Tennessee plus one twenty
forty three and a half is the number we might be double locking this I assume you’re also
on Indy why is this not three. Why is it not three.
Why is it not three Tennessee huge let down spot.
That’s not a let down spot they just had a great game. We can’t overreact. We can’t push
a look ahead from four and a half to two and a half based on Derrick Henry bust in the
70 yard run. I get it Tannehill looks great he’s way better
than Mariota and this team has it going right cause I’ve just own them to twenty six the
last 31 games the AFC South is a complete cluster fuck and it just when in doubt take
the home team as far as winning the game anything that’s over three and a half in this AFC south
you have two and it’s not it’s it’s under three. Well you that’s why you lay right exactly
t why Hilton he had a really bad game some uncharacteristic drops he’s coming back off
injury now you get that Thursday rest perfect get right game for t why Hilton Brissett as
a couple extra days to rest his ankle and again Colts have just dominated them and they’re
at home they’re good at home Tennessee also not familiar what to do as a winning team
so they’re gonna come back to five hundred where they’re comfortable and for those Titans
fans out there who want to talk shit. Sure. Yes I said they would be five and eleven.
They outperform that congratulations. They lose this week lay the points with the Colts
eagles head to Miami where the Eagles are a nine and a half point road favorite minus
450 on the money line Dolphins Plus 360 forty four and a half is the total. Boy oh boy Sean
I’m a little worried about this one I’ll tell you why I don’t know.
I don’t know. What is this defense going to do in Miami. They’re celebrating touchdowns
or celebrating interceptions down all those points what are they going to do in Miami
for this meaning meaningless non conference Rhodes.
I mean it’s it’s meaningful because it’s their entire season and they can’t fuck it up.
And I think they’re gonna be able to turn over Ryan Fitzpatrick if anything can get
this Eagles offense going. You would think it’s going against this Miami secondary. There’s
gonna be a ton of coked out Eagles fans hanging out in the crowd. Maybe they’re gonna get
them all jacked up I think their defense really wins this game for them puts them in a great
spot to get some easy points and to roll against his will they have some receivers this week
looks like Alisha decided to play Nelson Aguilar. I hope he doesn’t play. He’s still listed
as questionable. I would really like them more if Jordan Howard has been cleared but
he’s still not cleared so that’s that’s a little curious for me but I can’t take the
dolphins I kip I should have off the Dolphins two weeks ago after they won those two straight
games. Well colored uniforms Well the Eagles we were.
I don’t know that right off the top of my head. Well do we know what the weather is
going to be like in Miami. Because when I see 80 degrees in humid Sean I hope they’re
not wearing those black jerseys. Sunday is going to be or do we get 80 degree
80 degrees 50 percent 56 percent humidity. That’s going to be tough. I mean yeah. Fitzpatrick
has that giant beard on his ass off. I’m taking the better quarterback. Give me
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Miami Dolphins to cover this number of first dog. I took all
that. I can’t quit this Dolphins team. I know I got to quit Tampa heads to Jacksonville.
Another crappy team in Florida where the Jags are lagging one point minus 115.
And why did these teams have to play chip minus 1 0 5 for the Bucks 48. Everyone. Everyone
always says anytime it’s like titans Colts any any team like that they go Oh don’t they
didn’t just play don’t they just always play each other other on Sunday night. Thursday
night. I think what it is is every team in the AFC South just seems like the exact same
team. Right. They all seem like carbon copies of each other. Well they are the Bucs are
Florence. Well they’re not the Jags are 4 and 7 but the Tampa Bay Bucs almost feel like
they belong in the AFC South. Yeah they’re this is tough for me because we I just last
week it was like I got to quit the Bucs and I quit the Bucs for a week and I saw that
I could have had fun if I stayed on the books. Yeah. Do we have foam Mo because we missed
out on the Bucs line open at Jags minus three and a half. That is a crazy amount. Let’s
look at. That’s the look ahead but yeah. So it’s almost too much movement here. It does
concern me a little bit. The issue though is Foles needs a good offensive line to succeed.
