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NFL Week 12 Draftkings Picks + Fanduel Picks – Thanksgiving Day Special

NFL Week 12 Draftkings Picks + Fanduel Picks – Thanksgiving Day Special

hey good morning everybody welcome back to The Bachelor Pad I am your host of DFS bachelor and we are doing our Thanksgiving special Thanksgiving giveaway and we're gonna cover the three game NFL slate on both FanDuel and draftkings I just want to start out by saying thank you to all you guys man for all your support liking the channel subscribing to the channel seriously it's just completely mind-blowing ly humbling every time the fact that we're over 5,000 subscribers is something that I could have never imagined so I'm happy to do this giveaway today for the giveaway we're offering a $50 paypal giveaway subscription to draft dashboard a couple people win a free six month membership to our slack chat so we'll have about five prizes all you have to do to qualify for the drawing like the video subscribe to the video and comment in the comment section below whatever your comment maybe even if you call me a giant raging dickhead you're in the drawing that's it that's all you got to do now cheers to you all I love this Thanksgiving time I'm in a great mood this is mostly Bailey's with coffee I don't think we can call it coffee with Bailey's this time it's mostly ooh Bailey's with coffee and I love it so thank you if you're new to the channel welcome to the team be sure to hit subscribe down below specially if you want to enter the drawing we also have a ton of content nearly every NBA contest you know we'll have another video coming out after the Thanksgiving holiday for Sunday's main slate lots of content hit subscribe if you're so inclined to do so thank you again for all your support reminder all you got to do is like subscribe comment down below that's it that's all you got to do three games this shouldn't be too painful well let's start at quarterback oh you know let me pull up the totals for these three games so you guys have those I meant to do that so I'll pull them up for you right now as we go but for me I mean if you even watching my videos you know you know what it is Oh the winners will be announced on for the week 12 or week 11 where are we week 12 now week 12 Jesus week 12 main slate video for the NFL so that'll come out late Friday night or on Saturday that's when we will announce the winners of our drawing so be sure to tune in last time we had someone not even claim their prize I was like come on man so just something to keep in mind also I mean if you know me you guys know when we start a quarterback I play Drew Brees why would I go any different he's going up against the Atlanta Falcons the Atlanta Falcons are xxx against opposing quarterbacks Drew Brees is at home in the Superdome this is the late game this is obviously the highest you know opening total what do they have the implied open in this game at what website did I go to let me find the actual right one here so we can find these totals but Drew Brees that's a lot for me there's only six quarterbacks it's only three games you know so it's not a huge thing you have Brees Matt Ryan dak Prescott Mitch too risky maybe mixture Biscay Matt Stafford and Colt McCoy like if I'm making 10 lineups here's how it's gonna roll I'm gonna have Drew Brees in like five I'm gonna have Matt Ryan in two and I'll have one with dak mitch to Biscay and Matthew Stafford I probably want to go Colt McCoy that Dallas defense is too tough over-under for the Detroit Chicago game is 45 that's the early game it starts at 9:30 over/under for Dallas Washington's 40 and a half and then the over-under for New Orleans Atlanta is 60 so it's clearly obvious with the high scoring game is that's where everyone's gonna be going to but there is value to find in these early games so I'm gonna have mostly Drew Brees of course Matt Ryan coming back the other way against New Orleans who are 29th against opposing quarterbacks absolutely in play he's 8600 on FanDuel he is 6100 on draftkings drew Brees is 6700 on draftkings so there's certainly the argument to be made for having some Ryan on the road a game they desperately need if they want to cling to whatever playoff hopes they have Atlanta needs the win this should be a fun high-scoring game in the dome Thanksgiving night after we've all eaten a little buzzed hopefully after a few drinks I like it DAC simply because Washington is so beat up and he's got that rushing floor if that gets rollin he could be an interesting contrarian play he's going to be loaned everyone's gonna be on Brees and Ryan including this guy but I will have some dak Prescott exposure I just will just a little bit just because you have to it's