Right. You’ve seen Foles be really good and really
horrible and it’s pretty easy. The horrible and awesome splits are the offensive line.
That year he had with Chip Kelly they had a great offensive line. Shawn McCoy led the
league in rushing. They didn’t know how to defend Chip Kelly scheme when he went on the
run in 2017. Same thing. Oh yeah. You know Big V was actually playing out of his mind
at left tackle Lane Johnson like they just had Jason. Kelsey was playing great. They
had really good offensive line. Now he goes to Jacksonville and they just don’t have a
good offensive line. James is kind of dialed in and I think it’s kind of a dream crusher
angle for the Jags. And for whatever reason they’re playing for they’re playing for Bruce
Aryans and they’re playing for our boy James. And they have they have got to win. They have
Mike Evan. Simple question. The Bucs can score 30 in
this game. Yeah. And I don’t know him the Jags score
30. No. And they both have horrible defenses so I think the Bucs catching a point here.
Yeah. Then you know if you wanna have some fun I think maybe the Ronald Jones props but
the way these Jags team has been defending their own jets head to Cincinnati where guess
who’s back Sean. Your second favorite quarterback with red hair. Andy Dalton.
I just did a podcast. Sorry. I love football podcast Danny Salomon credit comedian chief
saying he had a line about Andy Dalton calling it the Red Dead Redemption.
He’s been left for dead. He’s back. The red rifles reloaded.
Ryan Finley rest in peace. Does feel like we’ve been talking about relationships and
how man escape can help your relationship. It is almost like the bangles are like hey
check out this young hot new chick check it out for a couple of weeks.
Hanging out a you know is kind of fun at first and then the super young chick you mentioned
nirvana. She has no idea what you’re talking about. I can’t do that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean
they really I’d rather go back to my loveless marriage that is Andy Dalton.
I think they realized that they had a serious chance to not win games. And so they’re like
oh we better get Tom back in there winning game or two.
Cordy Glenn offensive stud for the Bangles is back to me the interesting thing and our
boy Walter football pointed this out with the announcement that Donald came back the
line did not move the line was steady. You mean Dalton. So yes I don’t know why I keep.
Because he’s playing this game and this is a mega pot. It’s draining me but I’m doing
it for the fans right. What are you doing here. Because I I wanted to take the Bangles
but then I’m like am I getting too cute. Where’s the public at with this song. I’m guessing
they’re all over the Jets right. I mean the Jets have scored 34 points in three
straight games. The public is all over the Jets.
Three quarters of the tickets and the money on this Jets team they’ve certainly look good.
But isn’t this like the point when you sell the stock.
I wish they weren’t playing the Bengals to be honest with you because I don’t know are
they gonna be rallying around Dalton being back like that. I don’t know what’s going
on in this locker room. That’s certainly an awkward situation to be putting the entire
team in now. You’ve kind of said not we’re moving on.
Not yet. Like this is when. Like Dalton came showed
up to your apartment drunk and said yeah you can put it my ass this one time. So it’s it’s
weird for everyone the roommates wake up it’s it’s a different girl who knows. I think you
got to feed the Jets though right. Isn’t this the spot you feed the Jets or do they keep
it rolling. I’m kind of torn on this because I think the Jets have been playing good ball
and in a way I still think we’re underrated. How bad this bangles team is they have a coach
who shouldn’t be a coach. No one is discussing this. No one is bringing this up.
They very clearly have what happened to the Hey I knew Sean McVay I should have a coaching
job. What happened to that there. Well he actually coached when the showed we
would still he is I mean the Bengals are squarely below the Falcons Giants and Redskins when
it comes to DVLA. It’s just not working out for him.
Yeah. You mean the Jets. I can’t take the Bengals less than the touchdown.
I think the Jets have something to play for now. Strangely even though Adam Gase a psychopath.
They look good right now. So I like this angle too many points but I like it.
Well that’s the other thing it does feel. It should be three. The judge why do you gotta
do this to. Because later three and a half Sean trust
you trust your instincts the favorites are gonna come in heavy after the spread mattered
five times Sean. It’s not going to matter this week. Just pick winners Cleveland heads
to Pittsburgh where Pittsburgh is a two and a half point home dog plus 115 on the money
line Browns minus one 35 40 is the total look ahead it was Pittsburgh minus two and a half.
This is ridiculous. They upgraded their quarterback. Steelers are not good just because they beat
this shitty dolphins. When you’re talking you’re not getting beat by the Browns twice.
You also look at some of those touchdown throws. Two of those kind of like we’re close to being
kind of picked on. If Megan Fitzpatrick was playing for the Dolphins he would’ve had one
of them. Neither neither one of these teams should
be favored in this spot. Cleveland definitely should not be a road
favorite so I would’ve made this I would’ve made this spread like Pittsburgh minus one.
I think so too. I think Pittsburgh minus two and a half is
the right number. Yeah. I wonder if those spread will swing across over time because
people are seeing the same thing you have this weird revenge spot where no one involved
in the incident will be playing to seek revenge. It’s just going to be like a big brawl in
the stands. Cleveland 25th in rush defense. I think they get Benny Snell going like I
was saying in the DFS lineup. Do you know if they move this to 10 a.m. because
they were worried about fights. This was originally scheduled for a late afternoon
possibly. Yeah I mean that kind of makes sense but to me the best you know on the on the
field is still going to be the Steelers defense. Yeah and I think they show up they really
have been playing for Tomlin Baker I know Tomlin doesn’t get respect as a coach but
he deserves some respect for this season and especially at home.
I mean the team he’s clearly a good leader. I don’t know if he’s a great football mind.
He’s a great leader and on the flipside Cleveland smell him themselves.
They are doing it so Oh my God. They just scored a bunch of points. They just
beat the Steelers and the dolphins back. You know I I can’t run quick enough to bet this
number. It just feels completely wrong.
Pittsburgh is the play moving to the afternoon kicking on and we have no by weeks this week.
So we have extra games to cover. Booyah Rams off the short week they get Arizona off the
bye where Arizona is a three point home dog plus 140 on the MONEYLINE Rams minus three
minus one sixty forty seven is the total Kyler Murray has been fun this year the defense
has left has left a lot out there. Not not sure if they’re a team you really
want to get behind but closing. Kind of sneaky competent as a coach I definitely
thought Arizona’s defense would be worse. There’s still not great but I mean as Jesus
Christ the Rams how are they a road favorite against anyone.
Have to John we’re not even sitting on chairs today we’re just sitting on stacks of cash
that we’ve earned from Jared Goff sucks island and all that it really is a great investment.
All that real estate investor development we’ve done over there.
I think curly curly is just all right. Peter girly Miss dude super nice guy to throw in
eight nine yards per attempt at catching the ball his two point eighty nine yards per target
sorry are the lowest by running back with at least twenty eight targets since Ben Tate
well in 2013 back up Darian Foster how about that.
I mean it’s crazy that he went from being like one of the best running back receivers
out of the backfield to one of the worst and not even just bad but like historically bad
he was his first negative yah yeah one I think he just the injury clearly has impact too
it’s not that surprising right like his scheme relied on them being able to run the ball
the offensive line takes a step back the running game takes a step back right does Jared guy
crazy. That was Sean McVay. CHIP KELLY with better hair. This is my greatest take of all
time I think. Same sort of thing. Awesome early and then as you figure it out it unravels
perhaps. I mean I think there’s a little bit of Shanahan
sprinkled in here he has that influence and I just just like with even good Shanahan teams
when they struggle to run the ball they even look at San Francisco when when San Francisco
struggles to run the ball they’re going to struggle to win.
So it doesn’t set the play action up it Goff can’t read the field at all.
Not scheming guys wide open and yeah the system made Goff look great for a year but I think
that you know let’s stop with that. Give me Kyler pocket. Plus he’s fun to watch.
Yeah I’m all over Kyle. Tyler is a funny three. You could see yourself back door in it or
making it a field goal. I understand why this isn’t the look ahead
of three and a half is crazy. I almost bet it was.
I just seems like the wrong number this year and the Ravens offensive line has been really
really bad. Listen my 3 to 1 it on them or what to seventy
five taking on that on them to miss the playoffs. That’s I think we can almost catch that.