worth a shot mixture Biscay Luke Detroit's 23rd against opposing quarterbacks they're not a great defense mr. BIG's keys got the rushing floor he ran the ball 10 times last week the problem is he's got an injured shoulder looks like he's probably going to play if he does not play then chase Daniel comes into a play and I would consider playing chase Daniel if he plays I'll have him in a lineup for two simply because he'll be super low owned and chased Daniel can throw the rock I've had chase Daniel before he did five for me remember when he was Drew Brees his backup 7900 on FanDuel what is he on DK there's a glitch right there he's fairly cheap on DK as well he is 5900 on drafting he's only 200 less than Matt Ryan and the Matthew Stafford look it's a tough defense against the Bears defense that's eight against the pass he struggled the last three weeks you know seven 18 and thirteen they're gonna need to throw more carry on Johnson doesn't look like he's gonna play Matthew stop it's a Thanksgiving game in Detroit so I think you've got to give him some consideration there he's 6,800 on FanDuel and he's only 5,300 on draftkings I could absolutely go there like I said for me it's gonna be like five lineups of Drew Brees two with Matt Ryan and then one each of dak tri Biscay if he plays and Matthew Stafford Colt McCoy down here at 6500 he's gonna start for the injured Alex Smith that was a gruesome injury Colt McCoy is not your average everyday backup he knows the system he's been in the league they're very comfortable playing him the problem with this match as Dallas's pass-rush is devastating that washington offensive line is destroyed there's just riddled with injuries so court McCoy's in a really tough spot if you want to be a cute contrarian to throw them in you can I just won't be going there once again you guys can try get all these stats create this player pool get access to my player pool put them in the lineup optimizer which we will do at the end of the video by simply clicking the link in the video description below you can try it for 30 days for $1 you get access to my player pool the lineup optimizer the whole thing at the end of the video we will go through and make a couple sample lineups for the Thanksgiving Day slate let's head over to running back Alvin Kamara at the top against Atlanta whose 29th against opposing running backs you guys all know no team of the last three seasons has allowed more receptions two opposing running backs then the Atlanta Falcons Alvin cรกmaras in a smash spot here I like Alvin Kamara a lot last three weeks you scored 32 24 and 17 even in a scenario where the throw on the ball a ton that's where you want Alvin Kamara sign me up for him he's gonna be popular so there is in tournaments there is something to be said for fading that shock that everyone's going to be playing and doing something different if Alvin camara gets an ankle injury on the first possession or just kind of has an off game and it's an arcing grim day you're dancing to the money that's the point you know so do keep that in mind yes I love camara do I also love the idea of fading him yeah I do hell yeah I do cuz I'm crazy like that Zeke Elliott 8700 on FanDuel he's 86 on draftkings so he's the most expensive running back on draftkings look he's bit look at how involved he's been in the passing game he's been targeted 20 times over the last three weeks he's also carrying the ball 20 times this guy's an absolute beast Washington is 10th against opposing running backs I do sort of worry about these work horse running backs on short weeks but Zeke should have his way against Washington at home Thanksgiving Day I love Zeke Mark Ingram 7,400 on FanDuel only 6100 on draft kings look at the carries I'm encouraged by the carries even with chimera getting you know 14 15 touches mark Ingram's getting 15/16 like they're getting the same amount of touches he's getting into the end zone he didn't even have a catch last week and he was he still score 22 FanDuel points last season I can't tell you how many times the first-place lineup had Alvin Kamara and the Mark Ingram in it I'm totally done with that this week again Atlanta 29th against opposing running backs 30th and overall defense just Atlanta's a bad defense I like the matchup both running backs for the Saints Adrian Peterson look I want to play Adrian Peterson he's 51 on DK he's 6700 on FanDuel but Dallas seventh against opposing running backs they're gonna be focused in on him even more with Colt McCoy at quarterback like I said that offensive line is dealing with a ton of injuries so I'm probably not racing to get Adrian Peterson in I'm not gonna call you an idiot for playing him but it's not my favorite play this week Tevin Coleman