This should be it. This should probably on the NFC West.
How are they going to be Rams pick at the best I think Chargers coming off the bye they
head to Denver where the look ahead had Denver favored by one and a half it’s now Chargers
minus two and a half minus one thirty five on the MONEYLINE Denver plus 115 forty is
the total. So is the rookie going to be starting for
the Broncos have they announced it they keep going back and forth.
I don’t know man. Having I didn’t think Ellen looked he didn’t
look grating and said Bill’s game but he looks so good against the Vikings.
It seemed like he had some well to injury back to back road games. Now they’re coming
home. Yeah I really wish. And I don’t think anything new Anthony Lin coming off a bye
really is a huge tick in the Chargers corner. I just I don’t know how Philip Rivers isn’t
really going to bring it down it’s not that bad though he’s wanting to complete it 46
percent of his passage which is really low but three touchdowns two interceptions.
Here’s what it comes down to I think when I see Philip Rivers and this Chargers team
getting 85 percent of the tickets I’m absolutely concerned.
But here’s the thing. Both these teams know how to lose games. Denver has lost a number
of close games at home a number of games by two points at home last minute field goal.
Both houses are going to be looking for ways to lose since 2015 thirty. One score games.
This feels like a one score game. I think Von Miller has a nice little game against
Philip Rivers tears him apart. I think this is the Denver defense has shown spots where
they’ve been competent and one of those is at home. And I think they’re going to be I
think they’re going to be juiced up and I think they’re going to take care of business
at home. Chargers are not road favorite and we’ve talked about how the buys haven’t held
these offensive teams and I don’t think it’s going to help the Chargers although I do like
Austen Eckel or throw him in a DFS lineup. As far as getting some catches out of the
backfield because he’s done man Philip Rivers Berry the great Berry the grave throw him
in the grave. Ryan I am gonna be going with I’ll go with
you here. I just it just seems like both these teams
will want to lose and both teams have found ways to lose games in the past. Sean we are
we are going extra long people people are going to get a lot of us this week on the
mega pot. How many games we got left Sean. Three more. For more let’s go three more let’s
bring it out Oakland. Close your eyes special this week Sean who that’s fun.
Yeah it is. They had the Kansas City coming off the by
Andy Reid. We love that trend minus nine and 13 and seven eight years off of I. It feels
like it used to be 13 and 3. So maybe it’s come down. Yeah. Here’s Kansas City minus
nine and a half minus 470 in the money line. Oakland plus three seventy five fifty one
and a half is the total. This is the Oakland Super Bowl as much as
I want to lay the points here with this. This Chiefs team.
This is an Oh we gotta get our shit on now. Yeah.
I think you can get some tends to can you tamper. I think he can. If you’re if you’re
on the Oakland side of the ball which I am. Nice little revenge spot for Oakland. They
were clearly looking ahead past the Jets to this game against Kansas City. If they win
this game they’re in the mix for the division. So I mean tons of motivation. Although the
Chiefs have won nine of the last 10 but the Raiders really got embarrassed at home and
this Raiders team seems to have some sort of pride. Raiders are 18 and 12 80s is a double
digit underdog since two thousand eight. So I like that angle. He said Josh Jacobs I think
he’s gonna have a decent game I really kill big game. Tyree killed dealing with a minor
injury and that of course is not an injury he’s put on a minor but a a hamstring issue.
It’s a minor injury and Tyree Kelly you have to clarify right. Oh but I just think this
Raiders team is gonna hang right. Can’t you just this Kansas City Chiefs team is so bad
that I think the Raiders will kind of be in it. Man it’s a great bounceback spot for the
Raiders. And again I think the bye doesn’t help teams right now.