the Saints are third against opposing running backs third he's 5200 on draftkings 6,500 on FanDuel like I do like that he's been targeted 15 times the last three weeks in the passing game it's just really a matter of you know can he get in the end zone it's a high scoring game so I think I could consider Tevin Coleman it's not my favorite right under that he's a guy that I hope goes overlooked today and a guy that I really like today Jordan our tomorrow I should say Jordan Howard a 6100 on FanDuel he is 4100 on draftkings 4100 he's still gonna carry the ball 15 to 20 times Detroit 24th against opposing running backs they've been terrible against the run all year long short week I think Jordan Howard wears out this defense I like Jordan Howard this week tarik Cohen right back the other way 6k on FanDuel he is when is he on draftkings he is 5300 on draftkings I like him more on drafting just cuz of that PPR look you can see he's targeted 15 times over the last three weeks he carried the ball seven times seven times and six times he's got that big play screen ability tarik Cohen gets you know he gets the ball a return game they try to do everything they can to get this kid the ball so I think he's got some tournament upside Chris Thompson probably not going to play again very frustrating and then just for some value running backs if we're looking for some value you have ito Smith backing up Tevin Coleman he's got some touchdown potential again it's not like I'm racing to get him in but he's 3,400 on draftkings he's super cheap Theo Riddick 4,800 on FanDuel 4500 on draftkings it does not look like Marvin Jones is gonna play again we talked about carry on Johnson very unlikely to play so it's gonna be Theo Riddick's gonna be playing running back and a ton of slot receiver you can see he's been targeted 22 times over the last three weeks so especially on draft kings where it's a full point per reception not just a half point per reception like on FanDuel left Theo Riddick he historically plays pretty well on these Thanksgiving Day games I'm gonna have some exposure to Theo Riddick because they just don't have anything else at running back that leads me to his stablemate right behind him LeGarrette Blount LeGarrette Blount is going to get more carries this week than he's gotten in the three weeks past he's only carried the ball what 18 times over the last three weeks but without carry on Johnson I expect more LeGarrette Blount on the field especially he'll be in there in the red zone there's definite touchdown potential 4600 on FanDuel and only I mean he's what 3400 on draftkings keep in mind Chicago number one against the run so it is a tough matchup it's not like but they're gonna need some LeGarrette Blount if you can wear them down I think for some value you can consider him and if you want to get real cute scatback duties whatever you want to call them in Washington we'll go to Capri bibs is 4600 on FanDuel 3300 on draft kings again that's a GPP dart throw only let's head to wide receiver um if I just look at the three games we'll just start at the top like we look at Dallas's receivers we know Michael gallop he intends to play dealing with the tragedy of having his brother die you know thoughts and good vibes to you brother that I just couldn't even imagine that this time of year just breaks my heart almost makes me cry right now Jesus but you have Dallas you're gonna have Gallup Beasley and Cooper they're gonna be matched up with Washington's coroner's Quinton Dunbar Fabian Monroe Josh Norman the matchup to look for their Gallup on the outside against Quinton Dunbar he gives up point to nine points per outran aganst which is okay and the slot where Col Beasley and Mario Cooper will line up a lot you're gonna see Fabien Moreau he's given up about point three one points per route ran against and then on the other side of course Amari Cooper will see a lot of Josh and Ormond lined up on the right hand side he's given up point two five points per out ran against remember Washington plays a lot of zone Josh no one plays a lot of zone so they can be had in the passing game uh you know deshaun Watson looked fine last week so if they're going to Dallas receiver they know you can maybe go Cooper or gallop for that kind of like that and maybe has an emotional lift they try to get him involved to keep him in it it's gonna be a tough week for that kid so you know I'm real skeptical there and I'm just real skeptical about the Dallas passing game look at Detroit Marvin Jones jr. has not practiced he is not trending towards playing so it's gonna be like Khalid atj Jones and Bruce Ellington if he's able to play he hurt his back but he's practiced in a limited fashion they have a tough matchup if you want to attack Chicago it's outside with Prince Amukamara or Kyle fuller they give up point three six and point three five points per out ran against in the slot they're tough Brice Callahan only giving up point one five points per out ran against so it's tough sledding for those Detroit wide receivers but there is some value to be had with TJ Jones and possibly Bruce Ellington who was targeted nine times last week you look at the Falcons going up against these Saints corners who have been playing better now luck the Saints are thirty to thirty second against opposing wide receivers dead last they played pretty well against the Eagles last week Julio Jones could see Marshawn Lattimore he's torched more Sun Lattimore in the past Marshawn Lattimore gives a point three six points per outran against it's a great matchup there in the slot Mohamed Sanu should have a nice matchup facing off with PJ Williams who gives point for seven points per route ran against that's a huge number and on the other side Calvin Ridley who was questionable but has been practicing it looks like he's going to play he is matched up with Eli Appel giving up point three six points per out ran against for Chicago again not in love with this passing game but if I'm playing one oh my god it's Taylor Gabriel he should see a ton of Mike Ford look what Mike Ford has given up in the limited time he's been on the field for Detroit one point three four points per outran against it does not get any better than that when you're lining up on the outside to Alan Robinson and Taylor Gabriel whenever they have Mike Ford or over them have a monstrous plus matchup if Mike Ford is actually that corner over there that could be a huge advantage for Taylor Gabriel and I love his value today Washington I think that's the last team I think then we've covered every team I know the New Orleans will get to the bread and butter New Orleans Washington Dallas good against the past what can I say the only matchup you really want to try to attack is on that right side of the field on offense left side on defense checking Genovia a woozy he gives up point for three points per out ran against Byron Jones on the other side has been very effective giving up only 0.15 points per out ran against Anthony Brown giving up point to nine points per out ran against in the slot Maurice Harris josh Josh dachshund art there's some value to be had there there's the they're the guys you want to target on the outside for the Saints Michael Thomas Robert Alford gives up point four zero points per out ran against he's gonna torch him Brian Poole point three seven points per out ran against in the slot so guys like Kirkwood trach one Smith there and play there Desmond Trufant on the other side pretty effective giving a point three zero points per route ran against I hope that clears some stuff up you got Thomas at the top of course he's in play stacking with breeze have fun Julio Jones coming back the other way against the against the Saints I want to make sure I bring this point up it's important to have a script have a story told with your lineups like you don't want to be like ooh I'm gonna play Drew Brees and the Saints wide receivers and then I'm gonna come back with the Falcons running backs why that doesn't make any sense if the Saints are throwing the ball and that lineup is going well that would only make sense if the Falcons are playing from behind and trying to throw the ball to keep up with New Orleans so you would want their wide receivers so Julio Jones who's actually cheaper than Michael Thomas on draftkings he's only 8300 he is 8800 on FanDuel coming back that way you know let's say you go a breeze Camaro at Raekwon Smith stack then you can pay up and go Julio Jones coming back the other way that's telling a story it makes sense it follows a script that's important when you play these contests Koenig alade is the only option that you're really gonna have he was targeted he's been targeted 27 times over the last two games he's 7,200 on FanDuel when he pull up the wide receivers here 7200 on FanDuel he is 6,400 on draftkings he's in play for me Allen Robinson yes we talked about it matchup outside if he sees Robert 47k on FanDuel he's 5,500 on draftkings I was encouraged I've been encouraged by his targets the last two weeks 15 targets we can go there again a lot predicates on that injury news of Mitchell true Biscay keep an eye on that you can follow me on twitter at DFS Batchelor once I find out it will be there on Twitter am i Cooper tournament risk of course but he has been targeted 23 times over the last three weeks they are trying to incorporate him into that offense so that's encouraging Trey Quan Smith is questionable the first listed him as a limited