The Chiefs I do think the Chiefs are good. I think the Chiefs defense is shown us reasons
why they’re gonna they’re gonna struggle to cover big numbers. I worry a little bit that
they the Raiders could fall too far behind but I’m going to lean into my Josh Jacobs
prediction. I’m going to lean into the fact that Gruden has the right game plan. And to
your point you can probably find a 10 out there. I was I was looking to see if there
is an updated number since you surely would let us adjusted but indeed we cannot do that
it’s still nine and a half over at my bookie. Yeah. Seventy four seventy two. Seventy percent
of the tickets on the Chiefs. Let’s say let’s fade that. This is the Super Bowl for the
Raiders. We’re gonna take the closure of a special This Week which Sean by the way not
a great start for the closure of a special. But it’s up to 6 6 and 1 against the spread
one in twelve straight up still. So we like the spread the matter in this one. Sunday
Night Football New England heads the Houston coming off Thursday night New England minus
three and a half minus one eighty on the MONEYLINE plus one fifty five for the Texans forty four
and a half is the total yes. So Watson in primetime is that the angle you’re
going with. Because there’s a lot of different angles
you can go at. And to me the Patriots are going to lose a
random game at some point. Yeah.
They they’ve they’ve slowly been teetering. But I don’t know if this is the game. Houston
I just feel like Sean Watson’s gonna get destroyed. Bill O’Brien Belichick. You have that angle.
You have the fact that certain how does that as belches do against his former US he murders
them. Yeah he absolutely murders them and this number
is not big enough. It came down a point from the look ahead from
four and a half to three and a half totally makes sense why it’s three and a half. It’s
a Patriots defense too much. This Houston team still does not take care of the ball
well enough. Yeah. Why give it away seven sacks. Like the
guy just holds onto the ball too much. He’s trying to do too much a huge game for them.
But you know I I don’t really want to get in the way of this. This Patriots defense
right now. This isn’t the spot to get cute and feed them.
No. I mean again it is a historically good defense. I think they’ll get up for this game.
I mean do we need to drag out the Brady and primetime numbers.
It’s a fact and we’ll meet again. To me it’s just Deshaun Watson. He’s shown
up in certain spots right. Like spots where you know he’s going to have more time. But
even that even the Colts game like I just don’t see him I don’t I don’t see him getting
those deep balls to Hopkins that kind of bailed him out in that Colts game because you have
Gilmore like I give you a raise. Of you know them on the New England.
Yeah Kansas City but they’re not a they’re going to really look past notes and they get
they don’t the city they don’t they’re gonna Belichick I think thought this teams have
something went down between Bill O’Brien and Belichick.
He does not like him. He’s not treated him well.
He’s going to smash him I could be completely wrong. I’m pretty sure he’s just done nothing
but put him and put him in a headlock and throwing him a fucking no New England wins
big. Monday Night Football Minnesota off the pie. Kirk Cousins in primetime against danger
Russ who couldn’t be more opposite. People write their caricatures right.
Talk about a superhero versus what they both love God. Seattle minus three minus one fifty
five on the money line. Kirk Cousins and the fighting school 135 on
the monument forty nine is the total Yeah. This is there’s no handicap here. You see
ten times out of ten you take dangerous here. Ryan how often how often does Hayley’s comment
happen right. Once every twenty five years he’s not going to win. Captain Kirk isn’t
going to win back to back road primetime games. Come on. Are you kidding me. No. I also keep
running that promo. The trailer for the Richard Jewel movie oh kind of reminded me of Kirk
Cousins because in the same way who is Richard Jewel who is Kirk Cousins right. At first
he comes your town Oh my God he found the bomb. He’s a hero. Yeah. And then they start
looking at him closer like wait maybe he’s part of the problem maybe he’s sabotaging
us. Maybe he’s the guy that we should put in jail. And then he Oh.
No it turns out he was good all along similar similar. Up and down journey for Captain Kirk.
I think here is where he gets exposed. Seattle just keeps winning close games. I’m kind of
almost scared of the minus 3 aspect of it. This feels like a 28 27 type game that no
I’m taking C minus three. But when it actually comes down to betting
that I might I may I’ll MONEYLINE you have forgotten both of these teams have three and
a half point home field edges. Yeah. Hopefully both of these teams are worse.
They are a bigger gap between their road and home performances. Sure you might argue that
Seattle has been a little bit more level Minnesota especially. There is a big gap between what
this team is at home and what they are on the road.
A lot of defense plays. But Seattle three into at home six and so on the road.
That’s why I said if anything they’ve levelled out a little bit. I just again no handicap
required fade Kirk Cousins in prime time here against the guy who is just he’s on a mission
this year Ross danger Russ. Maybe he went to Utah and learned about smoking
just straighten him out. He’s just murdering right now. It goes real well as King.
King King Justin just one more time. All right. We uh we’re almost two hours.
Wow. That’s why we won the people with the mega podcast.
I didn’t think it was gonna be this long. We made it this long. Let’s get out of here
with the locked dog tees. Oh well of course Ryan the locked dog teams
is presented by my bookie dad G. Make sure you get that free bed in. I know I got my
term 50 bucks down on the Bears. Like Doug and tease it Ryan. Oh I go first. Sure you
want me to go first. Doesn’t matter. My hips suck. Wow. All right. You know what I need
confidence. How many guys in Canada how are we okay for my dog. It’s not a big dog but
it’s a dog I love keep me. It’s Thanksgiving. We also should have to
give out Thanksgiving. Yeah. OK. All right.
My Thanksgiving Loch give me Chicago minus. I like that the best you know. Give me New
Orleans minus seven. Um it’s nothing crazy but for my dog it’s
obviously Buffalo again right. You’ve already box yourself into a hole here.
Oh no you don’t give a dog. I just say give a walk for Thanksgiving give the people one
play. OK. I’ll give you a lock and a dog neurons
minus seven of Buffalo plus two. Okay for my regular week seven or whatever fucking
week this week 14. Not even close one week seven.
You’re tired. I understand who you walking out right. Who are you walking up. Who am
I locking up. Do I just keep it simple or you know any minus two and a half. Sure. I
like that. Yeah. I mean what. What are you. What else are you considering.
Let me let me help you. We help guide you through this.
Yeah. You know nothing else is really jumping out at me you like Strasburg and you really
like to put any minus two and a half. My dog. A small dog. Give me Pittsburgh plus 115 for
my teams. Let’s make this interesting here.
Do I throw I can’t throw a tampon at TS That is just I’m going to help you and help Green
Bay. You want to put that titties. Oh my God you’re right. Green Bay minus one
and that certainly has like potential Green Bay minus one. Carolina knock it down to four
very reasonable number for them to cover and the last leg of my Ts. Say forty niners up
to twelve. Now they can fuck that up near a zone up to nine Chargers up to the Broncos
up to eight and a half. Chargers cover need to have points. Seattle man Seattle is a potential
lock as well you know. Yeah. Oh shit fucking am in my head I’ll go see. Now you say with
any money I have. Right. Come on. I’m figuring I’m fixing my horrible pay. Calling back the
curtain here and for the last leg of the tease give me new orleans minus one lock.
Seattle. Come on. Again no handicapper cut required. There you go.
For my Thanksgiving Loch let’s be thankful Sean. Mm mm mm mm. Come on. Just just just
take the Dallas Cowboys. Just take it just that is a disgusting act.
Dallas minus seven. Because I don’t have a dog. I’ll happily throw
out that three team T’s Chicago plus three minus one for Dallas minus one for the Saints.
That’s gonna pay plus 180 for my regular dog Sean. I don’t think. Do you want some company
on that Pittsburgh wagon. I’ll stay off of it. Give me Arizona. I think this is the nail
in the Rams miss the playoff coffin I think Kingsbury with a week off actually may help
that team that’s there they’re on the right path for my teams can I can I also use. I
mean I would just put Green Bay in there I would put Cam.
I would also put Dallas in their. And then let’s let’s tease the Steelers up
to eight. Whoo. There you go. The long teaser teaser enact
lot lots of Wong this week. So Ryan Long Cox long Cox indeed long pod. But we do it for
you listeners again. Thank you guys for supporting rate and review
and sharing on items it’s so important that helps us to share these other week week entertainment
media properties and again rate review and share. We need that guys. We need that mojo.
Happy Thanksgiving for the sports gaming podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he
is Ryan. Happy Thanksgiving. So I boy Cramer let it ride.

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