participating practice with a foot injury then he did not practice I think he probably plays they're just giving him a little break he's 6,400 on FanDuel 47 on drafting as we saw it drew brees loves this kid 13 targets last week was a money maker last week I could go there Calvin Ridley again the Saints defense terrible against opposing wide receivers he's 6,200 on FanDuel 40 50 400 Kings I can go there Anthony Miller Mohamed Sanu Josh Jackson all value options that you could go to I would prefer some new the explosive up side probably goes to Anthony Miller and then down here Keith Kirkwood we saw him targeted five times making some big catches in that Eagles game he's 5200 on FanDuel and 3200 on draftkings especially if tre Quan Smith is out it's gonna be like Keith Kirkwood and maybe even Brandon Marshall could show up on your radar Taylor Gabriel we talked about in a sweet matchup big playability this guy has done nothing but make me money all year long he is 50 100 on FanDuel and he is 3700 on draftkings he's just always too cheap and the guys target like make sure Biscay loves going to this guy love him this week Maurice Harris with all those injuries to Washington's receivers we know he's going to see the field of ton last week was a struggle was only targeted four times he's facing a tough Dallas defense so although I think that the opportunities there it is a tough matchup Bruce Ellington we talked about that dealing with a back injury looks like he should play they are awfully thin at receiver for Detroit he's 3200 on draftkings like if he plays him as a full go that's a lock and load for me if he's gonna get nine targets he's five K on FanDuel and then Michael Gallup we talked about it lots of risk they're like there's an emotional play they be had they're like the Brett Favre Monday night game he hasn't been with the team and practiced he did play on 52 of the 70 saps they played last week it just depends if they're gonna let this kid see the field how ready he is he's 4900 on FanDuel 3,500 on draftkings I have some outside like miracle game type you know narrative for me and that nothing to do with matchup I mean he has one of the better matchups against Washington it's just the Miss practices all the emotions it's a tough situation keep an eye on Brandon Marshall if any of those receivers for the Saints are unable to take the field Brandon Marshall could be a sneaky tournament play let's go to tight end not much at tide in like I had to put Trey Burton in my player pool because there's only four tight ends you're thinking about playing Trey Burton Jordan Reed Austin Hooper Ben Watson my favorite Jordan read I'm gonna have mostly Jordan read in Austin Hooper Jordan Rita's 6k on FanDuel he's 4,700 on draftkings he was targeted 11 times last week you remember he was in our milli maker core for he was the tight end to have he scored 17 FanDuel points tre burton on the other hand was targeted one time and he's the most expensive tight end on the slate at 6400 on FanDuel and 40s for k on draftkings so he's the most expensive tight end on FanDuel and he's the third most expensive on draftkings which is interesting I'm not that interested in him there's just not a whole lot else Austin Hooper's been very consistent all year targeted 22 times over the last three weeks the same as Jordan Reed both of these guys are my two favorite tight ends New Orleans better defending tight ends then Dallas so Austin Hooper's facing the third ranked defense against tight ends in New Orleans Jordan Reed facing the 18th ranked tight end defense versus tight ends in Dallas for the record Detroit his 17th defending a put opposing tight ends there against Chicago then Watson against Atlanta he's real up and down like look he wasn't even targeted last week not even once not once he's 5600 on FanDuel he's only 3200 on draft kings lots of risk there Atlanta is actually 12 against opposing tight ends it's because they're so bad defending running backs and wide receivers like if you're looking for some value and some guys who may see some targets Vernon Davis could be your guy Josh Hill for New Orleans and maybe like some Luke Wilson or something if Michael Roberts doesn't play in Detroit Jeff Swain is out for Dallas so like who's gonna be the tight end in Dallas I mean it's going to be what Rico gathers and Blake Darwin and Dalton Schultz like good luck there I think Blake Jarmon would be the guy I would want if I'm going to go there excuse me dammit I wanted to get through this video without copy once son-of-a-bitch anyways I digress defense for me I love the Cowboys they're 4800 on FanDuel 3200 on draftkings against down Washington in the backup quarterback that's obvious I think Chicago against Detroit tons of sacks strip sack potential there are only 2,900 on draft kings there 4700 on FanDuel I could go there if we're looking for some real savings how about Washington against Dallas on the road there 37 on FanDuel which is cheap and 2,600 on draftkings I could go there obviously neither the Saints or Falcons interest me much but the Lions will be the last defense I sort of consider especially if we get a backup quarterback situation member it's at home in Detroit this defense is terrible I'm not saying they're good but it's not like the Bears often scares you and with you know it's that Thanksgiving in Detroit type feel interesting things time that tend to happen so I have some slight consideration for the Lions so that's our look at every position remember if you click that link in the description below to try Draft dashboard when you click that link you can you'll find a tab in here that says watch players you click that no matter what it says if you've watched a hundred players that's fine doesn't matter if you've watched zero doesn't matter you click watch players list and at the top you'll see this blue tab that says watch DFS bachelors picks you'll be able to click that and then you'll get access to my entire player pool let's throw them in the lineup optimizer remember you can try that right now for 30 days for $1 so on FanDuel here's our first lineup that it just may remember this is a sample lineup just to give you an idea we're going to go through and put some touches on this anyways like right away I'm not playing the Falcons defense that's obvious that just is not happening let's go in and let's put in this bears defense against the Lions here on actually I always be the hunter more for the Cowboys Cowboys against Washington and then we've got to make some savings somewhere oh man as Thomas and Julio Jones I love that simply can't afford it though let's say I go cheap at running back were probably gonna have to since we this is a Matt Ryan lineup maybe we can go down Alvin Kamara well I want to do that one at least one it will put some Zeke in here Michael Thomas will come down that Kenny gala day there we go so this is a Matt Ryan Falcon stack so this will give you an idea what we're doing with the Falcons so we have Matt Ryan Zeke Elliott Jordan Howard Kenny gala de Julio Jones Bruce Ellington Austin Hooper Theo Riddick and the Cowboys defense they save you like 200 now remember is the saint stack so I would probably come in come through here like I'm gonna try to find Saints wide receivers you know I want to have some come back the other way even some Keith Kirkwood I do not Matt I do not mind something to that effect so that I'm telling a story I have a script and I want to stack that last game so keep that in mind let's go over to draft kings they load the proper slate see I didn't forget this time load the Thursday slate our player pool set is that dak Prescott lineup let's make a drew brees lineup right cuz you guys all know I love drew Brees let's lock him in with this little lock arrow and randomize and see what we come up with okay so Drew Brees Alvin Kamara Mark Ingram I know that seems weird but I've seen that in the winning lineup more times than I can tell you that's that's crazy that spit that out so we have Brees chimera Mark Ingram Keith Kirkwood Julio Jones Anthony Miller Austin Hooper Calvin Ridley and the Cowboys defense that's a tournament lineup right there it's a super stack on that Atlanta game that went with a low-priced possibly overlooked receiver for the Saints and Keith Kirkwood and stack the running backs which seems crazy then you've got Falcons coming back the other way with Julio Jones Miller or in Julio Jones Hooper and Ridley little Anthony Miller big play potential against Detroit and that Cowboys defense and then I will save that lamp remember those are just a couple of sample lineup so I'm not saying lock those in and you'll win all the money but it just gives you an idea of a kind of line if you can make with that player pool and a direction you can go remember you can trial that by clicking the link in the video description below for 30 days for a dollar be sure to LIKE subscribe and comment be part of the drawing remember winners will be announced for our week 12 NFL video that'll come out late Friday night Saturday morning one of those thank you again so much for being a part of the team I really appreciate you guys I hope you all have a wonderful happy safe Thanksgiving a little bit of booze if you do that if not great food I just love the whole thing enjoy your day may the fantasy gods be with you all good luck to you all and we will see you guys on Friday goodbye everyone

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